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(2009-02-17 08:34:12)



Our technique is aimed at every good snowboarder who wants to enjoy the fantastic feelings given by extreme carving.我们的技术是在每一个良好的滑雪谁想要享受美妙的感受给极端雕刻。 It's therefore necessary to first masterize the basics that are exposed in this page.这是有必要的基础知识第一masterize是暴露在这一页。

They derive from the teaching of the SSBS , the swiss snowboard teaching association of which Jacques Rilliet is member since 1988.他们来自教学的办学团体 ,瑞士滑雪教学协会的会员雅克Rilliet是自1988年以来。 This association proposes a book and a CD-ROM about snowboard technique and teaching that we absolutely recommend.该协会提出了一本书和一个CD - ROM关于滑雪技术和教学,我们是绝对建议。

We also advise to visit the CERN ski club site that summarizes the "swiss" technique.我们也提醒访问欧洲核子研究中心滑雪俱乐部的网站,总结了“瑞士”的技术。

Based on the body rotation (in opposite to counter-rotation ), this technique can be applied to each snowboard discipline (including freestyle and freeride) because it gives an extraordinary control and pleasure in any situation.基于身体旋转 (在相反的反旋转 ) ,这一技术可以应用到每个滑雪纪律(包括自由泳和freeride ) ,因为它提供了非凡的控制和高兴在任何情况下。

It is directly inspired from surfing (sport in which feet are not bound to the board), which explains its effectiveness.它直接启发冲浪(体育中英尺不受执行局) ,说明其有效性。


Basic position 基本立场

The chest is vertical (don't lean forward), the knees are flexed, the arms stay along the body and must never be opened, except during the lain turn (see forward).胸部是垂直(不要前倾) ,膝盖的弯曲,武器留在身体和绝不能打开,但在其它反过来(见着) 。

Whatever the board or feet position is, the chest is facing the same direction as the feet (so it is more pointed at the nose in hardboot, than in freestyle).无论董事会或脚的立场是,胸部正面临同一方向作为英尺(所以更指着鼻子在hardboot ,比自由泳) 。

Be aware of your gravity center in the region of your hips, because all your movements should start from here.知道您的重心在该地区的臀部,因为所有的运动应该从这里开始。



Correct basic position 正确的基本立场



Incorrect basic position (counter-rotation) 不正确的基本立场(反旋转)


Basic rotation turn 基本轮流转

Be sliding in basic position and, before the turn zone, rotate your whole body toward the direction you want to go to, moving a little bit on your front foot (trick: look at the direction of the center of the circle that shapes the turn, the body will follow the movement).将滑动的基本立场,并交替之前区,轮流展示您的整个身体方向你要去的,一点点移动在您的面前英尺(伎俩:看方向的中心圆形状之交,该机构将遵循运动) 。 During this step, the snowboard won't turn and go on straight!...在这一步,滑雪不会反过来去笔直! ... The turn begins at the moment where you block the body rotation because, with the inertia, the board will begin the same rotation and thus turn.始于之交的时候,你的身体旋转块,因为,随着惯性,委员会将开始同样的旋转,从而反过来。

At this moment, the turn itself begins.在此时刻,把自己的开始。 Don't do anything more instead than progressively center your weight and go on the edge.不要做任何事情更不是比你的体重逐渐中心去的边缘。

On frontside turn, your head must look over your front shoulder, because your chest must be parrallel to your board.对前端反过来,你的头必须寻找自己的前肩,因为你的胸部必须是平行的局。 You also should feel the plastic tongues of your shoes pushing with the same strength on each of your tibias.你也应该感到塑胶舌头的鞋子推动以同样的强度对您的每个胫骨。 Think to keep your chest upright, your arms near the body and your knees flexed to absorb the shocks.想使你的胸部直立,双臂靠近身体和你的膝盖弯曲来吸收冲击。


单板平行大回转 Basic frontside turn movie (Windows Media Player 220 KB) 基本前端转向电影( Windows Media Player的220或)

单板平行大回转 Basic frontside turn movie (QuickTime 198 KB) 基本前端转向电影( QuickTime的198或)


On backside turn, keep your chest upright, avoid absolutely any sitting position with the chest forward. In this goal, you should do as if you would let yourself fall back in the direction of the center of the turn. Keep your knees flexed and don't put them together.在背面反过来,让您的胸部直立,避免任何坐姿绝对的胸部向前发展。在这个目标,你应该做的如果你让自己后退的方向发展的中心转向。让您的膝盖弯曲和Don 『 T把它们放在一起。 You should feel both of your heels pushing on the edge with the same strength.你应该觉得您的两个高跟鞋推动的边缘与同一强度。


单板平行大回转 Basic backside turn movie (Windows media player 373 KB) 基本背面反过来电影( Windows媒体播放器或373 )

单板平行大回转 Basic backside turn movie (QuickTime 314 KB) 基本背面反过来电影( QuickTime的314或)


Keep this position until the moment when you decide to change direction.保持这一立场的时候,直到你决定改变方向。 At this moment, and not before, you may begin the next turn with the same process.在这一时刻,而不是之前,就可以开始下面以同样的过程。



  1. Why is it good to keep the arms along the body?为什么良好的武器,以保持沿线的身体?
    Because in case of misbalance, the arms will oscillate and increase the loss of control.因为在案件misbalance ,武器将振荡和增加失去控制。 Try to recover your balance by replacing your board correctly instead in gesticulating.尝试恢复您的余额,将您的董事会正确而不是指手划脚。
  2. Why is it important to keep the chest upright in all circumstances?为什么必须保持胸部直立在所有情况下?
    Because if the chest is not over the center of gravity (the hips), The balance will be lost in case of shock caused by a bump on the piste.因为,如果胸部不超过重心(臀部) ,余额将会丢失情况下的冲击所造成的冲击的雪。
  3. Why is it necessary to keep the knees flexed?为什么要保持膝盖弯曲?
    in order to absorb all shocks caused by bumps, like with a car suspension.为了吸收所有颠簸造成的冲击一样,与一辆轿车被停牌。


Carving 雕刻

It's a turn driven on the edge, without any sideslip.这是一个反过来驱动的边缘,没有任何侧滑。
That's all...这一切...


Push-pull turn 推挽反过来

It is the same principle as the rotation turn, except that in addition, you start with your knees flexed, then you do the rotation.这是同样的原则的轮换反过来,但除此之外,你开始你的膝盖弯曲,那么您就轮换。 At the moment you lock the rotation, straighten progressively your legs, until the middle of the turn.在您锁定轮换,逐步您的腿伸直,直至中东的反过来。 Finally, finish the turn by progressively flexing your legs, being ready to do the same process in the opposite turn.最后,完成了又逐步展示您的腿,正准备做同样的进程中又正好相反。

In the linked turns transitions, do the rotation during the last part of the flexion movement, so as to go directly from flexion to extention.在联系轮流转,这样的轮换期间的最后部分屈曲运动,以便直接从屈曲,以延伸。

Trick: don't think: "Im going down, then up" or "flexion... extension...".诀窍:不认为: “进出口下降,然后上升”或“屈...延长...".
Think: "I push the board away from me, and then I pull it back to me".认为: “我把局离开我,然后我把它给我。 ” This turn of mind will make you be conscious that you (your center of gravity) are the "Commander" of the turn, not your board!...这反过来的心态会使你意识到你(您的重心)是“指挥官”的又不是你的局! ...

This push-pull turn technique needs a good physical condition (strong thighs and buttocks!), but it is extraordinary efficient to control every most difficult slopes.这推挽反过来技术需要有一个良好的身体状况(强烈的大腿和臀部! ) ,但它是非常有效的控制每一个最困难的山坡上。


单板平行大回转 Push-pull turns movie, Jacques Rilliet's style (Windows Media Player 566 KB) 推挽轮流电影,雅克Rilliet的风格( Windows Media Player的566或)

单板平行大回转 Push-pull turns movie, Jacques Rilliet's style (QuickTime 569 KB) 推挽轮流电影,雅克Rilliet的风格( QuickTime的569或)


单板平行大回转 Push-pull turns movie, Patrice Fivat's style (Windows Media Player 572 KB) 推挽轮流电影,帕特里斯Fivat的风格( Windows Media Player的572或)

单板平行大回转 Push-pull turns movie, Patrice Fivat's style (QuickTime 564 KB) 推挽轮流电影,帕特里斯Fivat的风格( QuickTime的564或


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