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每日E听—BBC常速 news 2010-05-20 加听力稿

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2010-05-20 BBC
BBC News with Jonathan Izard.
A curfew is in place across nearly a third of Thailand's provinces after an army push that cleared thousands of anti-government protesters from central Bangkok prompted unrest elsewhere. Demonstrators reportedly attacked government buildings in the northeast of the country, and the northern city of Chiang Mai was also tense. The protest leaders in Bangkok gave themselves up to police after urging their supporters to disperse as our correspondent Rachel Harvey reports.
泰国军队使用武力将数千名反政府抗议者驱逐出曼谷中心引发其他各地产生动乱,泰国接近三分之一的省份执行了宵禁。据报道,示威者在该国东北部袭击政府建筑,北部城市清迈的形势也非常紧张。曼谷抗议领袖在敦促支持者分散之后自己向警方投降。我们的记者Rachel Harvey 报道。
The announcement was made by one of the leaders Jatuporn Prompan. "We are going to surrender," he tells the crowd, "We don't want any more lives lost." The Thai capital is in lockdown. The protest is over, but at a terrible cost. The bloodshed will not be forgotten. The bitterness and anger linger on. Thailand's deep divisions have been brutally exposed.
该决定由其中一名领袖Jatuporn Prompan宣布。他告诉示威群众,“我们将投降。我们不希望更多的人牺牲生命。”首都曼谷正在实行一级防范禁闭。抗议已经结束,但是代价惨痛。这次流血事件永远不会被忘记。痛苦和愤慨仍然挥之不去。这次行动暴露泰国越来越深刻的分裂。
President Obama says the US immigration system is broken and needs to be fixed after the talks in Washington with the Mexican President Felipe Calderon. Mr. Obama criticized the law in Arizona which puts the onus on state police to stop suspected illegal immigrants. Mr Calderon said people shouldn't come under suspicion simply for looking Hispanic. The law comes into force in July, and President Obama said it could be discriminatory.
"I think the Arizona law has the potential of being applied in a discriminatory fashion. I think a fair reading of the language of the statute indicates that it gives the possibility of individuals who are deemed suspicious of being illegal immigrants from being harassed or arrested. The judgments that are gonna be made in applying this law are troublesome."
The US State Department says it's held talks with Cuban officials on the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Scientists say satellite images show that the oil has now been caught up in a current that could take it to Florida in a few days and then to Cuba. Cuban government officials are reported to have asked American experts for help last week.
Nigeria's new Vice President Namadi Sambo has pledged to improve the economy and tackle corruption. At a ceremony in the capital Abuja, Mr. Sambo outlined his priorities including a resolution to the long-standing conflict over oil in the Niger Delta.
尼日利亚新任副总统Namadi Sambo承诺他将努力改善经济状况,应对腐败现象。在首都阿布贾举行的仪式上,Namadi Sambo列举了自己的工作重点,包括解决尼日尔三角洲地区石油引发的长期冲突的解决方法。
"We shall forge a common front to see to the realization of a credible electoral reform, a sustained fight against corruption and the rejuvenation of the power sector; the peaceful and steady implementation of the blueprint for the resolution of the Niger Delta question and the need to enhance effective security in our dear country."
The French cabinet has approved a draft law which would make it illegal to wear in public clothes designed to hide the face, in effect a ban on the full-face Muslim veil. The proposed law would mean that women wearing the veil in public could be fined. Parliament still needs to approve the bill for it to become law.
World News from the BBC.
The world's leading skeptic on climate change has told a conference in the United States that carbon emissions are nothing to worry about. Addressing a meeting in Chicago organized by the right-wing Heartland think-tank, Professor Richard Lindzen from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said CO2 emissions would not increase global temperatures by more than one degree Celsius, far less than has been predicted.
世界主要的气候变化怀疑论者告诉在美国举行的一个会议,二氧化碳排放没有什么值得担忧的。在右翼中心地带智囊团在芝加哥组织的会议上发表讲话时,麻省理工学院的Richard Lindzen教授表示,二氧化碳排放使地球温度的升高不会超过1摄氏度,远远低于此前的估计。
Stock markets in Europe and America have fallen amid continuing worries about the debts of some European countries and new rules in Germany intended to limit financial speculating. Share indexes in London, Paris and Frankfurt lost nearly 3%. In New York, the Dow Jones fell by 1.5% in early trading, but later recovered.
Prosecutors at the International Criminal Tribunal in The Hague say they have received the wartime diaries of the Bosnian Serb General Ratko Mladic, one of only two indicted men still on the run. Analysts say the 18 diaries which consist of 3,500 pages and were seized from his wife's apartment in Belgrade in February could provide important evidence in several ongoing trials.
海牙国际刑事法庭检控官表示,他们获得了波斯尼亚塞尔维亚将军拉特科·姆拉迪奇(Ratko Mladic)的战争日记。他是通缉犯中仍在潜逃的两人中的一个。分析家称,日记共有18本,3,500页,二月份在他妻子位于贝尔格雷德的公寓中缴获,能够为几宗正在进行的审判提供重要证据。
A novel written 40 years ago has just won Britain's most prestigious award for new fiction. Troubles by J. G. Farrell was first published in 1970, but was not entered for the Man Booker Prize that year due to a change in the eligibility rules. Torin Douglas reports.
40年前做成的一部小说获得了英国小说新作类最高奖项。J. G. Farrell创作的小说Troubles首次在1970年发表,但是由于资格审查规则的改变未能入围布克奖。Torin Douglas报道。
Like most novels published in 1970, Troubles was never considered for the Booker Prize because of a change in the competition's rules in timing. To mark the 40th anniversary and honor the books which missed out, a one-off prize was conceived to be chosen by an online public vote. The shortlist included novels by Muriel Spark, Nina Bawden, Mary Renault and Patrick White. But the prize has gone to Troubles, the first book in J. G. Farrell's Empire Trilogy, set in a hotel in Ireland in 1919. It took 38% of the votes, more than twice as many as any of the others.
像1970年发表的大多数小说一样,由于竞争规则的改变,Troubles从来没有被考虑获得布克奖。为了庆祝发表40周年,也为了表达对这部遗失的小说的尊敬,该担任奖项通过网上公共投票来选拔。名单包括Muriel Spark, Nina Bawden, Mary Renault和Patrick White的小说。但是最终获奖的是Troubles,J. G. Farrell's帝国三部曲中的第一本书,背景是1919年爱尔兰一座宾馆。这部小说赢得了38%的选票,是其他任何一部小说的两倍以上。
BBC News.


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