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(2011-08-16 18:36:47)



 Life consists of countless trifling snatches. To cherish life, it is necessary to learn to cherish what one should do at present.


 Think over before you talk and accumulate virtue by being watchful of your words. Follow the Sages’speech or keep noble silence, abstaining from four forms of wrong speech.


 Be upright but gentle, and never rest on limited attainment. Give others space though you are on just grounds, and reserve potentials for yourself to reflect.


 People is getting old in the busy life. But it is never too late to awake. With genuine faith and earnest wish, it is time to implement.


 No need to struggle when alive. For everyone’s body will turn to dust after death. Let go and give others a way, then serenity will come naturally from inner peace.


 How much spare time is available in life which is always involved in affairs every day. Leisure is nowhere to be found but may emerge immediately by reciting Amitabha’s name.

人生犹如鸡蛋壳,活缘少来死缘多,今日得闻正法教,珍惜光阴莫空过。Life is as fragile as an eggshell, for conditions that leads to death is more than that to survival. Having heard the proper teaching of Dharma, we should not lose our time by trifling but cherish it instead.


 Rekindle our resolve leading to ultimate perfection and implement perseveringly. Let’s start from honest practice, as constant effort yields sure success.

学不在多,贵在实行,天天坚持,才会受用。 In study, what matters is not vast knowledge but practice. Benefit only belongs to the persevering.一句弥陀,长养慈心,不失时机,护生放生。 Nourish your heart of universal love by reciting Amitabha’s name. And seize the opportune moment to protect and free captive animals.


The path is here at this very moment. What’s needed is not seeking but practicing steadily. Cultivation is something in heart. Do not be impatient for success while efforts are not enough yet.


 It is not necessary to dispute about others’complaint, for principles are in evidence. Just make self-reflection humbly, thus you may cultivate your mind to be a pure lotus as early as possible.善待他人修自心,莫求善待于自身,以怨报怨怨不尽,唯有不怨怨方歇。

Treat others well for self-cultivation without asking for anything in return. Hatred can only be ended not by hatred but tolerance.


 It may be too late if put off the cultivation till tomorrow which is probably occupied. To cultivate the Dharma timely, embracing the present moment is of great importance.


 Be compassionate and modest in dealing with all situations. Blessings come from reverence, and wisdom can be used as a vessel or vehicle which should be cherished.


Any vexation arises from causes and conditions. Settling it by leaving it unsettled is also an alternative worth contemplating. If try to end it by dispute, it will be endless.


 Extinction of concern puts an end to matters. Outside the window, mountains are already in an autumn scene. Who can understand the meaning that True Thusness should not be sought from outside.


Alert yourself that life is ever-changing and cultivate your mind when strong and healthy. We would rather rely on ourselves than others at the moment of passing away.


There are shelters in conceding. Why not stop getting entangled? Just think a century later, who will be still happy or worried?


 Stop holding in good time. Let go of fame and gain, there will be no worry. Old age is just the time carefree, for life is enjoyably accompanied by reciting Amitabha’s name.


 Let all go thoroughly, then you will be carefree. Real leisure only exists in the leisurely mind. Looking out of the window freely, I see snow is white and sky is blue.


 Being wisdom-led, one is able to tell the true from the false. Never hurt others with hatred, but always speak in a beneficial way instead. Keeping one’s own mind under control is the very cultivation.


 A gentleman must be humble and his gracious speech is as tender as a stream. He is ready to accept advice, from which comes no regret but future benefit.


 Resolve to broaden your mind as the universe, then everything could be tolerated. The real benefit from Dharma you can get, comes from sincerity towards others.


Remain clear-minded from disorder and concentrated from occupation. Work in a rational way, then everything will go hinging on the mind with awareness.


 Learn to look inside your heart, gradually you will find that it is yourself who is always wrong in this world.

得失之心处事难不得不失亦坦然 回归无求得自在 原来心安一切安

It’s hard to deal with lifeaiming at gains and losses. While remaining unattachedleads to staying calm. We may attain freedomby returning to the stateof desirelessness. For a peaceful mindsets the world at ease.


 Be smiling under all circumstances. No matter the favorable or unfavorable, they are both blessings.


Learn to understand and be grateful to others. Develop the wealth of blessings and wisdom among living beings with a joyful heart.


 Once make up our mind to cultivate, never concede, regardless of encounters in the past and future. Rekindle our resolve until we attain Buddhahood.


 Buddhists should be practical-minded, have the spirit of thorough investigation, and realize the truth of universe and life.


Revolution is often talked about. In fact Buddhists are revolutionists to the backbone, overturning the latent karmic impressions involved since the beginningless past.


 As a Buddhist, one should ponder over not only the adaptation to society but what one’s root is.


 A monastic should be detached, easy, open-minded and not hackneyed in temperament, and thus proved to be a true man.


 Initiatively, having our hair shaved and kin parted means a new starting point,which is the other way round.


 Seculars repose on cravings of five organs, which are actually suffering but considered as happiness. While monastics are nourished mentally with Buddha Dharma every day, enjoying real bliss.

◎出家人要有高尚的节操、远大的志向和永不退转的菩提愿。 Monastics are supposed to bear noble moral integrity, long-range ambition and rekindled Bodhi mind.


 World-renunciation with goodwill means to be a monastic aiming at emancipation from samsara and attainment of Buddhahood genuinely.



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