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(2010-05-12 22:23:53)


分类: 敬拜礼仪

service order:


ZL: 会众请起立。

Jelin: Please stand.


Call to worship(诗121:1-4)


E:I lift up my eyes to the hills, where does my help come from?


E:My help comes from the LORD, the maker of heaven and earth.



E:He will not let your foot slip – he who watches over you will not slumber;

   Indeed, he who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.


Opening song

ZL:我们唱HUP 第30首。

Jelin:Let us sing HUP30.


ZL: 我们向上帝献上开始的祷告。

Jelin: Let us pray.


Opening prayer




ZL: 会众請坐

Jelin:    Please be seated


Scripture reading


E:Today's lesson taken from Ruth chapter 4 verse 7 to 22 (say it twice)


(Zhangli will read scripture in Mandarin from verse 7-12)

(Jelin will read scripture in English from verse 13-22)


Jelin : This is the Word of the Lord.

All   : Thanks be to God.




Short Sermon (the meaning of retelling the story)



I like to ask all of you, have you ever thought that one day your story will be recorded down, there will be a specific day every year, your story will be read and remembered. You might be thinking that this is absolutely impossible! There are so many great men and women of God in Church history, how many saints would we commemorate on a fixed day?  We are just one of the hundreds of thousands servants, we are just ordinary people who are insignificant in history.



However, in today's verses, when Boaz, Ruth and Naomi, these three people start to disappear one by one before our eyes, we have seen how three ordinary person, their stories actually become the story that have to be read by the Jews on  Shavuot, the day of Pentecost. What is in their life story that it is remembered every year in Israel's history?



Let's start with Boaz, from the last paragraph of the book of Ruth, there is a family line that shows Boaz forefather is Perez. Who is Perez? He is the son  of Judah and his daughter-in-law Tamar, born out of incest. This is a disgraceful story in the family. But if there is no such event, Boaz will not be born. Implied in the Boaz personal life, is an astonishing fact that God have weaved disaster and crime together in his family history, thereby creating a Boaz. It did not matter whether his wife has already passed away or he is still single, not yet married but we can be very sure that he has passed his middle age. A man who is entering old age.



Let us look at Ruth, she is a Moabitess from a poor and humble origins. She is a widow returning from the Gentiles. As she could not bear to leave her mother-in-law living alone, she decided to follow her mother-in-law and left her hometown. She was a poor woman who had lost her husband.



The main lead actress to leave the stage last was Naomi, we remember what she said when she returned to Bethlehem “ the Lord made me come back empty.” Yes, she had lost her husband, her two sons. She had went through a series of tragedies and her life was such a misery.



However, these three person, because of their faith in God's faithfulness and loyalty, they form a family of mutual love and loyalty, three of them are like three coals of fire in the snow, giving support to one another. They move  together with one heart in that era of darkness and confusion, leaving behind a song of love and God writes this into history. This three insignificant people, their stories will be read by the Jews once in every year on that day of Shavout, passing from generation to generation. In fact, the retelling of the story is not just refreshing our memories, nor is it to have the mentality of a bystander to pursue and listen, but rather the people who are speaking and listening will also be participating in the reflection and experience of the story. Because of the retelling of the same story, it is able to explain the sufferings of people, able to eliminate human insecurity, able to comfort people who went through heart-brokeness. Therefore, the person who tells the story and listens to the story, their hearts will start to have the warmth, tomorrow's hardships and suffering will become more bearable! As a result, this story also become the experience and posession of the person who speaks and listens to the story. It is also the common experience towards God and life.



Therefore, we need to ask God, what is the standard to be remembered by God? Is it position? Is it a good reputation? Is it bloodline? Boaz, Ruth and Naomi stories tells us that these are not the standards. Then, what will best touched God's heart that God will remember? Whenever I ask this question, I thought of my own life. I was often discouraged by the torment of my sickness, stumbled in my struggle with depression. Even though my life is filled with weakness, I am not abandoned by God.  Boaz and Ruth and Naomi's story assured us that as long as we are hold onto God’s faithfulness and love, we will be like this ordinary people with life full of weakness, we will be writing our story in God’s history, our story will help and encouraged others. The power of this story reminds us not to be afraid of any suffering, it's like what Mother Teresa said, God has been continuously creating miracles in your life , helping you to present your best to the world.































ZL : 我们唱回应诗歌 HUP 447。

Jelin :    Let us sing HUP 447.



Short prayers of intercession


Jelin : Let us pray for the world



ZL   :求主怜悯!

ALL  :Hear our prayer.




Jelin : Let us pray for the Church (in English)


Eternal Heavenly father, I pray that your spirit will guide and manage the Universal church, so that the people of God can receive guidance and spiritual growth in their faith, and support each other to spread your gospel,experiencing your faithfulness and your moulding in your love.

Jelin : Lord have mercy!

ALL   : Hear our prayer.听我们的祷告。




Jelin : Let us pray for TTC Community.




ZL   :求主怜悯!

ALL  :Hear our prayer.



ZL: 会众请起立。

Jelin: Please stand.




Jelin:Let us say the grace together to end this morning chapel.


愿我主耶稣基督的恩惠,上帝的慈爱和圣灵的交通常与我们众人同在, 直到永远,



May the grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ, the love of God,
and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit
be with us all, evermore.






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