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General and I OST English Translations

(2017-03-13 15:49:07)


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A big thank you to Chewywon and xah! ​​

I collaborated with Chewywon on translating all these five songs. She produced the MVs of General and I OST on YouTube and published the translated lyrics on Our Sunshine.  

xah is the English translator of Feng Nong's novel A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to Be Appreciated (Check out her amazing works). xah is also the original translator of the first three songs. In my translations, I blended my interpretation of the songs with hers. If Chewy and xah didn't translate the songs in the first place, I probably wouldn't have studied the lyrics of these songs and discovered quite a few well-turned phrases.

I am not a fan of ancient costume dramas because I don't like the rigidly stratified feudal system where talented people are driven to serve an often not-so-great emperor and the patriarchal society where woman racked their brains to attract the often not-so-perfect men's attention. I watched General and I because I was curious about 1) Wallace's revelation of Chu Beijie, 2) the intellectually compatible pairing of Chu Beijie and Bai Pingting, and 3) the theme of advocating for world peace. With that being said, I skipped a lot of scenes that were not of my interest...

I ended up admiring the beautifully rendered romantic scenes and fight scenes, the amazing costumes, and the awe-inspiring behind-the-scenes documentary. 

I wasn't too keen on translating the following songs when I listened to them for the first time because I didn't know how they interacted with the drama (which I suspected to be quite different from the original novel) and also because some lines sounded like a concoction of trite phrases that constantly pop up in the "Chinese style" songs popularized by Jay Chou. 

Nonetheless, after Chewy invited me to edit the translations after the show aired, I changed my mind. I was able to make connections between the lyrics and the scenes and easily understand why the lyricists chose certain words and included certain allusions. So, I am grateful that Chewy asked me to edit the lyric translations.  

I underlined the parts of the lyrics I liked the best. :)   

孤芳不自賞-霍尊 A Lonesome Blossom Awaits Appreciation-Huo Zun

這一生 我等得好長
This life, I've waited too long
from a bewildered boy to a lonely king
這一世 我愛的好傷
This life, I have been deeply hurt in love
allowing you to stab the sword in my chest

我的戰馬飛踏 為你平天下
My war steed gallops, restoring peace for you
你的琴弦撥動 伴我嘯天涯
You strum the zither strings, accompanying me to the end of the world
願為你捨江山 為你卸鎧甲
For you, I'm willing to relinquish my power and take off my armor
願牽你的手 陪你到青絲變白髮
I'm willing to hold your hand, keeping you company till your black tresses turn gray

孤傲的背影 掩不住緊鎖的眉
The figure of proud loneliness can't conceal your knitted brows
芳香的一吻 止不住風乾的淚
A sweet kiss can't stop my dried-up tears
不羈的歲月 訴不完思念如水
My pining for you has trickled through the reckless years
自問來時路 走不盡愛的輪迴
I asked myself how I got here, through endless reincarnations of love
賞漫天落花 如你笑顏相隨
admiring the sky studded with falling flowers, as stunning as your smiling face

Repeat *** once

滴血含笑 看著你 戀著你 愛著你
Smiling through dripping blood, watching you, longing for you, loving you
my destined bride

Repeat the third verse of *** once

風景舊曾諳-韋禮安 & 郭靜 Once Familiar with the Scenery-William Wei & Claire Kou

向時間 討一味 初色的美
Ask time for a sense of the initial beauty—
夜如水 風如淚 愛如碑
The night flows, the wind weeps, our love persists like a plaque
從不害怕 夢推向誰 偏離後迂回
I never dread whom the dream may be shoved to; albeit knocked off course, it always gets back on track
今生也把 你我成像 溫柔以對
This lifetime, let's make a painting of us, gentling facing each other

Stop for the scenery and listen for the hustle when they arrive
Those old acquaintances, I shall see them in this life
The misty rain and the shed petals have fluttered for a thousand years
but I only wish to be with you from dawn to dusk
Who minds the unknown?

再看一眼 再看一遍 你懷中的夢
One more glance, yet another glance, at the dreams in your arms
浪跡的風 是你給的承諾
The roaming wind, is your promise to me
還以為 習慣孤單 習慣不安
I thought I got used to being lonely and restless
卻道芳時 情如雨糾纏
But when the flowering season arrives, when love twines about the rain
與你點闌珊 (用一生相愛)
we rekindle the waning candle (love for life)
仿佛一夜 帶露的光 映射成牆
As if overnight, the dewy sunlight, had shafted through like a wall
如果回憶無傷 就握緊我 等風吹來
If memories don't hurt, then hold me tight, and wait for the wind to arrive

輕輕地 輕輕地 癡癡的念舊著
Gently, gently, passionately, we keep reminiscing
夢見了 被遺忘的…
and dreamed of what was forgotten…

Repeat *** once

再多一年 再多一眼 故事別擱淺
One more year, one more glance, don't let the story run aground
太多情節 在你夢的那邊
Too many plots are on your side of the dreams
就這樣 一生流浪 一生徜徉
Let us be, wander for life, saunter for life,
某年某月 你心之所往
Sometime of some year, what you heart desires
會處處留香 (是我們的愛~)
will leave its fragrance everywhere (It's our love)
城內的光 城外的疆 風景怎樣
The scenery in the city, the territory outside, how is the view?
情深久如初漾 又是一朝 新的春光
The love is deep and lasting as the first ripple. Once again, the new spring will come around

輕輕地 輕輕地 癡癡的還愛著
Gently, gently, passionately, we keep loving
夢見了 未盛開的…
and dreamed of the flowers not yet in full bloom

眼前-譚晶 Before the Eyes-Tan Jing

隨一片風 追一粒沙
Follow a gust of wind, chase a grain of sand
Not willing to rein at the edge of a cliff
斟一碗酒 醉一夜話
Pour a bowl of wine, chat a night away
Allow tears to soak the boutonniere for my fair lady

兵臨池下 血濺白紗
The troops reached the fortress, the blood stained the white gauze
I exchanged intent gazes with you in the bedlam
鐵蹄鞭撻 心亂如麻
The iron hoofs lashed against the ground, my mind was a tangled knot
Why didn't I see this coming?

不聽 不問 不忍懷中相殺
Not listening, not asking, not bearing to slaughter my kindred spirit
與你冰刃交加 怎無牽掛
Battling you with an ice-cold blade, how could I not worry
一念之差 心墻都傾塌
With a wrong decision, the walls of my heart collapsed
眼前是愛是恨 都隨它
Whether my eyes saw love or hate, is up to them

刀劍下 怕與你各一方
Under the sword, dreading being separated from you
I lamented a lonesome blossom bereft of appreciation

淚塔-方圓 Tower of Tears-Fang Yuan

春雨 再次枉成雪花
Spring raindrops are turned into snowflakes again
歲月 將人拆成撇捺
Time shattered our souls
此情 閱歷並不復雜
Our love did not witness complicated experiences
But it led us down different paths

You kept your eyes open
risked your life to confront the sandstorm
劈荊棘 騎白馬
You broke through brambles while riding a white horse
but still couldn't hurdle
our missed youth
在劍下 想留一絲情 掙紮
Under the sword, you begged for a little mercy, you struggled

命中的沙 裹著思念
The unavoidable sandstorm was wrapped with our pining for each other
Just let time pile up a tower of tears
淚是珍珠 看似堅硬無暇
Tears are pearls, seemingly flawless and unbreakable
卻不知何時 卻就在此時 崩塌
but nobody knows when they will crumble away—perhaps at this very moment

不負-周品 Never Betray-Zhou Pin

Helpless in chaos and tumult
Sànluò liúlí de jìliáo
Lonely in separation and exile
願只能不改初心 就好
I only pray we never change our original aspiration
Smoke signals rise on all sides, people wail at the imminent war
I swear to God whether the future is a dream or an ordeal
We will tightly hold on to each other

Only after we endure pain will we deserve happiness
Who can predict life's countless twists and turns?
用盡一生蒼老 願妳一笑
I exhaust my life, only wishing for a smile from you
Notwithstanding the turmoil and chaos of war
I stand firm
愛永遠追隨 天涯海角
My love will follow you forever, to the end of the world

The plentiful spring and the soulful autumn envelope me
The colorful summer and the whispering winter live in my poem
There is no end to all the pining and heartaches
I ascend to the lonely heights
I tumble into the freezing irony and the burning satire through life's ups and downs
人海中 尋妳的容貌
In the ruck, I search your face

Repeat ***  once

Despite the turbulent world where the yellow sand pelts my face
and the scorching sun collapses into the afterglow
穿越地陷天塌 愛怎可拋
I cross the falling sky and the crumbling earth. How can I forsake my love?
Dashing through the hindrance of overwhelming national enmity
is our deep-seated lovesickness
I'll never betray the embrace of love

General <wbr>and <wbr>I <wbr>OST <wbr>English <wbr>Translations

"A Lonesome Blossom" is my favorite General and I OST, because Wallace and the other songwriters were creative enough to insert rock and electric music elements into the song and because Wallace expressed his life philosophy in the song, as manifested in the last line. 



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