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Lolita Girl Toplist

(2011-11-22 17:55:49)






Related article: A Christmas Promise A Christmas Promise Disclaimer: the following story is completely fictional. It describes a sexual act between a boy and a man so if you don't like that sort of thing, don't read it! --------------------------------------------------------- Nine-year-old Lee wasn't sure if he still believed in Santa Claus. There was a part of him that desperately wanted to believe just to achieve some stability in his life, because in the past year his parents had divorced. The void of his father's absence had deeply affected him. As a result, his behavior had taken a turn for the worse causing some of his friends to forsake him. So on the eve of the most glorious day, he worried about his Christmas gifts. He had been so naughty this year! Assuredly, if Santa was real, he could only expect to find coal in his gifts! Just in case, Lee had devised a plan to stay awake and plead for Lolita Girl Toplist his name to be crossed off the infamous naughty list. Those Lolita Girl Toplist were his intentions. But as his usual bedtime passed and the hours ticked by with no television or anything else to keep his interest, he drifted off to sleep. He awoke not remembering falling asleep and glanced at the digital clock on the cable box. It read 2:22. He looked under the Christmas tree and was horrified to see the presents already there! A sound behind him caught his attention. He swiftly twisted around to see a large man dressed in a red suit nibbling on the chocolate chip cookies his little brother had put out. "Santa Claus?" Lee said, rubbing his little eyes, half hoping this was a dream and half hoping it was real. "I believe that's what they call me in North America, Lee," Santa Claus said, sipping at the milk before brushing off a few cookie crumbs. "Well I should get going. I have a lot of houses to visit and the reindeers get weary when I'm gone too long." "Wait," Lee called out. Santa Claus paused as the boy pointed at the colorful boxes under the tree. "Are any of those from me?" "Is there a reason there shouldn't be any?" The question was said casually, but Lee knew Santa Claus saw everything... "Because, I've been a bad boy this year," he muttered. "Yes, you have." A list appeared in Santa's hand out of nowhere. "You have stolen your brother's snack money twenty-two times, beat him up for touching your things and have been pretty much just mean to him. Your bad deeds didn't stop at your brother's expense either. You pulled down Jimmy's shorts during gym class and cut off part of Ashley's pigtail." As Lee listened to the list of his misdeeds he felt his face become warm and stared down at the carpet. "I know. I've been bad, but but I'm sorry," "Lee, look at me." Santa smiled. Lee raised his chin and Santa Claus stared at him over his round spectacles. "Are you really sorry?" Lee fidgeted, giving the question real consideration, especially for a nine-year-old. He knew he could not lie. After a moment, he nodded, "Yes." Santa Claus, fully decked out in his red suit, took several steps towards him before sitting down. There was no chair there, but just as Lee thought the jolly fellow would fall on his fat butt, a chair appeared right under him. It was made out of some dark wood and carved in an ornate pattern. The boy took it all in at a glance. When Santa Claus patted his lap, Lee knew exactly what to do. He had done it nine times before with the Santas at the mall, although only photos proved his previous visits. Hopping up onto the offered knee, Lee let Santa's arm cradle him and unlike with the mall Santas he felt an urge to lean in, rest his head on the old man's shoulder and close his eyes. He used to do this with his dad all the time, but now he could only do it every other weekend. "Why do you think you've been acting so badly lately? You used to be a good boy. What changed?" Santa demanded. Lee looked up at the bearded face and found comfort in the smile lines around the man's blue eyes. It made it so much easier to say what he had never voiced before. "My parents split up and I'm confused." Santa Claus nodded and Lee buried his eyes in the red coat feeling the man's white beard brush against the exposed skin of his neck. It felt like cotton candy. "Yes, your parents split up and it has been very hard on you, hasn't it?" Lee simply nodded, his head still resting against the consoling shoulder, Santa's hand rubbing up and down his back. "You're angry and you lash out at people. You know that's not right," Santa added. "I can't help it," Lee said quietly. "No, you can. There's a part of you that feels bad that you have done those things. You're just angry and you don't know how to deal with it." The words struck a chord in Lee. If anyone else had said that, he would've denied it and probably stormed off. However, there was something about Santa Claus that made him feel like he really cared. He wasn't just trying to do his job like his teachers or trying to change him like his mother. It was just a statement of fact. "Maybe, I think so," he said. "Lee, I would like to share three things with you. Is that okay?" "Sure," Lee frowned not understanding the change of subject. "Well, the first thing I would like to tell you is that I cannot lie. I can only ever speak the truth. Do you understand?" "Yeah," Lee nodded. "The second thing is I don't do exactly what you think I do. I do give presents, but not to everyone. Most of the time the toys are bought at a store by someone's parents. However, when a very specific set of circumstances arise and I'm talking a hundred times a year out of the nearly one billion children on the planet, I can give a present to someone." "What?" Lee was confused. On one level he sort of suspected that Santa wasn't real and the gifts were really bought by his parents. After all there were sales at stores in December and the news always talked about what to get your kid for Christmas. However, now he truly believed because he was sitting in Santa's lap and he had seen his magic. "You see Lee, in order for me to give a present three conditions have to be met. The first is that kids have to believe in me and although you're having your doubts you do believe in me. The next condition might seem a little odd given what people say about me. You see, I don't give presents to the boys and girls who have been good, but to those in trouble and you are. The final condition is that the person receiving the gift must want to change." Lee frowned. It didn't make any sense to him. "I don't get it?" Santa Claus touched his button nose with his finger. "That's the third thing I want to share with you. You're trying to close yourself off to everyone else because you were hurt by your parents' divorce. However, if you close yourself off to everyone and never let anyone in, you'll never be happy. That's why you're in trouble." "You're saying I might not be happy?" "It's a very distinct possibility. Seeing into the future is very difficult and it's always changing, but I can tell you right now, if you continue to drive away everyone who cares about you, you're going to be very lonely." Lee tried to imagine being alone forever. "I don't want that." "Nobody really does. Love is one of the greatest gifts, but it does not come without risk as you've learned." "What do I have to do?" "Well, you have to promise me you'll think of others. How do you think Jimmy felt when you pulled down his shorts in front of the class? It took Ashley a very long time to grow that hair and then you cut it. How do you think that made her feel? Then there's your little brother. You know he's just as upset as you are about your parents getting a divorce, but on top of that his big brother is being mean to him. How do you think that makes him feel?" Lee realized that the three questions all had the same answer. "They feel bad..." "Yes, they do. If you promise me you will at least try to think of others then you will almost be ready to receive your gift." "I'll try," Lee said, devastated by the guilt he was feeling. "Good," Santa Claus said. "Now, the gift I will give you will look normal, but there will be a little magic in it. You see the gift I will give you will be something others will want to play with, but if you say they can't, then they won't be able to. The gift can be used to help heal the rift you have caused between you and the people you have hurt. However, you're the only person who can allow someone else to play with it." "All right, I'll share it." Again Santa Claus smiled at him, his cheeks rosy. "That's good." His arm tightened around Lee and the boy smiled. "Now this last condition is the most difficult and it's not something you can promise, but you have to do right now." "What is it?" Lee asked. "Well in order for you to receive my gift, part of me has to be in you." "What do you mean?" Santa Claus let out a big sigh, his round belly pushing out so far that it moved Lee a half an inch. "Well, I don't need to give you a long lecture about the birds and bees especially since that's a parent's responsibility. However, to explain what you have to do is simple. Lolita Girl Toplist You are going to have to suck my dick and a liquid will come out which you will have to swallow. This will connect us and tomorrow morning when all the presents have been opened someone will find one bonus gift addressed to you that will be from me." "You're going to pee in my mouth?" Lee asked confused and disgusted. "No, it will not be pee. It's called semen and while it may sound a little disgusting, my elves don't seem to mind. They say it tastes like candy canes! However, I want you to understand you don't have to do this. I have given you my warning and you can try to fix things on your own. My gift will just make it easier." Lee considered the proposition. It sounded weird, but at the same time, he thought he might need all the help he could get, particularly with his little brother. "How do I do it?" "Well, there's really not much to it. Some of the elves like to start out by licking it like a lollipop before putting it in their mouth while others just like to suck on it. All I ask is you be careful with your teeth." "All right, I'll do it!" He scooted off of Santa Claus's lap. "Slow down there. I stopped time so we can take ours." Lee glanced at the digital clock and it still read 2:22. "First you might want to get those pajamas off. You have to swallow a certain amount and since this is your first time some will slip out. I Lolita Girl Toplist wouldn't want to leave a stain!" Lee hesitated. He had never undressed in front of a stranger, but then again Santa Claus really wasn't a stranger or at least he didn't feel like one. Besides he felt very safe in his presence. He started to undress. His pajamas were one-piece footed pajamas. When he used to have sleepovers he wore a different set, but this type kept his feet from getting cold and he just thought they were really comfortable although inconvenient when he had to get up and pee during the night. Unzipping the blue pajamas, he shrugged them off his shoulders before pulling them down. He covered his peepee with one hand. It was a little awkward to get out of them with just the other hand, but he managed. His free hand joined the one hiding his privates and he looked up at Santa Claus, fighting back the urge to giggle. Santa Claus leaned forward to examine him and the urge to giggle came back even stronger. Then without warning, hands reached out and grabbed him, pulling him back onto Santa Claus lap. Fingers tickled his stomach. Lee squirmed and laughed. The playful teasing stopped suddenly and Santa Claus whispered, "There's no reason you can't enjoy this. If you feel like laughing, laugh." "All right," Lee said, before hopping off the lap again and covering himself. "Put your hands at your sides," Santa Claus said. Lee hesitated again, but did as he was told. He felt the need to laugh and this time he didn't hold back. Santa Claus made a twirling motion with one of his fingers. Taking the hint Lee turned around. When he was facing the other way, he heard the man say, "Stop. Touch your toes, now." Lee didn't understand what this had to do with anything, but it was kind of fun so he leaned forward trying not to bend his knees like when they stretched before gym class. His feet were spread apart enough that he could look between his legs and see Santa Claus moving forward apparently inspecting his butt, which Lee thought was a little weird. "It's a shame you're not elf material." The words were spoken softly, but Lee could hear them. "What do you mean?" "Never mind, it's not important. You can stand now." Lee straightened and pivoted to face Santa Claus. "What makes someone elf material? I thought they were just well you know," he held his hand flat at his waist to show their size. Santa Claus leaned back in his chair. His eyes roamed up and down the little boy's body, not that it troubled Lee. "That's a misconception," Santa spoke stroking his beard. "Honestly, I don't know how that one started, but the truth is elves are actually boys. You see, from time to time, when a boy younger than thirteen is dying, I can turn them into elves, which grants them eternal youth and perfect health. It's very rare though." "Okay," Lee nodded thinking that was sort of nice. "Um, should I... do it now?" "You're an eager one." Santa laughed, his belly shaking like a bowl full of jelly. He snapped his fingers together and his pants disappeared along with his underwear. "When you're ready." Lee's eyes wandered, reluctant to land on the target. Santa Claus's legs were smooth. Lee had been to the public pool enough times to know some men were hairy and some weren't. He was glad Santa wasn't hairy. Eventually his eyes stared at Santa Claus's peepee. It didn't look like anything he had seen in the locker room of the pool. "You don't have any hair?" "No, I don't. The elves prefer it that way. Some of them like to kiss and lick here," he pointed to his ball sack, "and this way they don't get hair stuck in their teeth." "Aren't elves supposed to make the toys?" Lee asked. "They do, but during their free time they like to play all sorts of games. One of them involves doing that.". "Oh," Lee tried to think of another question, but then he realized he was just stalling. With Lolita Girl Toplist a deep breath he said, "All right, here I go." He took a step forward and grabbed the limp member in his hand. As he started to kneel, he was only slightly surprised to feel a very comfortable pillow appear under his knees. The magic he had experienced so far was of such a casual nature that it just seemed natural. Still, he couldn't resist looking down to see what exactly the pillow looked like. On the way, he saw his chest, frail and so white. His mom wouldn't let him go to the public pool unless he wore a tee-shirt while swimming. His chest and belly had never been tanned. He had a little bit of a belly and his own peepee was stiff, sticking out a little like it sometimes did. The color of the pillow was the same as Santa Claus's suit. The bright red color contrasted with his pale knees. Turning his attention to the situation in his hand, he lifted the shaft away from the ball sack and felt it start to swell in his hand. Curious, he waited to see what would happen while absentmindedly rubbing his thumb just under the head. It was hardening and he wondered how hard it would get. He gently squeezed the throbbing flesh, which produced a moan from its owner. Thinking that was a good sound, he did it several more times and noticed a liquid appearing at the tip. At first he thought it was pee, but then wondered if it was the semen that had been mentioned earlier. If so he was supposed to swallow that. Remembering what Santa Claus had told him about some of the elves earlier, he lowered his head and stuck his tongue out. When his tongue touched the base of the huge pole, Lee expected it to be yucky, but it was just skin with no taste whatsoever. Emboldened by that realization, Lee started to move upwards. When he reached the top, his tongue licked up the liquid. He didn't think it tasted like a candy cane, but it was sugary sweet and he didn't mind having a little more. Lee decided this wasn't so bad and he sort of even liked it! His body seemed to agree with him as his weenie became harder than it ever had been before. He wondered what it would be like if he was being sucked. "You can use one of your hands to play with yourself," Santa Claus said. Lee took his right hand off the shaft and replaced it with his left. His free hand slid down his body before finding his own peepee and wrapping around it. As he started playing with himself, it became complicated to continue doing what he was doing and instead pulled the shaft down a little before taking the head in his mouth. Sliding his mouth down as far as he could, he continued to swirl his tongue around the shaft quickly lapping up any liquid he found. When it was uncomfortable for him, he pulled back carefully to keep his teeth from touching the skin. He repeated the process several times before realizing he didn't need his left hand on the shaft and let it slide down to play with Santa Claus's ball sack which the man seemed to enjoy. "Here it comes," Santa Claus, cried his voice sounding strained for the first time. Warm cream flooded Lee's mouth, but a lot escaped trickling on the shaft or in most cases down his chin, onto his throat, and onto his chest. The stuff 's taste was different, much more like a candy cane with a strong mint flavor to it. Collapsing onto his back, he furiously stroked his own peepee until he felt something. He wasn't sure what it was exactly, but it was good and he redoubled his efforts. His first dry orgasm was earth shattering. Lee let out some sort of sound that he never made before, arching his back before falling limp, his softening member twitching as it pumped nonexistent sperm. He lay there for a while, relishing the unfamiliar feelings racing through his body. His poop shoot was quivering and that felt good for some reason. As he came down from his orgasmic high he could feel the hot liquid on his chest slowly cooling. Santa Claus smiled and said, "Quite a bit slipped out your mouth. I'm afraid we'll have to do it again." Lee's smile turned into a grin. "I want to do it a million more times!" Santa Claus recovered quicker than Lee. The second round was quite fun. He convinced Santa Claus that they should do it a third time just to be sure and he was able to bring himself to another orgasm. Despite his boast of wanting to do it a million times, three was his limit. After that he needed help cleaning up and getting dressed back into his pajamas. While Santa Claus ambled towards the chimney Lee called out, "Will I see you again?" Santa Claus paused and walked back to the couch. Lee propped himself up on his elbows. "Probably not, but I think you'll be all right as long as you remember what we talked about." Santa hugged him and Lee hugged back. It was a great embrace filled with all of the love and warmth of his happiest memories. A thousand birthdays and Christmases combined. Then without another word, Santa Claus walked to the chimney and vanished. After a few seconds Lee glanced at the digital clock. It still read 2:22. He waited until it turned to 2:23 before closing his eyes and falling into a sound sleep. Lee awoke to the cry of, "Presents!" Forcing his eyes open, he looked at the clock, which read 6:10. Then, his bouncing brother blocked his vision. Two years younger than him and short for his age Nathan had mousy brown hair. He wore pajamas just like his only they were bright yellow. "Come on Lee, get up, get up! Presents!" "I'm up, Nathan." "Mom, Lee is up. Can we start opening them now?" "Yes dear." His little brother scampered to the tree and his mother walked into the room camera in hand. "Looks like you fell asleep, Lee. I guess you missed Santa Claus." Lee opened his mouth to say that he had not missed Santa Claus, but then decided otherwise. There was no doubt in his mind that it had happened, least because the taste was still in his mouth. "Yeah, I fell asleep." "Well, go open your presents." Lee went and joined his little brother. Their presents were mixed together and when he came across one with his brother's name on it, instead of ignoring it like he probably would have yesterday, he called his brother's attention to it. When he found a present with both of their names on it, he waited for Nathan to finish opening his new Lego set and then they opened it together. Eventually they ran out of presents. There were no big gifts, but he was happy to get a new baseball glove along with one of the older 360 games. His brother and him started to collect the wrapping paper when Nathan spotted something. "Hey, there's one more and it's big. How did we miss that?" Lee felt a lump form in his throat as his brother started to pull the big package from underneath the Christmas tree. It was the same color red as Santa Claus' suit from the night before and he knew this was the gift he had been referring to. His brother checked the label and disappointedly said, "It's for you." He glanced over at his mom who was poised to take another picture. She didn't seem to think it was odd that they had missed such a large present and in such brightly wrapped paper. Lee's fingers were trembling as he started to unwrap the gift from the real Santa Claus. The box was heavy but as he peeled away the wrapping paper he saw it was plain and brown. Opening the top he peered inside and his mouth almost hit the floor. Inside was not just one present, but several, any two of which probably cost more than the rest of their presents combined. Of course, he remembered that Santa Claus had elves that worked for him. He could see a box for the Wii Nintendo system along with the peripheral of Wii Fit, which his friend Keith didn't even have and that kid was rich! There was an additional controller and four games. A brief look through them showed they were all party games, best played with friends. "Awesome. This is awesome!" His mom snapped a photo and he looked over to see his brother's reaction, which caught him by surprise. Nathan looked as if he was almost about to start crying and it took Lee a second to understand why. He had beaten his little brother so many times for touching his stuff. The lesson had obviously sunk in. Don't touch anything of mine! This gift only had his name on it, which meant he wouldn't be allowed to play with Lolita Girl Toplist it. Lee also knew his mom couldn't order him to share because of the magic involved. "Hey, you want to help me set this up? Then we can play a game together," Lee said. "You're going to let me play it?" Nathan questioned. "Yeah, we can set Lolita Girl Toplist it up in our room." Nathan looked at Lee for a second before his face split into a grin. He gave him a hug that made it difficult for him to breathe. Lee's mom was never quite sure what happened. At first she thought her older son had just been taken by the spirit of the holiday. She decided to enjoy it while she could and never thought about why the biggest gift of the day never appeared on any of her credit card bills. Of course, her son's changing nature didn't stop there. When the Christmas break ended and the two boys had to go back to school, Lee apologized to both Jimmy and Ashley. He had apologized to them before, but that was when the teacher had forced him to. This time it was genuine and both children could tell the difference. Lee then asked if they wanted to come over and play with his new Wii. They both accepted and became fast friends. Lee did not turn into a little angel. He still got in trouble and complained about doing chores, but it was just typical boy stuff. The only serious trouble he got into for the rest of that year was a fight. A boy in the class above his tried to steal his little brother's Lolita Girl Toplist snack money. Stupidly he did this in sight of Lee. Lee immediately came to Nathan's defense. The altercation got him a two-day suspension, but oddly he was not grounded. Lee always tried to keep the promise he had made to Santa Claus that Christmas night and never lost his belief in him. Santa Claus wasn't exactly what everyone thought he was and Lee was one of the very few who had actually met him. He never told anyone about that night. His respect for him only grew as time went by. Santa filled a niche in the cosmos that Lee could never quite define even to himself, but he knew he was better for meeting him and for that he was forever grateful. ------------------------------------------------------- Well, thanks for reading, and if you have any thoughts you would like to share about this story please send them to auto727540hushmail.com If you liked the story you might want to check out my three others, which are Mar 13 2010 treasure-hunting.html, Feb 5 2010 unseen-helper.html and Oct 31 2010 candy-and-boys.html
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