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To Echo

1. Sometimes you have toventure  outsideyourworld in order tofindyourself.


2. Life is likeanecho~~

What you gaveiswhat you will get, what you sent is what you will receive inthefuture.Just keep on trying for all what difficulitesandfrustrations, and you will be proud of yourself for keepingonreaching for your dream and contributing your effortstothat.



3. If a guy wantstobe with you, he will make it happen, no matter what. If not, heisjust not that into you~~






脱衣舞又开始大行其道了:burlesque is all the rage again.

脱衣舞酒吧:a strip joint

纯粹的避风港:a pure escape

喝酒泡妞:boozing and womanizing

我最近被工作逼疯了:work has been kicking my ass lately.


pick-me-up: 强烈的兴奋剂/娼妓

搞定。。。:land 【美口】得到,赢得,获得

make out:【美口】柔情的接吻,抚摸


(收到礼物)真好:that’s so sweet!

金饰:gold collection

我最恨秘密了:I hate secrets more than everything.

我们的关系何时才能公开?When can I go public with u?

没有做女演员的潜质:not much future as an actress

上传: stream

妈妈有外遇了:mom is having an affair.


五十步笑百步: the pot call the kettle black.

喝的烂醉:drank off his ass


他出身贫穷,我含着金钥匙出来:he was born poor, I was born loaded.

他最近压力很大:he’s been under a lot of pressure

听不听随便:take it or leave it.

你背叛我:u cross me.

你会保守秘密的对吗?u can keep a secret, right?

你被开除了:u are dismissed.

一些陈旧的思想和父亲的偏见影响了我的判断: old-school thinking and fatherly bias clouded my judgment.

摊牌:show down

被收买:be bought off

保释:pay his bail

挪用公款,诈骗:embezzlement and fraud


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记在。。。账上:put it on sb’s tab


极为难应该忘记过去,重新开始:tonight is all about starting over.

我很荣幸为您服务:I will be honored to serve u.


化装舞会:a masked ball

今晚有什么事要忙吗?are you doing anything tonight?


不知道选哪个:Overwhelmed by choices


替身:back up

力求完美:going all-out

这下我全明白了:Suddenly it all makes sense.

表象并不可信:appearances are often deceiving.

你相信你所看到的:what u see is what u get.

你很起来很正点:u look ravishing

辣妹:hot bitch

别再谈公事了:enough business talk

你在监视他:u still spying on him

知道他的行踪:keep track of his whereabouts

我刚刚碰到了我最不想碰到的人:I just saw the last person I ever expected to see.

我跟踪你:I stalked u.

我如此对你着迷:I am just so obsessed with u.

看来我已经被替代了:looks like someone’s traded up.

美貌总会消失的:beauty fades.

他们俩曾经是恋人:they are kind of got a history.

我忘不了你: I am not over u.

你们还没睡:u guys are up late.

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我收回我说的:I take it back!

我不保证:I unpromise!


今晚一定意义非凡:tonight is the big night!

我全计划好了:I have it all planned.


妈妈不喜欢惊喜:mom isn’t a huge fan of surprise!

我还剩先打个电话,以防万一:I’ll call her first, just to be safe!

你的行李打包好了吗?u all packed?

这个约会非去不可:This date is unbreakable.

候选名单:waiting list

7点整:7:00 sharp

通行证:release form

刚血拼完:big shopping day!

爬的越高,帅的越痛:the faster u rise, the harder you fall!

情妇二奶:mistress/second wife


真心话大冒险:truth or dare

冒险还是认输:do or die

我选择真心话:I think I’ll go truth.

(电话)你想找谁?Who are you trying to reach?

你别挂:hold on a second!

她刚洗完澡出来:She just got out of the shower.

(电话)找你的:It’s for you!

我们结账: we’ll just get the check!

我用我妈的信用卡结了帐:I just charged it on my mom’s card.

不是啥大事:it’s not big deal!

说到做到:done and done!

喝完:drink up

我落后了:I am lagging behind.


Jenny会上钩,从邻家妹妹变成豪放女?Will J take the bait and turn from brady to Britney?

乖乖女:two-shoes mind-set

最扫兴的人:bizz kill

扯平了:try 50

我这里出状况了:I have a situation here.

我会破个例:I ‘ll make an exception.

他是个好货色:he is a real catch.

不知道再问什么词来形容你有多差劲:There aren’t enough words to describe the kind of bad u are.

乱搞:make out with

家常菜:home-cooked meal


很严重吗?is that bad?

我自己愿意来的:I left of my own free will.

没有冒犯之意:no offense.

不介意:none taken.

跻身上流社会更加充实:social climbing would be more fulfilling.

看来你要好好向他解释一下了:Looks like you are gonna have some explaining to do.

希望一切都会好起来:I hope everything turns out all right.

街头混混:wall streeter

好好睡:Sleep tight

凡事都有先例:I guess there’s firsts for everything.

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你不在名单上:U are not on the list.

最爱。。。:There is nothing … likes more than…

你是她的最爱:she doesn’t like anyone more than you.

双份惊喜:2-for-1 special

我们有事先约好吗?Did we have plans?

你很有自己的穿衣风格:you do have such great personal style.

周末被安排的满满的:sb’s fully booked for the weekend.

小心别处大错:better safe than sorry.

他看上去很紧张:he looks intense.

失败的家伙:that guy is a loser.

有人不请自来,才是派对:a party isn’t a party until someone crashes?

美容觉:beauty rest

我马上回来:I’ll be right back

这是我喜欢这个城市的原因,可以一整天遇到熟人:this is what I love about this city, u are always bumping into people.

你在嗑药:you had a drug problem.

我们正试着把关系搞好:we are actually trying to work things out.

你被家里人扫地出门了:your family has locked u out.

偷偷带我们进酒吧:sneak us into club

高赌注,高回报;high stakes, big money

他们摩登,忧郁:they are now, they are hip.

我相信会有奇迹发生:I guess miracles can happen.

我只是帮我妈的忙:I am just doing my mom’s favor.

你们都没掌握要领:u are missing the key.


对不起,你所拨打的用户已关机:sorry, the number you’ve dialed is no longer in service.

我很想挂断:I am so ready to hang up.

我会集中注意力在你身上:u have my full attention.


我想把它定下来(画): I want to put it on hold.

大门永远开着:I’ll stay open.

他不请自来:he invited himself.

他游手好闲,还是个瘾君子:he is a dead beat and a hypocrite.

他是个让大家倒胃口的老家伙:he is an older brother bringing everyone down.

下巴往下点:Chin down

她很僵硬:she is so stiff.

你要放开点,乐在其中,放松心态:you need to let go, have fun, loosen up!

我能给你写小建议吗?Can I give u a little tip?

抖一抖:shake it out.


高贵辣妹:posh spice

我快到了:I am almost here

你最好了:you are the best

信守承诺的男人:a man who keeps his word

给我开发票吧:write me up an invoice.


爱搬弄是非:bon mot tossing

迈过这条坎:jump in with both feet

好好睡:get some sleep

被这么拽:don’t be cocky!

不能在电话里谈吗?Couldn’t we discuss it over the phone?

她不高傲,稳重,华丽:she is not unapproachable, she is poised, she is regal.

我不想惹麻烦:I don’t want to make problems

她很阳光,充满朝气:she is warm like sunshine, she has fun.

我睡过头了:I overslept.

你妻子看不起我:your wife despises me.

我不觉得:I wouldn’t say that.

你下多少赌注?how much u up?

。。。不是生来就高人一等的:XXX isn’t born at the top!

他们是白手起家:they climb their way up in heels.

我保持沉默:I am mute.

吃工作餐:get craft service.

u should come home or leave for good.

跟着下注:to call his bet


你和这些人是一伙的?are you in with these guys?

你在耍我吗?did you play me?

被动:hold on!

他陷害我:he set me up!

无人强迫他;no one forced his hand!

你的朋友输得心服口服:your friend lost fair and square.


我的帐户清零了:I am zeroed out.

信用度为0了:my trust was zero balance.

那个账户已经在几周前注销了:that account was drained weeks ago.

这件事没处理好:it was mishandled, the whole thing, from top to bottom.

很抱歉我对你妄下定论:sorry I judged u.

(商店)顺手牵羊,商店盗窃:5-finger discount

没有你们,我什么也不是:without u, I am nothing.

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这不只是进入大学这么简单,它为你今后的人生铺好了一片光明的道路:it’s more than just getting into college, it’s setting a course for the rest of our life.

压力也不小:the pressures are no less.

低年级:junior class

作为我们悠久的传统:as our long-standing tradition


不要有压力:but no pressure

往好的地方想:look on the bright side.

急救室:emergency room


干扰我:phase us

下次不要抢我的道:not to cut me off next time.

全力以赴参加面试:rail the interview

重要的日子就在眼前:The big day is finally here.

快吃吧:eat up

重新开始生活:start over

刚刚结束:just ended now.

A被B的着装比下去了:A dressed down by B

够了,不要考验我的耐心:I am running out of patience, enough!


静观其变:run and hide


我为什么想成为?Why should I be the …?

对此我有很多想法:Well, I ‘ve given this a lot of thoughts.

我可以分三部分回来:I think I can answer your question in 3 parts.

校训:the principle of community

强调诚实,责任,关怀:highlight integrity, responsibility, consideration

这都归纳为一件事:it really comes down to one thing

如果只有一个接待员的名额:if there’s only one usher position available

小火气:short fuse

这就是我要说的:that’s all I am saying.

我不想再猜了:I am done guessing

我把重要的东西落在学校了:I left sth behind

今天过的如何?How was your day?

我认为你很有想法:u had an original thought.

康复中心:treatment center

真是太棒了:this is way too good.

精神有问题:the disturbed

瘾君子:the addicted

内部有不公正的做法:there was a mix-up, some kind of a glitch in the system

说曹操曹操就到:there she is now.

有时间吗?U got a minute?

你是说我还能发表意见?I have a say in this?

这是个有权利的职位:this is really a position of power.

这个决定如此仓促:it was such short notice.


她是个喜欢待在室内的人:she is really more of the indoor type of girl.


卑鄙的推卸责任:a cheap cop-out

有点郁闷:a little dark

我能承受:I can handle it.

对付xx:screw over sb

我和他实在没啥好说的:I have nothing in common with him.


有始有终:u finish what u started.

离我远点:back off

请各位看这里:may I please have everyone’s attention?

上台:join me on stage

只有一个人幸存:only one gets out alive

继续自己的生活:move forward with our future

错怪过我们的人:wrong us in the past

坦白最重要:Honesty is the best policy

我们扯平了吗?Are we square?

我求你了:I am asking u, pls.

一会儿就好:just a moment.

喝酒:take a drink

我不酗酒:I am not an alcoholic.

自以为是的人: someone who thinks she knows everything.

我们不善于表达自己的感情:we don’t like to share our feelings.

我很快就到:I’ll be right there.



你已有什么心事:whenever sth is bothering you

我的世界崩溃了:my world is falling apart.

一山不容二虎:one nation can’t have 2 queens.

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why waste precious time dreaming, when waking life is so much better.

躺在床上读报纸:reading the paper in bed

品品咖啡:sipping coffee

盛装;dress code

一群密友相伴:a hundred of our closest friends

刷牙:brush your teeth

(taxi)我到了:this is me!

把她送到门口:walk her to the door.

到目前为止还没有任何男人讨厌过你:no guy in the history of the world has ever hated u

青春:adolescent life

机会来了,我却搞砸了:I got mine, and I blew it.

我没有啥可以失去的了:I have nothing to lose.

第二次机会:a second shot

您需要打扮下:u need a better outfit

最不想做的是。。。:the least thing I need is…

A对B很恼火:A is really mad at B

我把你吵醒了吗?did I wake you?

冲个澡:jump in the shower


我定好了9点的闹钟: Alarm is set for 9:00.

赶快:double time

我很尽职尽责:I am so committed to my work.

服务行业:hospitality industry

和。。。乱搞:mess with sb

勒死:strangle sb

破相的鼻子:a broken nose

泄露信息:give out ift

我会过来一下:I am gonna come over.

一个未接来电: a missed call

桌椅都摆好了:all tables are all set.

只要客人一到,我们就可以开始了:as soon as the guests arrive, we can start dishing.

我正要出去:I am just heading out.

我会转告他你来过:I’ll tell her you came by.

他刚刚走开:you just missed her.

她对你一直有感觉:she is always had a little crush on u .

她不会去太久吧:Is she gonna be long?

你可以排在那人后面:u can get in line behind that guy.

我就知道你会回来:I had a feeling that you’d be back.



I’d like to propose a toast.

My father is someone who goes after what he wants, and lily was no exception. In typical Bass man fashion, his pursuit was direct, and at times, not exactly subtle, one thing I learned from my father’s courtship of lily is importance of perseverance-that in the face of true love, u don’t just give up. Even if the object of your affection is begging to .

And one thing I learned from lily is the importance of forgiveness. she gave my father the gift of a second chance, and in kind I’ve watched him become someone actually worthy of that gift. And one day, I hope I’ll be lucky enough to find someone who will do the same for me.

To the happy couple.


我原以为我们之间没有问题:I thought everything was good between us.

不用解释了:Don’t bother saying anything. I wouldn’t believe u anyway.

我从没听过如此蹩脚的理由:that’s the lamest excuse I’ve ever heard.

纹身:tatoo sb


其中一杯浓些:one with extra shot

你又爱上我了;u are falling for me again

V领T恤:V-neck T-shirt

她的品味比你好多了:she got better taste than u

这是命运开的玩笑:twist of fate

你正在约会吗?Are u seeing someone?

够了:That’s enough!

无论他是谁,我肯定他配不上你:Whoever he is, I am sure he can’t keep up with you.

打他一顿:kick his ass

冲动是魔鬼:Chill out

有人和她有过节:sb has a problem with her

是人就会说闲话:People will talk.

这不人道:It will be inhumane

你不知道这有多伤我心:you have no idea how much that hurts.

洗手间:the ladies room

我瞎猜的:just a shot in the dark

我很荣幸:I’m honored to…




他是个混蛋:he is a jerk.


To be continued~~~


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我得到一个爆炸性的新闻:I have the biggest news ever

我的线人之一:one of my many sources

手里提着包:bag in hand

寄宿制学校:boarding school

你自己看吧:see for yourselves

我在这:over here

一生的挚爱:the love of his life

对。。。有感情纠葛:have a thing for sb

我会记着的:keep that in mind

对。。评价很高:speak very highly of sth

失陪一下:will you excuse me for a second?

想出去透透气吗?any interest in some fresh air?

永远:always have, always will

是你吗?(突然看到某人很惊讶)sb, is that you?

帮我签下到:sign me up for that

我们要出晚餐了:we are about to have dinner.

我会安排你坐在。。旁边:I will set a place for you at the table next to sb

我必须先去个地方:actually there’s somewhere I have to go

你要走了?u are leaving?

想过来和大家大声招呼:I just wanna come by and say hi

我看她是不会走了:I guess she’s back for good.

只是装模作样:it’s all just part of the act

探视时间已经过了:visiting hours are over

他企图自杀:he tries to take his own life

年度妈妈:mom the year

真难答:It’s a trick question



走路看着点:watch where you are going!

你已经神魂颠倒了:u are deeply disturbed.

我们说好的:as promised

我在满餐厅找你们:I looked all over the dinning hall for you.

我有很多事要做:I got a lot of stuff to do anyway

她可以凯旋而归:she could waltz home

一切都能归于从前:things would be just like they were

谢谢你抽空出来:thanks for making the time

不战而败:go down without a fight


八卦天后最爱的就是一场女人之间的战争:There’s nothing gossip girl likes more than a good catfight.

关掉博客:get off the blogs

音乐事业会做的更好:The music business would be in better shape

她一直是个追求自由的人:She is always been a free spirit.


私人导购员:personal shopper

算是吧:sort of

do u think our whole life have been planned out for us? We are just gonna end up like our parents?

你的想法太消沉了:that’s a dark thought.

难道我们没有资格选择吗?Aren’t we entitled to choose?

做了双眼皮:got an eye lift

我知道:I could tell

远离这里的一切:get away from everything

how can I trust you when I feel like I don’t even know you?

让我们来弥补:let’s fix that.

S和B说了交心话:have a heart-to-heart

赢得某人的心:win over sb

隐形人:the invisible man

我真不知道你能跑这么快:u know I really had no idea you could move that fast.

我肯定她认错人了:I am pretty sure she thought I was someone else.


讲脏话:talk dirty

让我们一起叙叙旧:let’s catch up

吃点东西:get a bite to eat


擦亮你的眼睛:dry your eyes

我们大吵了一架:we got into a pretty big fight.

我不确定她是否适合我:I am not sure if she’s the girl for me.

上市:take her company public

我已经向她献殷勤好几个月了:I have been courting her for months.

只是个小矛盾:it’s just a rough patch

你不应该遇到苦难就放弃:u don’t give up just because things are hard, not in business, or if your family is depending on you


脚部迷恋狂:a foot fetish

没关系:it’s not a problem

把一切都忘掉:put everything in the past

我反应过度了:I overreacted

我们注定会遇到:we are bound to meet

世界太小了:small island


别干涉我的生活:stay out of my life

上流社会:inner circle

穿的过于隆重了:I am little overdressed

我可能把花在路上的时间多算了点:I may have slightly over budgeted for travel time.

穿的有点不正式:dress down a little bit

我被你迷住了:how into you I am

打人了:punch someone


年少时暗恋的对象又回来了:his childhood crush has returned.

A对B印象很深刻:B made an impression on A

滚开:get off! Stop!

你的好日子到头了:your life is over!


我们迫不及待想知道接下来发生的故事:we are just dying to see what happens next.


To be continued!

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Parts of the summary:


留着点劲打比赛:save something for the game

只是做做热身,教练:I am just warming up, coach.

她今晚会来:he is coming tonight.


talent scout:someone whose job is to look for good sports players, musicians etc in order to employ them:

E.g. He was spotted by a scout at the age of 13.


她愿意给你提供全额奖学金:he is prepared to offer you a full scholarship.

顺利升入大学:free ride to college

都过来,拍照啦: let’s gather up, picture time.

她只是送水的:he is the water boy.

我总会挺你的:I’ll always have your back.

冷美人:stone-cold fox

今晚比赛重要,好好打:it’s your big night, go enjoy it.

确实找不出好的地方; I had no upside for that.

从今天起,我就要转运啦:today everything turns around for me.

大家都知道,今天我要宣布:as most of you know today I am proud to be naming a new regional manager. (RSM)

如何成为一名RSM?What’s it take to be a RSM? Leadership, courage, integrity. But most importantly, dedication to this company.

太有才啦,舍不得让升职:you are just too valuable to promote.

我现在有空:I got time.

我认识你吗?do I know you?

我今天早下班:I got off work early.



还行,想获得奖学金还不够:good is not going to get you a scholarship.

试着从我的角度考虑考虑:try to see things from my point of view.

我对自己都生活失望透顶:I am extremely disappointed with my life.

我们不要在拖累了:we are not going to hold each other back anymore.

我这样的人最吃香:I am a real catch.

我中枪啦:I got shot.

这是我重新再活一遍的机会:this is my chance to have my life over.

尽量少说话:say as little as possible



高材生:straight-A student, very impressive                                     


钻石王老五:Mr. Gold

不许打电话,不许发短信,同学,静静,回到座位上!:no phones, no texting. Settle down. Take your seats.

我们改天再谈好吗?let’s reschedule, ok?

局部减肥:spot reduction

你是个传奇人物:u r a legend.

我说完了:I am done talking to you.

事情进展的不错:things are looking up.

步入正轨啦:we are on the path.

这是个私人问题:this is kind of personal.

Tape you to the toilet: 用带子绑在厕所

不准你这样对他说话:u don’t talk to him that way.

我很同情你:I feel sorry for you.

篮球队长:captain of the basketball team.

高中是你的地盘:high school is your kingdom.

你只会欺负弱小,可能有3个原因:you are a bully for one of 3 reasons.

Bully: 横行霸道的人,恃强欺弱的人;恶霸,恶棍

你的大脑完全没有发育完整:your brain is underdeveloped.

我儿子过去一年都是别人的出气筒:my son spent a year being the school’s punching bag.

高中很丰富多彩high school is delightful. 

3分球:a 3-pointer

连进2球:do it twice in a row

你应该加入篮球队:u should be on the team.

我只是随便说说:I am just saying.

谁同意?Who is with me?

让我们现实点:let’s get real.

高三学生:high school seniors

每人拿一个往后传:take one and pass it down.

我这打扮有两个作用:my outfit serves the dual function, of icebreaker and attention-getter. 一找话题,二吸引人。


你今天太帅啦/你着火啦:you are on fire. (Literally, you are on fire. )

还差6分:down by six

我不会油嘴滑舌:I am not smooth.

只是想让你记住我:just trying to impress you.

省了我一半的路程时间:save me a half hour on my commute

某人到庭了吗?Is sb present?

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这地方太棒了:Wow! This is so cool!

第一别唠唠叨叨,第二离我远点:stop with the chatty, don’t stand so close to me.



跟你讲讲我们的集体思路:show you what we have in mind.

他完全坐地不安:he looked very disturbed.

他背叛了我:he cheated on me.

我还没想要是否要跟他再交往:I am not sure I am ready to just jump back in.

我没教过你对客人无礼:I didn’t raise you to be rude to guests.

 我整晚都在跟大家聊天,交换名片:I spent the whole evening just networking and giving out my business cards.

不讲上司坏话的助手:an assistant who doesn’t trash-talk their boss.

快速拨号键:I have you on speed dial.

为了昂贵的衣服勾心斗角:backstab each other for expensive clothes

自尊自重的人:self-respecting person

你是个大名人:You are a celebrity!

他请我喝了酒:he bought me a drink.


我们要采取强硬措施了:we’ll do it the hard way.

没讲什么:not that much!

 他很无能:he is a complete incompetent

他是个反应迟钝但帅气的人:he is a slow-but-cute man


He is a lot smarter than people think he is.

诱人的工作:fancy job

我和。。。大吵一架,吵得天翻地覆:I had a fight with Sb, a big one.

我打电话来确认一下,你2点约了医生:I am just calling to confirm your 2:00 appointment. 


你昨晚中头彩了吗?Did you hit the powerball last night?

Sometimes we have to keep secret to survive.

你逃学了:you are ditching.

你喝醉了:you were drunk.

故意泄密:give it up intentionally

他会被开除:she gets the axe.

我半价买到的:I got it half-priced.

他们一点不了解我:They don’t even get me.

今天过得好吗?How was your day? It was a rough one.


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You pulled it off你成功了

I did more than pull it off. 我不仅仅是成功了

这期杂志很成功:this issue’s a big hit.

Hit: Successfulsomething such as a film, play, song etc that is very popular and successful.

品牌效应:”mode” sells “mode”.

报纸的发行量上升了38%circulation went up 38%

人们花了三小时排队:people spend 3 hours waiting in line.

你这么早就回家了:you are home early.

给。。。发邮件:e-mail Daniel

你想融入到这些人的圈子当中去吗?You wanna fit in with these people? I got news for you. They are not gonna change, you have to.

你要认真点:you have to take this more seriously.

你吃药了吗?Have you taken your pill?

吃完了再买:We’ll get a refill.

有些人天生就是做这个工作的:some people are just naturals.

Natural: good at doing something without having to try hard or practice

以前的杂志:back issues

安排周一开员工会议,所有部门主管,时间上配合我父亲:Set up a staff meeting for Monday, all the dept heads, work around my father’s schedule.

我只是配角而已:I am supporting.

关系弄僵了:They got in huge blowup.

Temperamental person喜怒无常的人

他想要剽窃他的已逝的哥哥了:He is trying to rip off his dead brother.

他怎么努力都比不上:he’ll never measure up no matter how hard he tries.

你们的关系早晚完蛋: Your relationship is doomed.

父母都有自己偏爱的孩子:Every parent has a favorite.

They are working you too hard, you tell them you want a raise.他们让你这么辛苦工作,应该让他们给你加薪。

I am not sure if you can help me, but I am trying to reach XXX.

You got him. 我就是。

Wow, I wasn’t expecting this. I thought I was gonna have to leave a message. 我没想到能直接找到你。

You wanna call back? I could let the machine pick up. 你重新打?我让答录机答复你。

。。。。Thank you, you have excellent taste. 你很有品位。

 How can I help you?

Actually I am calling about your availability for a magazine shoot. 帮一个杂志拍照片。

U gotta go through my rep for that, she handles me for print work. 请联系我的前台人员, 他负责接待方面的工作。

我认识你吗?Do I know you?

我们不是同一年进的学校:We didn’t go at the same time.

2002级的:Class of 2002

你站在报摊前,哪个更加吸引你?:you are at the newsstand, which one of these grabs you?

我们周一穿的稍微正式点:dress up a little on Monday


我们公司美女如云: I work in an office full of glamazon women.

They are all 6 feet tall and perfectly waxed.他们都身材窈窕,衣着光鲜

2点约了。。。:I have a 2:00 with sb.

屏保:screen saver

Cutting-edge photographers

你知道他和公司有过节:you know his history with the company.

Let me put it this way. Sometimes change is a positive thing, and then sometimes, they can spin out of control, change isn’t always for the better, in some cases, it can make a bad situation even worse.

女洗手间:the ladies’ room

她是个蠢人:she is a jerk.

假指甲,新发型:fake nails, a new hairdo

Appearance is means something here. 在这里外貌有时候的确很重要。


多久才能化好妆?How long does it take to put on makeup?

我保证:I give you my word.

很了不起!That’s a big deal! A really big deal!


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