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Related article: Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2009 19:51:58 -0700 From: ECMUNSE.FALLSnetscape.com Subject: A Change chapter 6You should know the Disclaimers by now if you've read this far*From Chapter 5* He looks up at me and then buries his head in my chest. I pull him close and i feel someone else join us. Chad joined in from the side and was holding on to both of us. Stone is on the porch just smiling at us. Myndi walks out and looks a little confused."Did I miss something?" she saysWe all laugh.-Chapter 6-Well it's a day till my birthday. It's been relatively quiet till today. Myndi and I are the only ones up at the moment and we got a shock when we saw the news paper.*Newspaper*The police have stopped looking for the bodies of the three missing children today, who are believed to have fallen into Wilks Creek and washed down the White River. They didn't find any signs of the boys. The parents of the two of the boys had this to say."Chad and Micheal were our boys but, Cody was relative and we are just distraught that they're gone! No trace of them...is that really possible? We'll be having a funeral for the boys but with empty coffins......we'll all never forget them."Well, that's the heart breaking story. The community will support them in any way necessary and they send there hope to the hurt family.*End of Article*"What a bunch of shit!" I say with venom in my voice, " They beat me and Mike and then LIE like this? They can't be family of ours."'I know hun, don't worry. You shouldn't have to deal with them again" Myndi says with compassion in her voiceI tell her not to show the boys the paper, I just knew it would upset them. She got up to go throw it out in a can outback. After she leaves Chad comes walking sleepily into the kitchen. He walks over to me and climbs into my lap.I rub his head, "Hey how you feel champ?""Sleepy" he says rubbing his eyes"Well tonight you'll have to get to bed early, we're leaving tomorrow"His eyes shoot open, "What? We're going tomorrow?""Yea, it's time for us to move on""Ok, will we say good-bye this time?" He asks"Yea, it would be rude not to."It was a quiet morning. When Mike woke up I told him to get himself and Chad packed up. (Myndi got them some bag for there stuff when they went to the store, it will slow us down some but we need come comforts) After awhile I went outside and walked down the street looking at something we wouldn't see again for a good time. When I got back I got a surprise. Seems like they had all gone out and bought a huge cake. It was chocolate all the way through."You like it?" Chad and Mike said at once, looking up at me.I pulled them both into a hug and kissed the tops of there heads, "Yea, it's great but, the best part is being here with both of you", I say it trying to fight the tears."We love you to and always will" They both say smiling up at me.The day after that was uneventful. Everyone was running around getting things packed and put away. I on the other hand was looking on a map trying to find a good route, since we're declared dead I think it would be fine to go through towns now.We all went to bed early that night. We didn't want to leave but we knew we had to. Myndi had said she would drive us some but, I refused. This was our journey..we could do it.I woke to the sound of voices and the smell of food. Everyone was up and eating at the table. I slump a little in the doorway and smooth my hair."Why didn't anyone wake me up?"They turn and look at me. "We didn't want to wake you, it's gonna be a long day", Stone said looking me in the eyesI sigh and sit down at the table. Chad comes over and gets up on my lap and curls into my side. Mike is silently eating. I guess we all didn't want to go but, we needed to."Guys..get your stuff" I say sadly"But why so soon?" they both say looking at me with pain in their eyes"Just get them please" I think they heard the sorrow in my voice but, they also heard the command. Slow Mike got up and Chad got out of my lap to get their things. I got up and told Myndi we would leave in a few minutes. I told them that if they had anything they had to tell me to do it now."Baby, you'll make it to Ohio and your dad will welcome all of you with open arms. Don't worry cause, you're in our prayers and hearts...don't worry", Myndi got up and gave me a hug.I looked at Stone and he just stared at the ground. I guess he didn't have anything to say. The boys came into the kitchen with backpacks on their backs. I grabbed my stuff and we walked out the door.The boys were waiting for me on the road as I said a last good-bye to Myndi. Stone runs up and pulls me into a hug."I'm sorry for what I did, and I'll miss you" Stone manages to squeak out"Stone...It's all ok, you and Myndi took us in and for that I'll always be thankful. You know who you are, Stone, no one can tell you any different", with that I smile and walk down the road to the boys.*We'd been walking about an hour and were in West Virginia. We were all a little down in the dumps. Chad was riding on my shoulders and Mike was walking beside me."Well, y'all ready for this?""How long is this gonna take?" Mike asked"A week or two, I think""That long?" Chad asks"I think so"It was quiet after that, all of us consumed in his own thought. I was kinda dreading the trek though, I knew no one in West Virginia so, we were alone. Happily the town dad lived in was right on the border of Ohio and West Virginia. We'd walked a few more hours into a small town in WV, I can't even remember it's name. It was getting dark so we walked up to this little hotel in town and paid for a room without much questions. It was a small room with two beds. Chad would sleep in one and me and Mike in the other. Chad fell asleep as soon as he hit his bed. Me and Mike were another story...I slip my tongue into his mouth tasting him. It's been too long I whisper into his ear. He's grinding his groin into my own. I pull Mikes shirt off and throw it to the floor. I run my hands over his smooth chest, tweaking his nipples when my hands reach them. I quickly take my shirt off and then pull his jeans off. I lay him down and rub my face on his cotton covered cock. I slowly slip my fingers one by one into his waistband and pull his briefs down. His cock is at full attention and waiting to be serviced. I take his head into my mouth and slowly run my tongue around it. He's starting to squirm from the sensitivity. His starts to buck Lolita Toplist Girls his hips, fucking my mouth. He lets out a groan and bucks hard, having a dry orgasm.Now it's my turn. After he comes down from his high, he runs his hand over my crotch, making a shiver run down my spine. I slipped out of my jeans and boxers, letting them fall to the floor. The look in his eyes told me what he wanted and I was more than willing to give. He sucked on one of my fingers making it slick. I put my finger at his hole and ran my finger around it. I stuck the tip of my finger into him causing him to squirm. I pull it in and out a few times and then insert another finger. I push them in as far as they will go and slowly turning them from side to side, opening him up. I took my fingers out and rimmed his hole a minute to lube him up. Then I placed my head at his entrance and rammed it in. He let out a quick cry that turned into a moan. I'm not fooling around, I'm hard as hell and need to be drained. I pull out and slam it back in, he's pushing back as I push forward. My breathing is getting ragged and I'm Lolita Toplist Girls getting faster. I tense up really quick and fill his insides up with my cum. I as cum into him he has a dry cum again.We lay there coming down from our highs. After we both touch Lolita Toplist Girls earth again, I pull out of him and grab our underwear. I slip mine on and he does the same. As I lay down beside him I see the scars on his back. I run my hand over them and silently vowed never ever to let his parents touch him again. I drape my arm over him and pull him close. I kiss the top of his head and we sleep soundly that night.Well morning came in the middle of the day for us. I was up earlier but I let the boys sleep. Mike and Chad basically got up at the same time. Mike came to the table where I had gotten food from the main lobby. Chad came over and jumped up in Mikes lap. Chad layed Lolita Toplist Girls up against him and just cuddled. Mike wrapped his arms around him and held him there. We all started to eat random fruit and cereal. It's wasn't a bad breakfast but, it wasn't the best either.After we all finished and threw what was left away we got our stuff and started to leave. We walked down ot he main office and handed in our key. When we were walking out I noticed Mike rubbing is his ass."Sore?""Yea, you really pounded me last night" He says with a little groan"Well maybe you can repay me soon" I smile slighty as i say this.His eyes brighten up really quick, "You mean your gonna let me.." He trails off a little bit so we can't be heard"Yes, sir""Oh wow!" Was all I heard him say as he got lost in his own thoughts.Chad is just kinda singing a song. I grab his hand and we just walk along.After a day of endless walking we come to a rest stop that has a hotel built in. It's been a long day so I decide we'll just stay here for the night. When I get the room key, Mike, looks at me with a smile on his face. He plans on having fun tonight, haha."Not tonight ok?""Why not.." He says looking at me like I lied to him."I'm tired and so are you, I can see it in your eyes"Sigh"Ok..fine..but next time you HAVE to!"I ruffle his hair and we undress. Chad is already asleep and Mike isn't far behind. I kiss him goodnight and fall asleep. End Chapter 6_______________________Sorry for the wait. Send comments to ecmunse.fallsnetscape.com Thanks to my editor, Mynd
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