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第八章A Manager’s Dilemma & Respond---飞天小女警(会计07-02)

(2008-05-25 13:18:11)




第八章A Manager’s Dilemma & Respond


成员名单:汪一宁  200742070222

李廷婷  200742070223

刘晨子  200742070224

覃照娟  200742070225


Strategic  Management

Manager’s Dilemma

Tim and Diane Mueller (in pictuer) run one of America’s most admired inpendent ski areas—Okemo Mountion Resort in southern Vermont. But the road they’ve traveled hasn’t been easy. In 1982, they raised $600,000 by mortgaging their home and draining their savings to purchase a controlling stake in the area. And the early years were extremely rough. Uncooperative weather, dilapidated equipment, and demanding customers were a few of the problem they dealt with.

It’s tough to make money in the ski industry. Ski areas are capital intensive and dependent on the weather. Even many larger corporate operators with deep pockets have gone bankrupt trying to run a ski resort. When the Muellers purchased Okemo, not only did they have to cope with these realities, they had two additional challenges to overcome –a lack of resources and inexperience. Tim says ,”We were young and naive enough to think that we could make something happen. We never talked about what would happen if it didn’t work..” Because they didn’t have the resources to focus on major improvements, they decided to emphasize quality and execution. They focused on delivering better service to customes and lavished time and attention on making snow and grooming the trails to perfection. The couple felt that these were the ways to deliver a better skiing experience. And even though they can now afford to make necssary equipment improvements, those two strategies continue to guide the company today.

Each fall, Diane indoctrinates the 1,200-plus seasonal employees with the importance of customer service. She tells them it’s every one’s job to exceed the expectations of guests anytime and anywhere. And a lot of attehtion to detail goes into taking care of the mountain itself. Trails are groomed carefully year-round—a fact not missed by Ski magazine, which has ranked Okemo the best-groomed mountion in the East since 1999.

Put yourself in the Muellers’shoes. They’re considering expanding their business by purchasing other ski areas. How could SWOT analysis help them make this decision?


Tim and Diane Mueller 经营着全美国最令人羡慕的滑雪领域——Okemo Mountion Resort in southern Vermont.但是他们奋斗的道路并不是那么容易。1982年他们通过抵押房子,耗尽所有的积蓄。筹集了600,000美元来购买在滑雪领域 的一个股票的控股权。他们最初的几年是及其的艰难。不愿与他们合作的天气,破旧的设备和对消费者的需求是他们要处理的一些问题。






Amit Shah

Product line Director, Advanced Placement, Pearson Prentic Hall, Somerville, Massachusetts

The Muellers have an excellent template in SWOT analysis to use as they evaluate their expansiong decision. They dlearly need to leverage, capitalize, and differentiate their product in a highly competitive and capaital-intensive industry. Using a basic SWOT analysis, they could evaluate the following :Strengths—customer service and quality of trails;Weaknesses—lack of resources and undercapitalization; Opportunities—strategic expansion with multiple pricing models for facilities that can capitalize on the “small is good” approach; and Threat—not differentiated from large competitors who do not lack resources and have capital reserves to weather downturns. After completing the SWOT analysis, it’s important that the Muellers use what the analysis showed them to come up with appropriate future strategies.



Pat Gray

Bussiness Development Manager,Minol-MGT,L.P,Addison, Texas

It’s essential to use a tool such as SWOT weigh professional or personal decisions. The application of SWOT will better enable the Muellers to determine weather or not to expand their bussiness by purchasing additional ski areas. Only by performing SWOT can managers weigh and analyze the factors that go into a sound bussiness decision. It forces managers to examine the situation and provides them with a framework to support a strategic bussiness decision. A SWOT analysis might show the Muellers the following : Strengths—exceptional customer service ,best–groomed mountian,skilled workers; Weaknesses—possible lack of additional personnel to delive quality service; Opportunities –minimize competition, diversity into new sports; and Threats—weather, new entrants into market, and continuance of quality customer service.



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