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分类: 英语日志

Treasures fill the home 金玉满堂

Business flourishes生意兴隆

Peace all year round岁岁平安

Wishing you prosperity恭喜发财

Harmony brings wealth和气生财

May all your wishes come true心想事成

Everything goes well吉祥如意

The country flourishes and people live in peace国泰民安

Money and treasures will be plentiful招财进宝

Wishing you every success 一帆风顺

Promoting to a higher position步步高升

Safe trip wherever you go出入平安

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分类: 英语日志

Uh huh, life's like this 嗯,哈,生活就是这样
Uh huh, uh huh, that’s the way it is 嗯,哈,嗯,哈,那是它的本来面目
'Cause life's like this 因为生活就是这样
Uh huh, uh huh that's the way it is 嗯,哈,嗯,哈,那是它的本来面目

Chill out whatcha yelling for 将你呼喊的声音冷静下来
Lay back it’s all been done before 放松自己,让往事成为过去
And if you could only let it be 如果你能顺其自然
You will see 你会发觉
I like you the way you are 我喜欢原来的你
When we're driving in you car 当我们驱车飞驰
And you're talking to me one on one but you’ve become

Somebody else round everyone else 人们眼中的另类角色
You’re watching your back like you can’t relax

You’re trying to be cool you look like a fool to me.



You come over unannounced 你悄然而至
Dressed up like you’re something else 穿得煞有介事
Where you are and where it’s at you see 尽管你感觉良好,然而事与愿违
You’re making me, laugh out when you strike your pose

Take off all your preppy clothes 脱下你的校服
You know you’re not fooling anyone 你明白你并不是想戏弄别人
When you’ve become 当你成为
Somebody else round everyone else 人们眼中的另类角色
Watching your back, like you can’t relax

Trying to be cool you look like a fool to me


Tell me 告诉我
Why you have to go and make things so complicated?

I see the way you’re acting like you’re somebody else gets me frustrated 你装作与我形同路人的做法使我灰心沮丧
Life’s like this you 生活就是这样
And you fall and you crawl and you break

And you take what you get and you turn it into honestly

And promise me I’m never gonna find you fake it 并且许诺说我绝不会发现你伪善的心
No no no 不不不



@yell 大声喊叫


@let it be 顺其自然,也可用let it go,就如Avril的这盘专辑let go


@watch ur back 字面意思是“看你的后面”,引申出的意义就是过于想提防什么,神经紧张


@unannounced 未经宣布地,不通告地;突然地


@dress up 穿戴整洁

还记得情景喜剧《How I met ur mother》中,Barney一直对Ted喊Suit up,指的是“穿上西装”


@crawl 匍匐,缓慢爬行


@strike a pose 摆出。。。的姿态

strike 取...姿态,装出

e.g.He struck an attitude of dignity. 他装出一副尊严的样子。


The snake struck the man's hand. 蛇咬伤了那男人的手。

The morning sun struck the hilltops. 朝阳照到山顶上。

The girl struck a match to light a cigarette.

They will strike a medal in memory of the great victory.

She read through her essay and struck out a few words here and there.


We struck a compromise. 我们达成了妥协。

That play struck me as silly. 那出戏我觉得很无聊。

They struck camp in the morning. 他们在早晨撤营。

The wind struck a chill into my bones. 风吹得我寒冷彻骨。

The cuttings have struck roots. 这些插枝已经生了根。

The car struck the main road. 汽车开上了大道。

After months of prospecting he finally struck gold.

He struck a tune on the piano. 他在钢琴上弹了一首曲子。

It struck me that there was no one at home.

We were struck dumb with horror. 们被吓得张口结舌。

The match wouldn't strike. 火柴划不着。

A sound struck on his ear. 听到一个声音。

They struck north. 们向北走去。

The enemy ship struck. 舰降旗投降。


@preppy=preppie  n.  【美】【俚】预备学校的学生(或毕业生)



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分类: 英语日志
roller coaster 过山车;(情绪等的)急转突变
I'm increasingly disenchanted with my current job. 我对目前的工作越来越不满意了。
a pre-season sale 换季前大拍卖
winter apparel 冬季服装
flowery skirt 花裙
It's very much in style this year. 这是今年很流行的样式。
Red is the in color this year. 红色是今年的流行色。
How high of a heel do u want? 你鞋跟要多高?
The leather is very soft, so ur toes will not get pinched.
U can tell just by looking at it that it was superbly made.
Let me go to the back and get them. 我到后面去给你拿一双。
flat 平底鞋
pump (女士穿的,无鞋带的)皮鞋
boot 马靴,靴子
blush 腮红
sunscreen 防晒霜
mascara 睫毛膏
moisturizer 乳液
toner 化妆水
ring up 按收银机上的按钮算帐
Could u ring those up 4 me too along with the blush?
Does this line of makeup carry perfume? 这一系列的化妆品有香水吗?
I'm running low on facial moisturizer and toner.
chicken nuggets 鸡块
fryer 油锅
Ur cash back is $13.00. 找你13元
Pull into a parking space. 请开到前面停车的地方。
Please pull ahead to the next window to pay. 请开到下一个窗口付钱。
sweet-and-sour sauce 糖醋酱
There's no charge for those. 那些是免费的。
value meals 套餐
U can super-size ur meal for only 39 cents extra.
a large coke 一杯大杯可乐
medium 中杯
small 小杯
two large fries 两包大包薯条
a kid's meal 儿童餐
I've a coupon for buy one burger get one free.
to-go boxes; doggy bag 打包盒
R u thru with ur meal? 你们吃完了吗?
-Could we have the check, plz? 请拿账单来。
-There u go. 在这儿,给您。
I'll have to put it on credit. 我必须用信用卡结帐。
hot sauce 辣椒酱
This is too well done. 做的太过了。
It's $4.25 by the glass. 一杯是4.25美元。
-I'll need 2 c ur ID, plz. 我必须看你的身份证。
-Here u go. 在这儿。
We have Coconut Shrimp, which is jumbo shrimp dipped in a coconut batter, fried and served with rice and a side salad.
prime rib 排骨餐
How many people r in ur party? 你们总共有几位?(Party指“一群人”)
Would u like to sit in smoking, non-smoking or whatever comes open first?
Oh, there was a table that just became available in non-smoking.
Could u seat us in a booth, plz? 请你带我们坐两人连坐的座位。
Give me a big bag and a two-liter of diet Sprite.
total up 把。。。一起结帐
I need some aspirin, do u carry any?
Which type of gas do u want? Regular, Super, or Premium Unleaded?
fluids 油液
washer fluid 挡风玻璃清洁液
I have a flat. 我的车胎破了。
Ur tires look a little bald. 你的车胎看起来有些磨平了。
It looks like ur battery is going bad. 你的电瓶似乎坏了。
get some gas 加点油
I'm almost on empty. 油表已经快指到“没油”了。
We'll fill it up. 我们会把油加满的。
I'm running low. 我已经快没油了。
We need to fill up soon or else my car will be on "E".
directory assistance 查号台
I do not show a listing for that name.
The customer's number that u requested is unlisted.
Mary is not available right now. 玛丽现在没在。
Is Mr. Lin available? 林先生在吗?
pager 传呼机
-Hello, may I speak to Mary, plz? 你好,请玛丽听电话
-This is she (speaking). 我就是。
-Who did u say? John Lin? 你说你要找谁?林约翰吗?
-No, ma'am, John Lee. 不是,是李约翰。
stumble into 同。。。相碰;无意中卷入;偶尔走入;犯(错误,罪等)
stumble on/upon/across 无意中发现
sbumble along 东倒西歪地走,蹒跚而行
stumble over 给。。。绊倒;结结巴巴地说
internal-combustion engine 内燃机
namedrop vi.抬出相识名人以提高自己身价
stop-and-frisks 拦截搜身
The beauty of the scene filled us with enchantment.
She has the most enchanting smile. 她有着最迷人的微笑。
She was meshed in thought. 她陷入了沉思
the meshes of political intrigue 为实施政治阴谋而设的圈套
zealot/devotee 狂热者,爱好者
self-avowed 自称的
Time is of paramount importance. 时间是最重要的。
He foamed with anger when he found out his son had lied.
The surplus will shove the price down from a dollar to 60 cents.
Everybody was pushing and shoving towards the exit.
The car won't start, can u give it a shove?
a foster child 养子、养女
have a lump in one's/the throat (vi)(感动、悲伤而)哽咽,喉咙哽住
in a/one lump (adv)一次全部地,总括地
in the lump (adv)整个来看,总共
lump sugar 方糖
lump it (vi)(口语)(即使不喜欢也要)忍耐
beef up (vt)(可分开用)(美口语)增强,加强,扩大
beef up the army 增强军力
beef 还可指“抱怨”,可当名词,也可当动词,当动词时是不及物,+about
tokenism 象征含义,表面文章,装点门面
by the same token (adv)(文)同样地,并且
in token of (prep)为。。。标志,为纪念。。。
token payment (n)(u)(偿还借款的)预付款,部分付款;(小额的)定金
mob 暴民
bear the brunt of (vt)(在。。。面前)首当其冲
High shool and college graduates-especially women-have borne the brunt of Japan's economic pain.
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(2008-01-21 15:48)


分类: 英语日志
spin off 作为副产品等而产生
turn one's nose up at... 对。。。嗤之以鼻
Beauty is always associated with women, handsomeness is always associated with men.
She used her good looks to compensate for her lack of intelligence.
sandal 凉鞋;拖鞋;檀香(木)
thong 平底人字凉鞋/拖鞋
flip-flops 塑料(或橡胶)平底人字拖鞋
sea urchin 海胆
crown-of-thorns starfish 棘冠海星(对珊瑚生长很不利的一种不好的生物)
coral reef 珊瑚礁
starfish 海星
little nasty 小坏蛋
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分类: 英语日志
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分类: 分类词汇
Don't hijack a ferrari if u don't know how 2 drive.  不会开车就不要劫持法拉利

Let's get real!  面对现实吧!

-Can I top u off there?  要我帮你斟满吗?

-No, thx, two's my limit.  不用,谢了,两杯是我的上限。

Suit urself.  请自便吧。

Just hear me out.  请听我说。

I'm perfectly harmless.  我毫无恶意。

laugh one's ass off  某人笑得肚子都痛了

Order has been restored in the universe.  宇宙又恢复了原有的秩序。

I was over at Edie's today.  我今天去了Edie那里。

We r a team.  我们是一伙儿的。

U saved the day, I'm a loser.  你力挽狂澜,我是个窝囊废。

The plumbing's not up code.  管道不通。

Gambling with our life savings & not asking for help doesn't make u a man, it makes u an idiot.  拿我们毕生的积蓄做赌博,不寻求帮助不会让你像一个一家之主,只会让你像个白痴。

place a familiar face  认出这张熟悉的脸

Gabrielle was getting showered with gifts from a mystery suitor.  Gabrielle从一个神秘的求爱者那儿不断受到礼物。

Julie's first love was two-timing her.  Julie的初恋脚踏两条船。

Ur average housewife worries constantly about the dangerous people she opens on the nightly news which is why she buys expensive alarm systems, carries pepper spray in her purse, and keep a gun in her drawer.  So she can go about her day feeling safe and protected.  一般的主妇担忧在晚间新闻中看到的危险人物,所以她会买昂贵的报警系统,在钱包中携带辣椒喷雾器,还有在抽屉中放把枪。这样她就可以安心地开始一天的生活了。

Ur average inmate worries constantly about the dangerous people he comes in contact with every day which is why he takes ordinary items, and turns them into weapons as he always keeps handy.  So he can go about his feeling safe and protected.  而囚犯则在担忧他每天都要接触的暴徒,所以他会把日常用品改造成随身携带的利器,这样他就可以安心地开始一天的生活了。

What's the difference between the housewife & the inmate?  The inmate knows the feeling won't last long.   主妇和囚犯的区别是什么呢?囚犯知道心安的日子并不长久。

We all need protection from those who would do us harm, and sometimes from those who protect us.  我们都需要保护来抵御伤害我们的人,但有时也要防御保护我们的人。

I owe u 1.  我欠你个人情。

I don't care who worships u from afar as long as I get 2 do it up close.  我不介意谁远远地爱慕你,因为只有我可以和你如此靠近。

hit the roof  暴跳如雷

Beat it.   闪开

hang on sth.  想着某事

Let's hit it.  我们走吧

U r stuck with me.  你得和我一起生活。

Kids r always rough housing.  孩子们总是这么折腾。

I'm not sure the jury's gonna swallow it.  我不确定陪审团会轻易听信这个。

be hard on sb.  为难某人

split up  分手

He wasn't right for u.  他和你不配。

He wasn't good enough for u.  他配不上你。

Ur friendship means the world 2 me.

If u wanna bag the big game, gotta work on the guns.  如果你想打猎,得先磨好枪啊。

-U r gonna be a tough act 2 follow.  要想找到比你好的男人很难呢。

-Back at yard, babe.  找到比你好的女人也很难呢。

It was so big of u.  你太宽宏大量啦

When u r wrong, u r wrong.  知错就改

Now that we r all assembled, I'd like 2 introduce the guest of honor.  现在我们都到齐了,我很荣幸地向你们介绍我的客人。

People actually thought Orson had done away with me?  人们真以为Orson把我杀了?

U gotta hand it 2 her.  不得不佩服她。

throw every conceivable theme  开所有主题聚会

I told u that in confidence.  我相信你才会告诉你的。

sit on sth.  对。。。坐视不管

I'm scared 2 death of this maniac.  我的生命受到了这个疯子的威胁了。

hack sb. up with sth.  用。。。刺/砍。。。

tuck sb. in  帮。。。塞杯子

I'm so jazzed 2 c the restaurant.  我急切地想去看看餐厅。

have all these tips  才思泉涌

Susan & I aren't even speaking because of it.  Susan和我为这事儿都不说话了。

Ur mother would have my mind.  你妈会要了我的命的。

So now it's all in my lap.  那现在这事儿都归我管了。

abstain from sex  禁欲

get A off B's back  A别再来烦B了

My life is on the line.  我命悬一线。

Now u r gonna give me attitude?  现在你对我这种态度了?

token of esteem  尊敬的表示

The night's still young.  黑夜才刚开始。

I was in the middle of totally freaking out.  我差点就要抓狂了。

U really save my ass.  你真的救了我。

Just say the word.  尽管开口。

take a firm hand with sb.  对。。。使用强制办法

win over sb.  赢得。。。的心

be new to sth.  对。。。是新手

What were u up 2 that ur mother didn't know about?  如果你妈不知道的时候,你会做些什么呢?

have someone on my side  有人站在我这边

read her the riot act  给她点颜色看看

We r just gonna have 2 make the best of it.  我们得好好应对这个情况了。

Don't tell him I stopped by.  别告诉他我顺便来看了看。

sneak a peek  偷看一眼

Restaurants make half their money on the liquor.  餐厅的一半的赢利是靠酒水的。

I'd love 2 catch up.  我很想跟你叙旧。

I'm actually in the furtune 400.  我实际上排名在富豪榜400强之列。

Half the reason men want 2 accomplish anything is so they can show off for the women they love, and when they fail, they like 2 keep it 2 themselves.  男人想有成就,半成是为了在心爱的女人前炫耀,如果失败了,他们宁愿吞在肚子里不说。

Don't be dense.  别傻了。

We'll hot tub.  我们一起泡热水澡。

There's a time of day all housewives look 4ward 2.  It occus just after the chores have been completed, and right b4 the children come home from school.  It's a time 4 good friends 2 get together, have a cup of coffee & exchange gossip about the other good friends who couldn't make it thay day.  这是所有主妇一天中所期待的一刻,家务活都干完了,孩子还没放学回家,这是好友聚会的一刻,喝杯咖啡,说三道四,提到另外一位好友当天不能出席。

So u deliberately framed Orson?  那么你故意陷害Orson? 

By holding on 2 my anger, I was really just hurting myself which was hard 2 deny.  So I thought it's time 2 make amends.  执着于自己的愤怒其实是在伤害我自己,确实不可否认。所以我认为现在是改变的时候了。

-More wine?  要再来点吗?

-Yes, keep it coming.  好的,再来点儿吧。

Back off.  闪开。

Extra, extra, read all about it!  号外!号外!快来看啊!

get knocked up  怀孕

I cannot take that chance.  我才不要那种福分。

She's just a boob job away from being u.  她再隆个胸就跟你一样了。

sole heir  唯一的继承人

Every cent we have is circling the bowl.  我们攒的每一分钱都投了进去。

I'm gonna fix it.  我会搞定的。

birth control  避孕

blonde hair  金发

Don't u walk away 4 me!  你别走开!

get good with it  妥善处理

Where do u get off prescribing that without my consent?  没有我的许可,你怎么开出的药方?

I'm giving her my room, how much nicer do I have 2 be?  我都把我屋子给她了,还要我对她多好?

-What did u get 4 her?  你要给她什么呢?

-A video game, but I get 2 play it whenever I want.  一张游戏盘,但我要玩的时候随时得给我。

She didn't seem that knocked out by it.  她看起来不怎么喜欢它。

She'll come around, it's tough adjustment.  她会改变的,不是一下子就能适应的。

I don't know when I've tasted such moist pound cake.  我从没吃过这么糯软的磅饼。

U set me up.  你把我害惨了。

They don't fair well in the wild.  它们在野外是不能生存的。

Why don't I wrap a piece of this pound cake 4 u 2 enjoy l8er?  我给你包点磅饼回去吃,怎么样?

Do u have any idea what u put me through?  你知道你让我承受了多少吗?

U've rebounded nicely.  你恢复得很好啊。

Can't we just put this behind us?  我们能忘掉这些吗?

U cannot believe the scum he has gotten off.  Not that u r scum.  But u know if u were, u'd be sitting pretty.  你不会相信他捞出了多少人渣。不是说你是人渣。但即使你是,你也是很英雄的人渣。

He's not crazy about me spending time with my ex.  他对于我花时间来和前男友在一起,有点不高兴。

I guess that's enough 4 him.  我猜这就够他受的了。

I can't say that I blame him.  我能理解他。

Sit ur butts down.  给我坐下(母亲对孩子说)

Who knew u were such a romantic?  谁会想到你是这么浪漫的人呢?(你真是太浪漫了)

I was mocking u.  我在嘲笑你。

Underneath all that bad boy, actually he is a real gentleman.  表面上他那么像个坏男孩,其实他是个真正的绅士。

order slip  订单

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分类: 比赛演讲资料

                                                                           June 25, 1998

THE PRESIDENT: Mayor Feng, Governor Cheng, Secretary Li, nim men
     hao. (Applause.) Thank you for the key to your city and for this
     magnificent welcome.

     Here in this ancient capital, China seems very young to me
     tonight, blessed with both a proud history and the promise of
     tomorrow. I am delighted to begin my journey in Xian, once the
     capital of China, still the heartland of the Chinese people. I
     was raised in the heartland of my country. I know that the
     character of a nation is determined by the hard-working people
     who live here.

     Over 1,000 years ago, during the Tang Dynasty, which I have seen
     recreated tonight, Xian was perhaps the most open and culturally
     advanced city in the entire world. From this place, trade routes
     extended through Asia to Europe and Africa. And to this place,
     great thinkers came, spreading philosophy and new ideas that have
     contributed to the greatness of China.

     Tomorrow, I look forward to seeing the Terra Cotta Warriors, the
     Old City walls, the Muslim quarter. I look forward to learning
     more about China's great contributions to the store of human
     knowledge, from medicine and printing to mathematics and
     astronomy -- discoveries on which so much of the whole world's
     progress is based. And I want to see more of the new nation you
     are building on a scale even the emperors could not have

     The China that gave us printing now boasts fax machines,
     computers, and cell phones. Xian is home to film-makers, Internet
     explorers, businesspeople of every description. Here in this
     city, famous for calligraphy, a new chapter in China's story is
     being written.

     We Americans admire your accomplishments, your economy, your hard
     work, creativity, and vision, your efforts against hunger and
     poverty, your work with us on peace and stability in Korea and
     South Asia. A new day is dawning for the Chinese people, for
     China's greatness lies, as always, with its people.

     Our own history has convinced Americans that the greatness of any
     country is measured in its people -- in their shared reverence
     for family and community, for work and learning, and in their
     individual thoughts, beliefs, and creativity.

     Respect for the worth, the dignity, the potential, and the
     freedom of every citizen is a vital source of America's strength
     and success. In this global information age, where both economic
     growth and individual opportunity are based on ideas, a
     commitment to providing all human beings the opportunity to
     develop their full potential is vital to the strength and success
     of the new China, as well.

     As I travel across China, I hope to learn as much as I can about
     the Chinese people, your history, and your dreams for the future;
     and I hope to help the Chinese people understand more of
     America's history, the lessons the American people have drawn
     from it, and the dreams we hold for the 21st century.

     I believe both Chinese and Americans aspire to many of the same
     things -- to provide for our families, to teach our children, to

     build our communities, to protect our Earth, to shape our own
     futures, and pass brighter possibilities on to our children.

     There may be those here and back in America who wonder whether
     closer ties and deeper friendship between America and China are
     good. Clearly, the answer is yes. We have a powerful ability to
     help each other grow. We can learn much from each other. And as
     two great nations, we have a special responsibility to the future
     of the world. The steps we take over the next week can lead to
     far greater strides for our people in the years ahead.

     Here in this city of your magnificent history, we must always
     remember that we, too, are ancestors. Someday our children and
     their children will ask if we did all we could to build just
     societies and a more peaceful world. Let our monument be their
     judgment that we did that. Let our progress include all people,
     with all their differences, moving toward a common destiny.

     Let us give new meaning to the words written in the ancient Book
     of Rites, what you call the Li Shi: When the great way is
     followed, all under heaven will be equal.

     Xie xie. Thank you very much. (Applause.)

        Doubt thou the stars are fire;
            Doubt that the sun doth move;
        Doubt truth to be a liar;
            But never doubt I love.    

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(2007-08-01 12:26)
分类: 文化背景知识




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分类: 分类词汇
infiltrate 渗透
permeate 渗透
congenial companions 意气相投的伙伴
masquerade 化装舞会
luncheon 午餐会
sworn friend 结拜兄弟
at a person's beck and call (adj/adv)听(某人)命令(的),唯…命是从(的)
bully sb into/doing/to do 胁迫某人做某事
coercion 强制,压迫
coerce sb into/doing
converge 聚集,集中(反:diverge)
diverge from truth 偏离真理
encroach (v)侵入,侵占(on/upon)
exaccerbate 激怒,使恶化
flaunt 夸耀,炫耀;(旗子等)在风中飘扬
foil (n)(金属的)薄片、箔;衬托物;钝剑、花剑
impair (vt)损害(健康),削弱(力量、价值等),减低
impetus (n)
         give (an) impetus to... 给予…刺激,促进…
His poor health incapacitates him for work/from working.
within/outside a person's jurisdiction 在某人的权限内/外
jeopardize (vt)使…陷入困境,危害(endanger)
jeopardy (n)
manifold (adj)各种各样的,多方面的
meddle (vi)干涉、爱管闲事(in/within);玩弄(别人的物品)(with)
mimic (v)模仿,与…极相似
Perish the thought! 岂有此理,不要说啦!得了得了(表示极度厌恶或反对)
perishables 易腐烂的食品
As a child he was called a phenomenon.他小时候被称为神童。
resent 对…生气,愤恨
detonate (v)爆炸,触发
ordeal (n)严峻考验,苦难,折磨
tranquil 平静的,安静的,安宁的
volatile 易挥发的;易发作的,爆炸性的;易变的,反复无常的,轻浮的;活泼的,轻快的;飞逝的,短暂的
hegemonic 支配的,掌握霸权的
insurmountable difficulty 不可客服的困难
unremitting 不间断的,不懈的
lofty 高耸的;崇高的,高尚的;高傲的,自大的;地位高的,高级的
ameliorate 改善,改良
estrangement 疏远,隔阂
estranged wife 已分居但尚未离婚之妻
proclamation 宣布,公布;公告,宣告书
proclaim 宣告,声明;表明,显示
reciprocal 相互的,交互的;互惠的,对等的,相互补偿的;回报的,报答的
reciprocity (n)
buffer (n)缓解(冲突)
retrospect (n/v)回顾,回想
emulate 同…竞争,尽力赶上;仿真
aggregation 聚集,集成
ratify (vt)(正式)批准,认可
shelve *(vt)搁置,暂缓考虑;解雇,使退役
loathing (n)厌恶,反感
venerable 受人尊敬的;珍贵的,神圣的
venerate (v)
sweeping 全面的,大规模的,影响深远的
strapped for cash (adj)身无分文的,囊中羞涩的
calling 职业,天职;(从事某职业或活动的)欲望,运动
sluggish 迟缓的,不景气的;不大想动的,懒散的;呆滞的,萧条的;功能不良的,性能不好的
sluggish mkt 萧条的市场
vehement 感情激烈的,热烈的;强烈的,猛烈的
He's a man of the right kidney. 他是个脾气很好的人
diversion 娱乐,消遣
I saw a drunk ~ing up the street.蹒跚
The young lady ~ed a moment and then stepped forward.犹豫
Education, however, has managed to ~ on in spite of these pleasant diversions.坚持进行
The boy was ~ed by the blow.摇摇晃晃
The difficulties of the exam didi not ~ him.使犹豫、畏缩
He was ~ed by the news of his father's death.使吃惊
The work shifts as the factory are ~ed.使错开,交错安排
He gave a ~ on hearing the news.摇晃
staggered (adj)吃惊的,难以相信的
uterus 子宫 (复数:uteri)
uterine 子宫的;同母异父的
seduce (v)诱惑,引诱;教唆
intractable 不听话的,倔强的;棘手的;难以治愈的
scapegoat 替罪羊
Parkinson's 帕金森
Alzheimer's 老年痴呆
insomnia 失眠
diabetes 糖尿病
theoretically 理论上
theoretician 理论家;精于理论的人
stampede (n)逃窜,大溃退;蜂拥;(一群人的)冲动行事;(选举中的)突然一面倒     (v)惊逃,冲动行事,乱拥
primate (n)灵长类动物;最高主教  (adj)灵长类的;首要的
primatial (adj)灵长类的;大主教的
primatology 灵长类动物学
harness 治理,利用
hybrid 杂交(的)
entity 实体;存在;本质
incentive (n)刺激,鼓励,动机(+to)
rearguard (adj)后卫(部队)的;无望取胜的
grotesque 奇形怪状的,古怪的,怪诞的;(艺术等)怪异风格的;可笑的
repeal (n/v)撤销,废除。
utilitarian (adj/n)功利主义(的);功利(的),实用(的)
periphery 周边,圆周,次要部分,(神经的)末梢
primitive 原始的,早期的;粗糙的,简单的,未开化的;纯朴的,自然的;原生的,非派生的
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分类: 翻译资料
国家扶贫开发的总体战略 the state's general strategy in poverty relief
科技扶贫 aid the poor with technology
引进 introducing
试验 testing
示范 demonstrating
推广 promoting
优良品种 improved seed strains
加快解决本国贫困人口的温饱问题 speed up the resolution of the food and clothing problem of its own poor population
提高中国扶贫开发的整体水平 raise the general level of China's poverty alleviation work
反贫困 anti-poverty
To help set the pace of the day 为了开个好头
members 会员
continue to form the most significant part of the membership base
further and higher education institutions 高等教育机构
timely 时机适宜
thought-provoking 发人深思
institutional assessment 机构评估
Libraries hold a special affection for those of us who grew up in the 20th century, loved books, and pursued professional careers in or near academia.
a refuge from the blistering heat 躲避炎炎酷暑的好去处
共同语言 universal language
种族、肤色、文化 races, colors and cultures
坚持《联合国宪章》的宗旨与原则 uphold the objectives and principles of the UN Charter
拥有强健的体魄 build one's physique
不断的追求 ceaseless pursuit
学位颁奖典礼 commencement
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