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(Reading Guidance, Episode.11) Detox Your Skin; Only Water&nb

(2017-11-17 17:39:53)






分类: 肌肤监测


(Reading Guidance, Episode.11) Detox Your Skin; Only Water for 14 Days

(rosacea, seborrhea, sensitive skin, whitening and acne)

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English version by @陈佳萍; not audited yet

  Dear friends, Namo Amitabha.

  I’m Doctor Sung. Today I’m going to talk about “Detox your skin; only water for 14 days” Reading guidance, episode 11.

  Last time we had told about what is the origin of the zit in episode 10.

  Lets start the first oneGenerally, when the zit appeared on our face, we must think because of over secretion of sebum (hypersteatosis)?

  But observe from the skin monitor, we found hypersteatosis is not the real reason

  This is the illustration we showed last time. When your face is over-scrub would make the horny can not dissolve. Theoretically, if it is stuffed, what you should do is to rebuild the acidic protective film. Grease can dissolve the horny layer, and then we get better with the sweat of the situation.

  But everybody usually do the wrong way. When the “plug-in-pores” appears on your face, we always want to “inhibit the zit” rather than “restore the protective film of skin to dissolve the plugs”.

  This is what we talk about ingredient of oil-control. The more you use, the more resistance of skin show up. As we saw in skin monitor, the skin began to appear red phenomenon. Some doctors called this phenomenon “sensitive skin syndrome” , another called it as “rosacea” and the others may told you as “seborrheic dermatitis” ……(so many noun) This is why I mark “it”.

  Otherwise, if the resistance of skin is weak, your face will appear “non-inflammated comedone” instead of “inflammated acne”.

  This “rosacea” doctors called probably is the “sensitive skin” as people mentioned, but we have been suppressed down it. Then you will find someone who has rosacea and zit are less to grow melasma. It almost grow on delicate skin’s

  This is we told in chapter one. Everyone likes to use facial cleanser which has oil-control. Maybe the ingredient of oil-control is the cause of main problem.

  We read this sentence: “we used facial cleanser in adolescence. And the acne appeared on our face when we are in senior high or college. Then we entered the workforce, our skin began to dry.

  Why skin is dry? Because it is stuffed, the acne appeared than before. So you are earnest anti-acne and oil-control when you are twenties. Then your face appeared “adult acne” or “acne during (menstruation) period” in you twenty eight to thirty years old.

  At that moment, you are more and more earnest oil-control, late you begin to feel “sensitive” and appear stains during pregnancy.

  In fact, we are talking about this story. All I want to say is:

According to our long term observation, the wrong processing of acne problem may proceed to that we used to known as sensitive skin, rosacea,  darkness or pigment problem?”

  Now, let us go to next paragraph. There is a name we call “comedogenicity” in cosmetics.

  In the skin monitor, we consider that comedogenicity “must be related to it’s dose rather it’s nature”.

  In other words, some things in a small amount, it will cause horny accumulation in hair follicles and then the acne formed. But others does not seem to be. You can’t see it in the composition table of “comedogenic ingredients”, but while you used it for a long-time, the acne still appeared.

  The common situation is “water”. Think! If your face is over-clean, the acidic protective film of skin could be washed off. After washing, the skin started to accumulate, then it is stuffed, this make the skin appear acne. How about you think, comedogenic or not?

  In other words, do you think over-scrub cause comedogenic?

  So I think that perhaps all the chemical substances have property of comedogenicity. We even can take off the term of “chemical” and replace it to “all matters”. We can say “perhaps all the substances have comedogenic properties. And the only way to fulfill is having enough dose or longer time.”

  In addition, the “composition table to control oil in cosmetics” emphasizes that it can control the secretion of sebaceous glands. I don’t know how it is done. Perhaps it can control the secretion of sebaceous glands or it can shrink the pores.

  But if it can shrink the secretion of sebaceous glands, then you have to think “Do your cells like it?”

  You stuffed the things which your cells may not like into your skin again and again, and then the skin feedback with a strong resistance. I don’t think it is weird.

  Anyway, in the end when we monitored the skin, I have to tell you what you really should do.

  First, do the right way of clean the skin. Do not over-clean because the natural acidic protective film of skin could be destroyed.

  Then if you insisted on using cosmetics, please monitor it for a long time. Namely, you monitor these things and make sure it doesn’t cause problems. It couldn’t hurt you.

  Ok, Next time we will talk about moisturizing your skin diligently.

  In fact, moisturizing products is also great damage on the skin. Please look at this picture. Once your skin is stuffed, the zit will appear. And once you have wrong treatment, you will go deeper in the wrong way.

  Today, we finished here. Thanks to all of you. Namo Amitabha.













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