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Related article: Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2006 14:38:36 -0500 (EST) From: Mitchel Mulder Subject: a dad and his son-16The other guys had already left some minutes ago, but still there was no sight of Steve, Jim or Paul. Then I remembered what Paul had told me about Jim, that he always made sure he and Steve would be the last ones to take a Lolita Kds shower. I had to smile as I thought of Jim, hoping to catch Paul taking a shower too. Yeah, Jim, the shy one, I remembered the first time I was alone with him, with just a towel around his waist, making sure I could see his cock and balls. How he had stroked his cock to full erection. I felt a stir in my balls, o man, Jim, Steve and me, what a weekend that had been!To set my mind on other things I walked around the car and thought of driving to the car wash this afternoon. I checked my watch, still no sight of Steve. Then a thought struck my mind, maybe he did hurt his ankle again, maybe he had overdone it on Lolita Kds the field. I walked over to the locker-rooms. As I entered the smell of sweat filled my nostrils, I walked past some empty rooms, at the far end I heard water running. I walked past the changing area, thank God, Steve was not here, so he was taking a shower, no problem with his foot then. Just when I wanted to leave again I heard Paul saying something. I walked over, as I entered the showers, he just stepped out of his jockstrap.Jim's eyes almost popped out of their sockets, I had to smile seeing him with his cock rock-hard. "Hey, dad, why don't you join us" Steve called out, "you missed your shower too this morning." Paul turned and gave me a broad smile, "yeah man, come on." He took a few steps towards me, his semi hard cock swaying as he walked, I felt his hand tugging at my shirt."O fuck man, look at that, coach is stripping your dad!" I heard Jim say.Paul opened my fly and pulled down my jeans. Jim almost went hysterical as Paul bent over to push my jeans all the way down. "Shit, look at that ass! See that, Steve? wow!" I kicked off my sneakers and stepped out of my cloths. Paul took my hand and we joined to boys under the shower.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Jim couldn't believe what was happening. "Holding hands, man they're holding hands!" He quickly wanked his cock, without taking his eyes of dad and the coach. As they stood under the shower, the coach put his arms around dad and kissed him. It was getting to much for Jim already. "O man, gonna cum!" he yelled. Quickly I sank to my feet and took his dripping cock into my mouth. The coach followed my example, on his knees he started to suck dad. "Shit! can't believe this, he is sucking you dad, just.... oh fuck... gonna shoot!!!!!" Jim's hot sperm filled my mouth, I swallowed fast to keep everything in.Jim's cock remained hard in my mouth. "O man, look at your dad's big cock going in and out of coach's mouth." I looked over to them, dad had his head thrown back, with his mouth opened he couldn't stop moaning as his cock filled the coach's mouth. Jim kept on pumping his in my mouth, still fully hard. Finally the couch let dad's cock pop out of his mouth and turned dad around. He spread dad's cheeks wide apart, while dad bent a little bit forward.Jim pulled his cock out too and turned around, with his hand behind my head he pushed my face into his crack. I licked the warm water out of his crack, Jim let out a groan and pushed his ass back to me. I pushed my tongue deep inside him. "O yeah, Steve, yeah fuck man, look at them!" With my tongue buried in Jim's ass I glanced to the left. Dad rested his head and his hands against the tiled wall, his mouth was wide open in a silent cry of pleasure while the warm water cascaded over his back. Coach pulled away from dad's ass and gave me a wide grin. He got Lolita Kds up to his feet and grabbed his hard massive cock, he hit dad's ass a couple of times with it. Every-time his cock hit dad's flesh both dad and Jim let a sigh."Need to be fucked, man, need a cock is my ass" Jim moaned to me. With my hand gliding up over his wet body I got up till my cock got hooked under his balls. Jim turned his head a stuck out his tongue as far as possible. I aimed my cock head against his sphincter, sucked in his tongue in my mouth and pushed my hips forward. "Ahhhhh!" I entered Jim easily, all the way in. My hands found Jim's nipples and squeezed them hard.At the corner of my eyes I saw the coach shoving his cock in dad's ass. Dad had his palm of his hands against the wall, while the coach fucked him hard. I followed his example, fucking Jim hard and fast. The shower room was filling up with steam and load groans. Jim's hard cock was bouncing up and down against his belly, his ass tightening around my fucking pole. His breathing became heavier, I closed my hand around his cock and gave him a few jerks. "Ohhh, shit!" he cried. His warm sperm shot out of his cock, wetting my hand with his warm juice. I pushed his back down and placed my hands on his hips, I took my cock out and plunged it back in again with all my strength. I heard myself roar, with my back arched and my head thrown back I started to shoot. Jim pushed his ass back, almost pushing me over. It felt like I shot forever, finally I let myself fall forward on Jim's back.Through the steam I saw dad getting up, pressing his back against coach chest and jerking his cock fast. The coach wrapped his arms around dad's chest and licked his ear. Dad cried out, his body shocked while the coach kept on fucking him. Because of the steam I could not see dad shoot, but by the sound of it and his body movements I could tell he had a massive orgasm. When his body stopped shaking the coach held him even tighter, locking him in a tight embrace. Then both he and and dad moaned loudly as teh coach shot his warm load in dad.I turned Jim around and kissed him deeply. He put his arms around me and pressed his body closer to mine. I felt another pair of arms around me, I looked up, it was dad, "if we stay here under these showers any longer we gonna look like wrinkle old guys." He quickly gave me a kiss and then moved to Jim to kiss him too. There was a slap on my ass, the coach grinned widely, looking from me to Jim. "Damn, guys, to think of all those showers we could have had." He grabbed both our cock and balls and gave it a few squeezes, "very nice!" He leaned forward and kissed dad, pushing his tongue deeply in dad's mouth. Both Jim and I leaned forward too, and pushed our tongues against theirs.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Steve and Jim headed in front of us to the cars. Paul and I followed them. "Any plans for the weekend?" I asked. "Yes, I have as a matter of fact" he answered. "Oh...." was all I could say, I hoped I didn't hear the disappointment in my voice. He stopped me and laid his arms around my shoulders. "Don't you want to hear my plans?" "Yeah, sure." He stopped walking and pulled me over, "I'm gonna make love to you, the whole weekend, that are my plans" He pressed his lips on mine, right there in the car park. I wrapped my arms around his broad shoulders, I felt a stir in my crotch again. After a few moments he released me. "Wow" was all I could say the first seconds. I looked at him, his face only inches away from mine. "I love you, Mike." "I love you to, Paul" and kissed him again. "I don't care what people will say or do, you are too important for me." "Same here, man" I answered. "Come on, the boys are waiting" he reached for my hand and together we walked over to our cars were Jim and Steve were waiting for us. Steve held up his thumb and gave me a grin, "you two look perfect together" and gave me a hug, then turned to Paul and hugged him too.----------------------
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