Hi! My name is He Jiming, and I’m a freelancetranslator from Dongying City, Shandong Province in eastern China. I started translation in 2002 to help some law firms and companies with their English andChinese translation needs.

Feel free to contact me if youneed translation services.

Phone: +86 135 8945 3624Email: he_jiming68@163.com

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Law firms, companies
(2017-05-12 07:13)
何季明  2017年5月12日

In law, a joinder is the joining of two or more legal issues together. Procedurally, a joinder allows multiple issues to be heard in one hearing or trial and is done when the issues or parties involved overlap sufficiently to make the process more efficient or more fair. It helps courts avoid hearing the same facts multiple times or seeing the same parties return to court separately for each of their legal disputes. The term is also used in the realm of contracts to describe the joining of new parties to an existing agreement. (这个术语也用在合约类事务中,描述新当事人加入某现有协议中)
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术语“private letter ruling”的翻译与英文解释

何季明  2017年4月25日

private letter ruling”是一个税务用语,先看下这个用语的普通解释:

Private letter ruling

Private letter rulings (PLRs), in the United States, are written decisions by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in response to taxpayer requests

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关于Syndication fee的翻译
何季明  2016年1月1日

Syndication fee这个词常出现在会计类和法律类的文件中,有的词典将这个词译成“开办费”。汉语中“开办费”指企业在企业批准筹建之日起,到开始生产、经营(包括试生产、试营业)之日止的期间(即筹建期间)发生的费用支出。包括筹建期人员工资、办公费、培训费、差旅费、印刷费、注册登记费以及不计入固定资产和无形资产购建成本的汇兑损益和利息支出。

但是,Syndication fee的英文含义和“开办费”显然差别很大,甚至关系不大。
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Notice of China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) on Requesting Comments on the Measures for Supervision, Inspection and Administration of Food Production and Operation (Draft for Public Comments)

翻译 何季明 (练习稿 第十条)​


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Pre-emption Rights and Rights of First Refusal - First Mover Disadvantage?

by Kieren Parker, Addisons Lawyers

8 July 2013

Rights of pre-emption and rights of refusal can be used in corporate and commercial contracts to give one party (preferred party) rights to buy or sell just about anything from the party granting the rights (grantor). In shareholders agreements for example, they are often used in favour of shareholders where one shareholder proposes to transfer its shares. 

There is a danger in overlooking the exact nature of the

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Drag-along right(领售权)

何季明 2014年10月31日



原文。Drag-Along Agreement: The [holders of the Common Stock] or [Founders] and Series A Preferred shall enter into a drag-alon
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Fractional Share的翻译
何季明 2014年4月11日
在涉及公司法的文件中Fractional Share是一个出现频率较高的词,这个词大概的意思是“不足标准计数单位的股份”,所以有些文件中翻译成“零碎股份”。但是这个翻译似乎没有体现出这个含义。


A share of equity that is less than one full share. Fractional shares usually come ab
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'rank equally'的翻译
何季明 2013.3.31

在涉及股权转让的文件中,'rank equally'这个搭配出现的频率也不低。先看一个例句:
The non-voting shares rank equally with the voting shares.
If, at any time—
 (a) all the issued shares in a company are fully paid up and ran
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关于allotment of shares
何季明 2014.3.31
涉及股权转让的文件中常会出现allotting shares 和issuing shares这样的表达,issue常常译成“发行”,而allot如何翻译呢。其实,这两个词非常相似,甚至可以互换,但是在某些情况下是有区别的。

The terms 'allotting shares' and 'issuing shares' are often used interchangeably. In some cases, particularly when shares are created by a public company, there may be a difference. Share allotment, strictly, is the allocation of the right to certain shares to particular applicants for them. Such 'allottees' may be sent allotment letters (which may be renounceable in favour of others), and the actual issue of the shares occurs later. In most private companies allotment and issue will be the same process. A company may al
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Ten Common Myths About Translation Quality
Nataly Kelly 

The world of translation can be a confusing place, especially if you're the one doing the buying on behalf of your company. Many purchasers of translation services feel like you might when you take your car to the mechanic. How do you really know what's going on underneath the hood? After all, if you don't speak the language into which you're having something translated, how can you measure quality and hold your vendors accountable?

As a result of this phenomenon, many translation consumers r
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I translate either from English to Chinese or from Chinese to English.


l     Legal documents inconnection with finance, including IPO-related documents, such as Prospectus; package documents about PPM (PrivatePlacement  Memorandum), Business Plan, OpinionLetter, Operating Agreement, Assignment Agreement and soon

l     Legal documents inconnection with construction, including FIDIC-like documents, suchas General Conditions of the Contract for Construction, ParticularConditions of the Contract for Construction; Contract Agreement,Tender documents, and so on

l     Court documents,including consolidated class action complaint, Litigation, and soon

l        Legal documents inconnection with commerce, including Terms and Conditions, GeneralPurchase Conditions, Cooperation Agreement, Technical SupportAgreements, Wills, Trust Deeds and related Estate and Trustdocuments, NDA, Articles of Association, and so on

l    Other: Financial Statements, Auditor’s Report, government’sdocuments


My Translation Ethics: 

To always endeavor to do my best work. 

To fulfill my promises and commitments to the best of myability. 

To endeavor to never accept a job that I do not feel qualifiedto do in a competent manner.

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