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旅游观光 Tourism 3

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分类: 上海高级口译

Huanglong 黄龙


The Huanglong Scenic Area is located in Songpan County, Sichuan Province. Calcified ponds, beaches, waterfalls and embankments characterize Huanglong scenery.


Chengde Summer Resorts and Surrounding Temples  承德避暑山庄及周边庙宇


Chengde Summer Resort, known as "The Mountain Hamlet for Escaping the Heat", is located in northern Chengde, Hebei Province. Qing emperors used to spend their summer days handling state affairs at the resort. Construction of the resort lasted from 1703 to 1792. It is the largest and best-preserved imperial palace outside the capital. Many of the scenic spots around the resort's lake are mimic famous landscaped gardens in southern China, and the buildings of the Outer

Eight Temples feature architectural styles of China's minortity ethnic groups such as Mongolian, Tibetan and Uygur.

Qufu,Confucius'Mansion, Temple, and Cemetery  曲阜,孔俯、孔庙、孔林


Qufu in southwestern Shangdong Province was the capital of the state of Lu during the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 B.C.) and the hometown of Confucius, a great thinker and educator. Confucius's Mansion was the residence of Confucius' eldest male descendants for generations. The mansion holds more than 9000 volumes of archives dated from 1534 to 1948 and many cultural relics, ancient costumes, and utensils. Confucius' Temple is famous for its 2000 stone steles and more than 100 portrait stones from the Han Dynasty. Confucius' Cemetery houses tombs for Confucius and his descendants.

Ancient Buildings on the Wudang Mounain  武当山古建筑群


The Wudang Mountain, located in northwestern Hubei Province, is a sacred Taoist mountain that is best known as the birthplace of Wudang martial arts. The Gold Hall built on the mountain in 1416 represents advanced architectural style and building techniques of that period.

Potala Palace  布达拉宫


Potala Palace in Lhasa is situated on Red Hill 3700 meters above the sea level. The palace was built by Tibetan King Songtsan Gambo in the 7th century for Tang Princess Wencheng. Potala features the essence of ancient Tibetan architectural art and houses many artifacts of the Tubo Kingdom.

The Lushan Mountain 庐山


The Lushan Mountain, located south of Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, is one of the most famous mountains in China. The mountain features beautiful peaks, seas of clouds, waterfalls and historical sites. Bailu Academy is one of China's first schools of higher learning.

The Emei Mountain and Leshan Giant Buddha  峨眉山与乐山大佛


The Emei Mountain is one of China's four famous Buddhist Mountains. It is located 7 kilometers southwest of Emeishan City, Sichuan Province. There are 150 temples on the mountain. The mountain features more than 3000 plant species and 2000 varieties of animals. Leshan Giant Buddha is located on the east bank of the Minjiang River in Leshan City, Sichuan Province. The Buddha is carved out of a cliff and, being 70.7 meters tall, is the largest sitting Buddha in China.

Carving of the Buddha started in 713 and was completed in 803. The body of Buddha has a water drainage system to prevent erosion.

Lijiang Ancient City  丽江古城


Lijiang ancient city, located in Lijiangba, Yunnan Province, is an ancient town inhabited mainly by the Naxi minority people. The town was founded in 1127. The roads in the town are paved with colored pebbles produced in Lijiang, and there are many stone bridges and memorial archways built during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Most of the residences are made of earth and wood. Palace murals depicting religious themes were painted during the Ming Dynasty. The traditional Dongba Culture of the Naxi ethnic group has been preserved in Lijiang.




calcify  vt. & vi. 1. (使)钙化,(使)硬化
pond  1. 池塘
embankment  1. (道路的)路堤;(河流的)岸堤
hamlet  1. 小村庄
mimic  n. 1. 模仿名人言行的娱乐演员, 滑稽剧演员2. 善于模仿的人或动物 vt. 1. 模仿

(人的言行举止);(尤指)做滑稽模仿2. (外表或行为举止)像,似 adj. 1. 模拟的2.

假的, 伪装的
ethnic  1. 种族的, 部落的, 民族的
Mongolian  n. 1. 蒙古人,蒙古国民,蒙古语adj. 1. 蒙古的,蒙古人的,蒙古语的,蒙古族的
Tibetan  n. 1. 西藏人;藏族人2. 藏文,藏语adj. 1. 西藏的;藏族(人)的2. 藏文的,藏语

Uygur  维吾尔
mansion  1. 宅第, 公馆; 大厦;豪宅
cemetery  墓地,坟地,公墓
archive  v. 1. 存档,把…存档,把…归档 n. 1. 档案文件2. 档案馆,档案室
utensil  1. 器具, 用具, 器皿
stele  1. 石碑,石柱,匾额
portrait  1. 肖像, 画像2. 生动的描写
tomb  1. 墓穴,坟墓,冢
descendant  1. 后代, 后裔 2.派生物 3. 弟子
sacred  1. 上帝的;神的;宗教的; 神圣的
martial arts  1. 武术(指功夫、柔道、空手道等)
martial  1. 军队的; 军事的; 战争的
Potala Palace  布达拉宫
essence  1. 本质, 实质, 要素2. (植物, 药物等)精髓, 精华,香精;精油
artifact  1. 人工制品;手工艺品;加工品
species  1. 物种, 种2. 种类; 类型
erosion  1. 腐蚀, 侵蚀; 磨损
pebble  1. 卵石, 小圆石, 鹅卵石, 砾石
memorial  n. 1. 纪念碑, 纪念物  adj. 1. 纪念的;悼念的
archway  1. 拱门,拱道
mural  壁画
depict  vt. 1. 描绘; 描画2. 描写;描述;刻画
ethnic  1. 种族的, 部落的, 民族的2. 某文化群体的, 具有民族特色的, 异国风味的


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