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白发的 另一篇译文

(2012-01-16 19:00:23)




When I entered the midlife, friends of mine pointed at my head and said: Look, you’ve already got white hairs?”  


Smiling without any response, I on an occasion smiled to them with words like, writing job had drained my hairs of black color.


Top ridges had been surmounted in a casual and muddling way. My life was beginning to decline after the climactic moments. Perhaps , more efforts should be taken to leap few steps.


Sometimes I would lapse into thinking seriously about the white hairs, when facing the mirror : when does the first white hair emerge ? For what purpose? Then My memory went back to the time when I chatted with my mother during my young ages.


Mother sat with her back against the window which was open. Breeze gently lifted my mother’s hairs, one silvery hair standing and blinking at my eyes in the setting sunlight.  


It was swinging feebly in the wind, and managed not to fail, which was an alert to me.


This was the first time when I saw mother’s white hairs. The idea that mother was disposed to aging haunted my mind. What a horrible thing it was!


I couldn’t help flinging at my mother’s arms. Mum did not know what was wrong with me and asked me , managing to separate me from her. As a result, I was embracing her so tightly and was afraid that she would part with me one day…


Then later on, I did not tell her what was going on with me. The strongest feeling was hard to express and the delicate and subtle one was destined to be kept deep inside my heart. Presently, mother’s head was full of white hairs, and the feeling of her white hairs at first sight was quite unforgettable. I was seized with the mournful complaint of the short life and the helplessness of human beings. It was as if the withered leaves on the ground were unable to grow again in the trees.



When my wife brought a bottle of hair dying liquid and a flat-head painting brush in front of me and asked me to help her dye her hairs, another mournful complaint crept into my heart. How could the forests of life of our generation begin to shed their leaves ?  


Glancing at her hairs, I smiled: “ Is it necessary to dye the only two or three white hairs?” It was a huge startle that so many white hairs were found behind the black ones after I combed them with my fingers. I was so careless that I knew it after it was too late.


It was because of so many white hairs that she was obliged to dye the white color of dying youth.

She once got such black and fragrant hairs and how could be possible they became grey one by one? Did it happen when I was busy incessantly with working and talking or I buried my head writing day and night ? or was it due to her toilsome and miserable life , sheltering from others’ help after the devastating earthquake? Or was it because of her anxiety of my terrible disease last time? Perhaps it was because of the thing that I hurt her so much that her hairs were turned grey over that night.


Black hairs were fresh green grass whereas white ones were withered dried grass; Black hairs sent out tantalizing vitality while white ones filled with unpleasant, mournful and dried color. How could I make her hairs as beautifully black as before? In such a hurry I wanted to dye all her white hairs black. She asked: “did you drop the liquid at my head-top?” Then sadness came over me, and I held back tears lest they would well up.  

这日,邻家一位老者来访。这位老者阅历深、博学,又健朗,鹤发童颜,很有神采。 “小老弟,你挺明白的人,怎么在白发面前糊涂了?孩童有稚嫩的美,青年有健旺的美, 

At the other day, an elder, one of my neighbours, came over by me. He was erudite and experienced in mind, while vital and energetic in body. “My little brother, you are such a wise and rational person. Why do you become so irrational and confused about the white hairs dying matter?” he said to me, “child has naïve and slender beauty, teenager has healthy and energetic beauty,








middle-aged person like you has mature beauty and the old has calm and indifferent beauty. It is like four seasons: spring is verdant, summer is exuberant, autumn is dazzling and winter is pure. Each one is bestowed with its own beauty and merit. It is not necessary to envy others, neither is to mock others. For it is tired to mock, and even exhausting to force oneself. For the life itself, let it be active when it is alive, and be quiet when it is died. Let nature takes its course. It is correct indeed. It is referred that you should savor the beauty of the season in accordance with the course of the nature. Ah , it makes any sense to you, doesn’t it?  My dear brother?”


His words broadened my horizon and pleased my mood. I swung my head, the grey hairs swaying back and forth, just like the reed flowers wavering in the autumn sunlight.



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