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Love Never Dies  真爱永恒

(2009-10-29 09:32:18)


分类: Dr.Brooks谈诊疗方法

I learned this morning with regret that Andrew Lloyd Webber was diagnosed with prostate cancer. His plays and music have been a great source of joy to people around the world and I am certain that there are many who have read about this will be thinking of him and hoping for a good outcome.


I will take this moment in time to give you some information about prostate cancer.  Prostate cancer is a fairly common cancer in men but when found early is highly curable.  There is a screening test called PSA however there remains considerable debate as to how useful this test is.  Although it can identify many men with early prostate cancer is has not clearly proven to decrease the eventual death rate. It is possible that it identifies too many very early cancers that may not eventually progress to a life threatening problem.  The decision as the whether you should have this test is one that should be discussed carefully with your doctor and if done should be done in conjunction with a prostate exam. 


A yearly physical examination is perhaps the best way to make certain there is not the development of a prostate mass that could be a cancer. Certainly if you have symptoms of decreasing urinary stream, discomfort in this area, blood in the urine then you need to bring this to medical attention.


The diagnosis of prostate cancer can be made by a fairly simple biopsy that can be performed in a doctor’s office by a urologist or by some ultrasound doctors. It has minimal discomfort and is quite reliable especially when a mass is felt or seen on the ultrasound.  A PSA test can be of help in this situation.



If a diagnosis is made there are many options to be considered. I would strongly advise any person with a diagnosis to make certain they understand all their options which may include local implantation of radiation seeds, localized radiation therapy, or surgical removal.  Both radiation and surgery have many different techniques that can be used and should be discussed.  If the tumor is more advanced then there should be some consideration of treatment with hormonal therapy either prior to radiation or to surgery.


Prostate cancer can also be treated with hormonal therapy in more advanced stages and this can be very effective and can often control the disease for many years. There are multiple options for this treatment that would need to be carefully discussed with your doctor. When hormonal therapy is not effective we now have chemotherapy regimens that have a good chance of controlling the disease.


I have had many patients in my career who have been cured of their prostate cancer when found at a fairly early stage. I also have many patients that presented at a later time with spread of their cancer who responded very nicely to treatment and have lived long and comfortable lives while on treatment.


If a diagnosis of prostate cancer is made, you need to focus on education about the disease, a multidisciplinary approach, and by all means know that there are good treatments and there is certainly much hope for a good outcome.

We all will be wishing the best for Andrew Lloyd Webber as we remember his wonderful music.




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