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Persuasion  劝导 中英文对照字幕(仅供学习)

(2011-06-13 15:36:38)



简 奥斯丁著

Thank you.
Oh, that's lovely. Thank you.
哦 很不错 谢谢
-Lady Russell. -My dear Anne.
- 拉塞尔夫人 - 我亲爱的安妮
You look quite done for.
I came back as soon as I received your letter.
我一接到你的信 就尽快赶来了
I had no idea the position was so ruinous.
Unfortunately, a person who's contracted debts must pay them.
不幸的是 负债者归根到底总得偿还
-Even if he is a gentleman. -Was there no possibility of retrenchment?
- 即便绅士也一样 - 没法子节省一些么?
Unfortunately, Father and Elizabeth could find no means of lessening their expenses
很不幸 父亲和伊莉莎白 找不到能减省他们的开支
without compromising their dignity,
or relinquishing their comforts in a manner simply not to be borne.
But I have, at last, persuaded Father to let out the house.
不过 我终于成功地劝说父亲将房子出租
And if I can ensure that we live within our means somewhere less extravagant,
若能确保我们换个 不必生活得如此奢华的地方住下
then, in only a few years, we may be solvent again.
那样 只需几年 我们就能解决问题了
In a few years?
In any event, it is better than selling. At least one day I may hope to return.
无论如何 这比出卖土地好多了 至少 我还能指望有重回这里的一天
And where are you to go in the meantime? Is it decided?
那你们要到哪去呢? 决定了吗?
All my hopes were for a small house nearby,
but Father and Elizabeth are settled upon Bath.
Lady Russell.
Dear neighbour, you've been in London, I hear.
亲爱的邻居 我听说你到伦敦去了
Sir Walter. Elizabeth.
沃尔特爵士  伊丽莎白
May I say how truly sorry I am that you must leave Kellynch.
对你们必须离开凯林奇一事 我真的觉得万分遗憾
We are blameless, Lady Russell, quite blameless.
我们无可指摘 拉塞尔夫人 绝对无可指摘
Every sacrifice has been made, however painful.
再怎么痛苦 牺牲已经做出了
We cut off all unnecessary charities at once, Lady Russell.
我们马上免去了所有不必要的施舍 拉塞尔夫人
And even refrain from new furnishing the drawing room,
which, as you know, Mama left the most frightful state.
你知道 那是妈妈遗下的最糟的地方
And still it is a comfort to know we've done all we could.
了解我们做了力所能及的一切 也算安慰
Of course.
Ah, but here's Shepherd. He's promised us some news.
啊 谢泼德来了 他说会带些消息来
Is that his daughter with him?
Mrs Clay's husband passed away not long ago. She has returned to her father's house.
克莱夫人不久前失去了丈夫 回到了自己父亲的家里
She's often with us, recently.
近来 她经常跟我们在一起
Lady Russell. Miss Anne.
拉塞尔夫人  安妮小姐
Sir Walter, I have this very morning received an approach for the lease of Kellynch
沃尔特爵士 今天早晨 我收到了租下凯林奇的请求
that I'm convinced must meet with your absolute approval.
An admiral, sir,
一名海军上将 先生
recently retired and a native of this county desires to settle in this very part of the world.
新近退役的 就是本地人 想在此处定居下来
-An admiral? -I should have much preferred a gentleman.
- 海军上将? - 我更希望是一位绅士
The navy has its uses, no doubt,
毫无疑问 海军确有其用处
but I should be sorry to see any friend of mine belonging to it.
但要是看到我哪位朋友参加 我就觉得非常惋惜
-Indeed, Sir Walter? -Yes.
- 真的吗 沃尔特爵士? - 当然
It is, in two points, offensive to me.
The first is being the means of raising persons of obscure birth into undue distinction,
首先 它给出身微贱的人带来过多的荣誉
and second, you never see a naval man who is not most shockingly knocked about,
其次 你永远看不到哪个水兵 不是老得特别怕人的
exposed as they are to wind and weather till they're simply not fit to be seen.
他们饱受着风吹雨打 直被折磨得不堪入目
Nevertheless, Sir Walter, the admiral has a very substantial fortune,
然而 沃尔特爵士 将军有着极为殷实的财产
and I have no doubt of him being a most responsible tenant.
我毫不怀疑 他会是最可靠的房客
And consider, Sir Walter,
想想吧 沃尔特爵士
how he will look around and bless his good fortune
他将如何地环顾四周 感慨自己的好运
to be in the home of a baronet of such a prominent and distinguished family.
SHEPHERD: Then, with your permission, sir, I shall open negotiations with Admiral Croft.
那么 既然您允许了 先生 我就开始与克罗夫特将军洽谈
-Croft? -Yes.
- 克罗夫特? - 是的
Are you acquainted with the gentleman, Miss Anne?
你认识那位先生么 安妮小姐?
Yes. No, um...
是的  不  呃…
That is to say, I'm familiar with his career.
只是 我很熟悉他的职业
I'm not fond of the idea of my shrubberies being always approachable by the tenant.
我极不乐意去想 房客可以随意接近我的矮树丛
If you will excuse me, there's still much to do.
请允许我告退  还有不少事情要做
Good heavens, Anne.
我的天哪  安妮
-What is the matter with you? -Nothing. I assure you, I'm quite well.
- 你究竟怎么了? - 没什么  我很好
Who is Admiral Croft,
and why did he cause you to be out of countenance so?
Admiral Croft's wife is...
-Is... -Mrs Croft?
- 是… - 克罗夫特夫人?
And Mrs Croft is the sister of Captain Frederick Wentworth.
克罗夫特夫人是 弗雷德里克 温特沃斯上校的姐姐
I see.
I see.
And to think that soon he may be walking through this house.
想到不久之后 他就可能在此登堂入室
Anne, you know that your father thought it a most unsuitable match.
安妮 你知道的 你父亲认为 这是极不门当户对的
He would never have countenanced an alliance he deemed so degrading.
他永远不会支持在他看来 如此不体面的一起姻缘
He was not alone, as I recall.
我还记得 他不是唯一一个
My dear...
To become engaged at 19,
in the middle of a war, to a young naval officer
而且是在战争时期 跟一个年轻的海军军官
who had no fortune and no expectations,
他既无财产 又无前程
you would, indeed, have been throwing yourself away.
And I should have been failing in my duty as your godmother if I did not counsel against it.
作为你的教母 我要是 不加以阻挠 那就太失职了
You were young,
and it was entirely prudent to break off
the understanding.
Prudent it may have been and yet,
就算是谨慎从事吧  但是
Captain Wentworth has made his fortune in the war
and is now extremely wealthy.
Has he written to you?
No, never a word.
I've only the newspapers for my authority.
Then...if his intentions towards you had been truly sincere,
would he not have contacted you when his circumstances changed?
I do not blame you,
nor myself for having been led by you.
But nevertheless,
但是 无论如何
I think very differently now from what I was persuaded to think eight years ago.
我现在的想法 与自己在八年前 被劝后的想法已是大不相同
Oh, my dear Anne.
You are a good and beautiful young woman. I promise you this,
你是个善良美丽的年轻女子 我向你保证
one day you will find someone to love you as you deserve.
总有一天你会找到 一个你应得的爱你之人
I'm 27.
Before I forget, Shepherd,
在我忘记之前 谢泼德
if you have no objection, I have a mind to engage your charming daughter
如果你不反对的话 我想雇用你那迷人的女儿
as a companion to Elizabeth.
Oh, Sir Walter.
哦 沃尔特爵士
Well, I'm sure, sir, Penelope will be greatly honoured by such a distinction.
我敢保证 阁下 佩内洛普会因 这样的待遇受宠若惊的
Then it is settled. She shall come with us to Bath tomorrow.
那么就决定了 她明天和我们一道去巴思
Is not Anne companion enough for Elizabeth?
有安妮了 还不够陪伊丽莎白的吗?
PENELOPE: Oh, but Anne is going to Uppercross.
哦 但安妮要去厄泼克劳斯
I received a letter only this morning from sister Mary.
She is indisposed, again, and requires Anne to come and look after her.
她 又 不舒服了  要安妮过去照顾她
And since nobody would want Anne in Bath,
I wrote back straightaway to say she should come as soon as she'd finished everything here.
我直接回信告诉她 这儿的事情一完 就打发她过去
All your hopes were for a small house nearby.
你最想要的 正是附近的一座小屋
Do send our regards to the Musgroves.
Before you go, Anne,
在你走之前 安妮
on no account must you forget to visit each house in the parish to take our leave. It is expected.
绝对不能忘记去拜访教区的每一户人家 向他们道别 这是他们所期望的
ANNE: Is he married?
I do not know that he is,
and yet, so eligible a gentleman would surely by now have formed an attachment.
然而 如此令人中意的一名绅士 现在肯定已有了归属
Will he bring his wife here?
And his children?
I only pray that I am spared any meeting.
我只能祈祷 能够躲过所有碰面的机会
I know my chance of happiness has passed forever,
我清楚 我得到幸福的机会 已经永远地失去了
but to be reminded of it by his presence here would,
但他在此的出现 无疑会一直提醒我这点
I'm certain, be more than my spirits could bear.
我很肯定 那远非我的精神所能背负之重
Who is that young lady, Mr Shepherd?
那位年轻女士是谁呢 谢泼德先生?
Oh, that is Miss Anne Elliot, Admiral, Sir Walter's middle daughter.
哦 那是安妮 埃利奥特小姐 将军 沃尔特爵士的第二个女儿
The only one with any sense.
A pity, then, that we did not make her acquaintance.
很可惜  我们无法认识她了
She is but half a mile away at Uppercross with her sister.
她就呆在半英里外的厄泼克劳斯 和她的妹妹一起
Oh, well then, we certainly shall make her acquaintance.
哦 那么 我们肯定能结识她啦
Is she married, Mr Shepherd?
她结婚了吗 谢泼德先生?
Sadly no, ma'am. Nor, I think, at her age, is likely to be.
悲哀的是 还没有  女士 而且我想 在她这年纪也不可能了

It is certainly roomier than a frigate.
Such a number of looking glasses. There's no getting away from oneself.
这镜子的数量实在惊人 你说什么都躲不开自己的影子
I think this room would do very well for Frederick.
Let us see if he comes.
若他能来 再看吧
Your brother seems dead set against the whole idea of Kellynch.
你弟弟看起来非常排斥 住在凯林奇的这个主意
I fear Somerset has unpleasant memories for him.
我恐怕在萨默塞特 他有过很不愉快的回忆
There was once talk of an engagement to a girl in the county.
-There was? -Eight years ago or so.
- 有吗? - 大概是八年前吧
We were in the East Indies at the time.
He's never spoken of it, but his heart was quite broken, I believe.
对此事他闭口不谈 但我相信 他确实心碎欲绝
Well, well, well.
-Frederick engaged, who would have thought it? -Indeed.
- 弗雷德里克订婚 谁想得到呢? - 确实
-I sometimes wonder if he will ever settle down. -Hmm.
So, you are come, at last.
哦 你终于来了
I'd begun to think I should never see you.
I am so ill
I can hardly speak.
In fact, I do not think I was ever so ill in my life as I have been all this morning.
实际上 我还从来没觉得自己 病得像今天早晨这般厉害
I'm very unfit to be left alone, I'm sure.
我敢肯定 完全不适合一个人呆着
Is Charles not here?
Charles would go out shooting, even though I told him I was ill.
就算我告诉他我病得很厉害 他照样出去打猎了
And I have not seen a soul this whole, long morning.
整个漫长的早晨 我一个人都没见到
Not one of the Musgroves has seen fit to come and see me
even though Charles told them I was ill.
It did not suit, I suppose.
我认为 这太不合宜了
Oh, you will see them yet, I'm sure. It is still early.
我肯定 你会见到他们的  现在还早着呢
Or, perhaps, if you feel well enough to attempt a short walk
或者 要是你觉得已经好得足以出去走走
to the great house, we could call upon them.
到大宅去 我们可以去拜访他们
We ought to wait till they call upon you.
They should know what is due to you as my sister.
你是我姐姐 他们该懂得对你的礼貌
I assure you I have not the smallest objection on that account.
我向你保证 我绝不会为此斤斤计较的
Perhaps a little air would do me good.
But I really must eat something first, I'm quite starved.
但我得先吃点东西  快饿死了
-Good heavens. How the girls are growing up. -Mmm-Hmm.
我的天哪 瞧那些姑娘们长得多快
The Miss Musgroves have returned from their school in Exeter
两位默斯格罗夫小姐 已经从埃克塞特的学校回来了
with all the usual accomplishments, and, of course,
学到了所有该学的东西 以及
they now think of nothing but being fashionable
除了赶赶时髦 过得快活之外
and merry...
Dear Henrietta, Louisa.
亲爱的亨丽埃塔 路易莎
Oh, Anne.
哦 安妮
Here you are at last. Come, Mama cannot wait to see you.
你终于到了 快来 妈妈等不及要见你了
And we have such exciting news.
Welcome to Uppercross, Miss Anne.
欢迎到厄泼克劳斯来  安妮小姐
How pale and drawn you are.
We must fatten you up while you are here.
你在这里时 我们得把你喂胖点儿
I myself have been very unwell.
And Sir Walter and Miss Elizabeth. Oh, how they shall miss you.
还有沃尔特爵士和伊丽莎白小姐 哦  他们该会多么想你啊
In any event, I'm very happy to be here and not in Bath.
无论如何 我很高兴来这儿 而不是去巴思
Oh, Mama, I hope we shall be in Bath this winter.
哦 妈妈 我希望这个冬天我们也能去巴思
But remember, if we do go, we must be in a good situation.
不过要记住 如果真的去 我们得住到个好地方
Oh, yes. None of your Queen's Squares for us.
没错 你那个皇后广场 可一点都不适合我们
-Anne, how are you? -Very well. Thank you, Charles.
- 安妮 你好吗? - 我很好 谢谢你 查尔斯
-You're getting big. -I am glad to see you've recovered, my dear.
- 你长大了 - 很高兴看到你好多了 我亲爱的
Did you ask your father? Did you, Charles?
你问过你父亲了吗? 问了吗 查尔斯?
Father has many other uses for his money and the right to spend it as he likes.
父亲对他的金钱有其他用处 而且他也有权随意花用
Charles, if it is left to you, we shall soon be destitute.
查尔斯 如果光靠你的话 我们很快会成穷光蛋 的
Admiral Croft and his wife are to take possession directly.
And I believe we have been very fortunate with our tenants.
我相信 有这样的房客是我们的运气
Yet it must be very hard for you, my dear, to give up your home so.
然而对你来说一定很难过 我亲爱的 这样离开你自己的家
Of course, when your poor dear Mama was alive, there was moderation and economy at Kellynch.
当然 你可怜的母亲还在生时 凯林奇总是需求有度 节省开支的
But there were never balls,
and the Crofts are sure to have balls and invite the most eligible young naval officers.
克罗夫特一家肯定会举行舞会 并邀请来最迷人的年轻海军军官
Indeed, this is our exciting news, I quite forgot.
没错 我都忘了 这就是我们的好消息
Mrs Croft, it appears, has a brother, Captain Wentworth,
克罗夫特夫人似乎有个弟弟 温特沃斯上校
and he has just returned to England and is coming to stay with them at Kellynch.
他才刚回国 会和他们一起在凯林奇住下
It is true. The Pooles chanced to make their acquaintance in Taunton this week.
说得没错 普尔斯家这周 正巧在托顿认识了他们
It is said Captain Wentworth is the most handsomest man
in the navy and quite unattached.
-And has such a wealth of Spanish gold. -Indeed.
- 而且还有那么一大笔西班牙黄金 - 说的没错
ANNE: How fortunate he is.
Well, we shall all see for ourselves when he comes to dine tomorrow night.
那 我们都可以亲眼看看啦 等他明天过来吃晚饭的时候
Oh, Papa.
哦 爸爸
I have just now received this note from Admiral Croft accepting my invitation.
我刚刚收到了封信 克罗夫特将军接受了我的邀请
Anne. Are you ready?
安妮 你准备好了吗?
We must not keep the Crofts and Captain Wentworth waiting.
我们不能让克罗夫特夫妇 和温特沃斯上校久等
MUSGROVE: Charles. Charles.
查尔斯  查尔斯
Charles. Come directly. Charles.
查尔斯 快过来 查尔斯
He fell from a tree in the garden.
I've sent for the apothecary. He will be here directly.
我已经派人去叫医生了 他会直接来这
His collarbone is dislocated.
Charles, look after Mary. We shall be all right.
查尔斯 照顾玛丽 我们会没事的
ANNE: Ready?
All done. With a little rest, he'll be right as rain in no time.
好了 稍微休息一下 他很快就会恢复的
CHARLES: Oh, thank God.
And never fear, Charles, I shall give your excuses to the Crofts.
别担心 查尔斯 我会替你 向克罗夫特夫妇致歉的
Indeed, with the child going on so well now, it would be a shame to spoil the dinner.
说真的 孩子的情况现在良好 错过晚宴就太可惜了
I am really most anxious to meet our new neighbours.
Indeed, it's more a duty than anything else.
当然 这也就是种义务 没别的
If Anne will stay with you, my love, I have no scruple at all.
如果安妮和你一起的话 亲爱的 我就没有任何顾虑了
Of course.
And so we are to be left to shift for ourselves
那么我们就被留下来 轮班看护一个受伤的孩子
with a sick child, while you go to dinner with the Crofts.
Well, I need not stay too late, dearest.
我不会呆得很晚 亲爱的
Just because I'm the poor mother who is not allowed to stir, because he is going on so well.
而我因为是可怜的母亲 就必须关在家里 只因为他的情况如此良好
He says... How does he know he is going on so well...
他说  他怎么知道情况就良好
You may all leave little Charles to my care.
CHARLES: Well, this is very kind of you, Anne. Are you sure?
你真是太好了 安妮 你确定吗?
In any case, I've no appetite.
反正 我也没有胃口
MUSGROVE: Well then, it is settled.
那么 就这么定了
Oh, Anne, you missed the most delightful party last night.
哦 安妮 你错过了昨晚最棒的舞会
I cannot tell you how handsome is Captain Wentworth.
我没法对你形容出来 温特沃斯上校是多么的英俊
HENRIETTA: He is so much more handsome and agreeable than anyone I have ever met before.
-Such manners, such conversation. -Such capital.
- 那样温文有礼 那般谈笑风生 - 那么的优秀
Oh, and we have all been invited to Kellynch tomorrow night for dinner.
Even you, Anne.
包括你哦 安妮
CHARLES: Damn it, Mary, I'm late. Is he here? MARY: Who?
该死 玛丽 我迟到了 他来了吗? - 谁啊?
Oh, Captain Wentworth, do...do come in.
哦 温特沃斯上校 快…快请进
Forgive me, I... The door was open.
请原谅 我…门是开着的
I trust the boy does well?
我想 孩子现在还好吧?
-Oh, yes. -Much better, thank you, Wentworth.
- 哦 是的 - 已经好多了 谢谢你 温特沃斯
Oh, Captain Wentworth, this is my elder sister Anne.
哦 温特沃斯上校 这位是我姐姐安妮
-We are acquainted. -Really? But Anne has never said a word about it.
- 我们认识 - 真的吗? 但安妮从来没提起过呢
It was a long time ago, you were away at school.
那是很久以前了 你在上学的时候
Come, Wentworth, or the birds will all have gone south for the winter.
快点 温特沃斯 否则鸟儿都要往南过冬去了
Of course. Ladies.
当然了  女士们
LOUISA: Oh, come, Henrietta, let us go with them.
哦 来吧 亨丽埃塔 我们跟他们一起去
Wait, wait, wait for me.
等等 等等我啊
ANNE: The worst is over. I have seen him.
最糟的情形已经过去了 我见到了他
We have been once more in the same room.
A bow, a curtsy,
一个鞠躬 一个屈膝礼
I heard his voice and then,
我听见了他的声音 然后
he was gone.
He has not forgiven me.
I have used him ill, deserted and disappointed him.
我亏待 抛弃了他 使他陷入了绝望
And worse, I've shown a feebleness of character in doing so,
更糟的是 这么做还显示出了我性格中的懦弱
which his own decided, confident temper could not endure.
Once there were no two hearts so open,
一度 没有哪两个人能这般地推心置腹
no feelings so in harmony,
but now we are strangers.
可是现在 我们现在成了陌生人
Worse than strangers
for we may never become acquainted.
It is perpetual estrangement.
And tonight, I'm to be tested once more.
而今晚 我又要再一次地接受考验
Frederick. There you are. Let me introduce you to Miss Anne Elliot.
弗雷德里克 你来了 让我为你介绍安妮 埃利奥特小姐
Miss Elliot, my brother, Captain Frederick Wentworth.
埃利奥特小姐 这是我的弟弟 弗雷德里克 温特沃斯上校
Captain Wentworth and I met briefly yesterday.
Oh, Frederick, you might have told me.
哦 弗雷德里克  你该告诉我的
This must be very bad for you, Miss Elliot, to come to your home and find us here.
这对你而言一定很难受 埃利奥特小姐 回到你自己的家 却发现被我们占据
No, not at all, Admiral. I'm happy to know that the house is in such worthy and careful hands.
不 完全不会 将军 我很高兴知道 这房子能有如此可敬与可靠的房客
And what news, Frederick, of dear Captain Harville?
弗雷德里克 亲爱的哈维尔上校有消息吗?
He's settled for now at Lyme with our good friend James Benwick
他现在与我们的好朋友 詹姆斯 本威克一起定居在莱姆
-who's awaiting a new command. -How exciting.
- 本威克正在等待新的调动命令 - 多么激动人心啊
Of course. I remember Captain Benwick. He's engaged to Harville's sister.
当然 我还记得本威克上校 他和哈维尔的妹妹订过婚
I'm sorry to have to tell you that she died last summer while Benwick was out at the Cape.
我很遗憾地告诉你 她去年夏天逝世了 那时候本威克正在好望角
-Oh, no. How dreadful. -Yes.
- 哦不 那太可怕了 - 是啊
Five years they waited for a fortune to satisfy her family.
五年来他们一直等着他能发财 好满足她家人的要求
Now he has it, of course, but too late. Much too late.
现在他终于得到了 可是已经太迟 迟了太多太多
But then I've never thought that a man on active service
然而 我从来不认为一个现役的军人
-should even contemplate marriage. -Have you indeed?
- 要去考虑结婚这种问题 - 你真这么想?
A frigate at wartime is no place for a woman
and the long separations are a sore trial to both parties.
而长时间的分离对于双方来说 都是极其痛苦的考验
Oh, how true. There is nothing so bad as a separation.
太对了 没有什么比夫妻分离更糟糕的
As I know to my cost, for Mr Musgrove always attends the assizes
我知道这种滋味 因为默斯格罗夫先生 总要去参加郡里的巡回审判
and I'm so glad when he's safe home again.
当他平安回家时 我不知有多高兴
But now I'm paid off and ashore, Sophy, you'll be delighted to hear
可我现在有钱了 又回到了岸上 索菲 你应该会很高兴听到我说
that I'm, at last, resolved to settle down.
Indeed, Frederick, I'm delighted to hear it. Pray, do you have anyone in mind?
真的 弗雷德里克 我很高兴听到 上帝啊 你已经看中了谁吗?
No, no, I'm quite ready to make a foolish match with any woman between 15 and 30.
不 不 我已经准备好缔结一门愚蠢的亲事了 从15岁到30岁的任何女人全都可以
A little beauty, a few smiles, and a compliment to the navy and I shall be lost.
有点儿姿色 带着些笑容 能对海军说几句恭维话 我就算被俘了
Oh, come, Frederick.
得了 弗雷德里克
After all, what right has a humble sailor to expect any better?
毕竟 一个粗鲁的水兵 又有什么权利期盼更多?
But if I am to speak in earnest,
what I desire above all in a wife is firmness of character.
A woman who knows her own mind.
I cannot abide timidity or feebleness of purpose.
A weak spirit which is always open to persuasion, first one way and then the other,
优柔寡断总是会被他人的劝导所动摇 起初一个决定 马上又改成另一种
can never be relied upon.
Well, we must see what we can do.
Oh, Anne, play us something to dance to.
哦 安妮 替我们弹一些舞曲吧
-HENRIETTA: Yes, Anne, will you? Something jolly. -Oh, yes.
- 是呀 安妮 好不好? 欢快点的 - 哦  好的
Do you know, I believe that I've never seen a pleasanter man in all my life
知道吗 我相信我生平从未 见过一个比温特沃斯上校
than Captain Wentworth.
MARY: Hmm.

He was not very gallant by Anne, though, was he?
可是 对安妮很不殷勤 不是吗?
When Louisa asked him what he thought of you the other night
那天晚上 路易莎问他 觉得你怎么样时
he said you were so altered, he should not have known you again.
他说 你变得好多 他几乎都要认不出来了
-I would not swear he used exactly those words. -Although he was most attentive to me.
- 我可不想发誓说这就是他的原话 - 虽然他对我最是留心
It must be said he would make a capital match for Louisa.
他对于路易莎来说 真是个不可多得的好对象
Louisa. Stuff and nonsense, Charles. It is clear he is all for Henrietta.
路易莎 真是胡说八道 查尔斯 很显然 他看中的是亨丽埃塔
But, my love, surely you cannot have forgotten that Henrietta has an understanding
但是 亲爱的 你不该忘记 亨丽埃塔已经与我的表弟
-with my cousin, Charles Hayter. -Indeed, I have not.
- 查尔斯 海特彼此钟情 - 实际上我没有忘
But I cannot say the same of Henrietta.
And quite right, too.
For who, pray, is Charles Hayter? Nothing but a country curate.
请问 查尔斯 海特是何许人也? 不过是个乡下助理牧师
What a degrading alliance for a connection of the Elliots.
这对于埃利奥特家族来说 会是多么不名誉的一门联姻
Now, there you talk nonsense, my dear. He will inherit the estate at Winthrop,
你这是在胡说八道呢 我亲爱的 他将会继承温思罗普的产业
and the farm near Taunton, and he is a very amiable young man.
还有汤顿附近的那个农场 而且他还是个非常忠厚的小伙子
Well, I do not think a young woman has the right to marry anyone, however amiable
我认为 一个年轻女子无权让自己 随便嫁人 无论他多么忠厚
if he is disagreeable or inconvenient to her family.
No, no, what stuff.
不 不  这叫什么话
If Henrietta has Charles Hayter and Louisa can get Captain Wentworth,
如果亨丽埃塔能嫁给查尔斯 海特 路易莎则嫁给了温特沃斯上校的话
I shall be very well satisfied.
Well, what do you say, Anne? Does the Captain prefer Louisa or Henrietta?
你怎么看 安妮? 温特沃斯上校 更喜欢路易莎还是亨丽埃塔?
LOUISA: We're just going over to Winthrop to visit Cousin Charles, Henrietta's intended.
我们刚要到温思罗普去探望 查尔斯表兄 是亨丽埃塔的主意
Why don't you come with us, Anne. I'm sure the Hayters would love to see you again.
你为什么不跟我们一起来呢 安妮 我敢肯定 海特家的人会很高兴再见到你的
Capital idea, Louisa, we shall all go.
好主意 路易莎 我们走吧
I know Mary's in a fine sweat to see Cousin Charles again.
我知道 玛丽对于再次见到 查尔斯表弟 大概会烦躁难安的
Catch me.
MARY: Anne.
It is nothing.
Thank you. I'm well.
谢谢你  我很好
It is really nothing.
But I think, perhaps, I'd better stay here and rest a little while.
但是我想 或许我最好是 留在这休息一会儿
-Then I shall remain with you. -No, please, I...
- 那我留下来陪你吧 - 不 拜托 我…
I would hate to inconvenience you and I... I know my way to Winthrop perfectly well.
我真的不愿给你添麻烦 而且… 我很清楚去温思罗普的路该怎么走
I shall catch up with you directly.
Please, Charles.
拜托了 查尔斯
Very well. If you insist.
好吧 既然你如此坚持
Ah, see? There is Winthrop.
快看  那就是温思罗普了
MARY: You had all better go on without me. I am really excessively tired.
你们最好留下我 自己去吧 我已经累得不行了
It would be very rude of us to come all this way and not call on our cousins.
我们都走到这里了 如果不去拜访表兄妹 无疑是非常失礼的
I will stay with Mary, Charles.
我留下来陪玛丽 查尔斯
If you and Henrietta want to go on and pay our respects to the Hayters.
你和亨丽埃塔一起过去 替我们向海特一家问好吧
And I am sure Captain Wentworth will offer us his protection.
我相信 温特沃斯上校会在此保护我们的
Very well.
It is most unpleasant, having such connections, Captain Wentworth.
有这类亲戚真是太叫人讨厌了 温特沃斯上校
But I assure you, I have never been in that house above twice.
不过 实话告诉你吧 我去他们那家里就没超过两次
In my life.
I wonder where Anne has got to.
真奇怪 安妮到哪去了
LOUISA: Mary is good-natured enough in many respects.
从许多方面来看 玛丽都是挺温顺的
But she does sometimes provoke me excessively by her nonsense.
但有时候她的胡说八道 确实令我恼火极了
She has a great deal too much of the Elliot pride.
You know, we all wish Charles had married Anne instead.
要知道 我们都很希望 查尔斯当时娶的是安妮
-Anne? -Oh, yes.
- 安妮? - 嗯 没错
-Did you not know he wanted to marry Anne? -No. I did not.
- 你不知道他当时想娶的是安妮吗? - 不 我不知道
-Do you mean to say she refused him? -Oh, yes, certainly.
- 你是说 她拒绝了他? - 哦 当然了 那还用说
When did this happen?
I do not exactly know, but before he married Mary.
我不太清楚 大约是在他娶玛丽之前吧
Did she say why she would not marry?
她说过 她不想嫁的原因吗?
Papa always said it was her great friend Lady Russell's doing.
爸爸总是说 都是因为她那位好朋友 拉塞尔夫人从中作梗
He thought Charles might not be bookish enough to please Lady Russell,
他认为 查尔斯大概是因为书读得少 所以不得拉塞尔夫人的欢心
and so she persuaded Anne to refuse him.
I myself would have no idea of being so easily persuaded.
When I have made up my mind, I have made it.
一旦我下定了决心 那就不会变了
And I'm quite determined.
Yours is a character, I see, of decision and firmness.
我看得出来 你的性格很是坚决果敢
And I honour it.
Oh, look. They have brought Charles Hayter with them. Come.
看哪 他们带着查尔斯 海特一起回来了 快来
Ah. There you are.
We thought we might cross your wake if we drove out this way.
我们正想着 走这条路说不定能碰上你们
Admiral Croft, Mrs Croft.
克罗夫特将军  克罗夫特夫人
We've just paid a visit to my cousin, Charles Hayter.
我们刚刚去拜访了我的表兄 查尔斯 海特

Miss Elliot, you must be tired. Do let us have the pleasure of taking you home to Uppercross.
埃利奥特小姐 你一定累了 请赏个脸 让我们带你回厄泼克劳斯吧
Oh, no, thank you, no. It is too much trouble.
哦 不 谢谢 不用了 太麻烦你们了
Oh, no, we are returning in any case by that road and there's plenty of room.
不麻烦 反正我们都要走那条路回去的 而且车上也还有的是地方
-Really, you're too kind. -ADMIRAL CROFT: Stuff, Miss Elliot.
- 说真的 你们实在太好了 - 别傻了 埃利奥特小姐
-You must come with us, indeed you must. -Oh.
-ADMIRAL CROFT: Walk on. -Thank you, Captain.
- 走了 - 谢谢你 上校
I wish Frederick would spread a little more canvas
and bring home one of those two young ladies to Kellynch.
He means to have one of them. There's just no saying which one.
他肯定想娶她们中的一个 只是 还说不准是哪个
MRS CROFT: They're both very good-natured, unaffected girls, indeed.
她们确实都是非常和悦 真挚的姑娘
They're a very respectable family. What do you think, Miss Elliot?
而且有一个非常体面的家庭 你怎么看呢 埃利奥特小姐?
It won't be long, if I'm any judge.
不会太久的 如果要我说的话
ANNE: Now I understand him.
现在 我明白他的心意了
He can never forgive me.
He condemns me still for the past and is becoming now quite attached to another.
他仍然为了过去的一切在责备着我 而现在 他已经爱恋上了另一个人
And yet...
MARY: Anne. We are to go to Lyme tomorrow morning.
安妮 我们明天早上要去莱姆
Captain Wentworth must visit his best friend,
Captain... Something or other.
And has invited us all to make the trip with him. Ain't it prime?
他邀请我们所有人都一起去 太棒了 不是吗?
No, indeed, I'm sure I'd better stay here with the children.
不  说真的 我宁愿呆在这 陪着孩子
Am I to go without you?
In my delicate state of recovery?
Suppose I were to be seized rather suddenly in some dreadful way
and not able to ring the bell for servants?
ANNE: Quite attached to another.
And yet...
Still he cannot be unfeeling.
He cannot see me suffer without wishing to give relief,
to spare the proof of his own good, warm and amiable heart,
这是他心地善良 和蔼可亲的明证
which I cannot contemplate without infinite pain
每每想起这点 都难以抑制住 我心头那无尽的哀伤与悔恨
and regret.
The sea.
-I love the sea. -I'm sure I love it more than you do.
- 我爱大海 - 我相信我比你更加爱它
HARVILLE: Frederick.
Come on.
Captain Harry Harville, Captain James Benwick, Mr and Mrs Charles Musgrove.
哈利 哈维尔上校  詹姆斯 本威克上校 查尔斯 默斯格罗夫夫妇
Miss Henrietta Musgrove, Miss Louisa Musgrove, Miss Elliot.
亨丽埃塔 默斯格罗夫小姐  路易莎 默斯格罗夫小姐 埃利奥特小姐
Miss Anne Elliot?
安妮 埃利奥特小姐?
Oh, my God, the air.
我的天  那气候
HARVILLE: Of course, the admiralty amuse themselves every now and then
当然了  海军部总是时不时地 给他们自己找点乐子
by sending a few hundred men to sea in a ship not fit to be employed.
派出几百个人 乘坐一艘不堪使用的船只出海
-It's true. -But they do have a great many...
- 确实如此 - 但他们确实也有许多的…
Captain Benwick,
may I say how sorry I was to hear of your terrible loss.
请允许我对你说一句 节哀顺便
Thank you.
There never was a love like ours.
And never will be again.
There were a great many to provide for
and among the thousands that may just as well go to the bottom as not,
在那数以千计 即使葬身海底也无妨的人们中
it is impossible for them to distinguish which may be least missed.
他们分辨不出 那一伙人才是最不值得痛惜的
And yet, Captain,
不过 上校
you are still young,
and I pray you may one day rally
我祈祷 你总有一天会重拾希望
and be happy with another.
A man does not forget a woman as readily as you forget us.
男人要忘记女人 可不像 你们忘记我们那般简单
I will not allow a woman's nature to be more unconstant than a man's.
我决不敢说 男人的天性就 一定比女人更为坚贞不渝
And yet, you will allow that poetry
然而 你这样与那些诗歌小说中的
and novels are against you.
They tell us endlessly of the fickleness of women.
它们一直在告诉我们 女人的反复无常
And are they not all written by men?
Yes, Miss Elliot. Perhaps they are.
没错 埃利奥特小姐 或许是吧
I see we shall not readily agree on this.
I would never suppose that true constancy is known only by women,
我绝不认为只有女人 才懂得真正的坚贞不渝
but the one claim I shall make for my own sex
is that we love longest
when all hope is gone.
A toast. The navy.
干杯吧 致海军
ALL: The navy.
The navy.
You did a good deed. Cheering up so with poor Benwick last night.
你做了件好事 昨晚让可怜的本威克稍微高兴了点
I've not known him talk so much.
Not in a long time.
In time, we found a common interest in poetry.
He reads nothing else. Day in, day out.
他根本就不看别的 无论白天黑夜
Never happier he is than when reading impassioned descriptions of hopeless agony
在阅读那些对痛不欲生或是 肝肠寸断情形的激情描述时
or sundered hearts destroyed by wretchedness.
I did venture to recommend a larger allowance of prose in his daily study.
It's bad for him, I know,
我知道 这对他来说没有好处
to be shut up as he is.
But what can we do?
Well, he's young.
And time is a great healer.
Or so, at least, I'm told.
大概吧  至少我是这么听说的

-Forgive me. -Not at all.
- 请原谅 - 没关系
Who is that gentleman?
Mr William Elliot, sir. Came in last night on his way to Bath for the winter.
那是威廉 埃利奥特先生  昨晚到的 正要往巴思去过冬
William Elliot? Bless me, Anne, it must be our cousin William. It must, indeed.
威廉 埃利奥特? 我的天哪 安妮 那一定是我们的堂兄威廉 一定的 一定是
-HENRIETTA: He is handsome. -LOUISA: He is not.
- 他很英俊啊 - 哪有
Did he mention a connection to the Elliots of Kellynch at all?
他提起过自己是凯林奇的 埃利奥特家族成员吗?
He certainly said he would one day be a baronet.
他确实说过 有朝一日他会成为准男爵
There. It is him, it is.
看吧 就是他 没错
HARVILLE: He seems of particular interest, this cousin?
看来都对他有特别的兴趣啊 这位堂兄
Sir Walter has no sons,
so his title and the estate of Kellynch will pass to the cousin.
他的头衔和凯林奇大厦 都将由这位堂兄继承
What a pity we should not have been introduced to each other.
太可惜了 我们居然没能互相介绍一下
His father and Mr Elliot have not been on speaking terms since his unfortunate marriage.
父亲和埃利奥特先生自从 他那次不幸的婚姻以来还从未交谈过
An introduction would have hardly been welcome.
You'll hardly be able to avoid seeing each other in Bath.
你们在巴思 肯定是免不了要见面的
You'll be sure to mention our seeing him next time you write to Father.
下次你写信给父亲的时候 要提到我们见过他的事
On the contrary.
Do you think he had the Elliot countenance?
-Captain Wentworth, catch me. -Louisa.
- 温特沃斯上校 接住我 - 路易莎
-Louisa. Louisa, no. Louisa, no. -I am determined. I will.
- 路易莎 路易莎 别 路易莎 不要 - 我决定了 我要跳
A surgeon. A surgeon, quickly.
医生  医生 快点
-Of course. -Captain Benwick.
- 对 对 - 本威克上校
Captain Benwick knows where one can be found.
Send him to the inn.
Keep this pressed firmly against the wound.
it appears she'll be here some time. Her parents should be told.
看来她得在这住段日子了 必须通知她的父母
But I would rather not leave her. Not tonight.
但我还是不离开她为妙 今晚不行
Let me go. And if you wish, I'll take Henrietta and Mary with me.
让我去吧 如果你愿意 我可以带上亨丽埃塔和玛丽
And not Anne?
If Anne will stay, there is no one so proper, so capable.
如果安妮能留下来 谁也不及她那么妥当 能干的
Louisa needs no other.
MARY: But Anne...
可是 安妮...
Anne is to stay, who is nothing to Louisa, while I am sent packing?
安妮无亲无故的 她留下来陪路易莎 而我却要打包行李回去?
Now, my dear, I'm sure the captain...
不 亲爱的 我很肯定上校他…
-Am I not as capable as Anne? -Of course you are.
- 难道我还不如安妮能干? - 你当然能干
Am I not as proper?
And to be sent home without Charles, too, without my husband, in my condition, no.
而且 还要在没有查尔斯 没有 我丈夫陪伴的情况下 以我的身体状况 不行
No, it is too unkind.
不 这太无情了
I will go with Henrietta.
Go on.
Miss Elliot,
I've been thinking whether you had not better remain with Henrietta
我在思忖着 不如你先和亨丽埃塔呆在这
while I go in and break it to the Musgrove's alone.
Do you think this is a good plan?
I do.
嗯 挺好
I must see Mr Musgrove without delay.
Tell him Captain Frederick Wentworth is here. I must speak with him directly.
告诉他是弗雷德里克 温特沃斯上校来了 我必须马上和他谈谈
It is done.
I shall return now to Lyme and see if I can be of any...
我得马上赶回莱姆去 看看我能否…
any assistance.
I believe the Musgroves will soon follow.
我相信 默斯格罗夫夫妇会随后赶来
Thank you.
I'm most anxious.
If you would have...
If you'd be so kind as to have word sent to me in Bath as to how Louisa does.
你能否好心把路易莎的情况 写信告知在巴思的我
In Bath?
I'm not needed in Lyme or any longer at Uppercross.
莱姆 或是厄泼克劳斯都不再需要我了
I must rejoin my father.
Our house is in Camden Place.
-You dislike Bath most heartily, as I recall. -I do.
- 我还记得 你非常不喜欢巴思 - 我确实不喜欢
But I have an old school friend who lives there and...
不过 我还有个上学时候的老朋友住那…
I have the consolation also of Lady Russell's company.
当然 我还有拉塞尔夫人的陪伴
Very well, then.
那样 很好
Goodbye, Miss Elliot.
再见  埃利奥特小姐
Goodbye, Captain Wentworth.
再见 温特沃斯上校
PENELOPE: Certainly now, with Anne here,
既然现在 安妮已经回来了
I'll not suppose myself at all wanted.
Nonsense, Penelope, she is nothing to me, indeed, compared to you.
胡说八道 佩内洛普 同你相比 她对我来说无足轻重
My dear madam, you must not run away from us now. It must not be.
我亲爱的夫人 你现在可不能离开我们
Please, Penelope.
拜托了 佩内洛普
Ah, Anne, there you are.
啊  安妮 你来了
How are you, Anne?
你还好吗 安妮?
Are we greatly missed at Kellynch?
But let me assure you, Bath has more than answered our expectations in every respect.
不过 我向你保证 巴思无论从哪方面看 都远远超出了我们的期望
Indeed, our house is undoubtedly the finest in Camden Place.
真的 我们的房子无疑是 卡姆登巷最好的一处
You can be sure that the acquaintance of the Elliots is most exceedingly sought after.
你要知道 人们纷纷慕埃利奥特之名而来 争先恐后地想结交我们
And best of all, Miss Anne, your cousin Mr Elliot is here in Bath
最棒的是 安妮小姐 你的堂兄埃利奥特先生就在巴思
and is quite reconciled with Sir Walter.
而且 向沃尔特爵士求得了宽恕
-Mr Elliot? -Indeed, he has called repeatedly,
- 埃利奥特先生? - 真的 他时常前来拜访
has dined with us once.
Evidently delighted at the distinction of being asked.
显然 他对自己能受到盛情邀请感到高兴
And clearly places his whole happiness in being on intimate terms in Camden Place.
并且 无疑他已经把自己整个的幸福 寄托在与卡姆登巷的亲善关系之上了
He has offered his most handsome apologies
for any former appearance of neglect in his duties towards us.
And Mrs Elliot?
Dead. Quite dead.
死了 早就死了
Certainly his wife was a nobody,
while a beauty and rich,
but we must make allowances, he was young and foolish.
但我们必须谅解 他那时还太年轻愚昧
Not any more. Such elegant manners.
已经不会了  那般优雅的举止
So gentlemanly and fashionable.
很有绅士派头 而且优雅入时
Indeed, I have no objection to being seen with him anywhere.
真的 走到哪我都不怕 被人看到我们在一起
-Ah, that will be Lady Russell, no doubt. -No.
- 啊 一定是拉塞尔夫人 毫无疑问 - 不
That is Mr Elliot's knock. I am sure of it.
那是埃利奥特先生在敲门 我敢肯定
I believe you are right.
The poor man simply cannot keep away from you, Miss Elliot.
可怜的人 他就是离不开你啊 埃利奥特小姐
Upon my word, Penelope.
的确  佩内洛普
I am scarcely aware of his intentions being beyond those of other men.
How is Mary looking?
Last time I saw her she was... Well, she had a red nose.
-Oh, she is quite well, thank you, Father. -Good.
- 哦 她挺好的 谢谢你 父亲 - 很好
My apologies for calling so unexpectedly
but I could not rest without knowing that Miss Elliot had not taken cold yesterday.
但在我了解清楚埃利奥特小姐 昨天并未伤风感冒之前 我无心休息
Oh, how exceedingly kind of you, Mr Elliot.
哦 你实在是太好了 埃利奥特先生
Ah, my dear sir, give me leave to present my daughter Anne.
我亲爱的先生 容我为你介绍我女儿安妮
But this is extraordinary.
Our paths have crossed before, Sir Walter, at Lyme not a week past.
我们的旅途曾经有过交叉 沃尔特爵士 就在莱姆 还不到一星期
-Not that I could expect Miss Elliot to remember. -Indeed I do remember, Mr Elliot, very clearly.
- 当然我不能指望埃利奥特小姐也能记得 - 我当然记得 埃利奥特先生 非常清楚
How extraordinary that we should be guests at the same inn at the same time.
这是多么不凡的事情啊 我们在同一时间 成为了同一家旅馆的客人
Yes, it is.
是啊 没错
One might almost say...providential.
I cannot tell you how relieved I am to see her recovering so.
我无法告诉你 看到她恢复得如此之快 我有多么的放心
Yes and she will make an excellent wife, Frederick. I congratulate you.
是啊 而且她会成为一个 极好的妻子 弗雷德里克 我祝贺你
I beg your pardon?
Come, sir, you're mistaken
得了 阁下 要是你以为你对
if you think you've kept your intentions towards Louisa Musgrove a secret.
路易莎 默斯格罗夫的意图 还是个秘密的话 就大错特错了
You mean to say you consider an understanding exists between myself and Miss Musgrove?
你的意思是 我与默斯格罗夫小姐 之间已然钟情于彼此?
-Of course. Do you deny it? -I do. That is, what you say astonishes me.
- 当然了 难道你要否认? - 没错 你所说的令我极其惊讶
Do you mean to tell me you don't care for her at all?
你是在告诉我 你对她毫无意思?
No, not in that way, no. Rest assured.
不 不是那样的 不 确实如此
Well, then I fear you'll gravely disappoint both her and her family.
那么 我恐怕你要令她和她的家人极为失望了
They talk of little else.
Dear God, Harry, have I been so unguarded, so thoughtless?
我的天哪 哈利 我怎么能 如此毫无戒备 如此欠思量呢?
It would appear that you have.
显然 你已经这么做了
Well, if what you say is true then I must, in all honour, regard myself as bound to her.
如果你所说属实 那么我就必须 因为道义 认定自己与她拴在了一起
Indeed, Frederick. I am afraid you seem to have entangled yourself.
说实在的 弗雷德里克 我就是 怕你让自己陷入这样的混乱里
This is dreadful. What can I do?
这太可怕了 我该怎么做?
Perhaps you might take your leave of Lyme on some pretext,
或许 你该托辞离开莱姆
and await Louisa's recovery elsewhere.
It is perhaps possible a prolonged absence may weaken the bonds between you.
或许 长时间的缺席 能令 你们之间的这种牵连变弱
I have been meaning to visit my brother in Shropshire.
-Captain Wentworth and Louisa Musgrove? -It's quite true. I assure you.
- 温特沃斯上校和路易莎 默斯格罗夫? - 是真的 我向你保证
Any day now I expect to hear news of the engagement.
And you, child, are you reconciled to it?
而你 我的孩子 你甘心接受吗?
Oh, yes, indeed.
是的 当然了
-I wish them every happiness. -Mmm. Of course.
- 我希望他们能幸福美满 - 说的没错
Oh, look, there's our Mr Elliot with the Wallaces.
快看  那是我们的埃利奥特先生和沃利斯夫妇
I must admit he does have a very pleasant manner.
我得承认 他确实举止讨人喜欢
Indeed he does. And yet...
的确如此  不过…
And yet?
I cannot help feeling that there must be something more than immediately appears
我禁不住有这样的感觉 在隔了这许多年之后对我们家族的突然示好
in this sudden interest in our family, after so many years.
You refer to Elizabeth, I take it.
我猜 你想说的是伊丽莎白
She is very handsome.
Well, he has nothing to gain from a reconciliation.
说到温顺 他可是会一无所获
His late wife, however unsuitable a match, was exceedingly wealthy, and in any case
不管他和前妻有多门不当户不对 她毕竟非常的富有
nothing can prevent him from inheriting Kellynch and the baronetcy along with it.
无论如何 什么都阻止不了他继承 凯林奇以及准男爵的爵位
Nothing except my father marrying again
除了 我的父亲再婚
and providing himself at last with a male heir.
Ah. No, indeed.
啊 是的 确实
And Mrs Clay is young and altogether well-looking.
而且克莱夫人不仅年轻 还挺漂亮的
I wonder at Elizabeth, to place such a woman under your father's nose so.
我很奇怪 伊丽莎白怎么会 把这样一个女人留在你父亲身边
We must be vigilant.
-Ah, Lady Russell. -Ah, Lady Cavendish.
- 拉塞尔夫人 - 卡文迪什夫人
My dearest cousin,
once again providence seems eager to throw us together.
看来 是天意如此急切地要让我们再次相遇
Good morning, Mr Elliot.
早安 埃利奥特先生
I confess, I called nearly an hour ago at Camden Place
我得承认 我早在一小时前就去卡姆登巷拜访过
and was most distressed to find you absent.
并极其失望地发现 你已经出门了
My father was quite taken up with some sensational news in this morning's paper.
我父亲被今早报纸上的 某条好消息惹得心神不定
You refer, of course, to your cousins,
你想说的 当然是你们的表亲
the Dowager Viscountess Dalrymple and her daughter the Honourable Miss Carteret,
达尔林普尔子爵夫人 和她的女儿卡特雷特小姐
who arrive in Bath today.
You are very well informed, Mr Elliot.
你的消息十分灵通嘛 埃利奥特先生
Your father may have mentioned something on the subject.
I do not doubt that he did.
You do not seem anxious to make their acquaintance again.
I agree. The Dalrymples are nothing in themselves, but
我同意 达尔林普尔母女俩 本身是没什么了不起的 可是
family connections are always worth preserving.
And they are regarded everywhere as good company.
My idea of good company, Mr Elliot, is the company of clever, well-informed people
埃利奥特先生 我心目中的愉快的伙伴 是聪明 见多识广的人
who have a great deal of conversation.
You are mistaken. That is not good company.
你错了 那可不是愉快的伙伴
That is the best.
No, good company requires only birth, manners and education
好伙伴只需要出生高贵 受过教育 举止文雅
and, with regard to education, I'm afraid it is not very particular.
尤其教育 恐怕对此倒是没有特别的要求
Oh, my cousin Anne shakes her head. She is not satisfied.
我的堂妹安妮摇头了 她并不满意呢
In one point, however, I'm sure we must feel alike.
不过有一点 我相信我们会有同感
We welcome any addition to your father's society which diverts his thoughts from those who,
我们都乐于看见 你父亲能结交更多的人 好让他少去想那些
well, are beneath him.
You refer to Mrs Clay?
It is possible that I do.
My concern is that my father may be rendered unhappy by the connection.
我担心的是 我父亲可能会 因这门亲戚而感觉不甚愉快
But perhaps I'm too fastidious.
不过 或许是我太过挑剔了
My dear Anne,
you have a better right to be fastidious than any woman I've ever met.
Oh, good heavens.
Mr Elliot not with you?
There is a letter come for you from Uppercross.
你有封信 是厄泼克劳斯寄来的
If you are quick you may just have time to read it before he calls again.
若你够快的话 或许在他又 来拜访之前 正好能看完
CHARLES: My dear Anne, I rejoice to tell you that Louisa improves daily
亲爱的安妮 我很高兴地告诉你 路易莎每一天都在好转
and will soon be quite her old self.
I am also told we shall soon hear wedding bells at Uppercross,
我还被告知 很快就会有 婚礼的钟声在厄泼克劳斯响起
although I'm sworn to secrecy on the subject and may say no more.
不过此事我已发誓保密 所以不能多说
But Mama says the local dressmakers will not answer for such an occasion.
可妈妈说 乡下的裁缝担当不起这么大场面
So, expect to see us at Bath next week for a fitting.
所以 下周在巴思等着去采购的我们吧
Until then, I remain your affectionate brother-in-law, Charles Musgrove.
在那之前 我仍然是你最亲爱的妹夫 查尔斯 默斯格罗夫
Anne. Anne.
安妮 安妮
Come, come, Anne, we must not be late.
快点 快点 安妮 我们不能迟到
You cannot have forgotten we have an invitation from Lady Dalrymple.
你可别忘记 达尔林普尔夫人邀请了我们
I regret I am already engaged to spend the evening with an old school friend.
很遗憾 我已经约定了 晚上要去见一个老同学
Not that sickly old widow in Westgate Buildings?
-Mrs Smith, yes. -Smith?
- 史密斯夫人 是的 - 史密斯?
-Westgate Buildings? -Excuse me.
- 西门大楼? - 抱歉
And who, pray, is Mrs Smith?
说真的 这史密斯夫人是谁啊?
One of the 5,000 Smiths that are everywhere to be met with?
那数以千计 随处可见的史密斯之一吗?
Upon my word, Miss Anne Elliot, you have the most extraordinary taste.
要我说 安妮 埃利奥特小姐 你的情趣可真是不同凡响啊
To place such a person
ahead of your own family connections among the nobility of England and Ireland.
看得比你自家在英格兰和 爱尔兰贵族中的亲戚更为紧要
Mrs Smith.
Perhaps she's not the only poor widow in Bath with little to live on and no surname of dignity.
或许 她不是巴思这地方唯一一个 生活拮据 姓氏也不尊贵的寡妇
Good evening.
-Anne. -Harriet.
- 安妮 - 哈丽特
-How are you? -I'm well, thank you. Much better.
- 你现在怎样? - 我很好 谢谢 已经好多了
This is my nurse Mrs Rooke.
-How do you do, Miss Elliot? -Mrs Rooke.
- 你好 埃利奥特小姐 - 鲁克太太
I am truly sorry I've been unable to visit before this.
真抱歉 我没能在这之前就来拜访你
My time has not been my own.
Oh, but we are deeply honoured to have a cousin of Lady Dalrymple pay us a visit here this evening
可我们都为达尔林普尔夫人的 一位表亲今晚来探访我们
instead of calling upon her relations with the rest of her family.
You will soon learn that absolutely nothing happens in Bath
你很快就会知道 在巴思 几乎没有事情
without Nurse Rooke hearing of it.
Come, dearest Anne,
来吧 最亲爱的安妮
tell me everything that has happened to you in the past 12 years.
告诉我这过去的12年中 你都有过什么样的经历
Harry. Harry.
哈利  哈利
I called at the inn but Louisa's gone back home to Uppercross, I find.
我去过旅馆 但是发现路易莎 已经回她厄泼克劳斯的家去了
A week ago, at least. Benwick took her. She's quite recovered.
大概是在一周前吧 本威克陪她去的 她几乎完全康复了
How is your brother?
He thinks I'm as big a fool as I do.
You have no idea, Harry, how I... how I curse the folly of my own pride.
哈利 你绝对想象不到 我有多么懊恼 自己因傲慢而犯下的蠢事
Had I only the good sense to seize my happiness when I had the chance again
若上天能再给我一次机会 我定会当机立断 抓牢我的幸福
and none of this would have happened.
而这事 则绝对不会发生
I'm not sure I follow.
我 不太听得懂你说什么
I imagine myself indifferent to her
but I was only angry and resentful.
Too late.
Too late I began to understand myself and her.
Never, never have I met her equal in good sense or sweetness of character.
我从未 从未见过如她般 刚柔适度 可爱至极的女子
She's perfection itself.
I've never loved any but her.
除她之外 我从没爱过别人
-We are talking now of Anne Elliot? -Of course, who else?
- 我们在谈论的是安妮 埃利奥特吗? - 当然了 还能有谁?
Then I take it you have not received Benwick's letter.
那么我想 你还没收到本威克的信
I shall have to go to Uppercross now. It cannot, in all decency, be avoided.
我现在该到厄泼克劳斯去了 无论如何 此事无法逃避
I mention this letter only because it contains the news
我提起这封信 原因不过是因为它带来的消息
that he has proposed to Louisa Musgrove.
本威克向路易莎 默斯格罗夫求婚了
She has accepted him. They are to be married directly.
她已经接受了他 他们马上就要成婚了
-Louisa and Benwick? -Directly.
- 路易莎和本威克? - 马上
Then... Then I'm free.
As it happens, I'm going to Bath tomorrow.
因为此事 我明天要去巴思
Perhaps now you'd care to join me.
或许 现在你会很乐意与我同行
And whom should I chance to meet at the Pump Rooms again yesterday
我昨天在矿泉厅再一次地 巧遇上的 不是别人
but Mr Elliot.
Without being indiscreet,
I can reveal that you were very much talked of.
我可以告诉你 你没被少议论到
He thinks you a most extraordinary young woman.
In your temper, manners, mind,
无论是脾气 举止 心灵上
a model of female excellence.
Now, I am no matchmaker, as you well know,
你知道的 我可不是个媒婆
but a most suitable connection. Everybody must certainly consider it.
但这是起天设良缘 谁都会这么认为的
And I do think there would be every possibility of your
我认为 你和埃利奥特先生完全可以
and Mr Elliot being very happy together.
And, I must confess, to look forward and think of you
我得承认 能期望 想象你将
occupying your dear mother's place
as the future mistress of Kellynch.
The future Lady Elliot.
Oh, my dearest Anne, it would give me more delight
我最亲爱的安妮 这会为我带来
than is often felt at my time of life.
Lady Russell.
Will you join us?
ANNE: I cannot deny the idea of being restored to Kellynch,
我无法否认 重新回到凯林奇
of calling it home again, my home forever,
再次称它为家 我永远的家 这一想法
has a charm I cannot immediately resist.
And Mr Elliot is an exceedingly agreeable man
and, in many respects, I think very highly of him.
在许多方面 我对他都有很高的评价
ADMIRAL CROFT: Admiral and Mrs Croft come to call on Miss Anne Elliot.
克罗夫特将军夫妇俩 前来拜访安妮 埃利奥特小姐
Admiral, Mrs Croft, I'm delighted to see you.
将军 克罗夫特夫人 很高兴见到你们
What brings you here to Bath?
I'm afraid, Miss Elliot, it is my digestion.
埃利奥特小姐 恐怕 是我的肠胃带我们来的
And when your sister Mary learned we were to come to Bath,
而且 你妹妹玛丽听说我们要来巴思
she charged us with this letter for you.
Thank you. You must stay for tea.
谢谢你们 请一定留下来用茶
And tell me the news from Kellynch.
Well, all the talk, of course, has been of the marriage.
当然了 所有的话题都是围绕着婚礼的
-The marriage? -Why, your cousin of course.
- 婚礼? - 当然是你表妹的了
Miss Louisa Musgrove.
路易莎 默斯格罗夫小姐
Do you mean to tell me you did not know?
你的意思是 你完全不知道么?
No, indeed.
不 确实不知
I only had a note from Charles that we were to soon expect a wedding.
我只收到查尔斯的便条 说一场婚礼即将举行
Oh, well, then I'm sure the letter we have brought from your sister will contain a full account.
哦 那么我们带来的你妹妹的信 一定包含有更多的详情
I'm very happy for Louisa.
-I am certain she has chosen wisely. -MRS CROFT: Indeed, indeed.
- 我相信她做出了明智的选择 - 的确 的确如此
ADMIRAL CROFT: Oh, he's a fine fellow, right enough.
他可是个好小伙子 令人满意
MRS CROFT: And whatever Frederick may say, she has no fears of being a naval captain's wife.
照弗雷德里克的说法 她绝不畏惧成为个海军上校的妻子
No, indeed.
I must confess the news did come as something of a surprise to us.
我得说 这消息对我们而言真是出乎意料
Even Sophy was taken aback.
Really? Did he give you no indication of his intentions?
真的? 他从来没有表露出他的意图么?
No. No, never a word on the subject.
不 不 对此事只字不提
But Frederick is not a man to pine or complain.
可弗雷德里克绝不是个 会消沉或抱怨的人
No, he very honourably hoped she will be very happy with Benwick and there's an end to it.
不 他极为大度地希望她能与 本威克幸福生活在一起 就是这样了
In fact, from his manner of speaking on the subject,
实际上 从他对这事情的谈论方式看来
one would never guess Frederick could have ever thought of Louisa Musgrove for himself.
谁也看不出弗雷德里克曾经把 路易莎  默斯格罗夫当作自己的意中人过
I beg your pardon?
Am I, then, to understand that Louisa is to marry Captain Benwick
我所听见的 是路易莎即将嫁给本威克上校
and not Captain Wentworth?
Yes. Yes, that's it exactly.
是的 确实如此
Poor Frederick. Now he will have to begin all over with somebody else.
可怜的弗雷德里克 现在他另找个人从头开始啦
MRS CROFT: Miss Anne, is something wrong?
安妮小姐 有什么不对劲的么?
No. No, you astonished me indeed.
不 不   你们还真吓了我一跳
You mean, you did not know?
你是说 你不知道这事?
The thing is certainly true. We have it from Frederick himself.
这绝对是真的 我们是听弗雷德里克自己说的
-Captain Wentworth is in Bath? -He arrived last night.
- 温特沃斯上校在巴思吗? - 他昨晚到的

Captain Wentworth.
Miss Elliot.
Your sister mentioned your being in Bath.
Yes, I'm lodging with the Admiral in Queen's Square.
是的 我和将军一起住在皇后广场
You've perhaps also heard that Louisa Musgrove is to marry James Benwick.
你大概也听说了路易莎 默斯格罗夫 就要嫁给詹姆斯 本威克了吧
-I have. I was most astonished. -As was I.
- 是的  我十分震惊 - 我也一样
And yet, I'm sure in time they will grow more alike.
不过 我相信他们越来越融洽的
Captain Benwick will gain high spirits and cheerfulness and she will...
本威克上校将会变得快活起来 而她则…
Relish for morbid poetry.
Just so.
With all my soul, I wish them happy,
and yet...
Miss Louisa is a very
good, amiable, sweet-tempered girl.
非常善良 亲切 好脾气的女孩
Harville's sister was a very superior woman,
and Benwick's attachment to her was, indeed, profound.
本威克对她的爱恋 也是毋庸置疑的
A man cannot recover from such a passion
with such a woman.
He ought not.
He does not.
My dear Anne, I cannot say how grieved I am to have kept you waiting,
我亲爱的安妮 真抱歉我令你久等了
but the carriage is outside.
Mr Elliot, permit me to name Captain Wentworth.
埃利奥特先生 请允许我向您介绍 温特沃斯上校
My cousin Mr Elliot.
May I?
Captain, there is a concert at the Pump Rooms tonight.
上校 今晚在矿泉厅有一场音乐会
I remember how fond you are of music.
I must say, though, the worst of Bath is the number of plain women.
不过我要说 巴思最大的缺点 就是难看的女人太多
I frequently observe that one pretty face would be followed by five and thirty frights.
我每看到一个漂亮的女子 接着就要被三十到三十五个丑女吓到
And as for the men...

Ah, Lady Russell.
We are at home tomorrow night to a somewhat select gathering...
-We do so hope you are at liberty. -Of course, Sir Walter, with pleasure.
- 非常希望您届时有暇 - 当然了 沃尔特爵士 我很乐意
But where is Lady Dalrymple?
Good heavens, is that Frederick Wentworth?
我的天哪 那是弗雷德里克 温特沃斯吗?
Isn't he the nobody?
LADY RUSSELL: What on earth is he doing in Bath?
Captain Wentworth,
is the programme to your liking?
I found myself at liberty this evening.
Bath has much to offer those who are interested in music.
对那些爱好音乐的人而言 巴思有太多可听的
So I'm led to believe.
And shall you be staying long in Bath?
I don't know.
That is to say, I am not certain.
我是说  我不确定
It all depends.
I see.
-Miss Elliot... -Captain.
- 埃利奥特小姐… - 上校
Lady Dalrymple.
Anne, Anne, Lady Dalrymple is here.
安妮  安妮 达尔林普尔夫人到了
There'll soon be another marriage in that family, if I'm any judge.
要我说的话 他们家很快 就会有另外一桩婚事了
Certainly, if the rumours are to be believed.
当然了 如果传言属实的话
-Are you going? -Yes.
- 你要走了吗? - 是的
Is the first half, at least, not worth staying for?

There's nothing here worth me staying for. Good night.
没有什么值得我留下的 晚安
My dear Anne, is all well?
我亲爱的安妮 你没事吗?
We are all so dreadfully concerned.
I felt suddenly a little faint.
But I'm quite recovered.
Should we not return to the concert?
Dearest Anne,
I have been awaiting an opportunity to speak to you privately
我一直在等待这么一个时机 好与你私下谈谈
and now it seems to have come.
-I'm sorry, sir, I'm not very good company. -My dear cousin,
- 很抱歉 先生 我不是什么好伙伴 - 我亲爱的堂妹
you are far too modest for the world in general to be aware
你实在是太谦虚了 世人甚至连你
-of even half your accomplishments. -Really, sir,
- 一半的才艺都无从察觉 - 说真的 先生
-I do not think you know me that well. -On the contrary.
- 我可不认为你了解我 - 正好相反
The name of Anne Elliot has long had a beguiling charm for me.
安妮 埃利奥特之名 早已令我心醉神迷
If I dared, I would now breathe my sincerest wish
若我不揣冒昧 我真心地希望
that name might never change.
-Sir... -I do not venture
- 先生… - 我并不敢…
to expect an immediate answer to my proposal.
But I cannot, in honour, further conceal my intentions
但是 我已无法再掩藏我的心意
and perhaps tomorrow night at Camden Place
或许 明晚 在卡姆登巷
you will feel able to make me
the happiest and most fortunate of men.
成为世上最快活 最幸运的男人
WENTWORTH: Miss Elliot, I am charged with an urgent commission from the Admiral
埃利奥特小姐 将军突然吩咐我去办一件要事
in regard to your family.
And since I am to leave Bath today without delay,
I should be obliged if I could wait upon you at 11.:00 this morning.
若能允许我今早11点时拜访您 我将不胜荣幸
CHARLES: Hello, Anne, how are you?
你好 安妮 近来好吗?
Charles, Mary.
查尔斯 玛丽
I am here to take the waters.
I have been most dreadfully unwell, it is my last hope.
我非常非常不舒服 这是我最后的指望了
Father, Elizabeth.
父亲  伊丽莎白
SIR WALTER: Good heavens, it's Mary.
我的天哪  是玛丽
Sir Walter, Elizabeth, we have come to choose a wedding dress
沃尔特爵士 伊丽莎白 我们是来选购结婚礼服的
with mother and Henrietta. She is to be married to Charles Hayter.
还有妈妈和亨丽埃塔一起 她就要嫁给查尔斯 海特了
-Who? -A mere country curate.
- 谁? - 一个乡下助理牧师
-Father, pray, do not trouble yourself. -And dear Louisa, is she not with you?
- 父亲 拜托 无需为此心烦 - 那亲爱的路易莎呢 她也和你们一起来吗?
She stayed at Uppercross with Captain Benwick.
-Who? -The naval captain, Father.
- 谁啊? - 那个海军上校 父亲
Pray, do not trouble yourself.
拜托 别为这个心烦
I suppose we shall have to invite the Musgroves tonight as well.
A party?
SIR WALTER: I shall be loathe to introduce them to Lady Dalrymple.
Will Mr Elliot be there? I must at all costs be introduced to Mr Elliot.
埃利奥特先生会来吗? 无论如何我都要与埃利奥特先生结识
Well, I have not the smallest intention of inviting him, but...
我完全没打算邀请他 不过…
-Charles. -Hello, old fellow, how are you?
- 查尔斯 - 你好啊 老朋友 最近好吗?
I didn't expect to see you here.
Where are you staying? We must go shooting one day, if you have time.
你现在住哪? 有时间的话 我们一定要再去打猎
-Mrs Musgrove. -Captain.
- 默斯格罗夫夫人 - 上校
Father, this is Captain Wentworth.
父亲 这位是默斯格罗夫上校
He is related to our tenants, the Crofts.
他是我们房客 克罗夫特夫妇的亲戚
Captain, this is my father, Sir Walter Elliot, baronet.
上校 这是我的父亲 沃尔特 埃利奥特从男爵
Yes and my eldest sister Elizabeth.
-Thank you, we are acquainted. -Captain, please.
- 谢谢你  我们认识的 - 上校 请你...

I am charged.
That is to say the Admiral, Admiral Croft, has been confidently informed...
换句话说 将军 克罗夫特将军 听闻了十分确切的消息
that Mr Elliot...
That everything is settled now in your family for a union between yourself and Mr Elliot.
你的家族已经准备好你和埃利奥特先生 之间的联姻的一切事宜了
It was added that you were to live at Kellynch,
而附加的说法 是你将会生活在凯林奇
and my commission from the Admiral is to say that, if the family's wish is such,
将军交给我的任务 就是 如果你们家族是如此希望的话
his lease at Kellynch shall be cancelled
and he and my sister will provide themselves with another home. That is all.
他与我姐姐将另寻居所 就那么多了
What answer shall I give?
You will please thank the Admiral on my behalf,
but I must tell you that he is utterly misinformed.
可我得告诉你 他完全弄错了
-Utterly? -Yes, Captain.
- 完全的? - 是的 上校
Quite mistaken.
-No truth in any part of it? -None.
- 没有一句是真的? - 没有
And I should be grateful to know the source of such fanciful rumours.
若能告知我这荒谬传言的源头 我将不胜感激
As to that...
Lady Russell is here.
Do you remember Lady Russell, Captain?
你还记得拉塞尔夫人吗 上校?
How could I forget?
Anne, I received your note.
安妮 我收到了你的信
Miss Elliot, if you'll excuse me I shall convey your news to the Admiral.
埃利奥特小姐 若你能容我告退 我要把你的消息转告将军去了
-Good day. -Captain.
- 再见 - 上校
Is it true? Mr Elliot has proposed?
是真的吗? 埃利奥特先生求婚了?
If you'll excuse me, Lady Russell, I must speak with Captain Wentworth.
对不起 拉塞尔夫人 我必须和温特沃斯上校谈谈
Captain Wentworth.
Mrs Musgrove.
What a delight.
Excuse me.
Anne, I must speak with you.
安妮 我必须跟你谈谈
Must it be now?
Anne, I must ask. Is it true Mr Elliot has asked you to marry him?
安妮 我一定得问 埃利奥特先生 请求你嫁给他 这是真的吗?
-Yes, but... -Anne, I hope I give no offence,
- 是的 不过… - 安妮 我希望自己没太冒昧
but I can never forgive myself if I did not acquaint you with Mr Elliot's real character.
但我若没能告诉你埃利奥特先生的真面目 那我永远都原谅不了自己
-I only hope I'm not too late. -Good heavens, Harriet, what is it?
- 我只希望还不会太迟 - 我的天哪 哈丽亚特 是怎么回事?
Mr Elliot is a man without heart or conscience.
埃利奥特先生是个没有情感 没有良心的人
A designing, cold-blooded being who thinks only of itself.
他诡计多端 残酷无情 只会为自己打算
His recent reconciliation with your father was no accident.
He had heard a rumour in London that Sir Walter Elliot
他在伦敦听到传言 说沃尔特 埃利奥特爵士
might be led to marry his daughter's companion.
-Mrs Clay? -The very same.
- 克莱夫人? - 差不多吧
And should she provide him with an heir, of course,
当然了 她可能会替他生下继承人
the child would inherit everything, instead of Mr Elliot.
-But he is already rich. -Of course.
- 可他已经很富有了 - 没错
He married his poor wife for money and nothing else.
But what he now desires above all is to be a baronet.
不过 他现在最大的心愿 是成为从男爵
He cannot bear the thought of not being Sir William.
他无法忍受 自己不能成为威廉爵士
Well, why, then, would he wish to marry me?
那 他为什么想要娶我呢?
Oh, his admiration for you is sincere, as far as it goes.
他对你的仰慕 倒是出自真心的
Although it has not prevented him from courting Mrs Clay at the same time.
虽然这也没能令他 不一边去向克莱夫人大献殷勤
-No. -Indeed.
- 不 - 真的
He has promised to establish her as his mistress in London,
他对她保证 把她安置在伦敦当自己的情妇
as soon as he is married to you.
There is nothing he would not do to prevent your father marrying again.
他会不惜一切 用尽一切手段 来阻止你的父亲再婚
I am profoundly grateful to you, Harriet.
我衷心地感谢你 哈丽亚特
But now if you'll forgive me, I must go.
但是 请原谅 我必须得走了
-Captain Harville. -Miss Elliot.
- 哈维尔上校 - 埃利奥特小姐
If you have come to call upon the Admiral and Mrs Croft, I must disappoint you.
如果你是来找将军和克罗夫特夫人 那多半要失望了
They went to take the waters with Captain Wentworth.
But since you are here, you may save me some time.
但是 既然你来了 正好替我节省一点时间
Captain Wentworth bade me bring this note to you in Camden Place.
温特沃斯上校拜托我 把这封信送给在卡姆登巷的你
Perhaps you would take it now.
-Thank you. -Are you quite well, Miss Elliot?
- 谢谢你 - 你还好吧 埃利奥特小姐?
Thank you.
Then if you'll excuse me, I'm already late for an appointment.
容我先行一步 我还有个约会快迟到了
WENTWORTH: Miss Elliot, I can bear this no longer.
埃利奥特小姐 我无法再继续忍受了
You pierced my soul. I'm half agony, half hope.
你撕裂了我的灵魂 我半怀痛苦 半怀着希望
Unjust I may have been,
weak and resentful I have been, but never inconstant.
或许意志薄弱 满腹怨恨 但我从未见异思迁
I offer myself to you again with a heart even more your own
我怀着的那颗 八年前曾被你撕碎 而现在更加忠实于你的心
than when you almost broke it eight years ago.
I have loved none but you.
我不曾爱过别人 只有你
You alone, who brought me to Bath,
只是为了你 我才来到巴思
for you alone, I think and plan.
我的一切考虑思量 全都是为你
Have you not seen this?
I can hardly write.
I must go, uncertain of my fate.
对我这无法捉摸的命运 我只能走开
A word, a look, would be enough.
一句话 一个眼色 就已足够
Only tell me that I am...
只要告诉我 我…
Tell me not that I am too late,
请别告诉我 我已经太迟
that such precious feelings are gone forever.
Why, Miss Elliot, you just missed Frederick.
啊 埃利奥特小姐 你刚错过了弗雷德里克
He has just gone to call upon you at Camden Place.
-Charles. -Anne, good heavens, is anything the matter?
- 查尔斯 - 安妮 我的天哪 出什么事了吗?
Thank you, Charles, I'm quite...quite well.
谢谢你 查尔斯 我…我很好
You look quite done for. We shall have to get you home directly.
你看起来筋疲力尽 我们得马上把你送回家去
The thing of it is, I ought to be in the marketplace now.
问题是 我现在得到市场巷去
A fellow there promised me the sight of a capital gun he's just sending off.
有个家伙答应过我会让我看 他马上就要发货的一支好枪
Said he'd keep it unpacked till the last possible minute.
If I do not cut along now I shall miss out.
我再不去的话 就没有机会了
You know from his description, Wentworth,
从他的描述看来 温特沃斯
it sounds a good deal like that 16-bore Mortimer of mine you shot with that day round Winthrop.
很像我那支16口径的猎枪 就是那天你拿着在温思罗普打猎的
Do you remember?
I am...I am in receipt of your proposal
and am minded to accept it.
并且 非常乐意接受
Thank you.
Are you
quite certain?
I am.
I am determined.
I will.
And nothing, you may be sure, will ever persuade me otherwise.
你可以相信 没有任何东西 能劝我改变决定
Why have we stopped?
You can't see?
Give me your hand.
I thought you might like to see your wedding present.
我认为 你或许想看看你的结婚礼物



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