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每日E听—BBC常速 news 2010-05-19 加听力稿

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2010-05-19 BBC
BBC News with Julie Candler.
The American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says the United States, Russia and China have agreed a draft UN resolution for further sanctions against Iran. She said the draft resolution could be quick-circulated among members of the UN Security Council later today.
"I think this announcement is as convincing an answer to the efforts undertaken in Tehran over the last few days as any we could provide."
The BBC UN correspondent says the announcement is significant a day after Turkey, Brazil and Iran reached a nuclear fuel swap agreement, which they said removed the need for further sanctions against Tehran.
A series of primary elections is taking place in the United States in what's being seen as a crucial electoral test for President Obama. Voters in four states, Kentucky, Arkansas, Pennsylvania and Oregon, are selecting candidates to take part in key mid-term contests in November. Analysts say that's a volatile political mood in the United States resulting in many incumbent politicians facing strong opposition.
In a stormy session, the Nigerian parliament has confirmed the candidate chosen by President Goodluck Jonathan to become his deputy. Legislators screamed at one another amid chaotic scenes as Namadi Sambo, the governor of the northern state of Kaduna, was confirmed as vice president. Caroline Duffield reports.
The appointment means that the President Goodluck Jonathan does not face a powerful political rival in government. Elections are coming, and Mr Sambo is not a strong contender. It could clear the way for Mr Jonathan to run himself. Nonetheless, the new vice president is controversial. In his home state Kaduna, Mr Sambo is seen as weak and inexperienced. Now his replacement in Kaduna will be his Christian deputy, and that has prompted anger because the state is mostly Muslim.
European Union finance ministers have agreed to introduce tougher regulation of the trillion-dollar hedge fund industry which has been blamed for speculation on the euro and worsening the global financial crisis. Ministers overrode objections by the new British government and the city of London where 80% of European funds are based. The Spanish Finance Minister Elena Salgado explained how the measures would work.
"We are not regulating the funds. We are regulating the fund managers. You ought to make that clear. For these managers, we have rules about conduct; we have rules about organization, setup, information. All of them will be very stringent requirements."
Several of the largest forestry companies in Canada have reached an agreement with environmental groups to restrict logging in the country's northern forests. In return, the environmentalists will end a decades-long international campaign against buying Canadian lumber. A spokesman said it was the largest commercial forest conservation plan in history.
BBC News.
At least 18 people including women and children have been killed in a suicide bomb attack on a NATO convoy in the Afghan capital Kabul. One Canadian and five American troops were among the dead. The Taliban said it carried out the bombing, the worst in the city for months. NATO described the attack as an act of desperate brutality.
The energy giant BP says it is now able to capture about 40% of the oil that's leaking from a ruptured underwater pipe in the Gulf of Mexico. The figure is double the amount reported 24 hours ago. However, the authorities have expanded the no-fishing zone in the area because of the size of the spill. And scientists are increasingly worried that the oil could get caught in a current that could take it to Florida, damaging coral reefs and killing more wildlife there.
Members of parliament in Britain have taken their seats for the first time since the election which led to the formation of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government. During the sitting, they voted to reelect the speaker John Bercow. The reelection of a speaker is usually a formality. But some Conservatives have threatened to block the appointment, accusing Mr Bercow himself a Conservative of lacking impartiality.
Football's governing body FIFA has announced a change to the rules which will affect the way that penalties are taken in next month's World Cup. More details from our sports news reporter Alex Capstick.
The new rule concerning penalty kicks will be in force for the World Cup which starts on June 11th. Players who hesitate at the point of striking the ball in order to confuse the goalkeeper will be considered guilty of unsporting behavior. They will receive a yellow card, and if the ball has gone into the net, the penalty will have to be retaken. But a deliberate starter during the run-up will still be allowed. FIFA's lawmakers have also decided to extend a European experiment on the use of extra referees, although this won't affect the World Cup.
BBC News.
在暴风雨般激烈的会议中,尼日利亚议会确定总统古德勒克·乔纳森(Goodluck Jonathan)选择的候选人担任副总统。北部卡杜纳州州长Namadi Sambo被确认为副总统时,场面一片混乱,立法者们相互之间大吵大闹。Caroline Duffield报道。
该任命意味着总统古德勒克·乔纳森(Goodluck Jonathan)在政府中不会面临一个强有力的政治对手。选举即将来临,Namadi Sambo并不是一个强有力的竞争者,这将为乔纳森本人的竞选扫清道路。然而,新任副总统是非常有争议的。在他的家乡卡杜纳州,Sambo被人们认为非常懦弱,没有经验。现在,他在卡杜纳州长的职位将由他的基督徒副手接任。这也引发了人们的愤怒,因为该州大部分民众都是穆斯林。
欧盟财长同意对高达数兆美元的对冲基金行业进行更加严厉的监管。据称,对冲基金行业企图对欧元进行投机,使全球金融危机进一步恶化。财政部长们压倒了英国政府和伦敦市的反对。80%的欧洲基金都位于伦敦。西班牙财政部长艾琳娜-萨尔加多(Elena Salgado)解释了这些措施的运作方式。
自英国议会选举形成保守党和自民党联合政府以来,英国议会成员首次就座。在此期间,他们进行了投票,对议长约翰·贝尔考(John Bercow)进行改选。议长改选通常只是程序。但是一些保守党员曾威胁阻碍任命,指控贝尔考是缺乏公正性的保守党员。
国际足协对比赛规则进行了一些修改,这将影响下月举行的世界杯的罚球方式。体育新闻记者Alex Capstick报道。


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