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10 things you didn't know about Christmas tradition

(2010-12-18 10:07:17)


分类: 英语学习

1. The earliest decorations on trees associated with Christmas are detailed in the Medieval plays that tell the story of Adam and Eve. The trees in the Garden of Eden were, according to these legends, adorned with apples and cookies. 与圣诞相联系的最早的树上饰物在中世纪讲述亚当和夏娃的剧中有详细的描述。据传说讲,伊甸园的树装饰的是苹果和饼干。

2. Reindeer are resourceful animals. They not only pull sleighs, but are also raised for their milk. In the town of Wales in Alaska, the mail used to be delivered by reindeer-drawn sleigh.  驯鹿是资源丰富的动物。人们养它不只是拉雪橇,还要它们提供奶。在阿拉斯加的威尔士镇,投递邮件的雪橇也是用驯鹿拉的。
    3. Candles are an important part of Christmas for many and they play a crucial part in Christmas Eve celebrations in Gouda, Holland. Gouda is the center of the Dutch candle-making industry. On Christmas Eve all of the electrical lights are turned off while the mayor reads the story of the Nativity to an audience by candlelight in the town square.蜡烛是圣诞节很重要的一部分。在荷兰的高德,蜡烛在平安夜庆典中扮演着关键的角色。高德是荷兰蜡烛制造业的中心。在平安夜,市长在市中心的烛光下,把耶稣诞生的故事读给听众,城里所有的电灯全部关掉。
    4. In many European countries, gifts are traditionally given to children by St. Nicholas, who arrives on December 6th with his mischievous servant Black Peter. If the children are good, St. Nicholas gives them nuts, sweets, or small presents. However, if the children are bad, they will be threatened with sticks by Black Peter.在许多欧洲国家,圣诞礼物都是传统地由圣尼古拉斯给予儿童。他和淘气的黑彼得一道,于12月6日到达。如果孩子乖,圣尼古拉斯给他们坚果、糖果,或者小礼物。但如果孩子不乖,他们就会受到黑彼得的棍子的威胁。
    5. Ivy has been a popular plant to use as a Christmas decoration in houses for centuries. The custom of decorating homes with ivy and other evergreens dates back to pre-Christian times when ivy was believed to be linked with the power of eternity. Ivy represented life continuing through the cold months of winter.好多世纪以来,常春藤一直是一种受人欢迎的圣诞装饰植物。这种用常春藤和其它常绿植物装饰房屋的习俗可以追溯到圣诞以前,那时,人们相信,常春藤与来世的力量相联系,它代表经历冬季寒冷岁月的生命延续。
    6. The use of mistletoe dates back to pagan times when Druids coveted it for its magical healing powers. The tradition of a kiss under the mistletoe at Christmas, however, is a relatively recent one. This became popular with the servant class in 19th century England, and was slowly adopted by the middle classes. This custom has now spread to many other countries.懈寄生(一种圣诞室内悬挂植物)的使用追溯到异教徒时期,在那个时候,德鲁伊教徒垂涎其治愈伤口的魔力。而圣诞节时在懈寄生下亲吻则是相当近代的事情。这在19世纪的英国的仆人中开始流传,逐渐被中产阶层采纳。这一习俗如今已流传到许多别的国家。
    7. Gifts have been wrapped since the invention of paper circa 105 A.D. in China. Decorative gift wrap didn't take off until Christmas 1917, when the Hall Brothers' store in Nebraska sold out of tissue for customers to wrap holiday packages. As a substitute, they sold decorative French envelope lining.大约在公元105年的中国,自从发明了纸,礼物一直被包着。直到1917年,当内布拉斯加霍尔兄弟商店售光包装礼物的装饰纸,装饰礼物的包装才取下来。作为一种替代,他们出售装饰法国信封的内层。
    8. Wrapping Christmas presents is quite a recent tradition. In the 19th century, unwrapped gifts were put under a Christmas tree, or hung on the branches. Sometimes, people would even hide a gift to prolong the excitement of finding out what it was.包装圣诞礼物是一种很新近的传统。在19世纪,没有包装的礼物都是放在圣诞树下,或者悬挂在树枝上。有时,人们甚至把礼物藏起来,以延长发现礼物是什么的激动。
    9. Baboushka is a Russian gift-bringer, an old woman who, according to custom, would not go with the Wise Men to visit the baby Jesus. She later realized she should have traveled with them, and so she still searches for the baby. On the eve of Epiphany (January 5th) she visits sleeping children to leave them gifts.老祖母是一个俄罗斯送礼者。据习俗所定,一位老年妇女不会与睿智的人一道看望圣婴。后来,她意识到应该与他们一道旅行,于是,她仍然在找寻那个婴儿。在主显节的前夜,她看望熟睡的孩子,给他们留下礼物。
    10. In parts of Italy, the Christmas meal includes seven different fish dishes, to commemorate the Seven Sacraments. The fish is accompanied by pasta, salads, fruits, and breads, as well as Italian wine. Desserts usually include salads, the panettone fruit cake, spicy cookies, nougat, and nuts.在意大利的一些地方,圣餐包括七种不同的鱼类菜肴,以纪念七项圣事。与鱼一起上的,除了意大利红酒以外,还有意大利面、沙拉、水果和面包。甜点通常包括沙拉,意大利水果糕点,辛辣的饼干,牛乳糖和坚果。


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