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Related article: Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 20:55:47 +0100 From: Mitchel Mulder Subject: A Dad and His Son"My dad?!?" "Yeah, sure, he looks great" Jim said as he slowly caressed my nipple with his hand. "Come on" I said. "No, serious, he is very sexy, I'll bet he has a nice big cock, just like his son", with that he squeezed my cock softly. "you ever saw it?". "Yes, when I was younger, but then again, I had not much to compare it with". "How big was it, was it hard?". "Jim, stop it" I got up from the bed, I pointed at my alarm clock, "should you be heading home?". Jim gave a sigh, "yeah you are right". He pulled me down again on top of his naked body. My tongue slipped into his mouth, his hands went over my ass, pushing me harder on his crotch. I broke the kiss, "you have to go, don't want that hysterical mother of you calling me up again asking when you are coming home". We both got up, "hate to leave you". "I know" and gave him another kiss. "Almost 18 and she still treats me like I am a child". I watched him getting dressed. Jim was my best friend, we played together on the school soccer team, he was the type of guy who could have had any girl on school, but instead he had chosen me. We fucked and sucked almost every afternoon after school. "Just picture it, you, me and your dad" he grinned while he rubbed the front of his jeans. "Yeah, and what about your dad?" "Oh, please, don't tell me you fancy small balded guys with a beer belly" He laughed. Yes, to be honest my dad looked better much better.A few minutes after Jim had left his mother called, I told her he was on his way. I made some dinner and ate it alone as usual, my dad wouldn't be home for hours, always busy at the office. I thought back at what Jim had asked about my dad's dick. Somehow I started to feel curious too. It had been years ago since I had seen my dad naked. When I was younger we always bathed together, no I had never had seen him hard, I only had felt it, I guess, years ago. How old was I then 11, 12?It had been a warm Sunday afternoon in August, Dad and I had been fooling around in the garden, playing soccer and rolling around in the grass. "Hey guys, dinner within 30 minutes" my mother called out, "get yourselves cleaned up, the bath is ready". "Hey Steve, I think I can beat you". My dad got up and ran inside. I got up to, I tripped over the ball but quickly got up and ran to the bathroom too. When I got there, my dad was already in the tub up to his neck into the foam. I quickly dropped my shorts and jumped in too. "Hey easy!" I sat between my dad legs, resting my head against his broad hairy chest. With my ear against his chest I could his heart beat, his hands soaped my shoulders and arms, he tickled me under my arms. I burst out and started to try to get away. His big hand grabbed me and pushed my head under water. I got hold of his thigh and pinched hard. His body jumped up, I quickly reached for his foot. For a moment or two we were silent while I looked back at him with evil grin. "Oh no, son, please I beg you!" he said. I looked him in the eyes, he acted as he was in fear. "Please have mercy!" he begged. "No mercy" I said and started to tickle him under his feet. He gave a yelp and started to giggle, his body slipped under mine, I lost my grip on his foot. His hands were now on my sides tickling me hard, my hands reached under water, tickling and pinching him where ever I could. Water cascaded over the edge to the floor. "Hey you guys!" my mother shouted, "stop fooling around, dinner is almost ready". We both eased and sat back again, it was then that I felt something hard pushing against my lower back. "Come, Steve, better get out of the bath, you first". I got out, to my surprise my cock was semi hard, with my back to my dad, I dried off. "Aren't you coming dad?". "In a while" my dad said, "go on to your room and get dressed.After dinner when my mother was busy in the kutchen, he told me that I was getting to old to have a bath together. Not long after that my mother died in a car accident. My dad fled into his work, working harder and longer. He made sure I was taken care off my aunts, friends or neighbours. He spoiled me, always buying the best and latest things for me. Our relationship, once so close, changed, he always kept a distance since the death of my mother. He still loved me, he told me that on many occasions, but a hug was out of the question.I was already in bed when I heard my dad come in, it was almost midnight. I got up, put on my boxers and walked downstairs. "Hey dad". "Hi Steve, sorry , did I wake you?". "No couldn't sleep anyway". Jim was right, my dad still looked good, he was only 39 and, still in good shape. He had unbuttoned his shirts halfway, his tie lay beside him. He had kicked off his shoes, and was resting his feet on the coffee table. His hand was on his hairy chest half under his shirt. "So how was school today?" "O, the usual, how was your day?". "hectic" he smiled, "as usual". "Can I pour you a drink?" I asked. "That sounds great" he said, as he rested his head against the back of the chair. I felt a stir in my groin as the muscles in his neck stood out. He stretched his arms, making his shirt open wider revealing more of his hairy chest. I poured a scotch and brought it over and sat on the armrest next to him. "Thanks son". "You look tired, dad". "I am, but we closed the deal finally". His eyes moved from my face down over my body. Preteens Nn Models For a brief moment he was staring at my boxer. He was staring right into my half open fly. Quickly my father shifted nervously in his chair, resting his elbow on his knees. I looked down on him while he took a sip of his drink. Only now I could see how big he was, his biceps stretched the fabric of his shirt to the limit. Yeah, Jim was right, my dad was hot.I could see that he was tired and a bit nervous being so close to me. I wanted to reach out and hold him, I mean to comfort him. Instead I ruffled his short hair. "Love you dad". He looked up to me, "love you too, son". He finished his drink, "wow, I really should go to bed, I'm so tired". "Sure, dad, tomorrow another hectic day?". He got up from the chair, stretched himself, "no, don't think so, after all the deal finally closed, you know how hard we worked for it". "I know, dad, good night". "Don't make it too late, Steve, another school-day tomorrow." "No, I'm heading for bed too". I got up too and followed my dad upstairs. "Hey, dad, maybe you can get a few days off now, I've got to go school for a few more days, maybe we can go to the beach or something, you know, like as in the old days." I knew my dad loved the beach, when my mum was still alive, we went to the beach whenever it was a sunny day. My dad stopped at his door, "the beach, can't remember the last time we were there". His eyes drifted away as he was looking into the past. "O, please dad, let's do that. You've been working so hard, you need a couple of days for yourself". My dad, turned around facing me, he looked so fragile, he had that smile on his face, "yeah, let's do that". But then his smiled faded, "you know Steve, it wouldn't be the same". "I know dad, but hey, I can make a perfect chicken sandwich too". "I know you can, yeah maybe it is time to have some fun again". "Yes, dad, you've worked hard enough". "Well we'll see". For a moment I thought he was going to give me a kiss, like he used to do, I even leaned a bit forward. Instead he slapped my shoulder and wished me goodnight.I climbed into my bed, and Preteens Nn Models lay on my back staring at the ceiling, thinking about my dad, while the words of Tim lingered in my mind. All I wanted was my dad to be happy again, to enjoy his life, to make him see that there is more to life than work. I heard my dad's door open and looking out of my open door I saw him walking to the bathroom in just his briefs. Without thinking my hand moved under the sheet finding my hardening cock. Yep, he still looked great, if he hadn't been my dad, I would have certainly made a pass. My hands moved under the sheet.---------------------------------------------------------------------On my way back from the bathroom I looked into my son's bedroom, he looked sound asleep, his hands under the sheet, I could have sworn that he was holding his cock. I smiled to myself, remembering when I was his age, jacking off three or four times a day, I'll bet he does the same. He looked great, well developed, he is a good kid, no real problems. Maybe he was right, the last couple of years I've only lived for my work, like an escape. Yes, I should spend more time with him, who knows, in a couple of years or so and he would be off, getting married and living his own life . I rested against the doorpost, not taking my eyes from him, "I love you Steve" I whispered, "you're the best son a dad could wish for". His hand started to move slowly under the sheet, he was slowly started to jerk his cock, which looked pretty big through the thin sheet. My mind raced back to that hot summer afternoon years ago. The last time I'd seen him naked, the his body was that Preteens Nn Models of a boy, now he was a man. Just like then Preteens Nn Models I felt my cock starting to grow harder, his young smooth body had felt so good then. Thank God, he never found out, that I had a raging erection at that time.I looked down at my briefs, my cock head was fighting its way out of the waistband. Steve was still asleep, damn, he was jerking his cock in his sleep! I shouldn't be here, I thought, while his breathing became heavier. I wanted to leave but my legs refused, slowly I reached inside my briefs, holding my wet hard cock, my movements matching his. My hand moved to my nipple, squeezing it sharply. Steve started to moan, which broke my thoughts. What was I doing! I quickly turned away, I almost run into my bedroom, I jumped onto my bed, face down. "Oh, please!" I almost cried, "what the hell is wrong with me". I turned on my back, my cock was still fully erect. I kicked off my briefs and got hold of my dick. Again, like five years ago I was beating off, thinking of Steve.
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