There seems to be a book that can conclude the history and long culture of a vast continent.  'New York Daily' has praised it by saying it being the second book that all human race should have read. For this achievement, Gabriel Garcia Marquez has gained the Nobel Prize for Literature. No wonder, I'm mentioning the famous novel 'One Hundred Years of Solitude'.


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(2014-07-24 22:33)

       I've made up my mind to set down something every day. So when holiday is really something that repeats day after another, feeling struggled, I wanted to record this normal as well as unique day.

       My day starts with breakfast, now I even can't remember what food I had this morning :) What made up my morning was the visit to the physics lab, specifically an optics lab. I tried to deal with a He-Ne laser, and used all sorts of lens. Fortunately I figured out how to make the light straight :) I can only explain in this amateur way :) and time passed really quickly. It's my privilege to be in the lab for this morning, and I really charish this experience. After all, not everyone can get reach to scientific experiments at an early age.


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(2014-07-14 16:58)



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(2014-07-12 15:57)





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(2014-07-11 22:29)






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分类: 节日文化

    Today is the second day of 2014 in Lunar Calendar. About this time two days ago, a sound of the handy which is like 'beep-beep' started the New Year text messages blessings.

    I can clearly remember the first came from my mom's students, which blessed our family a successful horse year. You may already know that blessing text messages can be devided into two parts---one is personal or in other words only for you, the other kind comes more often, which is for all the friends and colleagues. It was quite regretful that our first message of the year belong to the latter. Anyway, blessings are there.

    After the whole morning, I topped the list of receiving text messages, which was three. But until today, my father was the one who got the most messages---78 in all. My mom got about 50 and luckily I got more than 10.

    I talk about sending blessing text messages as a new-formed custom because

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分类: 旅游/见闻

    Jingyue Park, knowned for the huge forest and spectacular lake, now offers the fascinating snow sculptures to visitors. That was what the newspaper said. My mom noticed the title and therefore we set up the schedule for 'Xiao Nian', the day aweek ahead of Chinese Lunar New Year. After a quick lunch, we five, my grandparents, my parents and I headed to Jingyue Park, half an hour's drive from the city center.

    As we arrived, two enormous snow made lions were there beckoning to us at the front gate. Inside, we saw twelve snow sculptures with the shape of twelve animals, each representing a year. We five each took a photo with what we belong to and commented that the mouse, dragon were the most similar to the real ones.

    Just as we were enjoying the time nearby the front gate, two other visitors came by, bringing the news that the other fabulous sculptures are very far from here, at about the other si

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    You may guess that I've got the most colorful semester ever, then you're right. Besides studying, I've also learned some other skills that I would like to introduce to you now.

    When I name a term as colorful, I mean I really enjoyed it and am seeking for more. This term I joined a very popular club called Model United Nations Club by my own efforts, and met some friends who have the same interest as me. Actually we here at high school have over thirty bands, some focus on  dancing, literature, DI and we even have a model TV station. You can also choose to learn the lessons that are not provided by the clubs on Saturdays, such as clothes designs, TOEFL etc. You can even found a club by yourselves. My neighbor did that and I'm looking forward to joining her club about physics,chemistry and biology experiments.

    One of the other things that influenced me a lot is that our school pro

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    Today is a memorable day, not only because of the temperature has dropped below zero, but also I have had a whole new experience being an MUNer.

    Since I've been to high school, I've gone through a lot to join the MUN club, which mainly practices students' English speaking by modeling the United Nation conferences. Actually MUN is world-famous nowadays, thus this idea seems to be original and interesting.

    So it's a whole new experience for me and my classmate to attend a MUN meeting held by college students, and the topic was 'The international forum regional cooperation and development in Northeast Asia', and I was supposed to act as the Japanese enterprise called Aeon. I think that I've made enough preparation, so after school on Saturday, we headed there and started our two-day journey filled with legend.

    Yesterday, the first time ever to start a MUN meeting in my life, we both w

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(2013-10-07 22:03)



分类: 休闲生活
    This week is incredibly 'busy' and fullfilled. By driving the car, we three have met three lakes in just a week. The first lake was the one that gave water to the whole city like a mother.It locates in the suburbon areas which takes about 25minutes by highway. Excited to see the spectacular dam, we had a good time there, but that wasn't the case with the second lake, laying very near from the city. I have to say that it can't be called as a lake since the polluted water was so dusty and dark. I even wonder why there were so many people fishing there, maybe for fun. Just this afternoon we three have been to Jingyue Park, and enjoyed a fascinating nature view. What's more, we found a way in the forest only for walkers, that's important for cars can really disturb us. Everything goes on well this October, anyway, tomorrow I need to go to school again. Oh, no!
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