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Related article: Date: 11 May 2001 12:17:14 -0700 From: Jan Subject: A Cup of sugar Chapter 2 (Adult Youth and Friends F/F F/g)Warning:This story is a work of fiction the contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts between a woman and a girl. If this type of content offends you, or you are under the age of 18 do not read it.Please E-mail me at janmay699icqmail.com if you have suggestions for future chapters. A Cup of Sugar Works By Jan In the morning I told Tina-Marie to have her cell phone on when she lay by the pool with Lisa this afternoon. She wanted more information but I told her just to do as she was told. During the day I went shopping and bought some clothes and stopped by an adult bookstore I found in the yellow pages near the apartment. I was home in plenty of time to change the light bulbs in the bedside table lamps from white light to a soft red. Then I set the room up to suit my purpose. When Lisa knocked at the door I invited her in and we chatted until Tina-Marie got home from work. When she got home they had a snack while Tina-Marie changed into her swimsuit. Then they went to Lisa's for her to change. They took their time going down to the pool. I knew they must have enjoyed a quick climax before they went downstairs. I changed clothes putting on some of the new things I had bought for the occasion. Then I put the finishing touches on tonight's dinner for four. When I heard Carol walk past our door I followed her to her apartment. I asked her to join us for dinner again tonight. Carol looked uneasy as she tried to tell me that yesterday had been a mistake. She said that we should not do that again. I assured her that we would never do anything she didn't want. Then I asked her to help me make dinner. I waited in the living room while she changed clothes. When we got back to Tina-Marie's apartment we made a green salad and put in the fridge to chill until it was needed. We hollowed out a sheepherder's loaf of bread. The chunks of bread I covered with Italian dressing and toasted in the oven. Then I made a jalopeno pepper cheese dip. As part of my plan I told her that she had a loose eyelash under her eye and offered to brush it away. She looked up as I did it. The freshly cut peppers were still on my fingers as I brushed her eyelashes. Carol started crying and I led her to the bathroom and we washed her eye with fresh water. As I was doing this I was pressing her against the sink with my body. By the time she stopped crying and I apologized profusely for not washing my hands after cutting the peppers. She was breathing hard. My breasts were pressed against her breasts and my vagina was rubbing hers as hard as I could do it with clothes separating us. I took Carol in my arms and kissed her until she returned the kiss. When she did I led her into the bedroom and left the door open as I sat her on the bed with her back to the door. When she was nude I removed my light summer dress. Under it I had on matching lace bra and panties with a matching garter belt holding up my dark stockings. The nipples were visible through the bra and the panties were so small that they hid nothing from her. I pulled them off after she got a good look and the bra too. I left on the garter belt and stockings. I felt it would add to the position of power I wanted over her. I lay her on her back with her head facing the foot of the bed. Then I mounted her with my pussy over her mouth and my head between her legs. I started sucking her and she started sucking me. I pulled the cell phone from under the pillow and speed dialed Tina-Marie and using the keypad typed in for her to bring Lisa up stairs quietly and come into the bedroom and have a seat in the chairs I provided. I went back to sucking carol and playing with her clitoris. I had the mirror on the wings of the dresser set up so I could see the girls enter the room. Tina-Marie was behind Lisa and kept her from saying anything as they entered the room. They moved to the foot of the bed and sat down in the chairs and watched. Lisa was so excited that she wanted to masturbate her pussy. Tina- Marie took her hand and placed it in her own lap after untying one side of her string bikini. Lisa needed no instructions on what to do. Her fingers went as deep into the hole as they could go. Tina-Marie pulled aside the leg of Lisa's swimsuit and toyed with the hairless lips of her pussy. Carol was deep into a climax when she heard Lisa let out a sigh as she came too. Carols eyes opened wide and looked upside down at the girls sitting there masturbating each other as she climaxed. She tried to get up but I held her down and kept licking her. Carol was soon back on the edge of another climax and just lay there watching her daughter. She had another climax looking at her daughter's face. Then I sat up with my cunt on her mouth and asked the girls if they would like to join us. Lisa went around to one side as Tina-Marie went to the other. Tina-Marie took one breast into her hand and the other into her mouth. As she sucked on Carol's breasts Lisa went to the head of the bed. She prided open the legs and put her face so close that her mother could feel her hot breath on her pubic hair. Lisa settled in for a long stay. She wanted to inspect her mother very closely. The smell of sex filled the room. I took advantage of the placement of the girls to put one of my fingers of each hand into the vagina of both Tina-Marie and Lisa at the same time. Soon I was Preteen Nn Magazine watching Lisa as she put her tongue in her mother's cunt and drove her crazy. I had an idea and moved Tina-Marie away so that I could pull Lisa around until I could dismount Carol and place Lisa over her mouth. Lisa never stopped licking her mother and Carol was soon matching the ardor of her daughter. Then I told Tina-Marie to lay next to Carol. When she was side by side I mounted her and we took each other's cunts in our mouths and sucked like there would be no tomorrow. We finally had to stop. We washed our faces and hands. Then we went in to dinner in the nude. It was just a simple roast with carrots, onions and baby potatoes. Garden salad with Italian dressing and wine. We even let Lisa have a little wine to celebrate her coming out. When we sat down on the couch Lisa between Tina-Marie's legs and Carol between mine we had the fondue to eat while we watched TV. When Carol Preteen Nn Magazine turned around to clam my pussy with her mouth the peppers on her lips added to the heat on my clit and pussy lips. Later in the night Carol and I put on some robes and went next door to let Tina-Marie and Lisa have the bed! Carol and I pulled back the covers of her bed and we cuddled up in each other's arms. We laced our legs together and rubbed our pussies on each other's leg as we sucked each other's tits. And the last thing we did was kissing each other on the mouth as we fell asleep. In the morning I woke up wanting to pee. So I got up as quietly as I could and went into the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and used mouthwash to freshen up. I washed my pussy, and then I returned to the bedroom and Carol was still asleep. I leaned over and kissed her on the open mouth. Her eyes opened and slowly fluttered and slowly took in the surroundings. Then she smiled and stretched her arms and legs. Then she kissed me. I could taste my own pussy on her mouth. Then she realized that her breath must smell and wanted to get up o brush her teeth. I joined her in the bathroom as she brushed her teeth as I played with her breasts. She asked me if I ever got enough? I told her that there was never enough. She sat down to pee and I stood there until she was done. Then I wiped her myself. We put the robes on and she picked out the clothes she would waer to work today. We went back to the other apartment and checked the girls. They looked so cute with there limbs intertwined on the bed. The covers were on the floor. The red light was still on. I told Preteen Nn Magazine Carol to get ready for work and I would start breakfast. You can wake the girls up when you're ready. That way Preteen Nn Magazine Tina-Marie can get ready for work. I will get Lisa ready for school in plenty of time. Lisa just put on her swimsuit to eat breakfast with us. We both kissed Carol and Tina-Marie as they left for work. I told Lisa to get her clothes from the other apartment as I did the dishes. Lisa came back asked me if I wanted to join her in the shower. I dropped the robe and went to the shower with her. I washed her and she washed me. Then she knelt in front of me with water spraying over us and licked my vagina until I had to hold her head still as I climaxed. Then I put her back against the shower wall and I got on my knees and took her little cunt into my mouth and made her cum very quickly. I dried her off and myself. I helped her dress for school and even had time to check her homework before sending her off to school. Buy the time I had to head home it was a tearful goodbye for all of us. I knew that the three of them would have a long relationship together. As I sat on the plane on the way home I was thinking about our next reunion.I hope you enjoyed the story and want more. Please send your comments to janmay699icqmail.com.
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