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Related article: Date: Wed, 1 Dec 2010 07:18:14 +0000 From: william smith Subject: A cold night in NovemberThis story is a work of fiction between a gay youngster and an adult. Intimate sexual acts are included. You have been warned.A Cold Night in NovemberIt was absolutely freezing but i was as horny as hell and went to my local cruising toilet. It was early evening but already dark as I walked towards the loo.I noticed someone ahnging about outside which in my condition was good news. As i approached i saw he was only young probably about 14/15 so i was disappointed thinking that i was wasting my time. I walked up anyway and he smiled at me saying "its very cold isn't it?" I smiled back and said "it is what are you doing hanging round here?" He looked at me and said "why were you going in to see if you could get lucky?" I laughed and said "ok so you know what goes on in here then?""why else do you think i'm here" he said cheekily. "How old are you?" i asked. he replied thats he was 16. "are you sure you don't look 16" he gave me his birthdate which worked out he was 16. "how old are you? he asked. I told him i was 26 and i was single and lived Young Lolita Cp alone. He looked at me and said " Cool were you going in then?"I grinned at him and said " Well now I'm here I might as well. Are you coming in too?" "Yeh why not you seem nice" I loked at him and gently slid my arm around his waist and he leant against me as we walked towards the cubicles. Luckily it was a well lit toilet and it gave me a chance to notice how smooth his skin was on his face and his blonde cropped hair.he was shorter than my 5'10 and slimmer than me not that i'm fat just big built with a slight gut on me. I play a lot of football so i am pretty fit with plenty of stamina with muscular legs. I lead him into one of the cubicles having to squeeze up against each other to get in and shut the door. I felt him grab my crotch having a good grope as we stood facing each other. My cock hardened quickly under his touch and his eyes widened as he stroked the outline of it through my jeans. Now i'm not well hung but my cock is thick with a good helmet on it about 6.5 inches long. "Wow you don't hang about do you?" i gasped as he squeezed my cock through my jeans. "I was thinking the same about you and how quickly you got hard" he said. "I admit i was horny before i got here and had a play with it at home but needed someone else to help me. I wasn't expecting a young lad like you to be so up for it i usually end up with older guys who like guys my age" He smiled and sat down on the toilet his head now level with my bulging crotch. I stood legs apart his sweet face inches from my straining bulge. He reached out and gently pulled down my zip his fingers touching my cock inside my jeans. i gasped at the first touch but also because his fingers were a bit cold. He giggled and apologised for having cold hands but i couldn't have cared less as my cock sprang out of my flies towards his lips. My foreskin was already partially pulled back because i was so hard and my cock eye was clearly exposed with a bead of pre cum on it. His hand wrapped round my shaft and slowly wanked my cock exposing my cock head fully. I was breathing hard as he slowly drew my foreskin back and forth over my cock head. He pulled me closer and his tongue gently flicked my cock eye tasting the precum and leaving a string as he pulled back. I groaned and he licked the underside of my cockhead where the glans meet the shaft and teased the sensitive spot. His young tongue licked down my shaft and found my shaven balls which were tight with my excitement. "you've done this before " i growled as he licked my ball sac. i bent Young Lolita Cp down towards him and lifted his face and gently kissed his mouth tasting my pre cum on his lips. He opened his mouth and i felt his tongue flick my lips as if asking me to open them which i did willingly. We frenched for a good while before we both were gasping for air. I pulled him up and held him to me my cock being squashed between us as we started kissing again. I pulled back and smiled saying "You are a hot little fucker i'd love to get you back in my bed and give you a good fucking" He looked at me and said " Whats stopping you then?" and gave my dick another squeeze."I'm gonna make you pay for that you cheeky little shit" i laughed.I zipped up with difficulty stuffing my hard on into my jeans and unlocked the door. He followed me out and i led him to my car and we gotin. I drove us back to my flat and in we went. I asked if he wanted anything to eat or drink and he said he was fine. We sat down on the sofa and i put the tv on but neither of us were interested in watching it.I ran my hand along his leg saying i didn't even know his name. He told me it was Callum but his friends all called him Cal. I told him mine was William but was called Will. "Well its nice to meet you Cal" i said stroking the inside of his thigh very close to his crotch. I noticed some movement in his trackies and gently rested my hand under his balls gently pushing into them. He gasped and opened his legs further to give us both some more room. I leant over him and kissed him gently running my hand along the front of his trackies. His arm went Young Lolita Cp round my neck pulling my mouth hard against his as we passionately kissed.I squeezed his hard cock gently slipping my tongue inside his mouth. He gasped into my mouth as i slid my hand under the waistband of his boxers and felt the hot flesh of his cock. He was wet and i eased down his trackies and pants to expose his cock. He was uncircumsized like me about 5.5" thin cock with little balls and curly blonde fine pubes above his cock. I smiled and said he had a beautiful cock and i must kiss it. I bent down towards it licking the tip of his cock making him gasp. I traced the length with my tongue wetting it all over with my saliva licking his little tight ball bag. I pulled his trackies and boxers right down to his feet diving down under his balls to his hairless little pink anus.I tickled it with my tongue tasting this hot little hole and feeling him pulling at my jean belt. I gently licked his arsehole feeling it quiver using my tongue. I felt my jeans being pulled off and a hot little mouth around my pulsating cock. He slid my foreskin back with his mouth and was sucking me like a pro saliva running down my balls.I gently pumped his mouth as he noisily gobbled me his hands kneading my arse cheeks. I gently fingered his hole licking it as i did so opening it up under my touch.My tongue teased his sweet bumhole my fingers pulling it open to taste inside him. I could hear him moaning as he greedily fed on my cock. I eased my cock out of his sucking mouth and his lips smacked togetheras it popped out. i stood up cock jutting out the head reddy purple engorged with blood from his hot sucking.I pulled him up off the sofa his cock hard with the foreskin hiding his cock head. "come on you, bedroom" i said grabbing his hand. I pulled my jeans around my waist holding them with my other hand as i led him into my bedroom.We faced each other and i pulled his t shirt over his head exposing his hairless chest. I kissed him gently working down to his neck sucking at it moving down and licking his boyish nipples. His flat stomach came next my tongue in his naval exploring hsi hard cock now touching my cheek. I felt the wetness of his cock on my cheek and turned my head kissing the rose tip of his cock tasting his precum. He gasped stroking my head as i pulled his trackies off lifting each Young Lolita Cp leg to pull them and his boxers clear. He stood naked except for his white socks his thin but firm hairless body now fully exposed. "you look gorgeous" i said I pulled his white socks off and licked his hard shaft tongueing his balls. I pulled his cock down and straight into my mouth sliding the foreskin back with my lips. I sucked gently enjoying the taste of him and the the thrusting of his hips as he mouth fucked me. I looked up at his face eyes closed hands stroking my face as i blew his dick. I gently slid him from my mouth and as i stood he kissed me hard tongue deep in my mouth. I pulled my t shirt up and broke the kiss to pull it off and then bent down to kick my jeans off. Socks were last and we were both now naked and ready for action. I walked to my bedside cabinet and pulled out some lube squirting it on my cock. I lay on the bed and he lay next to me and we started kissing again his hand rubbing my cock covering it in lube. I ran a finger along his crease finding my target his bum hole. He moaned as a well lubed finger slid straight home quickly followed by another. "oh yeh you're no virgin are you" I giggled finger fucking his arse."I've had bigger"he laughed squeezing my rampant dick."but never anyone as sexy as you". "too late for that you cheeky fucker " i joked "you are gonna pay for that". I rolled him over jumping on his back my cock rubbing his arse crease as i tickled him licking his neck. I got him on his side and me behind him legs open my cock rubbing his arse. I guided it to his hole pushing gently with my cock head and felt it slip inside. He gasped and i held him breathing in his ear" relax baby lets stop like this for a while" We stayed still until i felt his hole relax round my cockhead and i pushed in a bit further until i was half in. We stopped again and stroked and fondled until i eased in a bit more."You OK Cal?" i asked "it feels so good at my end" His answer was to push onto me further and i felt my balls touch his arse cheeks. "Thats it you got all of me" i panted feeling myself jerk inside him. I pulled out and eased in a few times feeling his arse loosen around my cock. He started pushing against me as i eased in and soon we were getting up some speed. I squirted more lube down between us as i eased nearly out and plunged back into him. I felt my balls starting to slap his arse as i began fucking him hard from the side. i reached round and stroked his still hard cock gently feeling the pools of precum on his stomach. He turned his head and our tongues wrestled each other as i wanked him slowly and fucked his hot young arse. I could feel my balls start to tighten and the sensation of cumming crept up inside me. He began moaning and writhing kisssing harder his cock pulsing in my hand. i wanked him faster pumpimg my cock into him. I felt him tense and shoot spurt after spurt onto his stomach and my fingers. That was it for me i erupted inside him pumping my hot cum into his hole my cock driving into him. I seemed to cum for ages and then subsided laying deep inside him my cock jerking gently as i relaxed after orgasm.W e lay there knackered for a while before i started to ease outfrom his arse. I pulled out gently with a plop and cum slid out from his arse onto my thigh. I gently ran a finger over his open hole rubbing my cum into his arse lips. We kissed gently his fingers finding my sticky cock and squeezing it. i looked at it laying limply against my thigh, head exposed cum covered and arse slime all over it.He got up and bent down kissing it licking it clean and then kissing me after. "You taste good " i grinned. " No we taste good " he corrected. I then kissed his limp cock tasting his sweet cum juice on his stomach and gently cleaning his sensitive cock. I lay looking at him breathing slowly relaxed and satisfied.I kissed his cheek laying back on the bed feeling totally drained but satisfied He got up and bent over pulling his phone out. "Give me a minute" he smiled kissing me quickly before heading for the bathroom. I got up and looked out of the window out into the dark cold November night and it started to snow. I felt him come up behind me his arms wrapped round me his limp cock pressing into my arse. I wriggled against Young Lolita Cp him turning to see him. His fingers wandered down to my cock gently feeling. i moaned and kissed him. "Wow you're ready for another session already " he said as i grew in his hand.I pushed him towards the bed and he lay on his back as i knelt between his legs and i could see his arse cheeks shiny with my cum that had leaked out of him. I bent over and stroked his arse and he smiled. *That call I made was to make sure i could stay the night. i f that is Ok with you?" I reached for him kissing him hard and said " Is that a good enough answer?"" Mmmmmmmm i think it is" he said guiding of my cock into his hot wet hole once again .......... To be continued.youngwill9hotmail.com
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