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The Scilent Teacher


by Sovereign Rose






The following sense is from my own awakening expierences for nearly ten years since 2008.
Every body have a scilent teacher inside themselves.
We have called this one by many name: soul, guidian angle, muse, God, wholeness navigator, one's scilent core, sovereign integral, entity, quantum presence, ETC.
Whatever the name, it dosn't matters, what matters is it's true presence and it's incredible marvelous functions.
Yes, that is the brilliance shining but scilent teacher inside us, each of us without exception. But the problem is, when we occupied with all those ideas and feelings in our lower mind and shallower heart, the teacher couldn't be heard by us. For it's rates is too fast and too subtle for our sensors to catch. It's like the teacher's voice is as the sound by a wing of a butterfly, but our thoughs and feelings are as laud as a rock music that make the teacher seem only scilence or even do not exists.
Thus when we become scilent by some practice of quantum breath or ZEN breathing or many other ways to stop all our thoughs and feelings, all our fears and wishes, in another word, to shutdown our HMS (borrowing the metophor of WingMakers, your can google it for detail) systems, even for a blint while, we litterily get the cappacity to catch the nearly scilent voice of the teacher, to recieve it's fine melody to guide our new life, to be transformed into some brand new creatures.
In fact the teacher is the higher minds and deeper hearts of ourselves. Thus the key point is to keep the teacher alive as often as possible in every moment of our life courses. In the face of all those challenges and testing of this remarkble age, that is hard to do, but it is worthy to try our best. What I said here is totally got from my own practices by now and still continueing, the purpose is to invite this fine teacher into my personal life fields, my local universe, and to grandualy merge with this teacher as one to co-creat and explore this lower erath demension.
Through the struggles of almost ten years by now, well, in total it maybe tons of millions of years, we have successfully activated our scilent teachers as a whole in our connected minds and merged hearts. It is here alive on earth now. Everyone could use freewill to easily (well, in some case maybe not that easy) invite this presence of scilent teacher, though a bit subtle, into our lifes to try some new ways for  life and try to gain some new meaning in life.
Now it is here, sound and shining. When I sank into a scilent mode, what LaoZi descript as going into total void and keeping scilent mind(至虚极守静笃), I could feel it time by time. This is the connection to our inside teacher, our true self, the owner.  
You may say, Then what? 
Oh, It is freewill, you could do anything with this one. The only thing you have to do is  to command it. (心想事成) But, do not forget, all acts of creation have opposide effection. All thoughs, words, acts, have a equally balanced effect ocurring at the same time. So, we have to think the things we realy rearly wanted, but not all the desires our cultrue teach us to believe, and surely not the fears our feeling systems automaticly created for us, or we might got many results we do not truely needed with all the downside balancers as a set. See detail in the chapter of the freewill.
When we found we do not know what we really want, it is a good choice to just observe. In doing this we could learn and carefully decern, to get higher understanding of our true selves and our needs or real mission and motive in this life.
I truely know this one is inside me alive. It is not like to ask all the questions of mind level and exthaust all of our energy in kowning more meaningless things, but to truely live with it, as it, by it, for it. It is like an big channel of all dimenssions, and in a way it is the love in shapeless form. I am holding it in me, or most specifficly, around me. Being. Enough. Anybody around me, not only phisically, could freely share this channel of love and clarity for the use of their own freewill. Like, asking questions about life philosiphy or ask some help in action to solve their problems in life, to help their spiratul growth. I, as a host of this force, do not have my own will any more. Thus do not have any more fear feeling and embisious of personal desire or longing for anything. Like they say, to realize and accept and embrace own wholeself, include both good and bad sides, and reliquish it for the service of first source.

1.1 Connection
1.2 Equallity
1.3 Wholeness
1.4 Freewill
1.5 Co-creation
1.6 New Cultrue

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分类: 静默内师



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