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(2016-02-23 08:21:08)
分类: 文化和教育
https://share.america.gov/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/7761-696x523.jpg学生伊莎贝拉·托切顿参加了雪城大学的美国教育学院。 (Courtesy photo)

巴西学生伊莎贝拉·托切顿(Isabela Toccheton)表示,她在纽约州(New York)雪城大学(Syracuse University )学习四个星期后,自己的英语水平已提高到一个新层次。她申请进入雪城大学上本科。

来自世界各地的中学生现在都可以像托切顿一样,通过 “美国教育学院”(EducationUSA Academy) 尝试美国的大学生活。“美国教育学院”是学术机构、非营利组织和美国国务院之间的合作项目。


2015年,首批学生参加了在雪城和科罗拉多大学博尔德分校(University of Colorado, Boulder)的暑期课程。

https://share.america.gov/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/DSC031221.jpg来自厄瓜多尔的学员辛西娅·阿尔瓦拉多(Cinthya Alvarado)(右)喜欢美国教授的教学方式。 她说:“他们非常开明。他们努力教给你比你预期更多的东西。”(Courtesy photo)

科罗拉多大学的国际英语中心主任帕特里夏·朱萨(Patricia Juza)说:“我对该项目的正面评价一言难尽。这些学生具有高度的积极性又无比聪慧。他们充分地利用了在这里的时间。“

来自墨西哥的达娜厄·埃尔南德斯·奥尔蒂斯(Danae Hernández Ortiz)参加了科罗拉多的项目,并称其为“一个绝好的机会……可以帮助你变得更加自信,知道自己想要做什么。”奥尔蒂斯特别看重与来自世界各地的人交往。

https://share.america.gov/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/girls1.jpg达娜厄·奥尔蒂斯(从前数第二位)与她在科罗拉多交的朋友保持联系。(Courtesy photo)

同样参加了科罗拉多项目的马里奥·卡里略(Mario Carrillo)说:“这种经历让我认识了美国文化并对有了更多的了解,知道美国的生活方式是怎样的,美国大学是怎样的,以及如何申请美国大学。”





https://share.america.gov/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Mario.jpg马里奥·卡里略说:“该项目最大的好处是我的英语技能在短短几周内就提高了。 ” (Courtesy photo)






名额有限,由各大学自行决定招收人数。去年该项目在雪城和科罗拉多获得成功后, 另有8所学校加入这个项目。现在是申请的时候了!

International teens get a taste of U.S. college life

https://share.america.gov/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/7761-696x523.jpgStudent Isabela Toccheton attended the EducationUSA Academy at Syracuse University. (Courtesy photo)

Brazilian student Isabela Toccheton says four weeks at Syracuse University in New York boosted her English skills “to another level.” She applied for undergraduate study at Syracuse.

Just like Toccheton, secondary school students from around the world now can sample U.S. college life though the EducationUSA Academy, a partnership between academic institutions, a nonprofit organization and the U.S. Department of State.

The academy helps aspiring college students boost English-language skills, shows them different U.S. colleges and universities, and exposes them to new cultural experiences.

In 2015 the first groups of students attended the academy’s summer programs at Syracuse and the University of Colorado, Boulder.

https://share.america.gov/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/DSC031221.jpgEcuadorian participant Cinthya Alvarado (right) likes the way U.S. professors teach. “They are open-minded. They try to teach you more than what is expected,” she said. (Courtesy photo)

“I can’t say enough positive things about the program,” says Patricia Juza, director of the International English Center at the University of Colorado. “These students were incredibly motivated and intelligent. They made such good use of the time here.”

Danae Hernández Ortiz, from Mexico, attended the Colorado program and called it “an amazing opportunity. … It helps you become more self-confident and know what you want to do.” Ortiz especially valued meeting people from all over the world.

https://share.america.gov/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/girls1.jpgDanae Ortiz, second from front, stays in touch with the friends she made in Colorado. (Courtesy photo)

Mario Carrillo, also at the Colorado program, added, “This experience helped me to know and understand more about the U.S. culture — how the lifestyle is, how an American university is and also how to apply.”

Safety first

The colleges have strict policies to ensure students’ safety and well-being. Academy students are guided by carefully vetted chaperones, all over the age of 21, who keep close tabs on students’ whereabouts. Academy students stay in a dormitory separate from college-age students.

What goes on

Academic experience is the centerpiece. Students discover that U.S. college professors actively engage with students in class discussions and are available to answer questions during office hours.

https://share.america.gov/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Mario.jpg“The best part of the program is the way my English skills improved in just a few weeks,” Mario Carrillo said. (Courtesy photo)

After his academy experience, Carrillo numbered the United States among the best places to study “because the universities have all kinds of tools the students need” to help them learn.

It’s not all intensive English and college-prep classes. Academy students explore interests in science, the dramatic arts or any of the many subjects and activities taught in U.S. universities. Visits to other universities afford them a sense of the many opportunities.

But much of the learning happens outside the classroom. There’s football, volleyball and other fun pastimes with American peers. American conversation partners of their own age help sharpen participants’ English skills, and visits with local families help them better understand American culture.

Who is eligible?

Students 15 to 17 years of age must be enrolled in or recently graduated from secondary school; be non-native, intermediate-level English speakers; and not reside in the United States. They must cover university fees and airfare.

Openings are limited, depending on the college, but after last years’ successes at Syracuse and Colorado, eight more institutions have joined. Now is the time to apply!


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