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Related article: Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2009 17:34:06 -0500 From: Cory Falls Subject: A Change: part oneAll the usual disclaimers applyIf you are under the age of 18 you shouldn't read this, that's illegal, If this isn't legal in your area then please leave now. Names and places have been changed to keep the peace.This story involves sexual acts between a teen and preteen, in the same family, just a warning A Change: part 1 Finally!, I can't believe camp's over, I thought to myself. It was fun, but the next few weeks would be great! My family was having it's reunion and family from Maine was coming in, I'd only ever met a few of them, but some new kids were coming along, some that never came before.But I'm ahead of myself. My name's Cody, I'm 13 years old and i think I'm a bit above average height at 5'9 and 167pounds. I have brown/black hair at about a medium length, and stone blue eye, I have a girlfriend named, Brandi, she's one of the hottest girls in the school with a bra size of 36C....I never did figure out what those letter meant, i never did see a use in them. She was the hottest fucks I'd ever had. But I didn't feel like I connected with her (no pun intended). But I did notice other guys. But I dismissed those thoughts"Cody get everything packed for the reunion!" , my mom yelled at me"Ok I'm getting them", I lied, I hadn't jacked off since the beginning of camp, which was 3 weeks ago, and if you're a guy you know how painful that can be. When my mom called me, I was in my room with my underwear around my ankles, jacking off furiously. When I first started jacking off it was about girls, but now it was starting to drift towards guys, and I was concerned. I mean I was straight! One of the jocks, I played football! But, still when we would change I would find myself looking at their cocks! And the sex with my girl just wasn't the same, it felt empty I felt like I was doing just to show I was a guy."Ughn!" i felt myself about to shoot, and i mean SHOOT!"AHHH! ......Fuck!..............Fuck!!!!!!!!!", I shot 6strings of thick cum, I'd never cummed that much in my life I felt like I was in heaven. I was lying there just in my own place, when i heard a knock at my door."Cody? are you ready?"OH FUCK!, i was instantly out of my heaven and back on earth, struggling to get my pants and underwear back on."Yea....ummm...give me a little more time!", I yelled at my momThankfully at that I heard her walking way, so i cleaned myself off with my underwear and packed my bag.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Did you get everything, my mom kept nagging. I really didn't answer, I just grunted every time she asked. I really didn't care about what I packed because if I forgot anything I could just go to the nearest town to get it. And my grandparents bought me anything I wanted.We arrived at our cabin at 3pm, the reunion had started a few days ago, but camp held me up. I saw about 10 cars which was unusual because we usually have around 50. But it seemed that the rest of the family not out of state couldn't come, and that kinda put me in a bad mood, I mean they all live about a couple of hour way from the cabin."Cody!", my Gramma Haliey called out"Hey Gramma, you look as beautiful as ever", I said kissing her cheek. Then I happened to glance over at Grampa drinking a few beers."Hey lard ass, why don't you get up!" I said jokingly"Yea, yea. You don't look in to good shape yourself!", he yelled back smiling. I admit I had gained a few pounds but it was hardly noticeable I thought.We all laughed at that. I asked why the rest of the family wasn't here, Gramma just said they couldn't make it. I didn't accept that explanation but I let it go because she wouldn't tell me anything else. As we stood there talking a kid poked his head out of the cabin. He was a little kid around maybe 8 or 9 with light brown hair and a smile that would melt stone. He started to walk down to Gramma, then he saw me and got shy and hid behind her. She introduced him as Chad, I crouched down and gave him a quick hug and asked what side of the family he was on. He said my dads and he said so was his brother. I asked him about his brother and he said he's fishing in the creek.I turned my head to look and I had my breath taken away. Standing over in the water was the cutest guy I'd ever seen. He was about 11 and had Hispanic and white features which gave him the cutest face ever. He had short brown hair, and the brightest green eyes ever."Cody?....Cody are you ok?", both Gramma and Chad asked me."I..uh...ummmm...."I was just dumbstruck at the kid in the water. "Yea...Yea i'm ok, what's your brothers name Chad?" I asked"His names Michael, but we Lolitas Bbs Pedo all call Lolitas Bbs Pedo him Mike." he told meCool was all I could say in return. I was talking to them but i was transfixed by the kid in the water, Mike. I quickly banished those thoughts. I told myself I was straight and he was a relative for god's sake! I have a girlfriend and I FUCKED HER! But I couldn't get the kid out of my mind. Little did i know this kid was going to change my life.Well I walked up to the cabin and introduced myself to all the family I didn't know, but to my surprise they knew me. They said last time they say me i was just a little baby. I had grown up they said, all I could do was blush and say thanks.Feeling kinda like swimming, I went in the cabin to change into my swim trunks. With that all said and done, I decided to jump in near, Mike. When i got in, he stared at me shyly, I swear I saw his eyes go to my crotch but, I just thought I imagined it."Hi.....ummm i don't know your name...." he said, embarrassedI laughed " No problem, lil'dude, my names Cody, I'm your cousin"Ok he said smiling,I got hard instantly, I sank farther down in the water to hide it. I think he saw, though because he gave me a shy smile and laughed. I just smiled at him like nothing happenedHe started asking me questions, like how old I was, did I play video games, what sports did I like, all the regular guy stuff."Cody! Mike! Get out of the water, time for dinner!" Gramma yelled at usI started to get out of the water, but when I turned around Mike was still standing in the water.I asked him if he was coming he said he would in a few minutes. I just said ok and left to get a hamburger.It was about ten minutes later, when I looked back down to the creek. Mike was still there in the water. I yelled down for him to come up but he said he had his foot stuck under a rock and couldn't move. I yelled back ,that I would be there in a minute to help him out. I ran down to the creek and jumped in, and walked my way over to my cousin."You stuck lil'dude?""Yea and my foot hurts bad!" he said as a tear ran down his face"It's ok dude, no need to cry, I'll help you" I said smilingHe tried to smile a little but his foot just hurt to much. I wrapped my hands around the rock his foot was under and lifted it up. He pulled his foot out real quick and fell back in the water. He was sobbing at that point. I decided, to his surprise, to carry him. I grabbed him and cradled him in my arms like a baby. He was crying into my shoulder, but i didn't care. As I carried him up to the cabin he stopped cry and was snuggling into my side, it felt like electricity was going though me. Why was I feeling this way I asked myself.As I got him into the cabin, my phone started ringing"Gotta put you down, on the couch, ok kid?" He smiled back at me and said ok. *On the phone*"Hello?""Cody? is that you?" Brandi said sounding mad"Yea, baby wha---""I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!!!!!" she yelled"Baby what did I do?""What didn't you do!" she yelled back"Whatever i did I'm sorry, baby.""Shut the fuck up!"*Click, end phone conversation*What the fuck just happened! I thought to myself. I had no clue what I did, she just said she never wanted to see me again....I worried I got her pregnant, but I don't think she would have yell at me for that, I think she just decided to leave me. Probably found a guy that would Lolitas Bbs Pedo fuck her twice as much as I did, the slut.SighWell I put that out of my mind and turned my focus back to Mike. I walked over to the couch and knelled beside him."You ok kid?""Yea but my ankle is burning" he said showing me his scraped ankle"Ok let me get some rubbing alcohol"A look of total horror came over his face. He tried to get up but I was to fast, I grabbed his hands and set him back down and rubbed the alcohol on his ankle."OW! OW! OW!", he started screaming,"Please stop!Please!" he was sobbing againI hugged him and let him cry into my shoulder again, after he was done crying he hugged me said thanks with a grin on his face. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Couple Of Hours Later* After a couple of hours of music played by a local band we hired. All the kids formed into different groups for a game I made called, group tag. The game said you at least need 2 people per group and the people that were it had to get them both for them to be it. Well Mike decided he wanted to be with me so I said ok.A couple of my other cousins were it first. They were after my grandparents that decided that they'd play. Well it took a few hour but I was getting tired of the game, so I decided I wanted to take a hike up the hill. I grabbed my walking stick and set out up the hill."Cody! Wait! Please!" I heard coming from behind me"Well if you want to come Mike you could have asked!""I know, but i thought you wouldn't let me go.." he said"Why's that?""Well you don't know me that well...and ... I thought you might think I was a pussy because I cried so much..." he said starting to tear up."No lil'dude" I said, messing up his hair," Your the bravest kid I know, a few of my friend would have fainted if I put that alcohol on them""Really?" he said"Really." I stated We walked up the hill until we were at the top. The view was spectacular. I sat down with him sitting down beside me. He moved over till he was snuggled up against me, I felt that electricity go through me again. I told him I need to go piss and he said ok and just sat there. I went over to the tree line and let loose. I heard him coming up behind me but I didn't say anything. He just stood there watching me."If you wanted to Lolitas Bbs Pedo see my cock that bad you could have asked"When he heard me say that he got the most horrified look I'd ever seen."I...uh...ummm." He fell to his knees and started bawling"Kid it's ok I don't care!"" You hate me! I know you do!" he said screaming"No I don't hate you kid, why would I hate you?""Becuase I'm gay!!!!!!" he screamed outAt that point I ran over to him. He flinched, so I think he thought I was going to hurt him, but he was far from the truth. I wrapped my arms around him and start saying it's ok. I was trying to calm him down but he wouldn't stop crying...so I did something I thought I would never do. I turned him around and he was staring into my eyes, and I leaned into him and kissed him on the lips. He was stunned for a few minute because he didn't move. But I pushed my tongue through his lips and started making out with him. He did the same in return. After I broke the kiss, he was staring at me in disbelief."Cody....are you?......." he trailed offI kissed him again on the lips " Yes, Mike, yes I am"He smiled at me like before and pounced on me. He pushed me down on my back and started to make out with me again, it was electric having him on top of me. We just layed there and made out.He stopped and just layed on top of me."Cody?" he said"Yea?""I love you" with tears in his eyes"I love you to lil'dude" as tears rolled down my face. I knew it was wrong but, it felt so right with him laying there with me. It just felt right.End of Chapter Onesend me comments on my story, it's my first so, if it's not good tell me, i plan on putting more chapters but if you say so i won'tsend comments tosaintz1live.com
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