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Derro government is formed around two tenets:the acquisition of power and the attainment of glory. With these guiding principles in place it is only natural that a caste system has formed over the years with those recognised to hold the greatest power and renown holding the highest of positions. The clan's savants and their apprentices populate the highest caste, followed by the Mandare,Sun-bravers and Shade-stalkers. The third caste is made up of clansmen known as taskmasters and persecutors. The workers and warriors make up the next caste and represent the majority of the clan. Children, women,elderly and lame make up the lowest caste and receive very little care or attention, with exceptions being made for those that are Sun-braversor Shade-stalkers.Last are the slaves,part of no caste;they have no rights under derro society.



The savants are the members of the derro's highest caste and renowned for their extensive knowledge. They are adept sorcerers able to wield the clan's store of magical items with ease. They are also scholars,each savant a master of one or more fields of study. With this combination of magic and learning the savants command great respect among the other derro. In fact, the savants are considered sacrosanct and cannot be touched by anyone except with their expressed permission. Any who dare touch a savant without that permission immediately forfeits their life, this of course does not hold true for other savants,for they usually avoid contact with eachother anyway.


The savants also serve as caretakers of the clan's history and literature. The most important work kept by the savants is called The Tome of Forbidden Names, which serves as both a recorded history of the clan and a unifying totem. It allows them to cast arcane spells without material components and acts as a divine focus for divine spells. The book can also be used to call upon certain magical spells to help defend the clan, gain knowledge and punish offenders.


New Magical Item

The Tome of Forbidden Names
(Wondrous Item)
This leather bound and rune emblazoned book is imbued with both arcane and divine magic which makes it act as a divine focus for divine spellcasters and allows arcane spellcasters to cast spells without material components(although any experience point costs must still be paid by the spellcaster). The book also allows the wielder to cast the following spells, onceper day,as if by an 8th level caster of the appropriate class:bestow curse, bless, darkness, detect magic, desecrate, detect thoughts, dispel magic, doom, expeditious retreat, lesser geas, identify, imbue with spell ability, haste, minor globe of invulnerability, read magic, speak with dead, whispering wind. Only derro savants and persecutors may use the powers of the book.
CasterLevel: 8th;
Wondrous Item, bestow curse,bless, darkness,detect magic, desecrate, detect thoughts, dispel magic, doom, expeditious retreat, lesser geas,identify, imbue with spell ability, haste,minor globe of invulnerability, polymorph, read magic, speak with dead, whispering wind;
Market Price:50,000gp; Weight: 3 lbs.


市场价格:50000 GP;重量:3磅


The Sava is the most powerful entity in derro society; making most of the clan's decisions and wielding complete control over the other castes. In general the council is made up of five to nine savants,their apprentices, the Mandare and the clan's persecutors. The Mandare sits as the arbitrator, only casting a vote in case of a while and the persecutors act as advisers.

Almost every decision that must be made about the clan is made within the confines of the council. Heated debate is not uncommon among savants and their apprentices,but such debate is kept within the council for outside the council's chambers each savant must proclaim the decision of the council as unanimous and absolute.


A savant who does anything less than speak the council's will is immediately expelled from the council along with any of their apprentices,until such time as the council decides to reinstate them. In order to be reinstated the aberrant savant and their apprentices must perform some service for the council. This service usually has some amount of risk involved and must be under taken by the savant and apprentices alone,no other derro may accompany them or lend aid.


All civil disputes are settled by the Sava who holds an open court once a month. This is the only time when council proceedings can be seen by those not of the savants caste. This open court serves two purposes in derro society; it settles disputes between clansmen and punishes those who bring trouble to the clan. A simple accusation is enough to bring most derro in front of the council with the exception of those who are savants or persecutors,who cannot bring accusations against other derro, nor be accused by them. It should be noted that a savant's apprentice may bring charges against someone else, though this is rare due to the intense scrutiny the student would be put under.


Once the accuserand accused enter the presence of the Sava,they are both assumed guilty of some falsehood or transgression against the other and assigned a persecutor. The persecutor for each side is given full reign over their ward and allowed to use any means necessary in order to determine the truth of the matter,including the use of their clerical powers and torture. It is up to the accuser and accused to acquit themselves of any wrongdoing during the trial by convincing the persecutor assigned to them of their innocence. If the accuser is found guilty the council exiles them from the tribe and their possessions are given to the aggrieved party. If the accused is found guilty the accuser is free to determine the punishment and the council is bound to enforceit. If both are found guilty, then the council sets a punishment for both and dismisses the case.



The Mandare is the military head of the clan responsible for the martial decisions and preparations. Considered to be the near equal of the savants,commanding nearly as much respect from the rest of the clan. One of the only a few members of the clan allowed to meet with the Sava in their private chambers the Mandare acts as the voice of the rest of the clan.


The Mandare is chosen by the Sava from among the ranks of the clan's Sun-bravers and Shade-stalkers. Once elected the new Mandare takes immediate command of the clan's military and retains that authority until his death or his dismissa lby the council.


Mandare range from brutal butchers to cunning tacticians. Some Mandare command from the fore, others command from the rear. No matter what the Mandare's personal style of leadership or abilities they all have one trait in common,the drive to persevere,a drive that lies at the heart of every derro clan.



Known as the Chosen,the birthright of the Sun-bravers and Shade-stalkers is a life free from want but filled with duty. Their every need is catered to and each desire fulfilled. Almost every position of importance is given to these types of derro with the notable exception of the savants and taskmasters, which may or may not be Sun-braversor Shade-stalkers. In any case,these derro are afforded much in the clan, but at the sametime they are asked for much in return. They serve under the complete control of the Sava and the Mandare and follow without question,for not to do so would mean exile from the clan. Though most Sun-bravers and Shade-stalkers do not fear exile, they grow accustomed to the incentives that come from being part of this clan.



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