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口译 第二章 旅游(2)

(2008-09-06 07:45:14)



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Welcome to the Donghai World Park. The Donghai World Park,  which is the largest theme park of its kind unparalleled in the Far East,  features a complete collection of the well-known world scenic spots. Surrounded by 100 sights of historical interest and natural attraction including the Seven Wonders of the World,  you will easily fulfill your dream of touring around the world in a day.


The miniature replicas of the selected scenic sights were constructed out of top grade stones of white jade,  marble and granite,  all boasting exquisite workmanship and ingenious design. The tourists will find themselves engrossed in an involuntary admiration of the dazzling arrays of the exact scenic reproductions that are unbelievable true to the original.




China is blessed with both a proud his history and the promise of tomorrow. I am delighted to begin my journey in Xian,  once the capital of China,  still the heartland of the Chinese people. I was raised in the heartland of my own country. I know that the character of a nation is determined by the hard-working people who live here.


Tomorrow,  I look for forward to seeing the Terra Cotta Warriors and the Old City walls. I look forward to learning more about China’s great contributions to the store of human knowledge,  from medicine and printing to mathematics and astronomy-discoveries on which so much of the whole world’s progress is based.




In order to mark the 100th anniversary of the discovery of the Library Cave at Dunhuang,  a grand Dunhuang art show opened from July through August this year at the National Museum of Chinese History. It was reported that,  different from previous Dunhuang art shows,  this one was the largest in size and boasts of the greatest number of exhibits. Many exhibits were being shown to the public for the first time.

boast 在旅游类文章中通常表示“拥有”


The exhibition also showed to the public more than 80 (cherished) photos and pictures,  vividly telling people the great calamity and humiliation of Dunhuang in the past one hundred years. The significance/importance of such exhibition was to show/lay in showing to the world the cream of Dunhuang art so as to enable the people of the world to understand the excellent cultural heritage of the Chinese nation.



London,  the capital of the United Kingdom,  has a population of about 7 million and an area of 1580 sq km. Although it no longer ranks among the world’s most populous cities,  London is still one of the world’s great centers for classical and popular culture. For example,  it has enjoyed a reputation for superb theater since the time of Shakespeare in the 16th century.



London boasts many world-famous tourist attractions. The most impressive sight-seeing places include the Big Ben,  the Oxford Street,  and of course the Buckingham Palace,  where thousands of tourists come to watch the pageantry,  the Changing of Guards. London itself is a living museum,  with more than 2000 years of history and culture. The jewel in this cultural crown is the British Museum,  with more than 4 million exhibits.

Big Ben 大本钟

Oxford Street牛津街

Buckingham Palace 白金汉宫


the Changing of Guards换岗仪式




Australia is an exceptionally beautiful country. This is the world’s smallest continent and yet the largest island. Here the tourist will witness with admiration a variety of astonishing environments,  from tropical beaches to white snow-covered fields,  from vast deserts to rain forests.


The tourists will also admire a wide array of unique and intriguing animals and plants,  and a sunny and comfortable climate,  and meet an interesting,  cosmopolitan and friendly people. From the tourists’ viewpoint,  Australia is one of the world’s most attractive lands.




泰山海拔1545米,是我国四大名山之一。其巅峰玉皇顶为峡谷和险峰所环绕。沿石梯 而上,登山远眺,只见山外有山,景外有景。

Rising to 1545 meters above sea level,  Mount Tai is one of China’s four renowned great mountains. Yuhuangding,  Mount Tai’s highest peak,  stands over deep valleys and above other perilous peaks. Following a stone staircase all the way up and looking in the distance,  one will enjoy the views of mountains beyond mountains and scenery beyond scenery.

Mount Tai’s natural scenery and historical sites have inspired writers,  scholars and calligraphers of various dynasties to produce numerous great works of all time. The tourist will marvel at a dazzling exhibition of their inscriptions carved in stones.




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Mount Tai,  located in Shandong Province and covering an area of 360 square kilometers,  is the first of China’s Five Mountains.




Zhouzhuang,  only 40 kilometers away from Suzhou,  a famous tourist city in Jiangsu Province,  is crowned as “the Oriental Venice”.



Like a bright pearl set on the Taihu Lake and situated in the center of the beautiful and fertile Changjiang Delta in southern Jiangsu Province,  Wuxi is one of China’s major tourist cities,  with its pleasant climate,  rich natural resources and picturesque scenery. Cutting through the city is the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal,  an ancient project equal in fame to the Great Wall. A trip along the river will enable the visitor to get to know the customs and life styles of the local people.



Seven kilometers from downtown Wuxi is a popular scenic area known as Meiliang. There,  the

Taihu Lake is at its best: the vast expanse of blue waters is dotted by fishing boasts against an

enchanting background of mist-shrouded hills. Of the scenic spots in the area,  the huge rock name

Yuantouzhu resembles a turtle’s head. The rock commands a distant view of the boundless Taihu

Lake. It is lauded by GuoMoruo,  a renowned Chinese poet,  as the “best spot of the Taihu Lake.”


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