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(2012-05-17 16:27:05)


It's a frozen yogurt bonanza on the First Coast
The hottest treat is also the coldest, with entrepreneurs all over the First Coast eager to meet the

rising demand.
Updated: May 15, 2012 - 8:41am



更新时间:2012年 5月15日 上午8:41am

Frozen yogurt is a regular after-school snack for 12-year-old Carley Mullen. Living in Atlantic Beach, a cup of frozen yogurt is an obvious warm-weather treat, but it doesn't need to be 100 degrees for Carley to crave some.


    酸奶冰淇淋对于12岁的小Carley Mullen来说是下学后的必备甜点。Carley居住在亚特兰大海岸,一杯酸奶冰淇淋无疑是炎热季节不错的甜点,而且无论温度高地Carley可以随时享用。


"She likes it all year round," said her mother, Cindy Mullen. "She comes for the yogurt, I come to be

with her." Mullen has always bought frozen yogurt from the grocery store. But shops offering freshly made self-serve frozen yogurt with all sorts of fruit and candy toppings are now around almost every corner.
   Carley母亲Cindy Mullen说,她一年四季都喜欢吃。“她想来吃冰淇淋了,我就过来陪她吃。”Mullen 经常从超市给女儿买酸奶冰淇淋。然而,现在能够提供自助酸奶冰淇淋的店已经遍布大街小巷了,并且还提供各种新鲜水果和甜果作为辅料供顾客添加。


It's a froyo bonanza.froyo热潮


The Jacksonville area has at least 30 stores, with some clustered in the same area. Three shops are in the St. Johns Town Center and two are in Tinseltown. Most of the stores opened in the last year or so.




Frozen yogurt has again become a popular treat among people of all ages. Kids love the idea of building their own dessert, teenagers look forward to meeting up with friends on the weekends and adults can satisfy their sweet tooth despite a low-calorie budget.




The numbers point to a growth industry. At least 90 percent of all U.S. households consume some type of frozen dessert, with a 4.2-pound per capita consumption of frozen yogurt, according to Mint.com, a

financial information website. The overall froyo market in the U.S. has reached more than $8 billion, USA Today reported.




Frozen yogurt shops have climbed to the fifth largest product segment in the snack/coffee marketplace

after stores selling coffee, doughnuts, ice cream and bagels, according to IBIS World Industry Market

Research. Recognizing great potential, entrepreneurs are quickly opening shops, while existing chains are rapidly expanding.




Yobe Frozen Yogurt, the largest frozen yogurt franchise in North Florida, is a Jacksonville-based chain created by husband and wife Mark and Jennifer Turner. They were one of the first in Jacksonville to serve up today's "froyo concept" and among the first to switch and popularize the weigh-and-pay self-serve model.


    Yobe 酸奶冰淇淋是佛罗里达北部最大的酸奶冰淇淋加盟品牌,总部位于杰克威尔逊,由一对夫妇Mark和Jennifer Turner.创建。他们是贯行“froyo理念”的创始人之一,是称重计价售卖形式的早起推动者之一。


Since Yobe started in 2007, the franchise has opened 18 shops in four states, 10 in Jacksonville alone. Yobe has plans beyond the Southeast and even beyond the U.S., according to its website.


    据网上数据登录:Yobe成立于2007年,18个店的加盟商遍布四个州,且仅杰克威尔逊遍有10家。Yobe 店面拓展计划已经延伸至美国东南部,甚至超越了美国本土。


TCBY (The Country's Best Yogurt), which disappeared from Jacksonville 10 years ago, is back in town.




Just in time to celebrate TCBY's 30th birthday last September, Ponte Vedra Beach resident Becky Douglas and her husband, Tommy, opened the first of the new TCBY franchises, this one in Neptune Beach.


    去年9月刚好赶上庆祝TCBY成立30周年,当地居民Ponte Vedra Beach、 Becky Douglas和她的丈夫 Tommy,在



When TCBY launched its new self-serve platform in 2010, Douglas immediately saw it as a business

opportunity and wanted to bring "The Country's Best Yogurt" back to Jacksonville.




Douglas can't say for sure why TCBY left Jacksonville, but she says the business has been well received because of its recognizable name.




"They've [TCBY] always been embraced by the public as a healthier treat option," Douglas said. "The

product is still the same and just as good as it was 10 years ago."




In February, Douglas opened a second store in Pine Tree Plaza on Blanding Boulevard in Orange Park and a third this month in the Shoppes at Bartram Park on Old St. Augustine Road. (An existing TCBY store in northern St. Johns County on Race Track Road is operated by another franchisee.)


    今年2月Douglas在乔治公园Blanding大道上的松柏大厦里开设了第二家店,3月在老St. Augustine大街Bartram公园里开设了第三家店面。(St.Johns镇的赛道路上现有的那家TCBY冰淇淋店交由另一个加盟商管理。)


But TCBY isn't the only place to get your froyo fix. Less than 1 mile from TCBY, on Atlantic Boulevard, is Happy Cup Frozen Yogurt Bar. Aaron Levine, 35, and his wife, Angela, opened this organic, self-serve frozen yogurt shop in February 2010.


    然而,并不是只有在TCBY才能享用froyo酸奶冰淇淋。距离TCBY不到一公里,在大西洋林荫大道上,有一家快乐杯酸奶冰淇淋吧。Aaron Levine今年35岁,他和他的妻子Angela于2010年2月开设了这家自助酸奶冰淇淋店。

"When I was planning this, there were no self-serve yogurt shops in Jacksonville," Levine said. "Now

they're on every corner."




Instead of ordering yogurt from large suppliers, Levine decided to create his own recipes from scratch to make a healthier product. After installing a commercial yogurt machine in his kitchen, Levine spent about six months perfecting the ratios of Happy Cup's ingredients.




Having tasted her fair share of frozen yogurt, Carley Mullen appreciates what Happy Cup has to offer.


    Carley Mullen 在品尝过那家店的酸奶冰淇淋后对其产品赞赏有加。


"To me, the yogurt is less sweet so it tastes more natural," she said.




Happy Cup serves frozen yogurt made with organic milk, yogurt and sugar, and uses only 100 percent

natural flavor ingredients such as fresh strawberry puree and peanut butter made from, well, peanuts.

Levine's secret to keeping his flavors free of chemicals and full of flavor? Just a little bit of natural fat.




"When you start using real ingredients, you don't have to do a lot of exotic crazy flavors because it

tastes so much different," Levine said.



But sometimes it's a delightfully bizarre flavor that intrigues adventurous consumers.



Yobe Frozen Yogurt, the largest frozen yogurt franchise in North Florida, serves flavors like taro, a

tropical plant native to Southeast Asia, and, one a little closer to home, peanut butter and jelly

sandwich. Those are only two of 140 flavors created by Yobe and made fresh daily.


    Yobe 酸奶冰淇淋,是北佛罗里达最大的酸奶冰淇淋加盟品牌,提供多种口味例如:香草,香草为东南亚热带品种,还有据本土较近,花生酱和果冻三明治。这些是Yobe研发出的140中口味中的其中两种,这些口味每天都会更新。


"It's your product that's your backbone," said Chris Ramsey, director of franchising for Yobe. "If you don't have a good product, people aren't going to follow you."


    Yobe加盟部负责人 Chris Ramsey说道, “产品是你们的支柱,如果你没有好产品,人们不会追随你的”


Yobe has taken over the locations of multiple ice cream shops, proving that frozen yogurt's claim to

being a healthy treat alternative is also very appealing.




Frozen yogurt has nearly 40 percent fewer calories than ice cream and little or no fat. Some companies add other health benefits; TCBY serves what they call "Super Fro Yo," which contains fiber, seven probiotics, Vitamin D, calcium and protein.


    酸奶冰淇淋与普通冰淇淋相比减少了近40%的卡路里,少脂或无脂。一些公司采用其它的健康选择;TCBY提供的是他们称之为“超级Fro Yo”的产品,产品中包含纤维、7种益生菌,维他命D, 钙和蛋白质


The industry really exploded when stores started offering self-serve, allowing the customer to be

creative with flavors and toppings.




Yobe was a full-service frozen yogurt shop when its stores first opened, but quickly made the transition to self-serve.




    "You can customize how much you get," Carley said. "It depends on how you feel."




     Her mother agrees that self-serve is a great option, but suggests that children be closely monitored and educated as to how much is really appropriate.




   Looking back at her receipt, even Mullen was surprised at how much frozen yogurt they ended up with and wishes that smaller cups were available.




With her 16-ounce cup in hand (four times the suggested serving size) Mullen asked, "Do you really need to eat all that? No."




Jodi Brindisi, a registered dietitian at Baptist Medical Center, warns consumers to be careful.


   一名在Baptist Medical 中心注册过的食品研发师Jodi Brindisi提醒消费者应该注意不要添加太多辅料。


"You can easily super-size it through self-serve," Brindisi said. "What I've seen is that instead of the half-cup serving, people are excited about the flavors and have a heavy hand. Now three, to four, to five times the appropriate serving size, it's no longer a healthy snack."




Health experts suggest that you ask for the shop's nutritional information so you know what you're





And your stomach isn't the only thing to feel burdened by 12 ounces of frozen yogurt. Your wallet could also take a hit. Self-serve frozen yogurt shops charge by the ounce, so don't be surprised when a cup of yogurt costs you nearly $6 at 49 cents an ounce.




"Your eyes are bigger than your stomach and your wallet sometimes," Ramsey said.




Another potentially treacherous part of self-serve frozen yogurt is that seductive toppings bar. From

fresh berries and nuts to brownies, candy bar pieces and caramel syrup, a mixture of add-ons can pack on an additional 300 calories.




"If you put like five Reese's Pieces on it, no big deal," Brindisi said. "But who can do that?"




As the market for frozen yogurt grows — and its healthy rise is expected to continue for the future,

economists say — so will the competition.




"It's definitely very trendy, but it's here to stay," said Yobe's Ramsey. "Look at the craze with yogurt right now. It's nuts."




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