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The Number Twelve

(2008-05-11 14:21:30)




分类: 伟大的循环

The Number Twelve(数字12)

 By Daniel Ferrera


The number 12 appears several times in the Bible, i.e., the twelve tribes of Israel, the twelve disciples of Christ, twelve stones, twelve princes, etc. It is my belief that these represent the twelve signs of the zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.




The number twelve is symbolic of the creation of the universe as it represents the division or fractionating of unity (God) into twelve individual distinct vibrations or tones. This is most readily seen in music. The notes have been named: a, a-sharp, b, c, c-sharp, d, d-sharp, e, f, f-sharp, g, g-sharp in chromatic fashion. For example, c-flat is the same sound or note as b. Now that we know that there are twelve and only twelve notes we can start to see or imagine the process of creation as a fundamental division from unity into 12 unique qualities.


数字12是宇宙创造万物的一种象征,同样象征和谐统一的宇宙(上帝)被分开或者分离成的12个有着各自独特波动或音调的个体。这一点在音乐中最显而易见。音乐的调子被分为:A,高音A,B,C,高音C,D,高音D,E,F,高音F,G,半音阶方式的高音G 。举个例子,降半音的C调,和B调是相同的声音或音色。现在我们知道了这里有12个也只有这12个调子,我们可以开始理解和想象到宇宙按照这样一个基本的分割法则创造出12个独特品质的方法和过程。


These fundamental qualities can also vibrate at faster or slower frequencies through the powers of 2 or duality. This is similar in concept to water existing as a gas, liquid, or solid based upon temperature. “In the beginning, when God created the heavens and the earth, the earth was a formless wasteland”.  First, God said “Let there be light” and this created (1) “day” & (2) “night”. Then God created the (3) earth and the (4) Sea. (5) Let the earth bring forth vegetation, (6) Lights in the sky for signs and seasons. (7) Then he creates two great lights, the greater to govern the day, (8) the lesser to govern the night. (9) Let the water teem with an abundance of living creatures. (10) Birds in the sky. (11) Let the earth bring forth-living creatures. (12) Let us make man in our own image, after our likeness. God created man in his image; in the divine image he created him; male and female he created them. In the book of Genesis, we learn that all the fundamentals of creation form as they become defined out of the formless abyss of totality.


这12种基本的特性还可以以2的幂或着对偶二元性来以更快或更慢的波动频率来波动。类似的认识比如水变成气态液态或固体时是基于温度的变化。在最初,上帝创造天和地时,大地是一片没有定型的蛮荒之地,首先上帝说,这里要有光, 这就有了(1)白天和(2)黑夜。之后上帝创造了(3)陆地和(4)海洋。(5)让陆地覆盖上植被(6)天上的光显示出征候和季节(7)之后上帝创造了两个大的发光体,较大的统治白天(8)较小一点的统治黑夜(9)让水来大量供给人和各种有生命的动物(10)要有鸟飞在天上(11)地上要滋生出各种活物来。(12)上帝说,我们要按照我们的形象来造人,上帝按照他的形象造了人,按照他的形象造了男人和女人。在《创世纪》这一章里,我们知道了所有的基本形态创造都是由那没有定型没有形状的深渊中的整体里演变出来的。


We learn that definitions are only possible from the division into polar opposites. For example, how can you define light without darkness, good without evil, male without female, water without earth, sound without silence, hot without cold, etc.?




Therefore, creation is made possible by dividing (powers of 2) a fundamental into two diametrically opposed qualities that allows for the comprehension of both through the existence of its opposite even though they sprang forth from the same source. If we take white light as a model of creation, we can see that colors result from dividing the white light representing unity into multiple colors by shining it through a prism.


因此,创造很可能是用(2的幂)数来划分一个基本形态使其成为两个直接对立和相反性质的东西,并允许他们由始至终的存在状态中又彼此包含其对立一面,尽管它们都是从一个相同的源头跳出来的.假如我们用白色的光线作为一种类形的创造物, 在白光射入棱镜时我们能看到颜色由白光划分出来, 并显示出白光实际上是多种不同颜色的集合物.。


This process divides the white light into three main colors symbolic of the trinity of Father, Son, Holy Spirit or Red, Blue and Green. Black is the absence of light or color, in other words, white light is completely absorbed by the darkness and no colors are reflected back. From the three colors red, blue and green, all other color sensations can be made. So in this simple example of white light, we can see how unity was divided into individual unique qualities. Because white light can not exist without it’s opposite (darkness) black, we have the first duality or polar opposite from a common undefined source. Red, Blue and Green light are created when they are divided out from the unity or oneness they experience together as white light.




The speed of light is considered as one of the universal constants. It moves about 299,792.5 kilometers per second, or 186,282.4 miles per second. However, if you use nautical miles, which equal 1-minute of latitude at the earth’s equator. The speed of light travels 161,803.4 nautical miles per second, which is equal to the Golden ratio Phi or 1.618034.




This ratio occurs in all types of life forms and growth processes. Mathematically, Phi is the division of something into two unequal parts, in such a way that the lesser is to the greater as the greater is to the whole. An interesting Biblical relationship to Phi is the number of the Beast 666. First, let’s calculate phi. Phi is equal to the square root of 5, which is equal to 2.2360679775.




Next we add 1 which increases the number to 3.2360679775. The next step is to divide by 2, which equals 1.61803398875. If we divide Phi by two again (the musical octave) we get 0.8090169943749. Now here is where it gets interesting. If you take the sine of 666, you get negative -0.8090169943749 and multiplying this by 2 (musical octave) equals –1.61803398875!


下一步我们在5的平方根上加1,就等于3.2360679775。之后用2来除,就等于1.61803398875(黄金率)。假如再用2除一次(音乐的8度音阶),我们就得到0.8090169943749。这里接下来就有趣了。假如我们把反上帝的数字666取正弦值,你就得到一个负值,或者说反对性的,阴性的—0.8090169943749,如果取其2倍数(音乐的8度音阶)就等于负值的黄金率 –1.61803398875


 For anyone that needs a little refresher course, the sine function gives the ratio of the opposite side of a given angle in a right triangle to the hypotenuse. Also remember that Phi is calculated from the hypotenuse of a 1 by 2 rectangle. From this mathematical exercise, it appears that the Beast is the exact opposite process of Phi, where Phi represents growth, light and life and negative Phi represents decay, darkness and death.




 Getting back to the number 12, 144 equals the square of 12, i.e. 12 x 12. We know that there are 24 hours in a day, which is divided into 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night. There are 60-minutes in an hour and 60 times 24 = 1440 (The 12 tribes of Israel is 144,000). Twenty-four equals two times twelve, which is the musical octave of 12 and is represented in the 24 elders, seated around the throne of God. The apparent declination of the sun is zero at the Vernal and Autumnal equinoxes and reaches it’s maximum declination on the summer solstice at +24-degrees. The minimum declination is reached on the winter solstice at negative 24-degrees.




The numbers 1,2 and 3 are all prime numbers and are symbolic of creation through the holy trinity. The number 12 would be reduced in numerology as 1+2=3, which means that the number 12 is also symbolic of the trinity. According to the rules of music vibration, we know that octaves of the fundamental vibration are created through multiplication or division from the number two. Two times twelve is 24 and half of 12 is 6. It is interesting to note that all prime numbers greater than 3 (the original trinity of prime numbers) are properties of the number six. The formula for creating prime numbers is 6n + 1where n is any number and + 1 is symbolic of unity or the original cause. For example: 6*2 = 12 and 12 – 1 is 11 and 12 + 1 is 13 and 11 and 13 are prime numbers. 6 *3 is 18 and 18 – 1 is 17 and 18 + 1 is 19 and both 17 and 19 are prime numbers.


数字1,2,3都是素数,它们象征着从圣父圣子圣灵神圣的三位一体中创造出来的创造物。数字12可以按照数字命理学的方法被简化为1+2=3,这意味着数字12同样象征着三位一体的上帝。遵照音乐波动的法则,我们知道基本振动的八度音阶是通过数字2的乘法或除法创造出来的。12的两倍是24,12的一半是6。要注意的有趣的事情是所有比3(素数中最纯正的三位一体)大的素数都是数字6的复数。获得素数的公式是6n+1,N是任意数字,+1是统一体的符号或者是最原始的原因。比如:6*2 = 12 , 12 – 1= 11 , 12 + 1 = 13 , 1113是素数。 6 *3 = 18 , 18 – 1= 17 , 18 + 1= 19, 1719 也是素数。


In Genesis, God creates Adam, the first man, which most likely represents the first sign of the zodiac, Aries. Aries is a masculine fire sign ruled by Mars ♂, which uses the astrological glyph of a male. Eve is created from Adams rib (symbolic of a division from unity and opposites from a common source, i.e. male-female) and is the second person created by God.




The second sign of the zodiac is Taurus, a feminine sign ruled by Venus ♀, which has the glyph of a woman as its symbol. Next we learn that Adam and Eve had relations and that Eve conceived and bore Cain and Abel. The third sign of the zodiac is Gemini, the twins, which is ruled by Mercury. Gemini is a dual sign and is symbolically portrayed in the story of Abel, a good man and keeper of sheep, who was respected by God and his brother Cain, a tiller of the ground who murders his brother.




This story gives us the first three signs of the zodiac: Adam (^), Eve (_), Cain & Abel (`). It is interesting to note that in Genesis, chapter 5, Generations of Adam to Noah, that Cain and Abel do not appear in Adam’s genealogy, even though it appears that these were his first children. 




I believe that Genesis, verse 26 of chapter 1 contains the creation of the zodiac, where God says “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness”. Verse 27: “God created man in his image; in the divine image he created him; male and female he created them”. In verse 26, we find God talking in plural form “let us”, “in our image” and this likely refers to the creation of the entire zodiac.




We later learn in Genesis chapter 5, that Adam has a son “in his own image, after his likeness” at the age of 130 years. Looking at the zodiac in terms of planetary rulers, we find that the next sign ruled by Mars is Scorpio (the ancients also called this sign the Eagle) at 210-degrees of the circle.



This sign also has Mars’s nature and is in my opinion the birthplace of Seth. In other words, Adam represents a cycle that starts with Mars in Aries and Seth is a cycle that starts with Mars in Scorpio and that is why they writer used the term “in his own image, after his likeness”. Since we know that Adam was 130 years old when Seth was born at 210 degrees of the zodiac, we can divide 210 by 130 in order to determine how long the length of a year is.


这个星座同样有着火星的属性并且在我的认识上,这个星座是塞思(亚当在其130岁所生的儿子)的诞生地。换句话说,亚当象征着一个在白羊座的火星开始的一个轮回周期,而塞思是个在天蝎座的火星开始的一个轮回周期,这就是为什么他们这些圣经作者使用 “按照他自己的形象,形像样式和自己相似”这样一句专用语的原因。因此当我们知道了亚当在130岁时塞思出生在黄道210度位置上,我们就可以用210除130来测定一年时间有多长。


Converting 210 degrees to minutes (multiply by 60) is 12,600 minutes in arc. Note that this value occurs often in the book of Revelations where it is used for days: chapters 11 verse 3 “I will commission my two witnesses to prophesy for those twelve hundred and sixty days, wearing sackcloth”. This shows us that minutes are used and not degrees in calculating biblical days.




 1260 minutes divided by 130 is equal to 96’ 55.3846” or 1° 36’ 55” and this is equal to one year in the Bible. Note that in the book of Ezekiel, we learn that the Lord appoints a year for a day. One month is therefore one twelfth or 8’ 4.615” and for a day we divide this value by 30 and find 16.154” seconds of arc. Therefore, to locate the birthplaces of the generations of Adam, we simply multiply the given years by 1° 36’ 55” and we can find the places in the zodiac where they begin and die.




Before beginning any calculations, we must turn the value of 1° 36’ 55” into seconds of arc and obtain 5815.3846”. The log of 5815.3846 is 3.7645784 and this is our fixed value for a year. Genesis chapter 5 verse 3 tells us that the whole lifetime of Adam was 930 years, then he died. The log of 930 is 2.9684829. Adding this to our fixed value for a year (3.7645784) gives 6.7330613; the inverse log of this figure is 5408307” seconds.


在开始任何计算之前,我们必须把1°36’55”换算成弧秒得到5815.3846”。 5815.3846的对数是3.7645784而这个数值就是我们固定的一年的数值。《创世纪》第5章第3节告诉我们亚当活了930岁,之后去世了。930的对数是2.9684829。把这个数加上我们一年的固定数值得到6.7330613,它的反对数是5408307”


Divide by 60 to convert to minutes is 90138’ 20”. Divide again by 60 to get the degrees which is 1502° 18’ 20” from Adams birth at 0° Aries to his death. Removing the 4 circles of 360° leaves us with 62° 18’ 20” which means that Adams death is at 2° 18’ 20” in Gemini.


将它除以60转换为分是90138’20”再除以60转为度是1502°18’20”,从亚当在白羊座0度诞生到他去世的度数。除去4个360度剩下的是62°18’20”,这意味着亚当死于双子座2° 18’ 20”


I will give the births and deaths of the generations of Adam through Noah but I will not show the math involved, as you should be able to work it out yourself from the above explanation. It is also interesting that Cain and Abel do not show up in this part of Genesis, which gives the generations (revolutions) of Adam.




Name 名字    Birthplace出生位置      Death死亡位置      Total Degrees总度数

Adam             ^                    2°18’20”`         1502°18’20”

Seth             e                    3°13’20”f         1173°13’20”

Enosh           19°36’55”^             21°32’15”_        1471°55’20”

Cainan             15°c                  15°d                1470°

Mahalaleel       8°4’37”g              13°50’47”g        1445°46’10”

Jared            23°4’37”^             17°4’37”b         1554°

Enoch           14°46’9”g               4°23’9”c         589°37’

Methuselah      29°46’9”^               5°4’39”c        1565°18’30”

Lamech           1°50’46”i              27°b              1255°9’14”

Noah            25°51’36”f              0°28’25”^        1534°36’49”


Shem, Ham & Japhet are born at 23°33’13” f when Noah is 500 years old, Genesis 5 verse 32. Note: that the Bible does not let us know the birth or death of the women. Therefore, these persons do not represent cycles.










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