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(Reading Guidance, Episode.5) Detox Your Skin; Only Water&nbs

(2017-10-16 18:03:43)






分类: 肌肤监测


(Reading Guidance, Episode.5) Detox Your Skin; Only Water for 14 Days

(rosacea, seborrhea, sensitive skin, whitening and acne)

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English version by @羅嬌2016.9.6產品悶敷油敷; not audited yet

  Hello, everyone, today we are going to talk about the Reading Guidance episode 5 of this book.

  We talked about that skin care products are more complex than drugs before.

  Simply speaking, it is western medicine; now we come to talk about western medicine instead of traditional Chinese medicine.

  A drug of Western medicine is probably a component or two components, so, for the short-term use and long-term use of drugs, it is relatively safe at least, knowing what it is doing. Namely, it is clearer to know the side effects of the drug, exactly the side effects of the ingredients.

  But in a random skin care product, there is always forty, thirty, twenty (ingredients),with the addition of facial cleanser, make-up water, lotion blabla……(so much program ! ) So, in fact, the things you use are more complicated.

  But these things can actually seep in (like drugs)!

  If you are interested in this part, please review the episode 1, 2, 3, and 4.

  In addition, come back, we're going to talk about the second paragraph.

  Last time we talked about it a little ,like drugs at the time out of the factory; such as Thalidomide we talked about here , or previous Sibutramine ; these things were of course (the pharmaceutical factory thinks) very safe at the very start , and their effect is also very good, so they came into the market.

  But after the listing, in fact, a number of problems were found.

  The skin care products come out so long, have you ever found such kind of issue? Yes

  In fact, like Idebenone we said before; It was popular probably in around 2003, 2004, and 2005. It was only later that Idebenone was found to cause skin irritation.

  So, while it's tough, you'll find that it's rarely heard in 2017.

  That Idebenone is at least a drug, and there will be some monitoring by physicians. But there are a lot of other ingredients that we actually haven't monitored.

  This is something more powerful, while something weak may not react immediately, but accumulates slowly.

  The problem that accumulates slowly is not small, but we just don't pay attention to them.

  Next, we're going to talk about the other one today. It's simpler.

  What we will see in the skin monitor when the skin is hurt by the ingredients of skin care products?

  We are in the skin monitoring inside. Today will speak faster. That is to say, basically, we found that the damage of skin care products can be roughly divided into two kinds on the image: one is nourishing type skin care product, and the other is refreshing type skin care product.

  Moisturizing skin care products, I want to tell you about what we see is this: here is a picture we want to show you, here, let me show you, it is the basis of the map.

  (Reasoning backward through observation, we think) All maintenance products come in this way.

  We discovered later that, in turn, in the skin monitoring process, a lot of things pop out of the pores; sticky or something.

  (In the process of spitting again), of course, the skin will break.

  So we guess, and later some paper also proved, that is, the infiltration of the skin care products is likely to be the main penetration is this one, with that one as the second infiltration.

  In this case, if your skin care product is very thick and you think of it as Vaseline, it probably won't seep in. Its main structure is here.

  So moisturizing products, here, will cause skin a bit bigger damage , or, a little more epidermal disruption; So the disruption in deep looks relatively small, no better than clogging pores, with the hair not growing out.

  But the fresh type, it will follow this gland in, and then act on the sebaceous glands; Most of the refreshing types are oil control, antibiotic and so on; when it has these effects, under the skin monitoring, our main observation is the stimulation of hair follicles, hair follicle damage and the deep vascular inflammation of hair follicles.

  So, the difference between refreshing and nourishing type for us is the epidermis.

  So you will find the moisture type of long-term damage, cool type of long-term damage. Here we all write very clearly in the book.

  So, it's about four minutes' when talking here today.

  Here is our advice:

  General inspection of the maintenance products before the listing, I believe many factories are very serious.

  He'll tell you that although animals are not allowed to experiment now, most of the ingredients are safe.

  The so-called "safe" refers to the safety of doses used. However, the long-term use of the consumer after the listing or the abuse of the consumer may cause additional problems.

  And there are no problems with these components in the "short-term" interoperability. But "long term", especially for many things, such as facial cleanser, make-up water, emulsion and mask added together......, the risk posed by is what we all worry about in the Department of dermatology!

  This is also one of the most common sources of sensitive skin.

  Let's end it today. We'll record the 6 episode reading guidance of the book. Thank you!













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