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(Reading Guidance, Episode.4) Detox Your Skin; Only Water&nbs

(2017-10-12 15:34:31)






分类: 肌肤监测


(Reading Guidance, Episode.4) Detox Your Skin; Only Water for 14 Days

(rosacea, seborrhea, sensitive skin, whitening and acne)

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English version by @罗娇2016.9.6产品闷敷油敷; not audited yet

  Hello, everyone, let's now record the book’s reading guidance episode 4.

  Before that, we had talked about something that included the source of the book ——Detox Your Skin; Only Water for 14 Days and what the "poison" is.

  We also explained that, at least, the drugs will undergo phase I, phase two, and phase three human trials, and then be followed a long observation.

  But there is no single ingredient in skin care product (after so many human experiments). That is to say, for example, the famous ingredients of some company; the famous one—— Idebenone.

  If you still remember, Idebenone this composition; I remember on which page, we talked about the composition of Idebenone (here), Idebenone this component is very popular when it started listing. The vigorously propaganda is that the pharmaceutical companies are the developers, then a lot of manufacturers of skin care products are used.

  Later, after the listing, it was found that the original dosage is likely to cause skin sensitivity, inflammation, exciting. Hence then, the amount of Idebenone (recommended dose) is getting smaller, and then even recommended (before use) trial?

  That is to say, the ingredients of the skin care products, in fact, don’t receive a very stable (verification) as you imagine so.

  Let's say it again: the drugs have been tested in animals, and then phase I, phase two, and phase three (human trials); but skin care products have none. Furthermore, animals are not allowed to experiment recently. So this section of its security (evidence) is no longer adequate.

  But at second, we talk about it, especially western medicine. You may find that one drug may be one or two components, but the skin care products are often mixed together with a dozen or twenty ingredients.

  Although (behind the peasant calendar), Chinese medicine (?) Some of the maps that people spurn, like what will happen when "eating persimmons and wine at the same". But you can't deny that, for example, when you eat spinach and eat something else, you can increase the risk of developing lithiasis.

  Then, for instance in the medicine inside, there are also some compatible formulas. That is, if you eat the gastric tablets; and add some drugs which would digested by acid, consequentially it’s(drug) absorption will be affected.

  This situation, in fact, we know this in medicine because of the long term physician observation.

  But now I ask you, it is normal that there are thirty or forty species in a skincare ingredients(list); can you tell me that these ingredients will never hit each other (collision)?

  (Besides) the second, (can you confirm) that these components are safe for long periods of use even if they hit each other?

  So here, that is to say, you put these slightly more complex things inside; then we monitor this few years, we found that the skin care products; (it is) the third, one of the things we have been ignored, all physicians and users, "we all think that skin care products are safe?

  I believe (that the skin care product may be safe). But as we said in the first episode, the so-called "skin care products safety" means "the basic use of security."

  That is to say, I develop a make-up water; rubbing. OK, it is safe. But you do not forget, and now many people take make-up water as a mask stuffy deposited; After increasing the amount of absorption, we know that the ingredients of the skin care products will have infiltrated into the skin.

  That is to say, you go to buy a whitening product, why can it whitening? That's because it goes into the skin inside and changes some structure of your melanin. Maybe its performance, maybe its metabolism, and so on, so it can whitening.

  Then, in this case, can you tell me? You increase the amount of absorption, then you put these six or seven ingredients inside ; We take Glutathione as an example. You use glutathione, and glutathione is a very unstable thing, you do some lipidation, and so on. Then add vitamin C, plus a little acid to help it seep in.

  would these acid, The sour of vitamin C itself, plus the acid of glutathione itself and the acid you add in, change the structure of glutathione? What is the interaction between vitamin C and glutathione? Do you know?

  In other words, in fact, if you use the concept of the first, second, and third stages of pharmacology we have talked about before, you will find that you put this thing so complicated here, and no one knows its real results.

  That...... How do we (human) monitor it in the drug?

  In fact, (at the beginning of mankind) we don't know anything at all. We only know, "the stomach will be hurt when you eat it for a long time?" So human beings begin to get stomach painful papers published.

  Then you rub the skin care, and you mix the thirty things together. What result does it exactly produce? Do you know that? NO, you don’t

  Then, at this point, we (even dare to) tell our patients that the mix of skin care products is very safe! Don’t you think it's an exaggeration?

   With the last word, let's end this topic today.

  Think about it, you use facial cleanser with ten ingredients, thirty ingredients make-up water ; then you apply the make-up water. Its using effect is multiplied. Then you rub the serum with thirty ingredients, and add night cream with thirty ingredients at last. Your face is rubbed with ninety ingredients......

  How dare you tell me that these ninety things are safe?

  OK, we are here today. Therefore, what actually talked in the book——Detox Your Skin; Only Water for 14 Days is the risk of "excessive use".

  Next, we’ll talk about the book’s reading guide in detail, and show you how we deal with it. Thank you very much.













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