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【专访】丁一宇因一场交通事故不再叛逆/Jungilwoo stop being a rebellion due to a traffic accident

(2013-01-08 14:39:14)





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【Sina Exclusive Interview on Jung Il Woo】


A Chat with Jung Il Woo:

A traffic accident stop me from being a rebellion


【专访】丁一宇因一场交通事故不再叛逆/Jungilwoo <wbr>stop <wbr>being <wbr>a <wbr>rebellion <wbr>due <wbr>to <wbr>a <wbr>traffic <wbr>accident

Source: Sina Entertainment

Date: Jan 5, 2013

Translated by: snowy


Jung Il Woo won audiences' love through “The Unstoppable High-Kick”. His role as Yang Myung in “The Moon that embraces the Sun” made several audiences' heart-broken for his tragic fate. Born after '85, this Korean star with a title as “Healer Flower Boy” gave a complete different impression in this interview. In the past, Jung Il Woo always answered questions carefully and sometimes even showed slight nervous. This time, Jung Il Woo appeared much mature and calm. Loosely draped with a black coat, he sat on the chair with a dominant affection and handled all questions with lots of confidence. “At my age....I'm old...” became his new pet phrase.

(Wonder: Isn't it time to get marry at your age?)

Answered: “Um..Not yet the right time to get wed.”


Jung Il Woo was born and raised in a pleasant wealthy family. His father is a merchant and mother is a professor. He mentioned that he often went aboard with his parents and had been to many places in China. His family members understand some Chinese and have decent knowledge of Chinese culture. He himself is also considered to be a young expert of China. He expressed that he suffered a serious traffic accident during a family outing. Ever since then, he no longer acts as a rebellion and start taking extra safety measures in all aspects.


【专访】丁一宇因一场交通事故不再叛逆/Jungilwoo <wbr>stop <wbr>being <wbr>a <wbr>rebellion <wbr>due <wbr>to <wbr>a <wbr>traffic <wbr>accident



The secret tatic to learn Chinese is working hard to memorize the book. His mother did not help that much


Earlier last month, Jung Il Woo held a grand Fan meeting in Taiwai and also showed off his fluent Chinese with a short speech. In addition, he also sang the song “Fairy Tale” by Michael Wong. In 2012, Jung Il Woo was awarded the Best Young Asian Actor Award in Huading Award. He also expressed his grateful appreciation in fluent Chinese on the Award Presentation Ceremony. According to his colleagues, these speeches did not mean that Jung Il Woo has learned and mastered Chinese, but he worked so hard and sincerely memorized his speech word by word before the event!


Jung's mother is a professor. She sometimes travels to China for business trips. When asked if his mother helped him in learning Chinese, he said she did not help at all, “My father, mother and sister all speak some Chinese. However, that does not help too much because of my work nature. We seldom use Chinese in daily communication.”



【专访】丁一宇因一场交通事故不再叛逆/Jungilwoo <wbr>stop <wbr>being <wbr>a <wbr>rebellion <wbr>due <wbr>to <wbr>a <wbr>traffic <wbr>accident


After suffered in a traffic accident, I no longer rebel.

At my age, I should take up more responsibility.


Jung Il Woo disclosed that he traveled a lot with his father, mother and sister to China when he was young. He has been to so many places including Shanghai, Beijing, Changbai Mountain, Yanbian, etc. He himself can be considered as a young expert of China. He further admitted that he enjoyed being active. So he likes to join friends' annual gatherings, family trips, etc. He would voluntarily help to book the place and organize details. He said his family influenced him since he was a child. This is kind of a family tradition.


During the interview, Jung mentioned so many times, “At my age”. Thus we asked him if it is time for him to get marry. Jung replied, “No, it is not yet the time to get wed at present. That doesn't mean that I am not at the right age. Yet prior to that, I should assume for more responsibilities and take up more duties.” Jung Il Woo said, he is the only son in the family. Therefore, he should become the chief

bread-earner for his family.


In the MV “Goodbye Sadness” and debut work “The Unstoppable High-Kick”, Jung Il Woo demonstrated his stunning skills in riding motorcycle. However, being a tame child, he refuses to use risky vehicles such as the motorcycles in real life. It is because he suffered in a trauma on a trip. He expressed that he encountered in a very serious traffic accident when he was young on an outing. Ever since then he stopped being a rebellion. I will choose some safe ways to travel. Of course, he will still challenge on some extreme sports like skiing and bungee jumps for which with due safety measures.



【专访】丁一宇因一场交通事故不再叛逆/Jungilwoo <wbr>stop <wbr>being <wbr>a <wbr>rebellion <wbr>due <wbr>to <wbr>a <wbr>traffic <wbr>accident



Seldom meet with Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum.

He was quoted as “Actor Jung”


Jung Il Woo, Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum are very close friends. They are also considered as the representatives of Korean Flower Boys. When we talked about this title, Jung said he is glad to be titled as flower boy. Despite, they don't talked about this topic in private. (Heard he and Lee Min Ho were the campus belles?) Jung nodded to admit. When asked if they often get together, he said they are all too busy. Kim Bum is busy shooting drama whereas Lee Min Ho has to run for overseas event so often. It is hard to mark a day to get together. Sometimes, when we really need to gather, we have to call each other to fix a date, then go for dinner and a chat.


In fact, Jung Il Woo has many funny nicknames in real life. He said, “my fans call me Jung Frog. My friends call me Actor Jung because I am the only actor among my friends. Although Lee Min Ho was also an actor, he was not from the same school of mine.”


PS. For more interview pictures, please visit at:






【专访】丁一宇因一场交通事故不再叛逆/Jungilwoo <wbr>stop <wbr>being <wbr>a <wbr>rebellion <wbr>due <wbr>to <wbr>a <wbr>traffic <wbr>accident


转自: 新浪娱乐

文:程兴家 / 图:孙慧/图)







【专访】丁一宇因一场交通事故不再叛逆/Jungilwoo <wbr>stop <wbr>being <wbr>a <wbr>rebellion <wbr>due <wbr>to <wbr>a <wbr>traffic <wbr>accident


  学习中文秘诀是勤背书 妈妈没帮忙







【专访】丁一宇因一场交通事故不再叛逆/Jungilwoo <wbr>stop <wbr>being <wbr>a <wbr>rebellion <wbr>due <wbr>to <wbr>a <wbr>traffic <wbr>accident


  发生车祸后不再叛逆 这个年纪了该承担责任了






  在MV《goodbye sadness》、成名剧《无法阻挡的highkick》中丁一宇都把摩托车玩的很炫很酷,私下里是乖乖子的他表示不愿意使用摩托车这种危险的工具,原因是他小时候受过创伤。丁一宇透露小时候旅行时自己出过一次严重的交通车祸,“从那以后我再也不叛逆了,都会选择一些安全路线去旅行。当然一些能够保证安全的运动也乐于去挑战,比如滑雪、蹦极。”



【专访】丁一宇因一场交通事故不再叛逆/Jungilwoo <wbr>stop <wbr>being <wbr>a <wbr>rebellion <wbr>due <wbr>to <wbr>a <wbr>traffic <wbr>accident


  与金汎[微博]李敏镐[微博]聚会少 被封绰号:丁演员
















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