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Related article: Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2007 11:07:29 -0400 (EDT) From: Mitchel Mulder Subject: A dad and his son-17First of all I like to thank every one that send comments on this story. Some of you asked for more chapters or wondered how it will end. So, let's give it another try.---------------------------------------------------------------------We dropped both Jim and Steve off at Jim's place. "See you later guys!" As we drove away I saw Jim and Steve entering the house. "Just hope he didn't overdo it, with his foot." "No, he'll be allright", Paul said and shifted in his seat. His hand rested on my shoulder, I felt him looking at me. "What's up?" I asked. "Nothing, I just like looking at you." I smiled at him, God he looked great, I was really in love with his guy.I parked in front of his door, he leant over and kissed me tenderly. "See you later this afternoon!" As I drove away I noticed that another block was now vacant, and wondered when this whole street would be torn down.Once home I stipped down to my briefs and did my sit-ups and push-ups. Maybe it was time that I did join a real gym, afterall I wanted to stay in shape for Paul. After I don't know how many reps I let myself fall to the ground and rolled over on my back. I put my hands behund me head and looked around. Maybe it was time to change all this, a new wallpaper, some fresh paint, maybe even new furniture. Time to change, time to start my new life, my new life with Paul and of course with Steve. "Hey dad!" "Hey, son, didn't hear you come in, where's Jim?" "You were miles away. Hey, guess what, Jim is going on a trip to France! His mum and dad wanted to surprise him." "That's a nice surprise". "Yeah, sure, he's going with his parents! Leaving tonight, knowing his parents they will be spending the whole vacation in the Louvre." "That reminds me, Monday I will see when I can get a couple of days off". "Jim will be away for two weeks." Steve said with a sigh, "you know what that means, don't you?" "No" I answered. He gave me a big grin and walked up to me. "Two weeks without my fuckbuddy!" He sat down next to me. "I think you'll survive" I said, he placed in hand on my chest, "and... your old dad is always happy to help you out!" He bent his face to mine our lips pressed together, our tongues mingled whiles our hands groped eachothers crotch. I felt his cock grow in his jeans, my own cock got hard too, pushing its head under the elastic of my briefs, finding it way out. Slowly Steve pulled my briefs down, I pushed my hips a bit up so he could them off completely. I moaned and closed my eyes as I felt his warm moist lips closing around my head, slowly I pushed my hips from the floor, his lips skinned me back so my exposed head glided over his tongue to the soft back of his mouth.I still had my hand on his dick, squeezing it hard. I managed to open his fly, his cock sprang out into my hand. I jerked it slowly, drops of pre-cum wet my hand. Steve got up and got naked quickly, he let himself fall on his knees holding his cock to my lips. "Mmmm, love it, son" I parted my lips and let him slide his perfect cock in my mouth. With his hand behinf my head he lifted my head and inch or so from the floor, moving his Kds Preteen hips faster, fucking my mouth while his balls slapped against my chin. His cock still tasted a bit soapy of the shower we had earlier. While he fucked my mouth his hand roamed my chest and stomach, every now and then softly pulling at my hairs.He moved his body around, placing his knees on either side of my head, ending up in a 69 position, with me on my back and him on top of me. Now he could push Kds Preteen his cock even further down my throat, while he started to suck my cock. We both moaned as we sucked and touched eachother, his fingers ran over my balls to my warm sweaty hole. When I lifted up my hips to push my cock further in, he stuck out two fingers, when I came down he penetrated me right up to his knuckles. "O fuck yes!" I shouted. I didn't need to say anything more. He pulled his cock out of my mouth, moved and got between my legs, pulling them up and apart. He gave a low grunt as his cock touched my openening, he lowered himself, making his cock go in, with no stopping, he pushed it all the way in. "Ohh, dad, your ass is so fucking hot!" "Come on, fuck me!" With all his strength he fucked me, while I stroked my cock faster. "O man" I cried, his cock was hitting my prostate over and over again. I tossed my head and could not stop panting. I jerked faster, knowing I could blow any second now. I felt Steve's cock stop for just a second, it almost seemed that it swelled up evenmore. A loud cry erupted from deep within him, I felt a warm wetness deep in my bowels. "Ahhhhh!" We both cried out. My muscles tightened, my cum flew into my face and chest.Carefully Steve slipped out of me and laid on top of me, kissing away my cum from my face. "That was hot, dad!" "It sure was", I gave him a big loud kiss.------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------ I gave dad a hand and pulled him up to his feet. "Let me get us a beer", dad said. He walked butt naked to the kitchen, his naked body still amazed me, the coach may be bigger and broader, but dad still looked hot. "Here you go" handing me a beer. Naked we sat on the couch and dad told me about his plans to re-decorate the living. I guess it was his way to mark his new life, he finally had let go of the past. "Great, dad, you know, I can help, I have vacation now and since Jim won 't be around the coming weeks I can help with the painting. Hey, maybe the coach could help too!" "We'll see, you should enjoy your vacation, and there's no need to rush things."While we put on our clothes again, we talked a bit about buying new furniture and stuff like that.Around four the coach came. Dressed in cut-offs and a thight polo shirt he looked so hot. Dad was all over him the minute he got in. The two of them could not take their hands of each other. Although it was hot to look at them, I decided to leave them alone, well at least for now.I went up to my room and gave Jim a call, they were waiting for the taxi to bring them to the airport. "Looking forward to that trip?" "What do you think?" Jim answered. "Guess what, dad and I just fucked." "Shit man, why France, why now!" "And oh, yeah, the coach just came in." "Fuck man, wish I was there now." I grinned and and walked over to the window. Dad and the coach were laying on the loungers, naked, dad had his hand on coach's cock slowly stroking him. "O man, you should see this!" "Tell me, man" Jim answered. "They're in the garden, naked, dad is stroking coach." "Fuck man, I'm getting hard!" In the background I heard his mother call something. "Man, taxi is here, got to go!" Jim said in a hurry, "o man need to cum!" "Hey Jim, enjoy your vacation!" "Not funny, not funny at all" "Take care, talk to you later!"Dad got off his lounger and went to his knees, taking coach big cock into his mouth. The coach put his hands behind his head, showing off his big armpits. I felt my own cock react at that sight. I fought the urge to run down and join in, how I would have liked to lick those big hairy sweaty armpits. No, they should be alone now. I stepped out of my jeans and stroked my hard cock. Dad came up and placed one foot on the other side of the lounger. With his back to me, he slowly lowered himself. He held the coach cock in his hand, slowly he pressed his ass down. Slowly I saw the big cock disappear in his ass. As dad sat down completely they both let out a sigh. Dad's hands went to coach nipples and the coach lifted up his upper body to kiss dad. My cock was dripping pre, this was really hot to watch, poor Jim I thought. Dad was now riding coach's cock faster, the coach was pushing up his hips too, his muscle in those massive thighs flexing with each movement he made. Thank God, we had a private garden, with high bushes and trees, so no one could look Kds Preteen in. I jerked faster, without taking his cock out, the coach pushed dad back on the lounger, dad was now laying on his back, with his legs on the coach's shouders, the coach was half standing with his feet on either side of the lounger, fucking dad harder and faster. Although no one could look into our garden, I'm not sure the neighbours wouldn't hear them. They were grunted loudly now, and you could hear the sound of flesh beating against flesh. I felt my balls tightening, my legs spasmed, o fuck man, I'm gonna cum! Not taking my eyes off the scene below I shot my load on the floor. I heard them cry out too, by the looks, and the sounds, of them they were cumming too.------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----My ass felt a bit worn out, first fucked by Steve and then by Paul. The hot water cascaded over my body. The glass door opened and Paul stepped in, kissing me deeply. Our spent cocks rubbed together, our arms thight around eachother shoulders. "I love you", I managed to say. "Good, because I love you too", Paul replied, hugging me tighterWe had decided to go out for dinner. Paul had to wear some jeans from me as he only was wearing cutt-offs. My jeans did not really fitted him. The waist was good, but it looked like his tighs would ripp through the jeans any second. Also the croth was a bit too tight for him, it only made him hotter to look at.I popped my head around Steve´s door, "Hey son, we´re going out for dinner, want to join us?" "Hell yes", he got up from his bed. "Better get dressed then" as he was only wearing his tee, naked from the waist down. He gave me a wink and looked down, "you mind?". "Hmm, not really, but we do go to a restaurant you know." He smiled, "I'll me right down."I locked the front door behind me and watched Paul and Steve walk up to the car. Two handsome guys, two guys I loved, I felt like the luckiest guy in the world. Before we got into the car, I kissed them both, not caring who would see us, I felt my eyes getting a bit wet. "Hey dad, getting a bit sentimental?" I smiled, "Hey, Kds Preteen watch it, you're talking to the happiest man in the world. God I'm so fucking happy! Love you guys!"
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