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(2009-06-05 16:17:51)



分类: 新西兰上学记

118、Remembering China


Chapter Thirteen: Beijing

21st of April

第十三章  北京



Okay. I take back whatever compliments I said about this ‘Chinese Shinkansen’ last night. The ride was absolutely horrible! The seats are incredibly hard and I guess the only thing good about the ride to Beijing was the speed and the smoothness. I couldn’t sleep last night. The seat doesn’t incline quite enough for me and there’s someone (a big fat guy) next to me who was snoring for the whole night and I guess that his snoring, to a certain extent crushed the hopes of everyone in the carriage who wanted to have a good night’s sleep. Pretty depressing, huh?



The only thing I had on the trip was a packet of biscuits and a bottle of iced tea. I was very hungry by the time I walked off the train and we had breakfast at ‘Dico’s’, a franchise that’s pretty similar to McDonalds except it also sells hashed meat on rice that is an Asian favorite. I ordered a chicken burger with a cup of Milo and they were soon devoured. My aunty only two thirds of her burger and so I took care of that as well.



If you think that the train trip was bad, I must say that what comes after the train trip is much, much worse. The problem is that we don’t know our way around Beijing and we had to go with a tourist company, called Beijing Oceanic Tourism. That is one hell of a bullshit name. We had to wait for two freaking hours at the train station under the roasting sun and the chilling wind, and when the van did arrive I must say I am appalled by the quality of their service. The van was dusty and old and it was crummy. The driver looks like a criminal and when my aunty rang up the office of whatever this stupid company is called, they told us they had no idea that we’re coming.



We were delivered to a hotel in the middle of Beijing. I was excepting something like Hilton Hotel or some other classy, five star establishments. Instead we were sent to a three star (I have no idea how they managed to even get a star) hotel that seems to be pretty crap. They are charging four hundred bananas every night for a room with three beds and we were expecting that we’d only pay four hundred for the four days and three nights here!



The room is located at the fifth floor and it wasn’t actually that bad. There were three beds (as expected), a medium sized TV in a TV suite, a stool, a heater, a toilet plus shower and an air conditioner. The room seems pretty clean and to be honest I’m pretty happy here.



We had lunch at a restaurant nearby. Mum said that the further you go up north the cheaper food becomes and it’s true. The stir-fries there are very cheap and the rice is only a dollar per bowl.



Mum works for the WSPA and we took a taxi to visit a pet food shop so mum could buy some cat food for a friend who’s looking after seventy cats and kittens at her home nearby. In total mum spent eleven hundred dollars on cat food. The owner of the shop asked mum where she came from.



“New Zealand.” She replied.



“You New Zealanders are pretty good at speaking our language!”



“I’m Chinese.”



Back at the hotel, I noticed that there was a TV that was playing the same song and the same music video over and over again. It was on how to prevent AIDS. Only when I looked close at the instructions beside the screen did I realize that with a swipe of some sort of community card and five bucks you can get yourself a condom. It’s not a TV. It’s a freaking condom machine!



I sort of like it here. I’m pretty comfortable at the hotel and I’m looking to tomorrow where I’ll be visiting the Forbidden City and Tianmen Square. The next three days for me are going to be exhausting. I need sleep after last night’s torment on the train and so goodbye, and good night.



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