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Related article: Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2010 04:53:44 -0700 (PDT) From: Tague Micheals Subject: A Curious Boy IIII almost fell to my knees so shocked was I. His voice had deepened considerably in the almost 16 months since I'd seen him; he sounded so much older, was older, and would be just shy of 15."Hello. Are you still there," the voice asked."Yes, I'm sorry Ryder, it's just such a shock to hear your voice; it's so deep." He chuckled."Yeah, that's what mom says. I'm sorry I haven't been in touch Thomas; things have just gotten so busy. I'm in gymnastics and I'm in wrestling now." The Nn Lolita Model idea of seeing my boy in a wrestling tog sent a thrill through me. I told him that was wonderful and we made small talk for a few minutes before he came to the purpose of his call."My mom is going on a retreat and I was wondering if I could come spend Memorial Day weekend with you." I was stunned at the idea, the possibilities, but also felt my heart swell with the love that I'd felt for the boy, a love that had barely, if at all, diminished as time passed."Before you answer," he said, interrupting my brief reverie, "I should tell you that I'd like to bring 2 friends with me." Before I could answer he went on. "Please Thomas, I know that you'll like them, they're really nice and everything." Ryder didn't need to add the please, I would have agreed without it but I remembered what it was like when he said please and knew that it was important, something that he wanted a lot."Of course Ryder, your friends are always welcome." The sigh of relief was audible. We talked about the transportation issue, the fact that I'd moved, and what his thoughts were. He said that he could figure the buses out until he got to the Westgate transfer station but after that he wasn't sure. I said that was fine that I could pick him and his friends up in the little business complex across the street from the transfer station. He said that would be great, we set the time and day and hung up, but not before he said,"I love you so much Thomas, thank you." I thought about the upcoming 3 day weekend most of the following week and on Friday afternoon headed toward the meeting spot. In my fantasies I thought of Ryder and I being together again, naked and in each other's arms. In that fantasy I saw that he had grown considerably, the most noticeable difference in his cock which would now be man sized. I envisioned it as a thick, 8 inch hunk of flesh and based on his deepened voice, it was accompanied by large heavy balls that squirted out a ton of sperm. Then I'd considered that he would have friends with him and I wondered if that was going to be a boon or a bust; either a full blown orgy or just a weekend hanging out with 3 teenagers, two of whose sex I wasn't sure of but assumed to be boys.I got to the meeting place a good 15 minutes earlier than his bus was suppose to arrive. I stood along side my Jeep Sahara and watched people, focusing of course on boys and generally teenaged boys and because it was a transfer station there were plenty of people a lot of boys. So it was that I missed Ryder and his two friends at first but part of that was because I was sort of looking for 3 boys about the same age and height. When I finally recognized Ryder he was in the middle of the crosswalk and headed in my direction.Ryder looked to be a slender 5'7" tall, give or take, and more filled out but still a slender boy. His hair was about the same, maybe shorter. He waved when he saw that I recognized him. With him were 2 children, one in jeans a t-shirt and red tennis shoes and the other in a jean skirt that came to just above the knees and a t-shirt identical to the one the boy was wearing. She too was wearing red tennis shoes. They both had long, pitch black hair that was slightly wavy, parted in the middle and that fell past their shoulders and as they came closer I could see that they were identical twins.Ryder immediately set a gym bag down and gave me a long, tight hug. God the boy was my height, just a little bit shorter. "I've missed you a lot Thomas," he said as he stood back and we just gazed at each other for a moment."Thomas, these are my friends, Asel and Asia," he said, not bothering to point out which was which, assuming that the skirt would suffice for identification purposes. I took each one's hand and shook it gently, both children giving me a big smile."It's a pleasure to finally meet you Thomas," the boy said,"Ryder has told us a lot about you," the girl added, right on the heels of the boys' statement. My god I thought to myself, even their voices are identical; the light, slightly melodic pure voice that preteen children have."Well, it's a pleasure to meet the both of you. At the risk of sounding trite, any friends of Ryder's are friends of mine. So, let's pile in and get going." I opened the door and the twins got in, the girl first and then the boy, the latter shucking a backpack before climbing in, while Ryder went around the front and climbed in on the passenger side.It was about a 20 minute drive to my house and Ryder and I did most of the talking. From time to time one of the kids added something to the mix and when I looked in the rearview mirror I noticed that the girl seemed to be watching me. When I smiled at her she gave me a smile back, flashing crystal white and perfectly straight teeth. Nn Lolita Model During a lull in the conversation I asked how old they were."We're 12�, actually a little older," Asel responded then Asia added,"The same age as Ryder when he met you." I thought that a little strange, that the twins would have such knowledge then realized that in telling them about me, Ryder must have mentioned it.We finally arrived at my house, a nice but older 3 bedroom on an oversized lot in an established neighborhood where huge trees lined the quiet streets.I parked in the garage, closing the door behind me then I got out and pushed the seat back forward to let Asel out and was surprised that it was Asia on my side. I hadn't even noticed that they'd traded places and was too surprised to even wonder why. As the cute young thing started to get I reached out for her hand to help steady her. As she stepped out her skirt rode a little high and Nn Lolita Model gave me a brief glance at her inner thigh and a flash of white, which I assumed were her panties. She smiled rather coyly at me."Thank you so much Thomas," she said once she was standing Nn Lolita Model on solid ground."My pleasure Asia," I responded and the girl giggled slightly and blushed. She really was a very cute girl. Large brown eyes framed with thick long lashes and brows all but dominated the top part of her face. Her nose was slender and very slightly curved at the bridge. Her lips were perfect, red-ish in color, full and rather sensuous for child. For just a moment I considered what a beautiful boy she'd make then Ryder's voice on the other side of the jeep reminded me that she had a twin brother.Inside the house, we dropped the backpack and Ryder's bag in the entryway then headed into the living room to sit. Before I did much of anything Ryder was in my arms with his lips pressed against mine, his tongue pushing into my mouth and doing a tango with my tongue. I noticed how well he fit into my arms and the fact that I didn't have to bend over and he didn't have to rise up on his toes."I've really missed you a lot," the boy said when he broke the kiss."That's true. He talks about you a lot," Asia informed me. Well I'd missed him a great deal as well and informed him his friends of that very fact. I sat down in my arm chair and Ryder sat on the sofa across from me, the twins sitting next to each other at the opposite end Again we made small talk and in doing so I was able to look at the twins and noticed that indeed, as far as I could tell, they were identical in every way.I also noticed that Ryder had grown in other ways. His face more full and now he was growing incredibly handsome as well as cute, if that makes any sense. I'd not had an opportunity to check out the front of his pants so that remained a mystery."How is it that your parents allowed you to take this trip with Ryder," I finally asked and Asia explained that their mother was also a nurse and had gone on the same retreat as Gabby leaving Ryder to watch after them, which he'd done before. Things were quiet for just a moment then Asia went on."We said that Ryder had told us a lot about you and, well, he told us how you taught him about sex and showed him a lot of stuff." While she said this as if telling me about feeding the family dog, I was totally shocked. I couldn't imagine that Ryder would do such a thing but obviously he had. When I looked at him, his face had not changed one iota, although I thought there might have been a slight grin starting."You shouldn't worry though Thomas," Asel said, the boy picking up the thread of the conversation and possibly my concern. "We are very trust worthy and would never tell a soul.""Ever," Asia added. Okay, I could understand the notion of Ryder telling Asel about our adventures, he was after all another boy but to tell a girl. Oh my."You see Thomas," Asel said, "We want you to show us too." The look of confusion on my face must have been classic for Ryder's wonderfully kissable mouth spread into a smile."What?" I asked, not so much because I didn't understand the statement as I was stalling."We want you to teach us the same stuff that you taught Ryder." Again, I didn't say anything."Well, what it is, is we want you to be our first lover," Asel said."Yes," his twin said, "We want you to fuck us.""Not just you, but you and Ryder," Asel added, to which his twin said,"At the same time. You see, as twins, we do everything together, we always have and now we want to learn about sex and we want to lose our virginity together too.""I know that this is sort of a shock Thomas," Ryder said. "I also felt that if anyone could help them out it would be you, after all, you helped me out so much. As you can see, they're very convincing, and they're very serious." I was wondering who was going to do what to whom when Asia stood up and came over to me and sat on my leg, her feet planted on the floor between my legs. Her hands rested in her lap and she'd turned her upper body toward me."My twin and I have talked about this a lot Thomas," Asia told me, "we're really very curious about sex but to do it together means trusting 2 people not just one. We already trust Ryder and Ryder trust's you so it seemed like a perfect solution to us that the two of you be our teachers together." With that said she leaned her head toward mine and kissed me on the lips and in doing so she placed her hand on my crotch to steady herself although her fingers did a little bit of kneading. She leaned back and, looking me in the eye said,"Will you helps us Thomas?" I looked toward Ryder. The boy had moved right up next to him and his hand rested on Ryder's thigh and both of them were looking at me. What the hell could I say to that? Two beautiful children who were bent on losing their virginity that wanted me, along with a boy that I dearly loved, to help them do it."Sure," I said softly, "I guess I can do that.""Can you do something first though Thomas," Asel asked, "Can you and Ryder do some stuff for us? We've already seen his big cock but we'd like to see yours too." The idea of being sexual with Ryder was, by itself, a wonderful idea but doing it in front of these two beautiful children as a prelude to actually being with them was even better. Again, I must have taken a little too long."Please Thomas," Ryder asked. I nodded my head and started to move my body so Asia stood and moved out of the way. Ryder stood up as well and we moved toward each other, coming into each others arms about half way between the chair and the sofa. Ryder kissed me again but this time was even more sensuous that the first time, as if that was possible. My hand went directly to the front of his jeans and groped, my fingers in touch with him and although he was hardening I couldn't tell how big he'd gotten.We broke the kiss and I nuzzled his neck causing him to moan loudly while my hand unsnapped and unzipped his jeans. Instead of diving right in I slipped my hand into the waistband of his underwear and moved around to the back then dove in further to knead and grip his butt cheek. He had grown up that's for sure and the work out he got from sports had firmed up his butt considerably.Ryder's hand was at my pants as well and as our lips met again for a tongue battling kiss he unzipped me and slipped his hand down inside my underwear and took hold of my cock, which had stretched out to full length."I've missed this Thomas," the boy said huskily as he fondled and stroked me. I felt movement and looked down to see Asel pulling Ryder's jeans down while Asia did the honors for me. I pulled my hand out from his briefs and moved around to the front and grasped onto his rigid cock and felt the length of him. He had gotten big, if not huge. What I felt was thick and long and when I moved my hand down to feel his balls I found them to be large as well."I grew up Thomas," he said. We had kicked our shoes off in the entry way from the garage so I dropped to my knees and pulled his underwear down to reveal as magnificent a cock as I'd ever seen on man or boy. I was face to face with at least 8 inches of hard teenage cock. The balls that hung below it were indeed large, smooth, and the weight caused them to hang fairly low. I pulled his cock down and took him in my mouth, swallowing a good half of him and causing him to moan loudly.I felt hands at my crotch and in a moment the front of my underwear was tugged down allowing my own hard cock to spring out."It's a very nice one Asel, don't you think," I heard Asia ask as the cute young girl fondled and stroked me. I finally let go of Ryder's cock, reluctantly I might add, and stood up. The boy immediately dropped to his knees, Asia moving out of the way for him, and began sucking my cock, taking much of me inside, while his other hand pulled and squeezed gently on my balls. All I needed to do was stand there and enjoy it while the twins stood, one on each side of us and watched. Asia Nn Lolita Model moved so that she was standing right alongside of me and put her small hand on my belly and gently rubbed while her other hand rested at the small of my back, her fingers resting on the top part of my butt cheek. I let my arm drape across her narrow shoulder and the girl leaned her head against me. I glanced down at her then glance over at Asel who was intently watching Ryder work on my cock. I wondered what the two children were going to look like naked. I couldn't see any sign of sexual development in either of them. The fronts of their t-shirts were pretty much flat and Asel's was long enough that it basically covered the front of his jeans and so blocked my view of his package.Ryder finally let go of me and stood then snuggled up to me again and kissed me hard on the lips, his hands on my cheeks holding me in place as if I intended to go anywhere. As we kissed, I rubbed one hand down onto his glorious glute and felt a hand grasp at my raging cock and gently squeeze up and down its length before cupping my balls and hefting them as if judging their weight. I knew without looking that it was Asia for the girl had seemed to gravitate toward me, much as Asel had gravitated toward Ryder.We finally broke apart and Ryder said, "I think that it's time to love these two Thomas." He dropped his arm across Asel's shoulders and the boy snuggled up tight to Ryder's side, his arms around the older boy's waist. I couldn't help but look down at Ryder's cock, amazed at how big he was and how beautiful his plumbing was. As much as I was hot to fuck both of the preteen twins I wished to hell that I'd had the chance to spent some quality time with the now 15 year old. That the twins had seemingly decided before hand who they were going to be with on at least the first go around, the fact that Ryder was going to be with the boy gave me some hope that he'd grown a little more in his desire to be with another male and I seriously wanted it to be me at some point in time.Both Ryder and I kicked our pants and underwear and kicked them off to the side then peeled our shirts off as well. I admired the boy's body. It was tight, very well developed. He was firm and smooth from his neck to the base of his cock and every muscle was clearly outlined, defined. His belly was taut, the nub of his belly button protruding and not hidden in a hole. His abs were a clearly defined six pak that sloped down into the classic V of his pubic bone and to his boy bone which was definitely not flat but as I said, tall and thick. He was possibly the best specimen of boyhood that I'd ever seen in the flesh.It was a little strange standing there, fully naked, in front of two fully clothed children who were practically strangers to me but Ryder, I think, had been there before with them so didn't seem to be phased in the least. He turned and went back to the sofa giving me a great view of an ass that I'd already admired but now fell in love with. God what a boy he turned out to be. Ryder plopped down on the sofa with his legs splayed out, his balls resting on the cushion, while I elected to return to my chair with Asia right behind me. I sat down and the girl was right there, standing between my legs and all but staring at my cock as it stood proudly in front of my belly."You have such a beautiful cock Thomas. I think it will fit fine inside of me." I loved hearing her voice, so light and almost tinkling. Asia gently put a knee on the chair cushion between my legs and slowly leaned forward. Her eyes cast about my face then settled on my eyes as mine where on hers and just before our lips met we both closed them."That was nice Thomas," Asia said softly after breaking the kiss then put her mouth back against mine but this time it was wide open and her tongue began a search for mine. I'd glimpsed at Ryder and Asel, saw that they were doing pretty much the same thing, the boy standing on the floor, one knee on the sofa and kissing Ryder.When Asia broke the kiss the second time she rested her head on my shoulder and her hand dropped down and took hold of my cock and began slowly stroking and fondling it. I nuzzled her neck with my lips and mouth, alternately sucking gently and giving her lip nips while my hands went around her waist and onto her butt. Across from me Ryder had unsnapped Asel's jeans and pushed them down to just below the boys' butt and was fondling Asel's cheeks outside the boy's briefs.I figured what the hell and slipped my hands up under Asia's skirt and did the same, gently running my hands over her soft cotton panties, gently rubbing and kneading her butt. For some time I'd fantasized about being with a young girl such as she was and that fantasy was coming true. The idea made my cock throb. Asia was moaning very softly as I continued to work on her neck and across from me Ryder had his hands down inside Asel's underwear and kneading the boy's bare flesh. I followed his lead but slipped only one hand down inside the elastic waistband and touched her bare flesh for the first time and felt her muscle tense up and then relax. I rubbed her there, my finger trailing up and down at the very edge of her butt crack and as I did, she seemed to moan a little more.Across from me Ryder had gotten Asel's jeans down and the boy kicked them off and had turned around facing our direction. Ryder had moved so that he was sitting at the edge of the cushion and Asel was backed up against him, the boy's arms going backwards to wrap around Ryder's head, whose mouth was busy sucking at the boy's exposed neck. Ryder's hands were down the front of the boy's briefs stroking and fondling so I couldn't see anything really."Touch my front Thomas," Asia whispered in my ear, "touch my front. She turned slightly so I would have an easier access to her pussy and began kissing my ear and neck. I pulled my hand out of her panties and started sliding toward the front, letting the hand drop down slightly so that I could rub her inner thigh then come upward to cup her mound. When I did that I found a mound alright, a mound of balls, and a very hard cock.I glanced over to where Ryder was seated and saw that the briefs were down around Asel's knees but it wasn't Asel that was with him, it was Asia. Both of Ryder's hands were on her thighs, the fingers extended inward against the lips of her pussy and pulling them open. The smile on his face was one of appreciation at the look of surprise on mine."I hope you don't mind the surprise Thomas but I needed to be with a man for my first time," the boy in front of me said. He was whispering in my ear, his hand rubbing against my chest and for a brief moment I thought to myself that this kid was a total slut. He knew more and was able to do more than any kid his age should be able to do or know; but I wasn't in the least bit pissed.I slipped my hand down inside the panties and grasped onto his stone hard cock, surprised at the size of him. I thought I detected the barest hint of moss as my thumb and forefinger encircled the base of his boyhood. The rest of my fingers fumbled and clutched at his balls, reveling in the soft smooth skin and Asel gasped in my ear as I felt him up. A second later the boy pressed his lips against mine again while his hand reached up under the skirt and began pushing the panties down over his butt. I elected to help and while maintaining the kiss we managed to the cotton garment down far enough so that he could kick them off.I broke the kiss, pushed Asel's hair back out of the way then kissed him again and just looked at his face for a moment. The boy looked back through eyes that were all but closed from the lust that was ripping through his preteen body. He was incredibly cute, almost beautiful, much as Ryder had been. The difference was that Asel seemed more delicate somehow, his features more fine and fair.Using my hands for direction I got him onto my lap although lying across it would better describe it. His head lay against the chair's arm on my right while one leg draped onto the left arm and his right foot rested on the floor. I pulled the skirt up to see his boy stuff and what delicious looking boy stuff it was, and not what I'd have expected to see on a 12 year old boy."Do you like what you see Thomas," the boy asked, his usual melodic voice had dropped an octave or two. "Do I please you?""Yes, to both questions Asel." At the apex of the boys' thin legs was a cock worthy of a 14 year old. The boy was somewhat thick already, easily six inches long, the red tinged head barely poking out through his foreskin which was also an angry red at the tip. His balls were at full hang between his pale thighs, the sac completely hairless, smooth and blue veined, the thin line of his perineum running like the seam of a silk stocking from the base of his rigid cock onto his balls then disappearing over edge of the weighted sac. The base of his pubic bone appeared to be almost hairless as well, which it wasn't, and that surprised me considering the size of his genitals.I looked across to where Ryder and Asia were, the girl now on her knees Nn Lolita Model on the floor with her hands on the sofa along side Ryder's naked thighs with her head in his lap, clearly sucking his magnificent cock. I took a moment to admire her butt and the crack that ran, almost like Asel's perineum, from her cheeks all the way down to form the crack between the lips of her vulva, that area mounding outward.Like her brother, Asia wasn't completely a little girl any more. The lips of her vagina were fairly puffy. Even from where I sat I could see her clitoris sort of pushing its way through the lips of her pussy and because her knees weren't real close together I could almost make out her asshole, could see the slight indentation in her cleft that signified where her cunt hole was. Ryder was leaned forward, his hands stretched out before him and rubbing up and down the girl's pale, narrow back. I watched as they reached her butt cheeks and pulled them open slightly, exposing her asshole and he cunt hole and then his hands were moving upward toward her shoulders again. He looked toward me and smiled, his eyes mostly closed as well."Do you want to fuck my sister too?" Asel asked. I looked down at him. I didn't answer him although the truth was that I did. "You can you know. She wants you to but Ryder has to fuck her first just like you have to fuck me first. I can hardly wait to see that big cock of his go into her cunt. I wish there was some way that I could watch your cock go inside my asshole too." Well, that made two of us, although I definitely would be able to watch both acts.I put my hand on his legs below his knee and brought it up along the inside of the leg until I got to his balls then turned it over so that I could adequately cup and fondle his eggs which caused a sharp intake of air from him. I reveled in the feel of his soft skin for a moment before continuing upward to grasp onto his cock. I squeezed up and down the length of him, causing him to gasp, surprised at the size and thickness of him."Lets get these clothes off." I said. I wanted to view and explore the young boy in all of his naked glory, to run my hands and maybe my tongue over every square inch of his smooth body. Asel stood up and in less time than it takes to type it, stood naked before me, his preteen cock standing strong and proud in front of his taut belly. There didn't seem to be an ounce of fat on the boy, all of the lines between his muscles were either nicely defined or at least visible. I could make out the very beginnings of hair at the base of his cock, hairs that appeared fine and weren't long enough to even have any curl to them. I leaned forward and took hold of rampant cock and gently urged him toward me. I pulled his cock down and stroked him a few times, skinning his foreskin back and forth over the swollen head then put my mouth over it and closed, moving my head even further down and taking most of him into my mouth."Oh fuck," the boy whispered and put Nn Lolita Model his hands on my head. I moved one hand around to rest on his butt while the other one took hold of his tender young balls and gently squeezed and tugged on them. "Oh yeah," he mumbled as I moved my head to and from, working to suck the life out of him through his fleshy straw. I wondered very briefly if he was making sperm and given the size of his development assumed that he was. I let go of his testosterone machines and put my other hand on his ass and gently encouraged him to fuck my mouth, which he did for a moment before pulling away."I need to suck on your cock too Thomas," he said huskily. When he stepped away from in front of me I saw that Ryder and Asia had changed places and the boy was on his knees with his face buried between the young girl's legs. His asshole was almost visible but what got my attention were the large balls hanging down between his thighs. I could almost hear the sperm churning inside of them. My god, I thought, how nicely the boy had grown."He's amazing isn't he?" Asel said, having turned to see what his twin was doing. "I love sucking his cock and drinking his sperm," the boy said, his voice somewhat tinged by the erotic memories. I was curious about that story, believe me, and I knew I'd find out but not until both children had lost their virginity. They would both need to be fucked before any story telling began.The easiest and most logical thing to do would be to drop to his knees just like Ryder was doing and suck my cock from there and that is what he did although he added a twist."Can you like, slide down in the chair," he asked and when I did added, "Maybe put your legs over the arms." I had to slide back up a little bit but managed to do as the boy asked. "Perfect," he said in a soft voice. Asel got to his knees, pulled my cock upright, and immediately took me into his mouth and began sucking me. He stroked my cock lightly while he nursed and was managing to take easily half of me which of course gave me the impression that the kid had a great deal of practice and I assumed that Ryder had been the primary source of said practice. I wondered if Ryder had been the only one he'd been with and would find out later that monogamy wasn't the case.His free hand cupped, tugged and generally fondled my balls as he sucked me and I could hear low moans coming from him, those mmm yummy kinds of sounds that people make when they've got something they love in their mouths. Asel sucked me with as much or more enthusiasm than anyone I'd ever been with. It was very clear to me that the boy loved cock so I wasn't surprised when his mouth got a little sore, or maybe he just wanted some variety, and he took his mouth off of me and rubbed it against his smooth face, along his cheek and lips and even dragging the head across his closed eyelid. I figured that once the kid got used to having a cock up his ass he would fuck like a royal mink. I got a very brief vision behind my closed eyes of him riding a cock like rodeo star on a bucking bronco.I was brought back to reality when I felt a warm wetness on my asshole and opened my eyes to see only the side of the Asel's face, his eye closed, as he tongued my hole like a starving dog. He continued to jack me off although the motion was slow or intermittent and it was clear that his concentration was on rimming me.I glanced across at Ryder and Asia and got a surprise. The young girl was slouched down on the sofa much like I was on the chair and Ryder was between her drawn back legs with one foot on the floor and a knee on the sofa cushion and his hands on the sofa back bracing himself. His large balls hung in the air like apples from a tree; his cheeks were open enough so that his asshole was visible to me as well as the seam of his perineum, and the full gash of Asia's pussy. I watched her reach forward and take hold of Ryder's large cock and guide it toward her cunt and wondered if he was going to fuck her right there, without lube. But he didn't. She rubbed the head up and down her opened slit, dragging it up and down her clit and all around the opening of her cunt, even putting the very tip inside the small hole.Hell, I thought to myself, Asia's as much of a slut as her twin brother. It was a wonder to me how these two knew so much stuff AND were still virgins. Asel's licking of my balls brought my attention back to the 12 year old and once again I admired his beauty as well as his talent for worshiping my body. I wondered what it was going to be like to plunge my cock into his tight little asshole and I wondered how long I was going to have to wait. The boy went back to sucking my cock again but only for a moment."I think it's getting about time Thomas," Ryder called to me. I looked over and saw that he was standing up, half facing me while Asia had gone back to sucking his cock. I saw that one hand was holding the magnificent specimen of boyhood while her other hand was busy at her pussy, rubbing in a circular motion at the top part of her cleft and thus her sensitive clit."I think it's time too," Asel said as he left my crotch to once again half kneel between my knees with his upper body leaned forward to plant his hot little lips against mine. I picked up a very slight taste of my asshole and my balls as well as some stickiness from my precum as the boy kissed me with every fiber of his being. I ran my Nn Lolita Model hands all over the globes of his butt, loving the feeling of his smooth flesh.Asel finally backed off and I stood up, my ram rod hard cock waving slightly in the air. I left the living room and went into my bedroom to return with a bottle of lube and a hand towel for clean up. I found Ryder with his face buried in Asel's ass, the youngster on his knees in the arm chair that I'd just vacated, his delicious young butt thrust out over the edge of the seat."Would you like to lick my cunt before Ryder fucks me Thomas," Asia said as I entered the room. She was still slouched down on the sofa with her legs spread wide, both hand rubbing and feeling the folds of her pussy, which I could see wasn't entirely smooth.I dropped the towel and the lube and got to my knees between her creamy thighs and rested my forearms on the tops of them with my hands Nn Lolita Model right up where hers had just been. Asia was indeed on the threshold of becoming a young woman. The lips of her cunt were quite puffy and full. There was a very small smattering of straight hairs growing at the top of her slit and a few at the inner edge of the lips. The nubbin and petals of her clitoris were sticking out, almost like a flower trying to bud and below that was the small opening of her cunt hole. The inside of the slit, on top of her clit, looked moist, almost wet and I wasn't sure if it was Ryder's saliva or her natural juices, not that it mattered.My fingers gently opened her up giving me a full view of Nn Lolita Model her clit and the folds of flesh that made it and of course it also opened up her hole. My cock throbbed as I leaned my head forward and began licking everything in sight, exploring her girlhood with my tongue. I drew in the fragrance of her, the heady perfume that was female. I sucked her clit into my mouth and continued to massage it with my tongue and my lips, savoring both the flavor and the texture of girlhood. My lips let loose of the pliable flesh and I put my tongue lower and worked the outer rim of her cunt then pushed the tip against the hole and slipped it inside, not a lot of course, but enough to raise a gasp from the young girl. I was dying to shove my cock up her, to spread that hole with my cock and stretch her young muscle, to thrust my cock in and out of her wondrous cunt, whacking my heavy balls against her butt until I came, flooding her womb with warm man sperm and hoping to hear her cry out in her own cumming."Do you like it Thomas," Ryder asked and I stopped what I was doing to see him standing beside me so moved to an upright position on my knees, his big hard cock only inches from my face. I pulled it down and put my mouth over it but Nn Lolita Model only for a suck or two. I'd get more of the hot young teen before the weekend was out.I looked back at Asia, her hands back at her crotch, ribbing and feeling. I finally noticed her tits, although there wasn't much there, only the very beginning of mounding, her nipples almost standing up in the air. I leaned over her and the girl watched as Nn Lolita Model I bent my head and licked at the nubbin of flesh for just a moment before taking it into my mouth. Asia gasped loudly as I nursed at her preteen breast, both hands now on my head and almost holding me to her. I sucked as my tongue licked at the nipple and I must say, never were my wife's tits so pleasing to me.I didn't stay there very long, wanting to get on with the process of fucking these two adorable children and judging from the expression on Asia's facing I suspected that they too were ready to be fucked. I guess they were thinking that we had all weekend for taking our time. Right now they were in a hurry to lose their virginities."Should we go to your bed or just stay here Thomas," Ryder asked as he absently played with and tugged on his balls."I think we should just do it right here on the floor," Asel piped up. I shrugged my shoulders. The idea did have a bit of a raunchy flavor to it. Just pull some cushions off the sofa to prop their little heinies up and go at it like animals. There was some discussion about how we were going to go about accomplishing the deed because in the beginning I thought that I understood that the twin's desire was to lose their cherries together, side by side or something. An image of synchronized fucking came to mind."When Asia and I first talked about this we thought that we wanted to be fucked side by side, two separate cocks going into each of us at the same time. I still want to do that but I also want to watch, to see up close when Ryder puts his cock in you Asia. I want to be able to see you get fucked." Asel was still fondling himself as he talked, squeezing his cock rock hard young cock and his soft hairless balls."I was kind of thinking the same thing," Asia said from where she had remained, sitting on the sofa with her legs splayed out. Well, that certainly answered any questions that I might have about the order of things."Maybe we can use the sofa cushions for support," Ryder suggested putting voice to the thought that I'd had only a moment before. Asia stood up after I gave the go ahead to the plan while Ryder pulled two of the cushions to the floor and the cute young thing sat at the edge of one then lay back, resting on the second one. Her feet were flat on the floor with her knees falling sideways to their full extension which opened her up like a clam in water, her lips spread, her entire clitoris visible as well as her cunt and below that her puckered little asshole.My God I thought to myself its really gonna happen and once again my cock throbbed in anticipation and my heart began beating a little faster. Ever conscious of preparation, as I'd taught him when he was younger, Ryder got to his knees between Asia's feet, his magnificent and stone hard cock sticking up between his thighs. I rather wished that it was me lying there waiting for my young lover"I don't want to just ram it in you Asia so I'm going to do some stuff to maybe help get you hotter so it doesn't hurt as much, okay?" The young girl nodded her head and Ryder moved to a position lying on the floor. He moved in close, opened her up farther with his fingers, and put his face in there and began licking pussy. I watched him for a moment wondering what was going through his 15 year old brain as his tongue moved over every bit of her crotch, licking then sucking and then licking again. He moved to his knees then bent over and slipped a finger up into her cunt and began finger fucking her while his tongue and lips concentrated on the young girl's clit. Asia moaned softly in response to Ryder's efforts.Asel reached underneath Ryder and began stroking the boy's cock while he worked on his twin sister's pussy then got underneath and began sucking on Ryder's cock. I was really looking forward to fucking that boy but for the moment moved to Asia's side, leaned down and began sucking at her breast again. Her eyes had been open, sort of, so she was aware of what I was going to do and moved her arm to allow me clear access to her. I placed my mouth over the entire area and began to nurse, allowing my tongue to explore the area as I did so. I felt her nipple harden as I did so and heard yet another soft moan. About four minutes into it Asia said she was ready."Go ahead Ryder, put it in me," she said, her voice a little more husky that before. Asel moved out of the way and went to his sister's head."Are you ready for Ryder to fuck you my sweet sister?" He asked her, gently rubbing her hair. She nodded her head then Asel kissed her gently on the lips while Ryder smeared lube all over his cock then moved into position between her pale thighs. Both Asel and I moved to the other end as well in order to watch the event.On his knees, Nn Lolita Model one at each side of the cushion, Ryder lowered his waist toward the target Nn Lolita Model area. The boy's heavy balls hung low between his thighs, his puckered asshole was exposed for us to see, and his big thick cock was angled downward like a spear. I could easily have jacked off right then and there and spewed my cum out all over the floor. We watched Ryder moved his butt a little trying to get to where he needed to be but he was too hard, his cock wouldn't lower itself enough. Asel reached between Ryder's thighs and took hold of the raging flesh and held it downward and with Ryder's help the tip of the head touched the opening.It seemed as though everyone was holding their breath at that moment for there wasn't a sound in the room. So close in were Asel and I that there wasn't any way to really see Ryder's ass move as he exerted pressure against Asia's cunt. One second the entire head was exposed, the very tip just barely in her hole, and the next instant it slipped inside of Asia's cunt.We heard the girl squeak as the head passed through her vaginal muscle and lodged inside of her, taking the young girl's virginity. She didn't tell Ryder to stop but actually told him to put it all the way in so Asel and I watched as inch after thick inch of Ryder's teenage cock slid inside of her, pushing the walls of her opening farther than they had ever been. To say that it was incredible to watch would be an understatement. Asel had taken my hand and held it tightly as Ryder buried himself as deep as he could go inside of his twin sister's cunt. When he bottomed out, nothing but his balls were visible, the eggs hanging low enough to hide even Asia's asshole. Ryder lowered his upper body until he rested against the girl, his knees taking his lower body weight, and then he began to fuck her.Ryder's legs were situated so that it kept Asia's legs spread and allowed us to see practically everything there was to see. Asel couldn't resist putting his hand in there and fondling Ryder's balls while his sister got fucked. Then, when Ryder was at full extension outside of Asia's cunt, the boy put his fingers alongside Ryder's cock right where it entered her. Ryder patiently allowed the boy to follow through with his pre-pubescent need for exploration and slowed down. Asel made his fingers move all around the area of connection even leaving there for a moment as Ryder slid his thick cock back inside.Ryder began to pick up speed, pushing so far inside of Asia's cunt that it made his balls rise. We watched the boy change his angle of entry, going in from one side or the other and sometimes stop when he was all the way in and grind his slender little muscled ass in circles before going back to fucking her again. At the other end we could hear Asia moaning as her carnal knowledge of man, or in this case boy, expanded."Oh man Thomas, I really need to get fucked right now," Asel finally said, looking at me through eyes that were all but closed. I thought to myself; I can help you with that little boy.After a brief discussion it was decided that I would sit on the remaining sofa cushion and the boy would sit on my lap as it would give him the best control over getting my cock inside of him. So, after slathering my cock from head to balls and Asel smearing the stuff across his puckered little hole, he straddled my legs. Asel put his hands on my shoulders for balance while I held my cock upright for him and he gradually lowered his body to meet it. My brain thought for a moment Nn Lolita Model back to the first time that I'd fucked Ryder and I glanced at the boy. Nn Lolita Model For a brief moment I admired his slender muscled ass as it moved to and fro, driving his thick teenage cock in and out of Asia's cunt.The tip of my cock head touching the inside of Asel's thigh brought me back to the task at hand, so to speak, and I adjusted the missile so that it was on target and touching the boy's wrinkled hole. I felt pressure as Asel pushed his weight against it and before we both realized it, the head slipped inside his tight ass."Oowww," he yelped and ceased all movement, the expression on his smooth pale face one of shock and pain. "Goddamn that fuckin hurts." I told him I knew it did to relax and breathe and even push down a little as if he were taking a dump. On the floor in front of us Ryder was picking up speed, beginning to slam his waist into Asia's body. The girl had her hands on the boy's shoulders and back, rubbing him while they kissed. All of a sudden he moved off of her and, kneeling, began to jack off. A second later, with all of us watching, his wondrous cock literally erupted. The first shot was a stream of thick white goo that flew out and left a streak from Asia's neck to just below her puffing tits. That was followed by three more of equal distance and amount. The boy then quickly lifted her legs and aimed for her cunt, then sank back into the warm fleshy folds but not before a 4th squirt of sperm blasted it. He began fucking her again, ramming and slamming his boyhood pride and joy into her preteen body.Asel had started slowly lowering his body onto my cock and as he did I watched the expressions of emotion flash across his smooth face; wonder, pain, contentment and finally pleasure Nn Lolita Model although the latter would take a few more minutes. He finally bottomed out, his weight resting on my lap, and let out an audible sigh."I did it Thomas," he said softly, "I got it all in.""Yes you did sweet boy," I said and kissed him gently on the lips. My hands were on his back, rubbing up and down in light movement and of course Asel had to reach behind and feel where I'd entered his body and in the process feeling up my balls."It feels weird, touching it like that," he said after his hand returned to my shoulder. I allowed my own hands to slide down and first cup the orbs of his butt then slide inward until my fingers touched what was left of my cock outside of his body and then explored the very rim of his hole. Asel leaned his face in and began kissing me only this time there was more depth to it, more passion and as he kissed, the passion became more evident and long with that, the movement of his body.I guess it must be almost impossible, at least for a male, to get all hotted up and not move his waist. The boy began moving every so gently as if testing the waters. His tongue was exploring mine; his breathing was becoming louder and deeper. I began to move my own hips, pushing upwards a little then relaxing back into the cushion beneath us then pushing back upwards again. Asel added upward movement to the to and fro motion that he'd started with so I kept my hands down under his ass to help support him and encourage the motion.We finally broke the kiss and Asel moved his head to one side of mine which gave me access to his sensitive neck and I took advantage of the position, putting my mouth into the soft crook to kiss and nuzzle there. I felt his body shiver from the feelings and his arms tighten around me neck. So wrapped up in our own feelings I didn't notice that Ryder and Asia had separated until Ryder spoke."That looks pretty hot you guys." I took my mouth from Asel's neck and opened my eyes to see my young prior lover standing a few feet from us, his cock still hard and shiny from lube and Asia's juices. Ryder dropped to his knees and put his hand in between my legs and proceeded to explore my balls as well as the area where I was connected to the preteen in my lap. "Is he good and tight Thomas?" He was and I articulated that.Asia joined and she too had to investigate everything before moving to the side and kissing her brother on the cheek. "Did it hurt you Asel," she asked and the boy admitted that it had but that he'd gotten used to it."It wasn't so bad when Ryder put his cock in me," she informed us, which of course wouldn't be unusual since a girls cunt is more readily adaptable to a big hard cock than a boy's tight little asshole. "And after he got to fucking me it felt real good but I didn't cum." If she had any sadness about not cumming it didn't show in her voice. "Maybe Thomas can make me cum," she added brightly."My legs are getting kind of sore, can we move Thomas?" Asel asked. We sure could and we sure did. I told him what I wanted to do, gave him instructions about his part and before we knew it we were on the carpet with Asel on his back, his legs draped over my forearms with my palms flat on the floor about level with his shoulders and driving my stone hard cock down into his tight little asshole.I began to fuck the boy in earnest while his twin sister and Ryder watched, Asia commenting on how it looked with my balls all mashed up when I was deep inside her brother. Beneath me Asel began whimpering but it was the sounds of pleasure and not pain for I could see his face and it held almost a beatific smile."Fuck I'm gonna cum," he blurted out suddenly and I felt his asshole constrict about the same time he moaned. I fucked him harder, pressing into him until I felt my ball sac stretch out as far as it could go. I ground my ass in circles and a second later I too came, dumping a torrent of thick warm sperm into the little boy's bowels. Asel's hand were around my neck and he pulled my head down at the same time that he raised his and crammed his soft lips against mine, forcing his tongue into my mouth and kissing me with ferocity.I continued to fuck the boy, plunging down into him from as far away as I could while staying connected to him. My balls whacked against his butt, the slapping sounds of our bodies meeting almost the only noise in the room. I finally slowed down and then stopped letting my lower body rest against his, both of us panting as if we'd run a mile. Nn Lolita Model The kiss had been broken and Asel nuzzled his face in my neck and just held me there.After a good two minutes I slowly moved back onto my knees and let Asel's legs down but stayed inside of him, reluctant to leave the warm tight confines of ass. The boy smiled up at me and then his sister who sat on the floor next to his head. Her legs were slightly spread and the gash of her pussy right there for me to ogle, and I did."Was it everything you expected Asel," she asked and the boy nodded his head, looked at me and smiled and replied that it was."It was incredible Asia," he said. "How about you?" His twin nodded her head and had the same smile plastered on her smooth young face."I want to do it again but with Thomas." She smiled almost shyly at me. I looked down and saw the small bit of evidence of Asel's orgasm, two small droplets of almost clear sperm on his belly. I reached down and wiped them up then licked my finger. There wasn't much taste to it but the stickiness was certainly there. Along side of us Ryder absently scratched his moss and asked if anyone else was getting hungry and the twins both nodded their heads."Fucking requires energy," Asel postulated and I laughed softly. Since I had started to soften the laughter caused my cock to squish out of the boy which prompted an "Aawww" at the loss. Asel asked if he could take a shower so I stood and offered him a hand and hauled him to his feet. I felt like I needed on as did Ryder and Asia so off we all tromped to the bathroom and went through the ablution two by two.
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