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Lolita Girls Toplist

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Related article: A Class By Himself 11 Fans of this series have never once let me forget to work on it, and I can't thank you enough for your enthusiasm and loyalty to Derek and Tanner's romantic story! Thanks a ton, and I hope you enjoy this brand new chapter! Please let me know what you think at Comicalitywebtv.net or stop by my website at http://comicality.gayauthors.org (And don't forget to sign the guestbook!) "A Class By Himself 11" I think I stayed up until about 2 AM last night. I just couldn't sleep. Partially from disappointment, partially from anger at my situation, and partially from guilt for making my mom feel so ad about what happened. It's not like it was her fault. If anything, she was going way WAY out of her way to be there for me. Some parents wouldn't even do that. I guess I should be proud. I don't know...I just...I wanted to be there to get my award SO badly. It was my chance to...I dunno...'stand among kings', I suppose. But that was no reason to make her feel bad, and I feel like shit because of it. I think she went to bed even later than I did, trying to mask a few sniffles with the sound of late night televison. I'm not sure when she turned in though. After such a long walk, I found myself phasing in Lolita Girls Toplist and out of a deep sleep for the first couple of hours, and tossing and turning the rest. My mind plagued with the demons of a slight temper tantrum gone wrong. It wasn't really fair to either one of us that this happened, but it's overwith now. More than anything, I just wanna be straight with my mom again. That's really all that matters. She's Lolita Girls Toplist doing the best she can, and there are a lot of mothers who wouldn't have gone through half the trouble to be there. So I guess there's no use crying and complaining about it. Besides, this was going to be my special day with Tanner while his mom and dad were gone, and I wanted to get at least a LITTLE bit of sleep so I can have some real fun over there. There's no better celebration than that.I'm officially leaving the whole stupid incident behind me. But.....it really would have been cool though. It really would have been cool.I got out of bed around 11, and just let the sunlight coming in through my window warm me for a bit. I probably would have rolled right over and gone back to sleep if I didn't have important things to do today. Mmmm...me and Taner, all alone. All day long. I can't even imagine how utterly mindblowing this is going to be. For the both of us. I haven't really had the chance to taste my sweetie pie for some time now, and now we've got like...unlimited hours of passion to make up for it. It made me squirm in my sheets just thinking about it, a big goofy grin crossing my lips. It's times like this, that I can fel my heart beating in my chest without even having to touch it. It's like a piece of him is just swimming around in my soul, and right now....it's racing.I got up to take a shower and get dressed. I thought about packing a little bag to bring a change of clothes, and maybe some swimming trunks...hehehe, but let's be honest...I won't be needing them today. By the time I get to Tanner's house, I'll be so itchy to get out of these clothesI'll probably leave them at the front door and not put them back on until it's time to leave. And that might be late.I heard the doorbell ring just as I was putting some shorts on, and ran over to grab it before it woke my mom up. I'm sure she could use the few extra minutes of sleep since she's gotta work tonight. I opened the door, and there was Joel, wearing the same clothes he had on yesterday. Except this time, he had a bg stain on the right side of his shirt. "What's up, man?" He said, walking in as though nothing was wrong."Where are you coming from? I kinda thought you'd be back last night.""Nope. I made plans." He said."Where'd you stay last night?" I asked, following him into the kitchen as he went searching for something to eat."You remember the twins? Shante and LaToya? Well they had a party last night at their place. They let me crash on their floor for the night once everybody got too drunk to hang out anymore." He opened the fridge and grabbed some ham and mayonnaise to make a sandwich. "You slept on the floor?" "Pretty much everybody slept on the floor. That is until Calvin dropped his glass of beer and it puddled up under me while I was sleeping. I've gotta wash this shirt again, I smell like a drunk.""That sucks.""Not entirely. Because after my shirt got wet, I Lolita Girls Toplist took it off and got on the couch....with Becky Lindstrom." He grinned. Then he whispered, "I got to touch her boobs, man!""She let you touch her boobs???" I said in shock."Well...sorta. We were kissing, and she thought I was her boyfriend. Then she passed out and I got a few squeezes." I gave him a look, and he giggled. "What? It's not MY fault she fell asleep. It's a little thing called 'taking advantage of a choice opportunity'.""Funny...I thought they called it RAPE." "Two sides of the same hormonal bannana." He went over to the counter to make his sandwich and changed the subject before we even GOT too deeply into that situation. "How'd your 'thingie' go last night?""It didn't." I said. "We were on our way, but my mom's car has evidently seen it's last mile." "Aw, no way. It broke down on you? How far away?""A good hour and a half walk at least. It sucked, big time.""No shit. Damn, I'm sorry to hear that, bro. You'll get those snot nosed little brats next time." Joel told me. Then smiled, "Hey, remember when we were like nine years old, and my mom's car gave out on us in the parking lot of the grocery store?"It was a funny memory, and we giggled a little bit at the thought. "And your mom had bought all those groceries..." I added."...So we had to steal a shopping cart to get them all home." He laughed. "Ice cream melting all over everything...""Oh God...now THAT was fun!" And as I remembered it, it WAS fun. I guess, to a 9 year old, money doesn't really mean all that much. I never knew how 'broke' we were until the kids at my new school told me I was. It's funny how a simple tragedy like rolling a stolen cart full of groceries down the street to get home can bring a smile to our face. I wish my entire view of the whole situation hadn't gotten so...'complex' since then."So you guys walked home? Was your mom mad?""Yeah..." I said quietly. "...Actually, it would be best if you didn't even mention it to her today, k? I kinda just wanna forget about it.""My lips are sealed." He said, taking a bite out of his sandwich. "So how come you didn't get one of your super rich pseudo-friends to send a limo or something to come get ya?""No chance. We were stranded on the road between towns. It probably would have taken us longer to walk into town and find a phone than it would to just walk home. Besides, it was embarrassing enough as it was.""Too bad. Sucks Lolita Girls Toplist to be you." Joel offered me a bite of his sandwich while he was still chewing, but he had ravaged so much of it with the first few bites, there was hardly anything left for me to bite off of. That's when the doorbell rang again, and he went to go answer it for me. He always knew how to make himself at home. "I'll get it. You never know. Maybe that's the millionaire kids deploying an emergency rescue chopper for you." I looked around the corner, and saw Chris standing at the door when Joel opened it up. He was all dressed up in name brand everything, looking cute and clean like he was going to be on tv or something. Naturally...Joel wasn't impressed. "Who the hell are you supposed to be?" He asked."I guess that depends on who the hell YOU are." Chris shot back with the same biting sarcasm, and I figured that I had better get in there before things got ugly. "Chris! Hey...what's up?" I said, moving over swiftly to keep them from trading any more comments between each other. Geez, they've known each other for all of fifteen seconds, and there's already a conflict."What HAPPENED to you last night? I was worried. I tried calling from the auditorium, but the phone just kept ringing." He said, steping inside."My mom's car kinda broke down on us. So...we sorta had to walk home last night." I said, and he gave me such a look of pity. The kind of look you give a bunny with his leg caught in a bear trap. "But it's ok! Really. We made it home, got some sleep. Everything's fine.""Oh my God...Derrick, why didn't you CALL me??? I would have been there in a heartbeat! You KNOW I would have!" Chris was so distraught. I think it bothered him more than it did me."It's ok. Chris, we got home safe, had a nice long talk about it...I'm ok.""Don't you have my cell phone number? You NEVER have to walk home. Not ever.""Chris....don't sweat it. Seriously." I said, but Joel wasn't going to be quiet for much longer."Too bad you missed your chance to swoop down in your private jet and fly them home, big boy." He sneered.Chris, hardly ever one Lolita Girls Toplist to back down from an insult, answered with, "Excuse me. But is there a reason that I should even be TALKING to you right now?""Oh, I'm sorry. You were dressed up like the lead singer of a boy band. I thought maybe you were just here to entertain us." Chris looked him over and said, "Well pardon me if I didn't roll around in the gutter to get as fashionably 'stained' as you are. I thought the 'Orphan Oliver' look was out this year.""You guys...? Come on, can we play nice for a little while?" I said, making sure to keep them from escalating this even further. Joel was a tough one to distract once he got his back up, but it didn't take much to get Chris' attention focused back on me. He couldn't help himself, even if he tried. "Do you wanna come in?" I asked.Chris looked at Joel briefly, "No. Not really." Then he connected eyes with me again. "Actually, my dad is off opening a new restaurant today, so I've got the car and a driver outside for the rest of the afternoon. I thought maybe...you'd wanna go out for a little bit. You know, just hang out, and talk for a while." Even though he hid it well, the slightest blush came to his creamy cheeks when he asked, and it was...you know...sweet. Joel replied, "Gee, hanging out and talking with you. You know...that just doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun.""Well that's pretty lucky for YOU then, because YOU'RE not invited." Chris snarled."Really? That doesn't mean I'm not going, 'N'Sync'.""STOP!" I shouted. "Chris...let me get some socks and shoes on, and I'll be right back. Ok?" I started to go back to my room, but leaving Chris and Joel in the same room wasn't such a good idea. "Actually...Chris, why don't you wait for me in the car, and Joel, why don't you....just go that way." I practically had to pull them apart from their nasty glares alone. But at least it kept them from bearing their fangs for the time being."I'll be waiting." Chris got one last shot at Joel by saying, "Later, dirtbag.""Fuck you too, yuppie." Joel answered as I pushed him into my room."Jesus, Joel. Do you have to have a problem with ALL of my friends?""THAT guy is your friend? Damn Derrick, you can do better." He said. "Why is everybody at this new school of yours so damn pretty and prissy anyway? They all look like Hollywood actors paid to portray high school students. Aren't there any 'ugly' people there, with normal clothes and hair?""If you ask me, it sounds like you're jealous." I said, lacing up my shoes."Jealous? Of what? If I wanted his money, I could just beat the shit out of him and take it.""Hehehe, whatever you say, man." I tied up my other shoe, and Joel looked down at me."Where did you get those from?" He asked."Get what?""Those shoes. Where'd they come from?""Oh...Chris, he gave them to me." Joel looked at me like I was crazy. "WHAT? He had plenty of shoes, and mine were all messed up. You remember what they looked like. He was just trying to help.""What, are you setting up a charity bin at school now?""No! It's not like that. I TOLD you, he's my friend. He was trying to do the right thing.""What the hell are you DOING, Derrick? What's next? Is he gonna start giving you bags of canned food and free soap?" He said."What's the matter with you, Joel? Why are you acting like this?""ME? I'm not the one who's suddenly Lolita Girls Toplist ashamed of what he's got.""Who said I was ashamed of anything?""You're ashamed to wear your own shoes.""Those shoes were old and worn out.""They were YOURS." Joel said a bit louder. "Your mom worked really hard to get the money to buy you those shoes. So what, they're not good enough for you anymore? You'd rather wear some hand-me-down sneakers from some tight assed rich boy from school?""Ok, you know what? I'm going to get out of here. You can stay here and be pissed off all by yourself. Because I don't even know what you're talking about right now." I said, standing up and getting ready to leave."Fine. Go eat your fancy lunch and shoot the breeze with your little fag boy toy. I don't care." He mumbled. "Tell him I said, 'kiss my ass' when you see him." Arrrrgh! What the hell is his DEAL today??? Why does Joel even CARE? He's being such an asshole these days.I sorta slammed my front door and walked my way out to Chris' car. He made sure to scoot over to give me room to get in, but as soon as the car took off, he scooted up as close as he could without making the driver suspicious. "Hi." He said, just above a whisper. He kept peeking forward at the driver, I guess to see how much he could Lolita Girls Toplist get away with and still keep his secret."Hey. I'm sorry about my friend, Joel. He's got some issues going on right now at home, and...""It's ok. I don't even care." Chris said, turning partially in his seat to look at me even closer. "I'm just happy to see you today. That's all." He let a bashful smile cross his lips, and as his hand crept closer to mine, I suddenly got a flashback of the last time he had gotten so antsy with me in the backseat of a car. I was worried that I might suddenly get 'jumped' again. Chris isn't known for keeping his infatuations down to a somewhat healthy level. I made sure to look forward a bit at the driver myself, and I think his paranoia of the situation kept him at bay. "I was really worried that something had happened to you, Derrick. And...I mean...you know that I....uh...'care' about you a lot. Um....right?" He was being so careful with what he said, but it was pouring out uncontrollably anyway. I think his feelings for me get worse every single day. I really should stop being this 'nice' to him all the time if it's only making him fall even deeper in love than he already was. "Thanks. I'm alright." I said, feeling a growing tension through his stare."Um..ok...good." He tried to pull it back a bit, and told his driver, "We're gonna go for milkshakes over at Benny's. K?" The driver agreed and took us exactly where we wanted to go. Quick and efficient. It must be nice.When we arrived, he got out and tried to run around and open the door for me, but I stepped out on my own. Force of habit, I guess. He instructed the driver to wait there in the parking lot as we went inside for some 'privacy'. He found us a booth that was as far away from other people as he could possibly get us without seating us outside, and then sat across from me. He was being particularly goofy over me today, I wasn't sure that I understood. "Chris...is everything alright?""Yeah, it's great. Why?""Nothing. You just seem....""I just wanted to be with you today. That's all." He said. His eyes pierced right through me, a small boyish grin on his sweet thin lips. "I wanted to see your smile. And smell your scent. And look at your eyes. You just...felt so far away from Lolita Girls Toplist me when I couldn't find Lolita Girls Toplist you last night. So...I kinda missed you.""Chris...I kinda...made 'plans' for today. I hope you didn't go through a whole lot of trouble...""It's no trouble. I'd rather spend the whole day with you...but a few minutes for lunch is fine too." He smiled. "I um...I Lolita Girls Toplist love you, Derrick.""Chris..." I sighed."I KNOW, I know...but....it just makes me feel good to say it, ok? I just feel like I have to let you know every minute of the day. It's an awesome feeling." This was worse than I thought. "Do you want a milkshake or something?""Um...yeah, sure." I said, knowing that he wasn't going to take no for an answer anyway.And we sat there in the back of Benny's, sipping thick chocolate milkshakes and having a somewhat uncomfortable conversation. I think Chris was starting to convince himself that I'd be 'converted' if he kept pushing hard enough. Still, he managed to walk that fine line between sweet and creepy so expertly that it was hard to make a judgement call one way or the other in terms of dealing with his affections. I mean, I didn't want to HURT him. I just...wanted him to understand. "So....this 'other stuff' that you've got to do today...? Is it with that other guy at your house?" Chris asked as he reached the bottom of his milkshake."Oh, no. Not him. I'm going out...elsewhere.""Ah, I see." He paused for a second, and then added, "So is that guy like....a friend of yours or something?""Joel? Yeah. We've known each other for years. He's from my old neighborhod and all.""Oh....ok...." He waited another few seconds. "...Soooo, he's like...staying with you, or something? I mean...does he like you?" He asked, peeking up at me slightly."What do you mean, does he like me?""I mean...does he...like you?" With the coy diversion of playing around with his spoon in his shake glass, Chris tried to subtly find out just how 'close' Joel and I were to each other. "Just asking.""Omigod...Chris...we're JUST friends.""You can tell me if you want. I mean...I don't care, or anything." He mumbled, with a pretend shrug of his shoulders as though the answer didn't matter to him."We're just friends, Chris. He's like my brother. Scout's honor." I said. "Awww....dude, what were you thinking?" He blushed instantly, even with a serious look on his face trying to make him appear innocent."Well...he was all in your house. And then I show up, and he's all like...'who the hell are you?' and stuff. I just....I wanted to know if maybe....I was intruding on something..." He pouted. "...Or whatever...""You know...you have got to be one of the most sensitive, most adorable, most MANIACAL, boys that I know." I said with a grin, prompting a grin of his own to spread across his face, and his blush to darken shamelessly."I was just asking a question. You didn't have to get all cute on me." He giggled. "Sighhh...I want you so bad, dude. You have no idea." I gave him a look, and he leaned back. "I'm sorry. I'm trying really hard to scratch you out of my head. I swear. It's just gonna take some time. You know...with you being so hot and all.""Ok, enough is enough, lover boy.""Honestly...it's not just your looks, Derrick." He whispered. "It's your heart. I don't think I'll ever get enough of someone with your heart. To be brutally honest....you're so damn beautiful that it literally hurts to think about you. And....I think about you constantly."I got nervous. Extremely nervous. I probably should have said no to the milkshake. I probably should have said no to the whole outing and stayed home. "Uhhh...Chris...""It's like I can FEEL your arms around me sometimes, and it feels like I'm gonna cry when I realize it's not real.""Dude, please...""Derrick....you make me so WEAK inside. It's like I can't breathe when I'm near you. But...I'm willing to put myself through all of that torture just to SEE you again. And...and be able to touch you." He was shaking at the table, and his spoon was making this tingling sound as he tried to hold himself together long enough to speak. "I know you told me to cool it, and I'm trying. But...at times like this...kissing you is all I can think about. And I feel like I'll DIE if I don't say something!" He waited for a second or two, and bit his bottom lip bashfully. "Look, I know you have something else to do today, and that's...that's cool. But...if you could just...come to my house for JUST a little bit, it would mean the WORLD to me." What was he ASKING me here? "Derrick...just....just let me try to make you happy. Ok? I'm offering you all of me, everything I own, everything I AM...you can have it. I really can't stop wanting you. I TRY, but...but I can't. And if you could just...let me try...I mean....a few kisses, or...or whatever. I'll do anything. I'll stop if you don't like it, I promise. Just.....just give me a chance to see if maybe, just for a little while..." He got stumbled up over his words, and I felt I had to say something while I had the opportunity."Chris...I like you a lot, ok? But..." Here comes the big lie again. "I'm not into guys. I just...I want us to be friends. GOOD friends. But...I think...if I came to your house, I'd only be making things worse between us. Do you understand?" His face dropped a bit, but he slowly nodded his head. I couldn't tell if his eyes had watered up or not, he kept them down on the table, but either way I felt terrible. It almost made me wish I loved him as much as I loved Tanner. If for no other reason than to give him the kind of overwhelming love and appreciation that he deserved for being such a great guy. I mean...in another lifetime, I'd be a fool NOT to want a boy like Chris to fall all over himself trying to be with me. It's just...not who I fell in love with. I'm happy. I just wish he was too. "I'm really really sorry, ok?""It's ok. It was worth a shot, right?""It always is." I answered, getting a tiny grin out of him. "Any boy would be lucky to have you, Chris.""OR girl." He added, protecting himself again from the awful 'g' word. "Or girl. Of course." I smiled. And he waited until I finished off my milkshake before getting out a credit card to pay for the treat."So.you're sure you don't just want to see....you know...what it 'feels' like?" He grinned."Sighhh...no thanks, Chris." I smiled back."Can I at least see you naked?""Yes. Yes, you can." I think the answer shocked him! It took a few seconds for him to realize what I said, but once he did, he looked like a kid with a new bike."WAIT! Are you SERIOUS???""Nope!""No...c'mon, don't play around! Are you serious? I'll take pictures. I won't show them to ANYBODY, I promise!" He was practically shimmying in his seat at the idea, his eyes wide and excited."Can we GO now, goofball?" I asked."Ummm....actually....give me a few seconds. I think I got a stiffy." He whispered, and we both shared a nice laugh over it. He wasn't kidding though, he made me look under the table to see it. It was...um...'big'. Needless to say, I turned down his offer to let me hold it for him, but it was cool to Lolita Girls Toplist look at. Briefly, of course.Chris eventually drove me back Lolita Girls Toplist to my house and let me out. He didn't want to let me out of the car, but I had to pull myself away somehow. Hopefully this little lovey dovey panic attack is only a temporary thing. I don't know if I can fend of his 'charm' without hurting his feelings when it's being spread on this thick."I'll see you on Monday, ok?" I told him as I got out of the car."Sure. Just..." He stopped to look into my eyes for a moment, and continued with, "....Don't disappear on me, ok? The thought of losing you...it kills me, you know?" The driver looked at us through his rearview mirror, and Chris caught him doing it. "My dad's not paying you to take NOTES, ya know? Look at the birds outside or something." He was so easily agitated when it came to his personal feelings. It was so cute."I'll talk to you later, man. Bye." And I got out of there before he found another reason to talk anymore. I think...it might be time to tell him that I sorta 'have somebody' in my life. I wish I didn't have to hurt him, but I'm sure stringing him along like this isn't much more merciful. I've just gotta find an easy way to do it is all.When I walked in the house, my mom was already up and running around, and Joel was putting his clothes in the washing machine. Everything was already in motion for the day. "There's a few breakfast rolls in the oven, Derrick. Make sure you eat something.""I will."Joel asked, "Enjoy your 'outing', buttercup?" But I pretty much ignored it. That's when the phone rang and I picked it up. "Hello?""Hey hon." It was Tanner, and his sweet voice was the most pleasant thing to touch my ear all morning."Hey!" I said, leaning against the wall, a flirtatious smile broadening on my face."I....I heard about last night, Derrick. I'm so sorry, baby. I really am."Huh? How in the hell did HE hear about what happened? "Who told you?""I called late last night. Your mom told me about the car. That really sucks." She did? My mom told him last night? Oh man....that had to be painful for her, to be reminded of that all over again. It must have been after I got in a few seconds of sleep in last night. I hope she doesn't still feel bad about it all. I really do. "You know...Jackie is pretty good with cars. I can always ask her to take a look at it or something.""I dunno...maybe. I think we're just gonna manage without it for a couple of days until we figure out what we're gonna do." I said."I don't wanna push...but the offer is open if you need it, ok? I'm sure we can get it fixed.""Thanks." I told him. "But what's really on my mind right now is spending some time with my...." I was about to say something really gay, but I noticed that Joel was nearby. Close enough to hear every word. "...Just looking forward to later on.""Me too. You know...my mom and dad are already gone. I swear, I got hard the second they closed the front door." He practically said it with a sensual moan lacing his voice. And I blushed a little bit as my knees temporarily buckled from the sensation it gave me."Really now?" I grinned. "Mmm-hmm...I've been thinking about you all morning. I can't wait until you get here.""Me neither." I said quietly, but now Joel was definitely listening."Who are you talking to?" Joel asked, but I silently pushed him away, trying to contain that giddy little smile on my face."I want you, Derrick. When are you coming over. I didn't wanna touch myself until you got here....but it's getting really hard not to." I could hear the sly grin in his voice, and I was melting all over the floor. I hope Joel couldn't see my growing bulge as I turned towards the corner and put my forehead against the wall."I'm coming over as son as I can. Hold out for me....k?""I'll try. Just hurry up. I'm waiting for you." And then he sent me a soft smooch and hung up the phone. Mmmmmmm....GOD, I have GOT to get over there!"That was HER wasn't it?" Joel asked once I hung up the phone."HER? Her who?""YOU know who! Your GIRL! The virgin killer!" He giggled. "That's none of your business." I couldn't hold back from grinning myself, and he chased me over to the couch. "WHAT??? Leave me alone. Go do your laundry.""I should be doing YOUR laundry. Maybe I'll find her panties in it." He payfully tackled me on the couch and laid on top of me. "Quit it! I thought you were mad at me, anyways?"Joel batted his eyes, raising his voice to a girly pitch. "Oh Derrick, my studly Derrick....I could NEVER be mad at you. Not as long as you give it to me three times a day!" Joel began humping me while I tried to push him off, and we got into a bit of wrestling match just before the doorbell rang. Joel was moaning loud and I was doing my best to get from underneath him. Which is really hard o do when you're laughing. My mom came out to answer the door, and swatted us both with the dish towel. "No wrestling in the house!" She said on her way to the door. When it opened, her co-worker, Tina, was waiting outside to take her to the diner. "Hey, Tina. Just give me a minute. I'll be ready just as soon as I put on my makeup."Joel rolled over, and was instantly mesmerized. He hopped off of me so fast that I hardly had time to realize that the game was over. Now...I may be a homosexual, but I wasn't blind. And Tina was definitely a hottie. A solid 9 on a scale of 1 to 10. Lng blond hair down to her shoulders, well shaped, pretty brown eyes, juicy red lips, and a set of breasts that were big enough to lay your head on and go straight to sleep. I think Joel's focus was yanked off of me entirely once she stepped nto the door. "Hi...I'm...Joel." He said, walking over to drool over her up close."Nice to meet ya Joel." She said. "How are ya, Kit Kat?" She always called me Kit Kat. Ever since I was little, and ate Lolita Girls Toplist a whole bag of her chocolate candy nonstop during two innings of their softball game. It used to embarrass me, but since my hormones kicked in, gay or not...it sounds a lot nicer coming from her."I'm cool." I said, and watched as Joel's eyes filled up with a bird's eye view of her cleavage. I couldn't help but laugh at how utterly hypnotized he was."Yeah......cool." He sighed. "I think...I'm gonna go see if my mom is ready." I said, and backed away to let my buddy enjoy himself. Hopefully I don't hear the echo of a smack anytime soon.I walked into her room with a knock, and saw my mom in front of the mirror, apron on, fixing up the last bits of her make up. I stood there for a moment or two...just....watching her get ready to trot off to work. Putting food Lolita Girls Toplist on the table, and clothes on my back. Sendng me off to a better school for a good education. Even when she's tired, and broke, and hungry...she pushes on anyway. And on my behalf. It's a strength that I should be admiring, not forgetting about in times of trouble. I didn't want her to go to work before I let her know that."Are you still going to your friend, Tanner's, house today, honey?" She asked."Yeah. I'm probably gonna leave pretty soon.""Do you need bus money or anything?""No thanks, Mom. I got it." I said, and then walked up behind her to give her a warm hug around the waist. It caught her a bit off guard and she lunged forward a bit."Hehehe, what's THAT for?"I looked at our reflection in the mirror, her and I, practically identical twins from the look of our facial features...we were a matching set. And always would be. "Just because." I said. "I take care of you, you take care of me." I paused for a moment, thinking about what I said, and what she went through, and her having to tell Tanner what happened. And then I hugged her tighter, with my eyes closed. "Thanks for taking care of me, Mom." When I opened my eyes, her face had changed a little bit, and she reached for a tissue. She totally pretended to be touching up her eyeliner, but I knew better. "Don't forget to eat something before you leave. Ok?" She said, her voice a bit shakey.I just smiled in the mirror, and finally released my hold on her. "Ok." I said.I started to leave her room, but she told me to wait. She walked over, and she gave me a loving kiss on my forehead while holding my cheeks in her hands. Then she ruffled my hair a bit and smiled. "Thank you, baby." She said, and with a secretive sniffle, she shuffled me out of the door so she could finish getting ready. I can't say for sure, but I think we just might be straight again. I went back outside, and Tina was sitting on the couch, with Joel as closely nuzzled up under her as he could possibly be without wrapping his arms around her. His face was slightly flushed, and his legs were crossed, and he looked like he was actually panting. Jesus, what a horn dog. He's worse than I am. "I'm gonna go out for a while. Joel? Are you um....gonna stay here today? Or...""I'm going to Reggie's. I'll come back later on. Maybe tomorrow." He said, not even looking in my direction. I'm sure that Tina knew what was going on, but she didn't seem to be disgusted or anything. Maybe a little annoyed, but not to the point where she was willing to say anything to the teenager perusing her 'goodies' section. "Are you sure?""Ohhh, I'm pretty sure." Joel told me, and sorta waved me off without turning his head."You're sure?""YES! I'm SURE! Go. Have a good time." He stayed locked on his target, and I just giggled and turned to leave. "Later Tina.""See ya soon, Kit Kat." Just as I was closing the door, I heard Tina call out to my mom. "Are you ready yet in there? We've gotta run." I guess she's been slobbered over enough for one morning. But...that's not really my concern. I have a date with the most incredibly delicious boy on Earth! And I don't want him to wait another minute for his favorite gift to arrive at his front door. There was no mode of transportation that could have gotten me to Tanner's neighborhood fast enough. I could have been riding a lightning bolt and I STILL would have been looking at my watch to see what the delay was. I was sitting in the very last seat in the back of the bus, tapping my feet and twidling my thumbs anxiously the whole way. Tanner and I have always had enough room in that giant house to have some 'fun' from time to time, but the only time we've ever actually had the whole place to ourselves was after our Valentine's Day date. And even then we were on borrowed time. This time, we'd have hours and hours to do whatever we wanted...and all I wanted was him. Sighhh....what's TAKING this clunker so damn long??? I swear, waiting for that bus to pull up to the right stop was like a four year old boy waiting for Christmas! Grrrr!I practically exploded out of those doors when the bus came to a stop, and quickly made my way to Tanner's front gate. I fixed my hair a bit on the way, and smoothed out the few wrinkles in my clothes. I was ready. I was SO ready. I saw the guy at the gate, Gregor, reading an entertainment magazine and tapped on the window. "Hi, Gregor." I said, and he looked over at me."Oh, hello Derrick. I didn't know you were coming by today.""Yeah, Tanner and I were supposed to hang out for a while." I said, so anxious that I was out of breath and my voice was shaking. "No problem. Go on ahead." He said, pressing the button to open the gate for me. "I'll call ahead and tell him you're coming.""Thanks man." I said, and briskly power walked my way to his front door. He must have run down the steps from his room to beat me to the door, because I saw it open before I even reached the steps. Wow...just seeing him standing there was like an orgasmic experience in itself. He was wearing these soft and silky grey sweatpants, showing this beautiful little 'pouch' in the front. And he had this pure white designer tshirt on that looked like it was just bought yesterday. His hair was slighly damp from the shower he must have taken this morning, and the darkened locks hung so sweetly, so 'flirtatiously', over his amazingly bright hazel eyes. His smile held the cutest hint of mischief as it turned up an inch higher in one corner of his lips than the other, and my heart felt as though he were pulling it towards him with a hook in it. I simply couldn't wait to feel him against me again. I couldn't WAIT."Hey..." He said, as he stepped aside to let me inside the house. I could see the pouch in front of his sweats begin to slightly thicken and harden as he closed the door behind us. He locked the top lock, and I don't think I'll ever forget that sound. That 'click' alone, was like the symbol for our liberating exile from the rest of the world around us. Allowing us the time and space to indulge in a passion that we had been restraining, constricting, and suppressing, for longer than any teenage boy should ever have to. We were alone. Alone. Can you imagine? Just me, and the tender embrace of the boy I love. God....life is good."I'm sorry I couldn't get here sooner." I said, and it made him smile seductively, his gleaming wet lips calling out Lolita Girls Toplist to me."It's ok, hon. I waited for you." He said, and we embraced right there by the front door. Our actions hidden away from anyone who might have an issue with what was going on in here. I let my arms drape over his slim shoulders, and he let his soft hands rest lovingly on my waist. Our eyes connected for a few moments, staring at one another, a smile fixed on both of our faces as we realized how utterly unburdened we were. A sigh escaped me, and as much as I loved admiring the undeniable beauty of my sweet angel...I couldn't wait another moment to be totally lost in his kiss. Our lips connected, softly at first, and then with more fever. The love in my heart began to spill over, and I could feel my very essenece being pulled out of me to mix with his own. There was a certain level of freedom in this kiss. An unrestricted passion that surged through us as we slowly rocked back and forth on our feet...an erotic slow dance that allowed us to balance as our tongues mingled in between the infatuated bridge of our soft young lips. I loved the feel of his dampened, freshly shampooed, hair as my fingers glided through it. I could smell his sweetened aroma, and it intoxicated me to no end. I could feel a gentle tug at my hips, and he brought me closer, his fully hard package now pressing firmly against my own. I loved the feel of it on my thigh, moving back and forth across my lap as his hips made the most sensually arousing circles in slow motion. Our kiss became so heated that small moans and whimpers were escaping us both, and my head began to spin. I brought my arms down, and his moved up to my shoulders as we traded positions. Now my hands were free to roam delicately across his slender backside, up to his firm shoulder blades, down to the small of his back, and then up again...all the while Tanner's hands twirled and twisted their way through my blond locks. Our kiss brought to a new level as our thirst for one another grew in intensity. My hands made their way, unashamedly, to the elastic of his sweatpants, and asked no permission as they slipped gently inside. The seductive globes of his ass were in there waiting...flexing...the globes warm and smooth, with almost no texture to the touch at all. My fingertips reached down lower in the back of his pants, until I could feel the warm butter softness of Tanner's suckable cheeks as they came to a cute little rounded cup at the bottom. I held his mounds with both hands, rubbing and kneading them, spreading and squeezing them, as our kiss continued. I could feel his sweatpants beginning to slide further down over my wrists as I clutched harder to the slightly chubby handfulls of teen flesh. My heart was beating so hard that I could hear my pulse throbbing in my ears. And just as I felt the sweats drop underneath the curve of his ass, Tanner slowly leaned back from our liplock. "C'mon...let's get a bit more comfortable. K?" He said, almost in a whisper."K." I replied, and kissed him again on the lips before letting him go. I watched as he slid his sweatpants off of his long smooth thighs right there in front of me, and picked them up to drape over his shoulder. His hardness was sticking straight out, bouncing slightly with every beat of his heart, and seeing him naked from the waist down was so incredibly sexy to me. I had seen it many times before, but it was always a heart stopping experience to see him reveal it again just for me. I was so overwhelmed with emotion that I almost thought I was going to burst into tears. I didn't know that sexual desire could get so strong. So emotional. So unbelievably REAL, that it could drive a man to tears. But here I stand, almost sniffling, waiting to spend time in Heaven with Tanner. MY Tanner.I reached forward and grabbed a hold of his hardness, feeling it swell and tighten in my hand as I gave it one long, slow, stroke. His whole body shivered, and he smiled at me, throwing an arm over my shoulder and kissing me on the cheek as he gently guided me down into the basement. My hands were stroking him the entire time, and I could feel the dab of wetness at his tip. I rubbed my finger in it, and brought it up to his lips as we walked down the stairs together. He sucked my finger into his mouth, the wetness of his tongue tickling the underside of my finger, and then I reached down to hold him again as he went to sit spread eagle on the couch. No words had to be said. We had been waiting for this for a long time.I liked that he kept his shirt on, and wasted no time in running my hands underneath it as I knelt down between his open legs. Sighhh....I had to just close my eyes and lose myself as I looked at the beautiful private piece in front of me. I leaned in, letting my warm breath hit it before my lips did, and I kissed it lovingly on the side. Tanner squirmed a bit involuntarily, and then sighed as he attempted to hold himself still. I let my tongue slip out of my lips, and gave him a slow, achingly long, lick....from the side of his tender nuggets, all the way up his sweet inches, to the very tip. The first taste of the afternoon was always the most exciting. After being away for so long, you begin to hunger for it like you wouldn't believe. I could feel Tanner's unique flavor heating up the surface of my tongue, and I went down between his thighs...even further back this time...to lick him again. Tanner's hand reached down to ruffle my hair as he tilted his head back, lips slightly parted, eyes closed. Bathed in the arousing tension of the moment when I finally licked the shiny head...and swallowed him down into my warm wet mouth. I heard him gasp, and just held him there for a moment while he regained control. Only to lose it again when the texture of my lips and tongue began to slide softly back up to the tip again. I let my hands rest delicately on the tops of his tender thighs, and I could feel them tremble beneath my fingertips. A boyish whimper escaped his lips, and I increased my suction to let him know that my only purpose at the moment was to worship him to the fullest. To satisfy his every hunger, his every desire, and claim him as my own...forever."Wait..." Tanner whispered breathlessly, and I saw him open his eyes. With a hand gesture on my cheek, he brought me up to kiss him sweetly on the lips, and he reached down to begin undressing me. The pants, the underwear, the shirt, the socks...I soon sat on the couch beside him, naked as the day I was born, kissing him again as if for the first time. He leaned over and put his head in my lap, his soft silky mouth instantly engulfing me in its warmth and his fingers lightly touching my balls underneath. His tongue was so wet, so slippery, I thought I would slide right off of the couch. And then he stopped..."Hold on...." He said, kissing me briefly before reaching in front the couch to grab a bottle of lubricant from the coffee table. "I secretly bought it online. It's supposed to be even better than the vaseline we've been using." He smiled. "Here, check this out." He took my hand, and put a little dollop of lubricant on my index finger. I rubbed my finger and thumb together....and felt the amazingly slick glide of the solution on my skin. "Oooh..." I said, and Tanner giggled sweetly, kissing me on the cheek as he put a healthier dose in my hand."Here, you do it. I don't wanna make you shoot too quick." He whispered, and began to kiss and lick at my ear as I applied the lubricant to my rigid member. Wow...it was soooo slippery, so liquid and cool and it made my hand slide down the entire shaft without any friction at all. Geez! I had heard of this stuff before, but I'd never actually used it before. This is, like...WOW! "Here...put some in me." Tanner said, and lifted a leg up high to give me access to his tight hole. Hearing those words come from his mouth was almost enough to make me explode right there. But thankfully, I kept my calm, and used my fingers to rub some of the lubricant between his cheeks. The cleft of his warm ass was so smooth, and when I reached his pucker, it opened up for me...accepting the intrusion...anticipating the mindblowing sexual experience that was about to take place."Um....ok..." I panted, once I was through. Tanner put the cap back on the bottle and put it on the table. Then, he kissed me on the lips briefly, before swinging a leg over to straddle me on the couch. His eyes met mine, even under his cascade of soft brown hair as he looked down at my lustful expression. He balanced on his coltish haunches, and gave me another empassioned kiss before scooting up slightly to position my hardness at his entrance. When he did, I felt his tip poke me gently in the stomach, and it left a small wet spot there, making me moan outloud at how aroused he was by the whole situation. It was like our sexual interest was feeding off of one another, our hearts pounding, our breath trying to keep up with the adrenaline pouring into our system. I felt him sit back a bit, his hand on my stiffness, and I felt the very tip touch his wrinkled rosebud. Oh man....ok...here we go....hold out for as long as you can Derrick. He applied pressure, allowing his gentle weight to guide me into him. With a slight pop...I penetrated his extremely tight hole...and then it was a slow progression downward as I slipped into the heated gelatin moistness of his fiery insides. With every inch that he swallowed into him, my body got more and more tense, not knowing how to deal with a feeling this pleasurable. Even through squinted eyes, Tanner looked at me the whole way down, and with the added help of the lubricant...I was beyond an orgasmic rush! In fact, I was desperately clutching the cushions on the couch just to hold myself still.Then, I felt the bubbled softness of his globes resting comfortably on my thighs, and we both had to let out a huge sigh of relief. A breath that we had been holding in since my tip first popped inside of him. With an almost invisible sheen of sweat on his forehead, and a sexy smile, Tanner leaned forward to kiss me again on the lips. "You're in." He moaned playfully."Yeah....I'm in." I grinned, and kissed him again. "I love you, Tanner. I mean it, I just...I can't believe how much I really REALLY love you." It felt as though the words had to tear a hole in my heart just to rise to the surface. I don't think I've ever meant anything more seriously than I did at that very moment.I saw Tanner, look up at the ceiling for a second, a little blush in his cheeks, and then he looked back down at me again. He bashfully bit his bottom lip, and smiled at me. "I love you too, Derrick. You have no idea how happy it makes me to just be here alone with you." Our lips connected again, and I let my fingers pull up the bottom of his tshirt so that he could slip it over his head. And once we were both one hundred percent naked, he rested his hands on my collarbone, up by my neck, and leaned forward to kiss me delicately on the forehead. With me still inside him as he did, we both caught a heated shiver from the motion of his body. I could have sworn that I felt that little button inside of him that always drives him so wild. So I pushed up into him a little bit, and heard him whimper in my ear. I sorta shook my hips slowly back and forth, feeling that little knot inside of him and rubbing my tip across it a few times. Back and forth, to and fro, just wiggling myself inside him and watching his face as he was overcome Lolita Girls Toplist with a level of excitement that I don't think that I had seen in him before. "Mmmmm....Jesus, Derrick! That feels.....REALLY good.""Yeah?" I said, doing it a bit more, and observing Tanner as he tried to contain himself. "Fuck yeah! Do that again." He said, barely able to keep the breath in his lungs from the orgasmic sensation. I rocked around some more, and he gripped my shoulders hard, almost digging his nails in, his hardness pulsing and throbbing and leaking as though it was going to explode any minute. He was REALLY liking this! He began making this little high pitched whimpers that sounded a bit like a lonely puppy waiting at the front door for his playmate to come home. And when I pushed myself into his tunnel a bit deeper...he almost screamed.He didn't wait any longer, and began to lift himself up anddown on my inches, his constricted hole sucking at me passionately as he began a very slow erotic bounce on my lap. He leaned forward some more, his hardness pressing into my soft stomach, his chest pressed against my chin, as he held on to me for dear life. My hands ran all over his back and sides as he went up and down on me. Mostly reaching down to grab at the soft fleshy globes of his oh so soft cheeks. His chest was right in front of my face, and my lips and tongue reached out to tease his nipples as he continued to please me. His moans and wails got stronger, and I kept it up. The stiff little nips danced on my tongue, and I sucked hard at the pointy surface as they went up and down with his smooth motions, giving Tanner the kind of experience that he'd never forget. I moaned in desperation, feeling myself sink deep into his snug little tunnel again and Lolita Girls Toplist again with the pressure of his fragile body weight. The sounds coming from that basement....my God...there's no WAY we could get away with this if his parents were home.Tanner's hands held firmly to my shoulders as his strong legs lifted him up and a lowered him down, his knees making little indents in the couch on eithe side of me. We tried to tongue kiss each other, but the movement wouldn't allow us to stay connected for long. I wiggled my hips a bit more, again stimulating that inner peach of his, and it drove him wild. With every sensual rise from the bottom of my shaft to the top, Tanner would gently clamp down on me with his cheeks, squeezing them together and and tightly gripping me as his inner walls attempted to battle the irresistably smooth polish of his lubrication. I could feel his tightness close around me like shrink wrap, and just as he reached the sensitive ridge, my tip swelling and pulsing with desire, he would release some of his vice like grip, and slide seductively down again, until his sack rested in my soft nest of hair at the base. This was heaven.I leaned my head back against the back of the couch, and seizing the opportunity, Tanner hunched forward to kiss, lick, and suck at the tender nape of my neck. That was enough to push me over the edge, and I knew that an inevitable crash was coming. There was no stopping it now. I let my hands grab his slim waist tightly, and began to push further up into him as I brought him down harder on my lap. Tanner softly squealed, knowing that I was so close, and clenched even tighter onto my hardness, the glide of my entry feeling so overwhelmingly good that it nearly put my body into a panic. Tanner let go of my shoulders, and held on to the back of the couch, a hand on either side of my head, his hardness rubbing against my stomach with a fever, as he craved another chance to kiss me deeply on the lips. Then the gentle suction of his mouth slid to the side to chew lovingly at my neck again. I loved the feel of his lips, applying a delicately carnal vaccuum to my skin after a warm wet kitten lick of his tongue. It was coming. A rush. A flash. An orgasm so huge that it nearly hurt to hold it back for a second longer. It was then that Tanner leaned back a bit, his hands on my knees, and bounced at a heated pitch, finally bringing me relief from the building climax within me. I began to let go with a desperate squeak, the monsterous pulses sending splash after splash of my seed deep inside of him while a single tear ran out of my eye from the fury of my release. I gasped, panted, and moaned with each mindblowing contraction...wiggling uncontrollably beneath him. And just as my orgasm began to subside...Tanner erupted between us without even touching himself. He jerked himself forward, wrapping both of his arms around my head, holding me close to his chest, jerking and squirming like a fish out of water, as his body was completely enveloped in the electric throws of passion. I felt his thighs clamp up around me, and he hugged me tight, kissing the top of my head as he tried to stop his spasming body from losing control. I could feel it. I could feel his orgasm from the inside. His cozy fitting walls would tense and relax, tense and relax, making a tight erotic 'fist' around my sensitive tip and then letting it go in rapid succession. It left us both breathless. Completely and totally breathless. And as we huffed and puffed, kissing and licking each other softly as we tried to regain our hold on reality again...we smiled at one another. Knowing that this was only the beginning. We still had a whole day left to be together. That thought alone, could keep me weightless forever.Eventually, Tanner and I cooled down a bit, and slid off of the couch and down to the floor. I made the mistake of reaching for my pants and boxers after our first explosion. Hehehe, I tried to slip them on over my foot, Lolita Girls Toplist and Tanner playfully slapped my hand away. I tried again, and he looked at me, smiling, as he slapped my hand again. "Hehehe, what are you doing?" He giggled."I'm getting dressed. What's it look like? Hehehe!""WHY?" His eyes met mine, glimmering with an extra brightness that matched the splendor of his smile. And it was then that I remembered that we were in the house alone this time. That I didn't have to cover up or hurry off or worry about being found out."Oh yeah. Sorry...force of habit." I grinned, and took my boxers all the way off again. As soon as I set them down on the floor, Tanner reached over me, grabbed a hold of them, and threw them across the room as far as his arm strength would allow. I couldn't help but laugh out loud.That's when he Lolita Girls Toplist kissed me on Lolita Girls Toplist the lips and said, "I don't want anything standing between me and your body today. You're totally mine until I say otherwise." He grinned sweetly at me, and it was so cute that I was drawn in for another kiss. We hardened again only minutes after our first encounter, and the next few minutes led to almost three full hours of repeated marathon sex. Again and again, as many times as we could get stiff again....and even a few times when we couldn't. Every kiss, every suck, every extended lick across each other's body, was enjoyed and savored with a heightened sense of liberation. We must have rolled from one end of that basement floor to the other. The only thing that stopped us from going at it was the fact that we were starting to get hungry. My arms and legs were sore, my lips hurt, my tongue was tired, and my erection....it HURT to get hard at this point. But I couldn't help it. And once it was in my lover's mouth, everything was right again. Three hours...I didn't even think that was possible. I wonder if we can go even longer?Finally, we took a rest, and lay on the carpeted floor in each other's arms. We cuddled so closely that it felt like we were one entity. Our arms and legs were wrapped tightly around one another, and we didn't want to move. Our nude bodies exchanged body heat freely, and every word that we spoke vibrated warmly through our unbreakable connection. I was hoping that today would be the most amazing experience of my entire life....leave it to Tanner to exceed my expectations. "This is so nice." He said to me softly, his head resting gently on my chest as I petted his silky strands of hair. "Just...being here with you is better than any dream I've ever had, Derrick. I mean that." It was almost painful to feel so good inside. My heart was bursting, and I couldn't imagine that someone so beautiful, so caring, who had everything going for him ad could have any boy that he wanted...chose me. ME. The idea of it made me so insecure inside, wondering if he was going to suddenly wake up one day and realize his 'mistake'. But as we lay their naked on his floor, his hand rubbing small circles on my flat stomach, and mine caressing the smooth creamy skin of his back and shoulder...I couldn't argue with the living fantasy that I had become a part of. My only dread was getting hard again. Hehehe!"I wish we could do this all the time." I whispered. And he looked up briefly to give me a peck on the lips."Me too."A silence fell between us for a moment, and I asked..."Tanner? Do you think we'll ever get a chance to be together like this forever? I mean...would we have to tell somebody or something?""You mean about the secret and all?" He answered."Yeah.""I don't know." He said honestly. "I haven't thought about it much, but....""But it's crossed your mind." I said, finishing his sentence. "Yeah. It has." Tanner sighed softly, and I felt his lips pressed tenderly against my chest. "But it never really mattered to me one way or the other.""What do you mean?""I mean that I love you. Whether other people know that or not doesn't matter to me. You and I know what's real." He kissed my chest again. "And if you ever wanna kiss me or hold my hand in public....I wouldn't mind.""Really?" I asked."Yeah....really." His eyes connected to mine after a tasty lick of my right nipple, and he wiggled his cute little nose at me. "You taste like cum. You know that, right?" He giggled and I gave him a little swat on his bare bottom."That's YOUR fault. You started it by spraying me first." I laughed, and he playfully pinched my nipple pretty hard. "OW OW OW....I give! I give!""C'mon...let's take a shower. K? Then we'll get something to eat.""Sounds good to me." I said, and we went upstairs hand in hand. Still completely nude, we pit-patted our bare feet across his kitchen floor and went upstairs. I could see him getting hard again, and it set me off to join his position. We simply couldn't get enough. We should definitely do this more often. We took a shower, but it took a long time. It mostly just us kissing and stroking each other by hand, rubbing soap on each other, shampooing each other's hair, and then more kissing. Our tongues wrapped around each other lovingly, slowly, erotically sliding across one another. I loved the feel of Tanner's ass when it was wet. Just grabbing it in my fingers and squeezing it made me soooooo horny. When he turned arouns and pressed it against me, I almost erupted again. The spongy cheeks felt so good against me, and with his back against my chest, I sensually began to hold him around his soft middle, and slowly lick the cascading bathwater from his neck. It was an amazing experience...cut short only by the fact that we ran out of hot water and the cold shower was a shock to the system. Tanner was the first one to feel it, and tensed up around the shoulders as he broke our kiss. I asked Lolita Girls Toplist him what was wrong as he danced around a bit, almost crying out from the feeling, and then he spun me around to get the ice cold spray as well. We burst out into a fit of giggles as we wrestled to push each other under the nozzel and find shelter from the arctic rain showering down on us. Until he finally shut it off and spared us the horror.We dried ourselves off thoroughly, and he gave me a thick white fluffy robe that I think must have belonged to his dad, and he wore one that looked almost identical. He left it open, and he was still rock hard. He looked down at mine, and walked up to hug me close...our hard inches dueling between us. You can't imagine how sexy he looks in an open robe with nothing on underneath. Smelling like perfumed soap and cocconut shampoo. We kissed while standing up for a while, and then he grinned at me. "Would you hate me if I said I was all...hot for you again?""Hehehe, don't. I'm gonna sprain something down there if we keep this up." I said."So?""We JUST took a shower to clean up from the last few times." I argued."The water will warm up again by the time we finish." He bit his bottom lips again, delicately twisting his waist for me and tantalizing me with the swing of his succulent equipment."I thought we were gonna get something to eat..." Hehehe, I'd say ANYTHING to take a break at this point. But if he really wanted to, I doubt I'd be able to say no."I've got something for you to eat right here." He smirked."Sighhhh...are you serious? I mean...you wanna?""Yeah. I do. I mean...do you wanna wait....or..."He was too cute to wait for. Besides, his eyes were making me melt as the sexual tension behind them turned them bright green. "Nah...one more time. For now. Then we eat. K?""Ok." He said. "But not here. Let's go out to the pool. I wanna know what it's like to make love outside." "Hehehe, whoah...really? That sounds hot.""Cool! I tell you what, you go out there and stay all sexy for me, and I'll join you in a second. K?"I kissed him softly on the mouth, our open robes bringing us flesh to flesh again. "Ok babe. I'll see you in a few minutes." I saw him go back into the bathroom to turn off the lights and all, and he said he was going to gather up our clothes from downstairs and put them up in his room before we lost something. I walked downstairs and was heading back for the kitchen when I suddenly saw the form of a PERSON standing just around the corner. I quickly closed my robe, and stood there like a deer in headlights as a slightly older woman turned around to see me standing there in Tanner's father's robe! "Um....HI!" I said outloud, too terrified to really hide at this point."Hello..." The lady said, with an accent that I couldn't quite place. "...Are you a friend of Tanner's?" "Um....uh...well..." I stuttered, and that's when Tanner walked up behind me."I thought you were going out to the....WHOAH!" He stopped dead in his tracks, and stared wide eyed at the lady in front of us. "Sascha...hey! I thought...um...I thought you had the day off today.""I do. But I'm studying Economics at the college. I left my books here and I have an exam on Monday." She said. "What are you doing?""What are we doing?" Tanner repeated. "What are we doing?" He asked me. Like I had a decent excuse!"We were....um....going to go out and...swim?""YES!! SWIMMING! Me and Derrick were going to go out and swim for a while!" He said swiftly. "Have you met Derrick? This is my friend Derrick...from school! He's from school.""Ok. Well, it's nice to meet you, Derrick." She said. Thankfully, she didn't seem too interested in why we were running around the house by ourselves that afternoon. She looked at us a bit suspiciously for a moment or two, but didn't appear to need any sordid details. I guess she was just grabbing her books and getting ready to leave again, and that made me feel a bit safer. But being caught off guard like that nearly scared the shit out of me! If she had come any earlier, we would have literally been caught with our pants down. "You boys be SAFE here while your mother and father are away, Tanner. Understand?""Yes, Sascha. We promise." Tanner said. "Good luck on your test.""Thank you." She took her bag and started to walk towards the door, before pausing briefly. "Be careful swimming, you two. I'm going to tell Gregor to call and check in on you from time to time. Just to make sure you're alright.""Ok..." We both said, anxious for her to leave so we can go back to our seclusion. We waited there in the kitchen...waiting....waiting...waiting....then we heard the front door open and close again. "Jesus...!" I let out a heavy breath as my body rlaxed again."Hahaha! Omigod, I'm sorry. I didn't expect her to be here at all today.""I was SO scared!""Me too! I was shaking! I thought maybe she heard us!" He giggled. And as we began to Lolita Girls Toplist calm down a bit from being caught by surprise, our laughs died Lolita Girls Toplist down a bit, and my eyes glazed over...Tanner's cute little smile and pretty boy looks invading me again. He was such a heartthrob, especially when he was smiling. It just looked like it came straight from the heart. The emotion swept over me, and I walked up to take him in my arms again, kissing him softly on the lips. But it didn't last long. "C'mon...let's go out to the pool." he whispered with a timid grin, as 'little Tanner' began to rise and peek out from the opening in his robe. And I nodded, knowing that it was playtime again. I'd follow him anywhere.We walked to the edge of the pool, removing the thick white robes and feeling the cool air on our skin. Seeing Tanner's soft and supple body emerge from under that cloth was a feast for the eyes. His mild tan line giving his private area the beautiful highlight that it deserved. And as we stood by the pool's edge, he moved closer to me, leaning forward for a kiss. I closed my eyes, waiting to feel his tongue against mine again. But instead, he tricked me! As soon as my eyes were closed, I felt a push against my chest, and while I may have balanced on one foot for a second or two, my balance soon succombed to gravity...and I fell backwards into the water! The initial splash was ICE cold! And the silence beneath the surface was soon interrupted by the sound of Tanner's laughter as I came back up for air!"You BASTARD!!!" I giggled, wiping my eyes."Hehehe, sorry. You were practically begging for it." He said, and I looked at him standing above me naked. He was pointing straight out, hard as concrete, and he did a quick pose or two for me. As though he had any real muscles to flex. Hehehe! I swam to the edge and reached for his ankle, but he moved away from me. "Ohhhh no! None of that!" I tried again, and he tried to carefully rush his way to another side of the pool. I swam next to him, keeping up with him while we both laughed and taunted one another. Finally, he got a couple of steps ahead of me and cannonballed right into the middle of the water. I lost sight of him for a few seconds...then he burst up through the surface shouting, "DAMN THAT'S COLD!!! Oh God!"I swam closer to him and draped my arms over his shoulders, hugging him from behind. I could feel his soft wet cheeks aganst me, and the water felt as though it was invading every part of me as we skinny dipped in the clear blue waves. I kissed his cheek, and he reached behind him to ru the sides of my ass. He was able to spin around, and we kissed for an eternity. We were so close, and it felt like we were heating up the water around us as our love joined us in an infinite level of appreciation for one another. I still can't believe he's mine. This whole Cinderella fantasy seems so surreal to me. And I could tell he was as taken by my kiss as I was by his. Which gave me the perfect opportunity to...DUNK him under the water!I pressed down on the top of his head and he sank like a stone. Hehehe, he popped back up and gave me the cutest surprised look! It was a happy expression of shock, mixed with the adorable pout of a five year old who's been tricked into eating his peas. "I can't believe you just did that!" He said, trying not to smile."Yeah, well I did!" "I was KISSING you, ya jerk! You took advantage of me. Hehehe!""Well....now we're even.""I'll give you 'even'..." Tanner grinned, and dived under the water towards me while I tried to swim away. He grabbed both of my legs, and I couldn't kick free. Then...I briefly felt his mouth engulf me underwater...all the way, for a quick suck or two...before he pulled my legs from under me and I was dragged down with him. It ended up being another 25 minutes before our frolcking splash-fest ended and we were too tired to goof around anymore. Hehehe, God...I'm so in love.We made our way over to a part of the pool that was shallow enough for us to stand in. We embraced slowly, both a little bit out of breath...and our satisfied smiles connected in a long kiss as we wrapped ourselves up in each other's arms. The water was just up to our waist, maybe a bit lower. The top of Tanner's ass was just above the waves, and the beginning of my bush could be seen, as we got as close as we possibly could while we were standing. Our tongue intertwined, sliding, writhing, licking feverishly. And I cupped my hands around his soft globes...kneading them tenderly, waiting for the moment when I could mash them up against my lap again.Then, we heard the phone inside the house ringing. Tanner leaned away from me for a moment. "Should you go get it?" I asked."No...it's probably just Gregor checking in on us. It's alright though. It'll stop ringing in a second or two." He assured me. And soon, the ringing stopped, allowing Tanner to return to his smile. "See? Told ya. Now....where were we?""I believe we were preparing ourselves to live out a fantasy of yours." I grinned, crushing my body against his, holding his smooth buns next to me. "I love you." I whispered."I love you too." We continued right where we left off, kissing as though oxygen was no longer needed. Minutes ticked by like seconds, and we didn't notice a single one of them. I was soooo hard. I wanted him. I wanted him now. I needed to wrap my lips around something a bit longer and harder than his playfully pink tongue. Wow...he feels so good in my arms. So good.Just then...all of the sudden...Tanner JUMPED! I thought at first that it was another game, but he litterally jerked away from me instantly, our kiss broken with a quick smacking sound. When I opened my eyes, I saw a look of utter HORROR on Tanner's face, and spun around to see what was wrong. "Shit..." Tanner said softly, as our eyes locked on to the problem. Standing there...all alone...hands at his sides and a tears in his eyes...was Chris. I don't think I've ever seen anyone so hurt, so heartbroken, so emotionally devastated...until I saw the agonizing look of utter defeat on that boy's face. Tanner and I were standing there, obviously naked, kissing in the swimming pool. And we were both caught red handed. Without a single excuse to save us. He knew...and he was crushed."Chris...what....how...?" Tanner began, as we both blushed furiously, ducking down in the water to hide our nudity."Um...Gregor...he knows me. He let me in. He said he was gonna.....call the house." Chris said as tears began to slide painfully down his face. I was speechless. He was falling apart right in front of me, and I couldn't even speak. "I....see you're busy, so.....I'll just....I'll...." He began to sniffle, and sob, and was about to burst when he quickly turned around and started to walk off. He hurried around the side of the house, and I felt as though I had swallowed a brick, and had it sitting in the center of my stomach. "I'll...I'll be back, ok?" I said to Tanner, and he nodded. I climbed out of the pool and grabbed a robe, putting on as quickly as I could, and then I ran after him. My bare feet were getting scratched up a bit on the pavement as I started walking on the driveway, but I didn't stop. Chris was almost out the gate now, and was getting ready to get back into his car. "Chris??? Chris, wait!" But he just kept walking. In fact, I think he sped up. "CHRIS! Come on...wait up a second!" He got to his car, but I was able to reach him before he opened the door. "Chris...dude...I'm sorry. Ok. I'm just...I'm so SO sorry!""You know...you could have just told me that you hated me, Derrick. You didn't have to LIE to me." He said, his eyes directed towards the ground as he tried to hold himself together long enough to listen."I don't HATE you, Chris." He rolled his eyes and looked away from me. "I MEAN it! Look...you're really sweet, and cute, and you Lolita Girls Toplist make me laugh...and I WANTED to tell you, but..."His tears suddenly got worse, and I think he was even more embarrassed to be crying in front of me. "Whatever. I've gotta go." I reached out to grab his shoulder, but he pulled away from me. "Please don't touch me. Ok? Just...don't." He sobbed."Chris...I Lolita Girls Toplist never meant to hurt you like this. I swear to God. I really care about you a lot.""You 'care about me', great. That's just what I needed." He opened the door to the car and got in the backseat while I talked to him through the open window. He looked to the driver and said, "We can leave now. There's no reason to stay here, so drive.""Chris...please don't do this. I'm really sorry, ok?""Don't you have someone 'waiting' for you, Slug?" He said, with as much of a sneer as he could muster through his heartbreaking tears."I know what this looks like...""What it LOOKS like?" He scoffed, wiping his eyes. "I'll tell you what it looks like. It looks like I wasted a decent amount of time and energy, giving my love to somebody who didn't want it." The driver's ears seemed to perk up, but I don't think Chris cared at this point. "Congratulations, Slug...you broke my heart. Bravo." He looked up at the driver in anger. "Can you mind your own FUCKING business please?!?! Drive!""Can we just TALK for a minute?""We just did." Chris' anger took over, his pain a murderous accomplice in punishing me for my 'betrayal'. That's when he screamed at the driver at the top of his lungs, his voice cracking from the heartache overwhelming his very soul. "WHAT AM I PAYING YOU FOR??? I SAID *DRIVE*!!! GO!!! FUCKING *GO*...NOW!!! OR YOU'RE FIRED!!!" It was a fury and a snotty arrogance that I hadn't seen in him in a long time. The car started up, and Chris immediately rolled up his tinted window on me. Just before it reached the top, I saw him lean over and lay down in the backseat, crying into his hands as the car took off from Tanner's property. That was it. He knew everything now. And every dream he's had since the first night he dove on top of me and kissed me in the back of a limousine...was suddenly shattered like glass. And it was all my fault.As I walked back to the gate, Gregor asked me, "Is everything alright, Derrick?""Yeah." I said sadly. "I s'pose." And I slowly walked my way back inside. I never meant to hurt him. I never wanted him to find out about me and Tanner like this. But he'd never believe that. And something tells me that I may have just lost one of the best friends I could have ever had.Ever. I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter, although it's a very LONG one! Hehehe, but I enjoyed adding the 'perks' in, so I'm satisfied. Anyway, thanks for reading, and for keeping this story alive for as long as you have. I appreciate the emails and the support. You guys are the best! Please let me know what you think at Comicalitywebtv.net or drop by the website at http://comicality.gayauthors.org (And don't forget Lolita Girls Toplist to sign the guestbook!)
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