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搭讪对话实例八 在餐厅里头该如何跟外国人搭讪?我拿个老外跟我搭讪的经验来分享一下,顺便让大家看看老外觉得搭讪是件多么自然的事情,而他们又是如何办到的。

How to initiate conversations with foreigners in restaurants or coffee shops? Let me take my experience of being “picked up” by a foreigner as a good example to share the techniques with you. You will find out how “naturally” they talk to strangers, and what strategies they have appropriated.


One day after work, I had a dinner appointment with my co-worker, Gi-hum. He is overseas Korean who was born and educated in Japan, and teaches Economics and Japanese on our campus. We chose a stylish Korean-European restaurant to eat, and as soon as we sat down, three white guys also sat down near our table. We noticed that they paid attention to our talking, probably because both of us spoke fluent English. Right after we finished eating, one of them approached us and started talking to us:

某天下班后,我和同事金基训有个晚餐之约。他是在日本长大和受教育的韩国侨民,目前在我们学校教授经济学和日语。我们选了一间装潢不错的韩式欧风餐厅,当 我们坐下时,附近的桌子也来了三个白人。我们发现他们不时往我们这里看,大概是因为听到我们说着流利的英语吧。等我们用完餐后,他们其中一个走过来开始和 我们说话︰

Excuse me guys. I overheard you speak English. Both of you speak very good English. Are you Korean or…?」(不好意思,我刚才不小心听到你们在说英语。你们是韩国人还是?)
I am Taiwanese, and my friend is Korean.」(我是台湾人,我的朋友是韩国人。)

Nice to meet you. We were sitting there and noticed you speak fluent English. So we were wondering if you are foreigners like us, or Koreans simply want to practice English.」(很高兴认识你们。我们坐在那儿,注意到你们说着流利的英语。所以我们在猜,你们跟我们一样是外国人呢,还是韩国人只是为了练习英 语?)
Thanks for your compliment. English is the best language for two of us to communicate.」(谢谢你的赞美。英语对我们两个来说是最好沟通的语言。)

My friends and I are working at the elementary school in this town. And you?」(我和我的朋友们在这个小镇的小学工作。你们呢?)
We are teaching at Hongik University.」(我们在弘益大学读书。)

By the way, my name is Allen. He is Luke, and he is Jay.」(he introduced his friends to us.)(对了,这是艾伦。他是陆克,他是杰。)(他介绍他的朋友们给我们认识。)
My name is Jacky, and this is Gi-hum.」(我的名字叫杰积,这是基训。)

Can you say your name again?」(你可以再说一次你的名字吗?)(Allen faced Gi-hum and asked him again.)(艾伦面向基训,再问了一次。)
Gi-hum. It is a Korean name. Or you can just call me Kim. It will be easier for you to remember.」(基训。这是韩文名字。或者你也可以叫我金。这样你比较容易记得。)

I am fine with Korean names. I just need some time to memorize them, such as repeating them several times after people tell me their names.」(我记韩文没问题。我只是需要一点时间来记,例如在别人告诉我他们的名字后不断反复地多念几遍。)
Well, if Gi-hun were a cute girl, it would be easier for you to memorize.」(I continued the conversation with some humor.)(恩,其实如果基训是个可爱女生的话,我想会帮助你记得他名字的,呵呵。)(我试着用幽默来继续话题。)

Haha, you are right, Jacky. By the way, what brought you to Korea?」(哈哈,你说的对,杰积。对了,你怎么会来韩国呢?)
I am interested in experiencing different cultures, and Korea is my first foreign country to start. I am thinking of going to other countries to work, such as Japan, Australia, or UK. It depends on whether they would hire me or not.」(我对体验不同文化很感兴趣,韩国是我的第一站。我还打算去别的国家工作,例如日本,澳洲或英国。这也得看他们要不要雇佣我啰。)
Me too. I am interested in travelling to different countries when I am still young. I probably will go back to the US to work after some years.」(我也是。我想趁着年轻到不同国家旅行。我大概会在几年后再回到美国工作。)

Be careful, Allen. All of my American friends told me that if you stay in Korea over 5 years, it might be impossible for you to go back to your own country. Life here may be easy and happy as an English teacher, but besides teaching English, you don’t have other skills. You will be stuck in this country forever.」(要小心哦,艾伦。我所有来自美国的朋友都告诉我,要是在韩国待了五年以上的话,大概很难再回到自己的国家了。在这里靠着教英文,日子 也许轻松愉快,不过除了教英语以外,并没有其它的专长。你会一辈子被困在这个国家。)
Right!! My friends gave me the same advice as well. Therefore I am also applying for some online educational programs, in order to get some useful certificates .」(一点没错﹗我的朋友也给我一样的建议。所以我现在也申请一些网上的课程,打算拿些有用的证书。)

That’s a wise decision. So Allen, how long have you been in Korea?」(那是个聪明的决定。艾伦,你来韩国多久了?)
I have been in Korea for 16 months. I was in another town for one year, and have transferred to this town for 6 months.」(我来韩国十六个月了。我在别的城镇待了一年,来这里六个月。)
This is a desert-like place. You really have no place to go.」(这个地方跟个沙漠似的。你根本无处可去。)

At least we have this restaurant to hang out with friends, haha.」(至少我们还有这个餐厅能来混一下,呵呵。)
And without going to too many recreational places, you can actually save money.」(其实没有太多好玩的地方也不错,你可以多存点钱。)

Exactly! And we are so happy that Korean won has gone up in its value recently. It had been terrible for the past 12 months.」(对呀﹗最近韩圜升值了,我们真开心。过去十二个月以来它的表现简直糟透了。)
Ya, it was incredibly low. I didn’t wire a dime out of the country so far because it would be a waste of money.」(是啊,简直低到不行。我到目前为止一毛都没有汇出去,因为那么做根本就是浪费金钱。)

Neither did we. Recently there is another problem. The news said that more than 12 people died because of the H1N1 Virus. Do you worry about the swine flu ?」(我们也是。最近又有另外一个问题。新闻报导说超过十二个人死于H1N1病毒。你担心这猪流感吗?)
Not really. I am an optimistic guy who believes fate. If I am supposed to get it, I will get it. It’s inevitable. I don’t like to worry about things which are not happening yet.」(还好耶。我这人挺乐观,相信命运。如果我会被感染,就是会被感染,躲都躲不了。我不喜欢对还没有发生的事情过度担心。)

You are very brave! We would like to find a hospital to have the vaccine injected .」(你真勇敢。我们打算找间医院去注射一下疫苗。)
According to the news, from next month you can go to the local hospital to get the vaccine.」(根据新闻指出,下个月你就可以到当地的医院注射疫苗了。)

Thanks for the information. Hey Jacky, maybe next time we can hang out again to talk more about life and fun stuff in Korea.」(谢谢你提供的讯息。对了杰积,也许下次我们还可以再碰面,聊聊在韩国的生活和有趣的事情。)

Let’s exchange numbers, so we can call each other next time.」(我们交换一下电话号码吧,这样我们可以互相联系。)
This is my number: 01031483931. How about yours?」(我的电话是01031483931。你的呢?)

I will make a call to you. You don’t need to pick up the phone. The incoming number shows on the screen is mine.」(我会拨你的号码。你不要接这个电话。这样显示在你手机上的号码就是我的号码。)
Got it!」(了解)

I don’t want to disturb you guys. Let’s keep in touch and I look forward to meeting you next time.」(那我不打扰你们两位了。我们保持联系,也期待和你们下一次的再会。)
We too. Bye for now.」(我们也是,再见。)




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