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Related article: Date: Sun, 4 Sep 2011 22:06:29 -0700 (PDT) From: Tague Micheals Subject: A Cock For Trisha IIII know, we all want to see Tyler's big cock in Trisha's cunt. Time will tell. I have so many other projects right not. Regardless, I hope this chapter gets you off. I mean, as long as you're Preteen Lolita Cp a legal age. If not then maybe Dick & Jane would be better for you. N-joiHugs, Tag_m ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The 3 older participants waited, somewhat impatiently, for the big day, or night as the case certainly was. Piper had waited until after school that day to let Trisha know what was in store for her. Predictably the little girl had a zillion questions and after Piper's 5th or 6th answer she finally told Trisha to stop; she would find out soon enough. If the little girl was even the least bit frightened about what the evening held in store for her Piper didn't see it.Trisha and Piper took a shower together after dinner and Piper dressed them both carefully but said clothing definitely did not include panties. Piper had Trisha wear a simple pull over dress while Piper wore a baby doll black mid thigh negligee. It covered her muff but if she sat down it wouldn't. While Piper had wanted Trisha to see a boy in his default state she also knew that wasn't likely to happen until the boys had drained their teenage balls at least twice.At 7:15 Piper heard the back doorbell chime and went out to greet their guests while Trisha waited, impatiently, in the living room. When Piper opened the door she though Lukas' eyes might pop out of his pretty little head. The boys' hair had been recently washed and seemed a little fuller than the first time she'd seen him. Like Tyler he had decided to wear sport shorts in order to speed up the disrobing process. Both boys were wearing t-shirts of course; this time the younger teen was wearing an Aerosmith while Tyler's was a simple white crew necked T. As they walked through the kitchen Piper wondered how much influence Tyler had put forth in Lukas' choice of clothing and also wondered idly if either boy was wearing underwear.In the living room the boys stopped and waited for Piper who was right behind them. Lukas wanted to look openly at Trisha but felt a little uncomfortable about that. Trisha, on the other hand stared openly at the beautiful boy. For the little girl it wasn't about being cute. At her age that concept hadn't begun to develop much; it about the fact that he had a penis and she was going to get to see it. She didn't even consider Tyler much at all; he was more or less a part of the furniture. She didn't have a concept of cocks growing with age so wasn't able to even think about the notion of: the older the boy the bigger the cock."Well boys, this is Trisha," Piper said, "Trish this is Lukas Preteen Lolita Cp and this is Tyler's," she said, pointing to each boy. The boys nodded and said hello however Lukas was much more invested in the situation than Tyler. The beautiful young teen was, after all, the boy who was going to be the first to fuck the little girl. His belly was full of butterflies, all running helter skelter inside, trying to get out.Piper wasn't sure how to play this out, how to get things started but Trisha jumped right in and took over. "Do you want to see my pussy," the little girl asked, her question directed straight to Tyler. The boy looked at Piper as if to ask permission while Piper considered explaining timing and coyness to Trisha."Umm, well, if it's okay, yeah." Clearly the kid was nervous and Piper could see that the front of his shorts was already starting to tent. Without ceremony the little girl pulled her dress up to her waist and spread her legs slightly, giving the young teen his first look at young pussy."You can come closer you know," Trisha said so Lukas did. He thought as he gazed down at Trisha's crotch that he preferred the little girls' pussy to Trisha's in that it seemed smooth and fresh like. The lips weren't as puffy as the woman's, the bits of flesh that Tyler called a clit weren't hanging out and of course there was no hair, although in all honesty Piper didn't have that much hair on her snatch. While Lukas hadn't minded kissing Piper's pussy and licking it, he thought he really like doing those things to Trisha."Can I see your cock," the little girl asked and again, the boy looked toward Piper for permission."Honey, why don't you take Lukas' pants down and see it for your self," Piper suggested. She was going to suggest that Lukas step closer to the sofa but instead Trisha let her dress fall, got up, and walked over to where the boys and Piper were standing. She dropped to her knees and reached for the waistband of the boys' shorts."Be careful honey. It's easier to hurt boys down there than girls. Pull the top out first and then down and go slow. It was doubtful that the garment could catch on his stone hard cock but why take the chance, besides Trisha had to learn to be more careful with boys, just as Piper had when she was a young girl.Trisha did as she was told while Lukas pulled his t-shirt up out of the way and the little girl pulled the shorts down, exposing the boys cock to give Trisha her very first glimpse of how boys were made. She already knew from seeing other women's babies what boys looked like, but that was her only experience.Lukas' cock was as hard as any young boy's cock could be. The rampant appendage stood firm and proud in front of his taut belly, his smooth hairless balls at full hang below it. Piper got to her knees alongside the girl who looked at the woman and smiled. "You can feel it, Piper said, reaching out and gently squeezing the tumescent flesh up and down its length and causing Lukas to sight heavily. Trisha did the same, her sense of awe evident in her facial expressions. She commented on how hard it felt."These are his balls," Piper went on, hefting the sac and its precious eggs. "You have to be careful with them though honey because they're very sensitive and you can hurt a boy really easily." The little girl emulated Piper, gently hefting the flesh and once again Lukas sighed with pleasure."It's all so cute mamma," Trisha said appraisingly. Piper told Tyler to come over and stand next to Lukas then had Trisha go through the same motions as she did with the young teen. Needless to say the dark skinned beauty was just as charged up as Lukas was so when Trisha got his shorts down she almost reared back away from the much larger and equally hardened cock."My gosh Piper it's huge," she exclaimed at the dark brown pipe that stood quivering in the air in front of her. "And he has so much hair there too and his balls are so big." Needless to say the 14 year old all but blushed at the praise that was being heaped on his boyhood charms, for what male doesn't enjoy having his boy stuff praised, no matter that it was an 8 year old girl doing the praising.Like she had done to Lukas, Trisha squeezed, fondled and hefted, her little hand full exploring the adult sized genitalia in front of her innocent face. Piper beamed at it all, glad that she was helping Trisha explore a boy and finding it as exciting as she, Piper, had when she was Trisha's age. She felt the butterflies start in her belly as she thought about the little girl sucking Lukas' cock for the first time and the her own pussy itched at the notion of the beautiful young teen inserting his cock in her little girls' cunt, the first time for both of them."Lukas, would you like to undress me now," Piper asked. The boy stepped out of his shorts, Piper had been right, no underwear, and pulled his t-shirt off. He reached out and pulled the tie at the waist of the skimpy garment and tugged. The bow came out easily and the side fell open, exposing the woman's naked body. Lukas stared, and why not. Since a few nights before when he's seen it, kissed it, and licked it for the first time, the boy thought about nothing else. He had promised not to jack off on this day but man oh man it hadn't stopped the hot young teen from pounding his pud a half dozen or more times since then as his brain relived the incident.The boys had gone back to Lukas' house and sucked each other off 2 more times before finally collapsing on Lukas' bed for a little nap. Fortunately no one was due home until after 6 so the boys had been undisturbed. They had kissed quite a bit that afternoon also and Lukas found that he really liked kissing Tyler. The older boys' lips had been so soft and yielding. They had talked about fucking as well and Tyler had said that he would love for Lukas to fuck him, that he thought that would be the most awesome thing in the world. For his part the younger teen was more than a little nervous. Tyler was pretty big. Lukas was Preteen Lolita Cp willing to let the boy fuck him but that didn't mean he wasn't a little skittish about it."So Tyler," Piper addressed the 14 year old. "How about if you if you show Trisha how to suck a boys' cock." As much as he wanted to see and do other things Tyler loved doing stuff with Lukas and sucking the young teenagers cock was at the top of the list, for now.Tyler told Lukas to sit on the sofa, which the boy did, his legs spread out and ready for action. He got on his next to the boy and told Trisha to do the same. "It's really important that you cover your teeth, like this," Tyler began, showing the little girl just what he meant. "Otherwise you can hurt him when your teeth scrape across his cock head." Trisha interrupted by saying,"Gosh it sure seems like boys can get hurt much more than girls." Tyler allowed as how that might be true, then went on. Holding Lukas' cock upright he lowered his head, took the boy inside and began to bob his head up and down in his lap. Lukas' hands went straight to Tyler's head, the fingers rubbing in his hair, and his head fell back against the sofa as the intense feelings of having his cock sucked tore through his body. Trisha watched attentively as did Piper although the woman as busy rubbing her pussy and rolling one nipple between her thumb and finger. She was dying to see Lukas breed Trisha, dying to watching the young boy lose his virginity in the tight confines of the 8 year olds cunt. She was eager to see how Trisha was going to be with the whole thing as well. She knew that if it went well the little girl was going to want Tyler to fuck her too and wouldn't that be a sight to see.As a little girl herself Piper had enjoyed the pleasure of many large cock young teenage boys. Once she'd gotten used to it she really enjoyed having her cunt stretched out by a thick hard cock, loved the feeling of the boy's body slamming against hers as he drove his big dick in and out of her and finally loading her cunt up with his warm gooey sperm. It made her pussy itch whenever she thought about it. Goddamn Piper loved boys."There are other things you can do with a boy too," Tyler said, expanding on Trisha's lesson about boys. "We like to have our cocks stroked," he said, Preteen Lolita Cp going through the motion."Oh, you mean like masturbating," Trisha said, excited that there was something she knew about. Tyler looked at her askance then said,"Yeah but we call it beating off or jacking off or other things." "We love to have our balls played with." He showed her what he meant, "and even tugged on a little bit but remember you have to be careful cuz a boys' balls are very sensitive and he can get hurt real easy." Trisha already knew that. Little girls talk about boys and sex amongst themselves too and like little boys they don't know much but they all pretty much know about a boys balls and know that if you really want to hurt a boy, that's the place to do it."Licking is good too Trisha," Tyler said, "You can lick anywhere down here and a boy will like it." The teen showered the little girl what he meant by licking all over the swollen, red tinged cock head, down the shaft and onto the boys' smooth and tender young balls. It didn't take a lot before Lukas as uttering moans and sighs."What about his butthole? Do boys do that too," Trisha asked, causing Tyler to stop what he was doing and look at her. Piper had not told Tyler the exact nature of her relationship with the girl whom she sometimes referred to as her daughter. The only thing that he knew was that something was happening between the two or why else would they all be doing what they were doing then."Yes, most boys love having their butthole licked and many boys I know like doing it too." That being said he had Lukas pull his legs back to expose his hairless little puckered muscle. "You can also lick along here," he said, pointing out the younger boys' perineum, "and the underside of his balls which are very sensitive." Tyler demonstrated by licking the entire area under Lukas' balls and getting a louder moan before moving down along the perineum and ending up at Lukas' most secret spot. Tyler dove in and began exploring the entire area, working at pushing the tip of his tongue against the tiny hole as well as all the wrinkles. Lukas moaned some more. Tyler finally stopped, Lukas put his legs back down and looked at the 3 of them through eyes that were barely open."Now you try it baby girl," Piper commanded. The girl was eager to get to it, to get her hands and her mouth on a cock. She moved in close and took hold of Lukas' raging hard dick. The boy's belly was afire, tingling with the anticipation of being with a girl."What's that," she said, looking at the head and the bubble of precum that had oozed out. "Is that pee?""No baby girl, its called precum," Piper explained to her. "It's almost like sperm, the stuff that boys make to put in a woman to make a baby. When boys are getting all hot and ready to fuck it leaks out and is a lubricant to help his cock get inside a cunt a little easier." Trisha took the information in stride. She heard about sperm and knew about lube and why it was used and she knew that the stuff wouldn't hurt her in any way. Because Trisha knew Preteen Lolita Cp the mechanics of foreplay she held Lukas' rigid boy cock in the air and instead of starting out with sucking she began to lick the sensitive head, her little tongue exploring the ridge, the underside of it, and lapping up the precum with a second thought. She then put it into her mouth."Goddamn the girls' a natural," Tyler thought to himself as Trisha began bobbing her head in the millennia old practice, and he gripped his cock at the hotness of it all. Piper looked on, pride evident on her face, for she had Preteen Lolita Cp taught the little girl well. Tyler moved to the sofa and straddled the younger boys' chest, offering Lukas his thick hard boy meat. The 13 year old took it in his mouth and began sucking, reveling in his first double action experience. Trisha was kneeling to one side as she suckled Lukas and with her head turned could see what was happening. She couldn't resist reaching between Tyler's legs to handle the large set of balls that were hanging there like so many apples on a tree. The movement surprised Tyler and Piper both while Trisha was a little surprised at how large and heavy the sac was. She also noticed how cute Tyler's naked butt looked and wondered if Lukas' butt would seem the same way to her.After a few minutes Trisha stopped sucking and stood up saying her mouth got a little sore. Tyler moved off of Lukas and told her that it took practice. Lukas chimed in and said that it was taking time for him to get used to sucking Tyler's big cock which Trisha immediately wanted to try. Since Piper offered no objection Tyler said okay. Not waiting for the older boy to sit Trisha dropped to her knees in front of him and took hold of his thick hard cock and pulled it down, asking him if it hurt him as she did it. He shook his head and said no, a small smile showing on his lips."Gosh it's so big," she said to no one in particular and put her mouth over the end of it. Tyler's belly shot through with tingling as he watched the prepubescent girl's mouth spread open to take him in. He wondered how hot it would be to cum in her mouth. He envisioned her not being able to swallow his sperm fact enough and the stuff coming out of her mouth and running down her chin. The visual made his body shiver. Little did he know that both Piper and Lukas were thinking and wondering the same thing. The little girl finally stopped and stood up stating that had been fun and she liked it."Cocks feel strange to my tongue," she told the trio. The top is silky like and it's warm and, well, Preteen Lolita Cp better than a sucker." That got a few laughs."So baby girl, how would you like to teach Lukas about eating pussy?" Trisha was all for that so it was Piper's turn to sit on the sofa, slouched down some so that the children had access to her twat. Trisha dropped he naked body down between Piper's splayed out legs and began the anatomy lesson. The little girl opened Piper's gash to fully reveal her clitoris as well as her hole and began explaining what everything was, how it worked and what to do with it. She rubbed the woman's clit, slipped her finger up inside Piper's cunt and finger banged it a little bit, all the while continuing to explain what and why she was doing what she was doing. When all the explaining had been done he leaned her head forward and began eating pussy.Trisha started by licking up and down the puffy Preteen Lolita Cp slit, her tongue exploring every bit of flesh there was to explore. She took some time to suck on Piper's clit like a top ramen noodle the licked down along folds of the loose parts of the organ. Piper encouraged Tyler to straddle her as he had done for Lukas and went right to town sucking the boys' crotch rocket with a vengeance while thinking to herself that things were moving along even better than what she'd hoped for.Trisha finally stopped and stood up. "There, you can try it if you want to Lukas." Then, with a coy smile added, "Or you eat my pussy of you want to." At this stage Lukas had already determined that he preferred Trisha's pussy to Piper's. Eventually he would grow to appreciate a matured and fully developed female crotch, then again, maybe not. But for then and there he wanted to explore the naked virgin crotch of the 8 year old. Trisha flopped down on the sofa next to Piper and spread her legs for the boy.Lukas dropped to his knees between Preteen Lolita Cp the little girls' smooth thighs and leaned in for a closer look. He touched and poked and prodded, opened the smooth slit and looked around a little bit then put his face in close and licked. Tyler and Piper had stopped what they were doing to watch the young couple, both of them excited for Lukas; and for Trisha too but mostly for Lukas.The boy began to lick a little harder, began to push his tongue against Trisha's clit and then her cunt hole. For his part Lukas was in heaven. He liked the feel of the little girl's parts against his tongue although he wasn't sure if he liked it as much as Tyler's. There was just something about boys that the beautiful young teen really loved. Of course that didn't stop him from slathering Trisha's pussy from top to bottom and he could tell he was doing an okay job because she moaned a couple of times.Tyler had climbed off of Piper's lap Preteen Lolita Cp so the woman leaned over and placed her mouth against the little girls' and began a tongue battling deep throated kiss which Trisha responded to with enthusiasm. Tyler elected not to be left out so got on the floor behind Lukas and began feeling the young boy's nuts before leaning over and licking them a little bit. To help Tyler out Lukas raised his slender little ass higher so Tyler opened the boys' delicious cheeks and put his tongue in there and went to town.Lukas had never been rimmed before so this was a new experience for the boy. He had to stop licking Trisha for a moment to revel in the added feelings that were ripping through his body. When he went back to eating Trisha's hairless pussy he did so with even more enthusiasm, the double action on his virgin body making him hotter than he'd ever been in his short life.Trisha, while kissing Piper, had slipped her hand between the woman's legs and was rubbing her pussy. The little girl slipped a finger up inside Piper's cunt and found her little g spot and began sliding her finger back and forth over it. Everybody seemed to be getting up into a fog of hotness and just when Lukas was wondering when he was going to get his first piece of ass Trisha decided that it was time."I don't want to do this any more mamma, I want Lukas to fuck me." She'd been waiting for awhile and her patience had been pretty good but by goddamned hell she had her own cock right there and she was ready to be made a woman, as it were. Lukas backed away from Trisha's pussy so Tyler back away from the boys' sweet tender asshole. Piper backed away from Trisha and looked the little girl in the eyes. Piper knew that her faux daughter was ready to have her little cunt plowed by a real live cock and she knew too that young and pretty Lukas was ready to be the boy that accepted Trisha's virginity. Well, sort of virginity. After all she'd had a dildo inside her so was she really still a virgin. Piper decided it didn't really matter; the little girl was going to get fucked and that was all there was to it.Lukas had rocked back onto his knees and was busy squeezing his cock and rubbing his tender young balls. His flat belly was a riot of butterflies; he was dying to bury his cock inside Trisha and he wanted to get started on that process. Piper wondered briefly if it would be better if Lukas lubed his cock up before trying to push it inside Trisha's little cunt and decided that something was probably in the girl's best interest and she didn't think that the beautiful 13 year old boy was making enough precum to do the job."Tyler," Piper said, "How about if you jack off and lube up Trisha's cunt with your sperm? I think it's Preteen Lolita Cp a good idea for her to be greased up a little bit and besides, I'd like for her to see what cum is like." Tyler was dying to get his cock inside of Piper's sweet cunt. He loved fucking her and all this playing around had gotten the 14 year old pretty hot and bothered but the idea of jacking off with his cock right next to and practically inside Trisha's bald pussy had a great deal of appeal to the boy. It had the added benefit of unloading his balls so that when he did get to slip his dick inside Piper he'd be able to last more than 5 minutes.The teenager moved into the place that Lukas had vacated and began stroking his raging boner. He held the shaft down so that he could put it against Trisha's flesh and began rubbing the swollen head up and down the little girl's hairless slit. Trisha reached down and peeled the lips open so that she could really feel Tyler's cock head against her clit while Lukas and Piper watched with rapt interest.Tyler was amazed at the feelings that were tearing through his body. Looked down, he pushed his cock head at Trisha's little hole and while he wondered how something so big would actually get inside such a small place he also realized Preteen Lolita Cp that the little girl's body would stretch to accommodate his large cock. Tyler's cock was leaking precum like a faucet and he was smearing the shiny goo over everything that the head touched, causing Trisha's girls stuff to become shiny as well. The image in the boys' brain of his thick teenage meat being shoved inside such a tight warm place set his heat level on turbo so it didn't take long before he got to the sperming stage."Oh fuck it's not gonna be long now," the boy groaned out. His body was almost vibrating from the intensity of the feelings that were building as he continued to stroke and rub. His free hand had gone to his crotch, the fingers worked between his thigh and his heavy balls. He kneaded his inner thigh, his balls rubbing against his wrist and he brought himself closer to ejaculation. And then he was there."Oohhh God," Tyler groaned. In reflex his hand pulled back which raised the angle of his dangle, which definitely wasn't dangling, and the first jet of sperm shot up and landed on Trisha's body, leaving a thick streak of sperm from the bottom edge of her belly button down to the top of her pussy slit. Tyler readjusted quickly and put the head back against the little girl's clit and immediately creamed the little organ. The third squirt went all over the outside edge of her hole, smearing it in thick white goo. Tyler pulled back slightly and the fourth squirt ended up and the top of her vulva and amazingly began running down both sides between the lips and inner thigh. At that point it was mostly oozing and the boy kept his cock head moving up and down the now spermy gash of Trisha's pussy.Lukas thought it looked hot as all hell and wondered what it would be like to clean that all off with his tongue. As the older boy moved away Piper said,"It's your turn Lukas. I think Trisha's lubed up enough.""Should I fuck her right there, just like that?""Don't see why not sweetie, looks like she'd be at the perfect height for you," the woman observed. "Are you ready to have your first cock baby girl?" The little girl nodded he head as her fingers ran through the puddle of sperm on her belly, testing its viscosity and texture.Lukas got into place, holing his cock down and angled to target Zero. Trisha had pulled her legs back and through the white, and not starting to run goo of sperm, he spied where the little girl's hole was lurking. The first sensation that the young boy felt was the cooling sperm as he moved his cock head around until he was absolutely sure where he was. The butterflies in his belly threatened to rip out of skin they were in such a tizzy. Lukas felt the different as the very tip of his cock head entered the small opening and almost immediately he felt some resistance. Tyler and Piper watched in rapt attention as boy finally pushed slightly and his swollen cock head disappeared inside the folds of Trisha's little cunt.Lukas sighed heavily as his dick slipped inside the warm, almost liquid feeling inside Trisha's body. Her cunt muscles gripped at his shaft as it passed though, the walls of her vaginal passage taking over and enveloping his favorite body part in warm softness. The felt the almost liquid heat travel the length of his hard cock until his sparse hairs touched Trisha's crotch. Lukas thought he might faint. He'd done it. He'd buried his thirteen year old boner in its first tight wet hole.Piper had watched the boy intently. She had seen this little scene played out too many times to count and loved watching a boy's facial expressions when he slipped his cock into a cunt for the first time. Lukas was no different. His beautiful smooth face reflected a sense of wonder and amazement and as he sunk his cock in all the way to his balls it changed to contentment and then joy."How do you feel baby girl," Piper asked Trisha. The little was almost nonplussed about it. She'd had dildos in her cunt before and Lukas' hard little cock wasn't significantly different aside from being warmer."I'm okay mommy," she said. "But I did it didn't I? I got my first cock." Piper smiled and nodded then said to Lukas."Are you ready to fuck her Lukas?" The gorgeous young thing pulled his eyes away from the joined crotches and simply nodded his pretty blond head, the front falling down into his face and requiring it to be pushed back. The boy began to move, pulling out a little bit then moving back inside. Tyler watched him, admiring Lukas's tight little ass for the zillionth time. He's so fucking cute, the older teen thought to himself and wished for a moment that it was him the younger boy was fucking. Tyler had wanted to be Lukas' first fuck but it just hadn't happened. Now that the youngster had gotten this far, Tyler knew it wouldn't be long before he'd get his wish. Might even happen tonight he thought.Lukas began to pick up speed along with coming farther out of Trisha's tight little cunt. Once or twice he went too far and had to guide his raging boner back inside paradise. For her part Trisha had watched Piper many times and knew that Lukas' cock by itself wasn't going to be enough for her. She reached down and for a moment put her fingers along side the boy cock that was sliding in and out of her body, feeling the flesh as it slid by. She then pulled back a little bit and began rubbing her fingers against the knob of her clit. Tyler's sperm made it a little more slippery than she liked but that was okay."Hey Lukas," Tyler said, "You wanna suck on my dick while you fuck her?" Tyler had gotten hot watching the two youngsters losing their virginity but the watching was becoming boring. He needed more action and since Piper had just moved to one side of the couple so that the little girl could manipulate the woman's pussy Tyler figured that a foursome might be helpful. Lukas wasn't particularly interested in sucking Tyler's cock at that moment. He was totally enthralled with having his cock buried inside the little girl but Tyler was his friend and was the one responsible for Lukas' good fortune so he said sure.Tyler stood next to Lukas, his cock at the perfect height for the younger teen to suckle. Because Lukas needed one hand to hold on to Tyler's cock the older teen helped out by holding one of Trisha's legs back. Tyler watched carefully as Lukas moved his head forward then place his mouth over the swollen cock head."He's just so fucking beautiful," Tyler thought as he looked down on the younger boys' face. One the sofa Piper had taken over on Trisha's clit, rubbing the sensitive flesh in circles. It didn't take a long time before Lukas had to stop sucking and said,"I'm getting close to cumming." He was going to ask Piper about spilling his sperm into Trisha but the woman beat him to the punch."It's okay to dump your sauce into her Lukas, she's too young to get pregnant." Tyler Chuckled softly at the "sauce" connotation. He'd never thought of sperm like that but hey, it was an apt description. Lukas went back to sucking Tyler's cock but also began to pick up speed. He could feel his balls whack into the sofa as he fucked Trisha harder and faster. A half minute later he felt the tingling in his balls and his belly and shortly after that he squirted."Oohhh shit," he mumbled as the intense feelings roared up his cock. The boy closed his eyes and the vibrations ripple through his body as he shot his sperm into a cunt for the first time. Lukas was such a young spermer that he hadn't even tried the "cock on the cock while he fucked his pillow" thing yet so cumming inside a warm place while he fucked certainly made the experience that much more satisfying."Tyler, come over here. I want you to eat my pussy then fuck me," Piper said. The woman had turned so that she was kneeling on the sofa, her upper body resting on the back with her ass pushed out. Her knees were about a foot apart so her almost hairless gash along with her cunt and asshole were open for the world to see. Tyler's experience with Piper had grown considerably in the 2 months that he'd been fucking here and this position, this view of a woman's pussy was a favorite. The boy felt his cock twitch as he walked around Lukas and knelt behind her."Don't pull out of Trisha quite yet Lukas. A woman likes the feel of a cock inside of her for a Preteen Lolita Cp little while after the fucking is done." What she didn't say was that too many times a woman didn't get to cum so that was another reason to keep a hard cock entrapped with her cunt.Tyler put his face in Piper's crotch and began eating, licking and sucking for all he was worth. Lukas watched with interest as his friend got his face smeared with Piper's pussy juices. It didn't take long before Piper told him to get his big fat cock inside her cunt so the boy stood, held his cock down and guided it to slotted hole of Piper's honey pot."I want to watch Tyler fuck Piper," Trisha announced and began to wiggle a little bit. Lukas took the hint and slipped out of the little girl's cunt, meanwhile Tyler waited until both the youngsters could get into a position to watch the action. Once they braced him the dark skinned cutie went back to the task at hand.Holding his cock down he rubbed the head up and down Piper's slit, smearing precum all over everything. In the process he slipped the very tip of his swollen cock head into Piper's cunt but pulled it out again and rubbed up and down some more. All three of them could see Piper's finger tips working at her clit, mauling the little knob of sensitive flesh. Finally the boy stopped teasing her, kept his cock head against the obvious hole and pushed gently. His flesh went inside with little resistance and Tyler kept moving. Both Trisha and Lukas were a little amazed as they watched Piper's cunt swallow every single inch of Tyler's long thick cock, spreading the muscled rim open to accommodate him.The butterflies were swirling in Tyler's belly as his moss finally pressed against Piper's narrow ass. He had only fucked her from this position a few times and he really liked it. It was primitive, animalistic, but more than that the angle went against the natural curvature of her body, not that he really understood that. What he did understand was that it created different pressures on his hard cock and the feelings were incredible.Tyler began to pull back out almost immediately. He loved fucking, but then what boy didn't. He loved the feelings of Piper's cunt muscles gripping his hard flesh as he moved his cock in and out of her. His hands were on her hips, holding her in place as he began to pick up speed. Having Lukas and Trisha watch him was hot as hell too. Never in his young life had he ever envisioned fucking a girl with other's watching but now that he was doing it, it sure made him hot.Tyler picked up speed and pulled out further, almost to a point where his cock came out of her, before plunging back into her. Lukas went behind Tyler and dropped to his knees to see what it looked like from underneath. It was amazing. When Tyler saw that Lukas was moving he put one leg up on the sofa cushion so it opened everything up. To a young, up until a moment before, virgin boy the mechanics of fucking was an uncharted world. He could see the rim of Piper's cunt move back and forth as Tyler fucked her. Seeing Tyler's heavy balls hanging like fruit on a tree was equally amazing.Trisha had gotten down there to watch as well and was almost as amazed at Lukas. Both children reached for Tyler's nuts sac at the same time, then giggled. Lukas, being the little gentleman, let Trisha go first while he elected to put his fingers up alongside Tyler's cock and feel the shaft rub against the tips as he fucked Piper. Then he moved his hand forward to feel along the smaller lips. Piper felt the boys' fingers probing about so took her hand away to allow him to explore, which he did.Trisha had let go of Tyler's nuts and began feeling along behind Lukas so the boy switched hands then he began to play with Tyler's heavy balls. The teenager had slowed down to allow the kids to feel him and Piper up but the fact was that it made him even hotter than he already was."Lukas, maybe you could put your finger in my ass." Lukas had already explored that territory with Tyler and knew about the prostate gland. Although he didn't know its name he damn sure knew how it felt being rubbed on when he was all up in a fog of hotness."Trisha honey, go get the lube please," Piper asked and the little girl left immediately. While she was gone Lukas decided to try something new and crawled under Tyler, moving on his side and back in order to watch the action. He gazed in wonder at how Piper's pussy was slit open by Tyler's cock, how the smaller lips rubbed against the shaft of his cock as it slid in and out of her cunt. He noticed how shiny Tyler's cock was from the juices that were getting smeared all over it. Without thinking the young boy raised his head up and licked at whatever his probing Preteen Lolita Cp tongue could find. His cock was stone assed hard and he couldn't help stroking it as his tongue explored the different textures of male and female."Here's the lube," Lukas heard Trisha say and simply put his hand out and told her to squirt some in his middle finger, which she did. Lukas knew that the best angle for Tyler would be for Lukas' finger to curve toward the front of the teen's body and given that, he saw no reason to stop what he was doing. Once the finger was soaked he reached up, letting his fingers lead the way but keeping his middle finger held back. Tyler stopped fucking Piper for a moment to allow the boy to find his way and a second later Lukas did. He then pushed the slippery digit through Tyler's tight asshole. He heard Tyler groan and then the boy started fucking again.Lukas's body was getting sore from the position he was in but he was determined to see the thing through. He felt movement between his legs and glanced down to see Trisha moving in close to him and a second later her lips were wrapped about the boys' cock and her head was bobbing in his lap. Lukas's felt his finger brush across that little spot in Tyler's ass and knew that if he kept it there the boy would cum soon. He was right."Oh fuck you guys," Tyler panted, not bothering to add more to that sentence. He slammed his cock into Piper's cunt, rocking her on the sofa. Pulled almost all the way out and slammed back inside. Lukas's tongue was still pressed and pushing right at the edge of Piper's cunt hole, so he could still feel Tyler's cock. Afterwards he said he could feel Tyler cum, could feel his cock harden a little as his sperm shot up through his thick hose and doused Piper's insides with boy sauce. Of course his finger could tell too because his prostate turned into a little nut at the same time."Oh shit oh fuck oh God," Tyler moaned in a voice deepened from lust. He slowed down some but kept on fucking and because by now Lukas had closed his eyes he didn't see what was coming bur he felt it. He had moved up a little bit, higher on Piper's slit and when he felt the wetness on his chin he opened his eyes and pulled his head away."Jesus fucking Christ," he mumbled as he saw Tyler's sperm leaking out of Piper while the older boy continued to fuck her. It wasn't a stream by any means; just droplets of white goo that eased out then lengthened some as gravity took over before falling away from their two bodies. Lukas felt his own orgasm rising quickly and before he could say anything he came, his nut honey oozing into Trisha's mouth. To her credit the little girl didn't stop but continued sucking the 13 year olds cock. He also heard Piper moaning loudly, saw her fingers mauling the shit out of her clit and somehow knew that the woman was cumming also, although he had no idea exactly what that meant. Tyler had told him that girls came too but they didn't squirt out like boys did. The thing was though more liquid seemed to be coming out from Piper's cunt and unlike Tyler's sperm it didn't appear to be thick and come out in slow drops but came out more like a dripping faucet, dropping quickly onto the boys' chin and chest. He wondered briefly if it was pee and while he didn't particularly want it dripping on his face he wasn't repulsed by it either. He had taken a shower with Tyler before and both boys laughed when they pissed on each others legs or got pissed on.Tyler was slowing way down, Lukas's cock head was getting really sensitive from Trisha's mouth and he decided it was time to move. He pulled his finger out of Tyler's ass but did it slowly and moved his waist some so Trisha got the picture and let go of it then backed away so the boy could maneuver his way out from beneath the recently fucking couple. Lukas didn't get up though; he stayed on the floor. He wanted to see what happened when Tyler finally took his cock out of Piper's cunt, which Tyler did very shortly. Lukas watched as Tyler slowly pulled his cock out and as he did, white goo started leaking out around the sides of his stiff flesh. As the head came free more liquid ran out and while it wasn't exactly a gusher there was still a fair amount of juice that fell out onto the floor. Well most of it anyhow as some of it just ran downward onto Piper's clit and there was enough of it that it gathered there in the folds of her pussy then dripped to the floor.Tyler stepped away so Trisha could see as well and she too stared at the seeping gash for just a moment then said, "Mommy I swallowed Lukas's sperm." The little girl seemed quite pleased with herself. Piper turned and smiled at Trisha and said she was proud of her then gave the little girl a hug.Trisha stepped back after Piper let go of her and dropped a bomb that got everyone's attention."Can Tyler fuck me now mommy?"
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