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"What happened back there in the playground?" she said "For a moment I thought ... It seemed, as if you made that horrible boy fall..."


"Well, I meant to throw him off, but the swing broke instead. Not very accurate without a wand, I'm afraid.'


She was silent. He stole a quick look at her and was surprised to see a fleeting expression of fear in her face. Alarmed, he told her that he hadn't meant to hurt him.


'I – I can't really control magic without a wand. And anyway, he had it coming. Didn't you hear what - ?' He stopped, suddenly awkward.


Lily still seemed unconvinced.


'Listen Lily, didn't you ever make something strange happen when you were angry?"


Lily bit her lip. He was right. She had to admit to herself that on many occasions when she and Petunia quarreled, her sister, though older, was usually the one to come off worse. Like the time Petunia's tea set had shattered mysteriously to bits, when she had been angry with her (Petunia had broken her new doll in a jealous fit); and the time when a boy at school had called her carrot-head – his hair had turned pink! She smiled slowly, remembering. Then she looked at Severus, her green eyes twinkling.


'Yeah, I guess he did deserve it a bit - he was being very rude,'


A few minutes before she had felt almost afraid of this strange boy sitting beside her. She had followed him much further away from where her mother usually allowed her to go, and it had been rather alarming to know what he had done. But now she felt she understood him better.

In fact, it even felt as though she had known him for a long time.


He had relaxed at her words. For a moment he was afraid that he had ruined everything again. But when her green eyes looked at him, kind and alive with laughter, he knew they were friends, together against all the bullying muggles that had ever tormented him.


'So, tell me about wands, then. Why can't you do magic without them?'


"Well, you can, but you can't control well what you do. You just saw – ' he shrugged, 'With a wand, your magic is focused through it at the object you wish to enchant, and it is stronger, more powerful and precise."


"Why don't you have one?"


"You only get a wand when you enter Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. That's when you start learning magic.'


'This school – the book you showed me yesterday – that's the one, isn't it?'


'Yes. There's only one school in Britain. Everyone goes there. Witches and wizards, that is - not muggles"


She made a wry face. 'That's what you called my sister the other day. What did you mean by it?'


'Muggles – non-magic people.'


This set her thinking. One question had been burning inside her all yesterday.


'How come I never saw anyone else do magic. Is it just us? Are there more – you know, like me and you?'


'Of course. I already told you, my mother is a witch. But there are more muggles than witches and wizards, and, many years ago, - centuries, in fact, - they waged war on us. Even you, in your muggle school, must've heard about the witch hunts. They wanted to steal our magic, to use it for their own purposes, yet they were scared of it, too, hence the persecutions. Of course, no stupid muggles could easily hurt a witch or wizard – magic wands are far superior weapons than anything muggles can dream up. But the panic among muggles was so widespread, that the Wizengamot decided that it was overall much better to go into hiding – to put it about that magic did not exist, as neither did wizards, or witches.'



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