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The exploitive pictures违禁图片

(2009-05-21 16:12:43)



分类: Ethic

Dilemmas 38

The exploitive pictures

Now at last, hands shaking slightly, Maurice opens the final black case obscene publications and pulls out a sealed envelope marked in big letters ‘SEX’. His hands hesitate a moment with the paper cutter, then he almost seems to hear the voice of James Greenwood speaking to him across the years from a century ago in London.

It is always better, if possible, to show what a thing is in its own shape and colour than to endeavour to describe it. Half the abuses and miseries that, as a civilized nation, disgrace us, might be cured if the public could be brought to view them with its own eyes instead of trusting to the evidence of those of other folk. Undoubtedly it is very convenient to rely on hearsay, but there can be no question that it fosters dilatoriness and a neglect of individual duty, and should therefore be discouraged as far as possible. People believe only half what they hear, and, though it may concern never so grave a grievance, are content to do no more than join in the general lukewarm cry of condemnation, leaving the vigorous application of remedy to those who have inquired into what is amiss, and who are therefore in a position to know all about it. It is so with this iniquitous boy literature and the sudden outcry against it. Everybody believe it to be odious and abominable because everybody says so: and so the dog, and most deservedly, gets a bad name, but he is not hanged; he is simple avoided. Because he is such a mangy, ill-looking cur, offensive alike to the nose and to the touch, all decent people shrink away from him. But he would much rather have their room than company, and grins to himself as they give him the path, and permit him to continue his career of ravening and rending. He must be discovered in the act of mauling one of our little ones before we are moved to take hold of the brute and strangle him.

Out falls a sheaf of lurid pictures including two graphic images of naked women. In one, ‘Meluisine’, Melusine’s bosom is exposed( she is apparently bathing), and there is a hint of auto-eroticism in the position of her hands. This one, at least, is in black and white. Another, in full colour, shows a naked women standing apparently in a seashell, again with hands suggestively placed. A third shows several naked men and women in some sort of wall painting.

These last pictures, he notes, are based on originals on public display in ltaly in churches! These foreigners! Maurice has private collection of images garnered from previous consideration of the so-called satirical prints of London’s underclasses engaged in sexy escapades by a men called Thomas Rowlandson(1756-1827), and is as unshockable as the next, but it looks to him like pornography.

But where do you draw the line?







1 Meluisine是欧洲民间传奇当中的女性水神(或精灵),人身蛇尾。

译自《101 Ethical dilemmas second edition p63-p64  by MARTIN COHEN  published by Routledge in 2007


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