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Related article: A Chance Encounter: Chapter 1 Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction that contains sexual activity between consenting adult males. If this offends you, is illegal in your area or you are under-age, please Do Not Read Any Further! All Copyrights are Retained by the Author. Do Not Duplicate, Distribute or Re-Submit this work without express consent from the author. Characters in this work are fictitious; any similarities to persons alive or dead are merely coincidental. Comments, Suggestions Feedback are always welcomed at byDaneEdwardsaol.com A Chance Encounter By Dane Edwards It was just a chance encounter. I was restless so I took a walk and found myself staring at the moon as I leaned against the concrete levee that bordered the riverside park near my home. This was a favorite spot of mine when I just needed to get away and be by myself sometimes. It was a beautiful park and somehow just listening to the sound of the river passing by always had a calming affect on me. I had spent countless hours here during my nineteen years on this earth. This park was within walking distance of my parent's home and it had been my playground for as long as I could remember. As I breathed in the crisp Fall air, I reminisced about playing tag and Frisbee with my elementary friends in the wide grassy spans overlooking the river bank. I recalled afternoons spent playing touch football with my high school buddies until the sun had set and sometimes long after with the field being lit only by nearby lampposts that were situated throughout Preteen Porn Pedo the park. It wasn't until my junior year in high school that I realized this place also took on a different life once the sun had gone to bed. I had started to realize I had stirrings for other guys. I had heard that late at night the park turned into a cruising area. This was the place where guys went looking for other guys when they were horny! So I wasn't all that surprised when I heard footsteps approaching me from behind. I turned my head slightly so I could catch a glimpse of whoever was coming my way. I saw immediately that he was tall and slender. As he left the shadows and stepped into the moonlight, I saw that he wasn't a stranger at all. I had seen this guy around the neighborhood several times and had even heard rumors that he was gay. I'd even crossed paths with him in this very park on occasion but we had never so much as said hello to one another. I turned my body so that I could watch him come into view. I wonder why I never realized how cute he was before? He was maybe six foot tall and slender. His hair was cropped short, dark brown in color and he wore it a bit longer in the back. He walked in a confident manner as he descended the stairs that lead down to the levee. His walk was slow and deliberate, as if he had all the time in the world. I noticed how his jeans hugged his body and my eyes fixated on the wide leather belt that held them up. I realized with sudden embarrassment that I had been shamelessly checking this dude out and my eyes quickly averted up to his face. He was staring right at me and I felt myself blush. As he approached, his eyes held my glance until I had to look away. I turned back towards the river and took a deep breath. Preteen Porn Pedo The sound of his footsteps slowed as he came up behind me. I suddenly felt nervous and wondered if he would say anything or just continue on his way. I knew in all probability he, as I, was just out for an evening stroll. Still I couldn't help but think he might be wandering the park with ulterior motives! He was very close to me now. Close enough that I could feel his presence and then there he was, standing next to me, leaning up against the levee wall and peering out at the river. Again I took a deep breath and turned my head slightly in his direction. Preteen Porn Pedo "It's always so peaceful down here." Suddenly he had turned and was staring directly into my eyes. I drank in his masculine beauty. Even in the moonlight I could see that his face was tanned. He had high cheekbones and bushy eyebrows. His eyes were dark, smiling at me, looking into my soul. "Yea, it's a nice night," I replied, forcing myself to look away and back at the river. We stood side by side in silence for what seemed like hours. My brain was working overtime as I tried to think of something interesting to say to this guy! Why had I suddenly become such a bundle of nerves? I could feel my heart pounding in my chest as I stole quick glances at this Adonis of the night. I almost jumped when his voice again pierced the silence, "So you come here often?" I couldn't help myself and laughed out loud. What a pick-up line! Of course he laughed as well, asking me what was so funny. Grinning ear to ear I faced him, suddenly relaxed, and told him it had just struck me funny the way it sounded. "It was like a really bad pick-up line dude!" He laughed whole-heartedly, shaking his head, "Well I guess it did sound like one, dude! I just meant that I don't think I've seen you down Preteen Porn Pedo here before." "I just live down the street so I do come here often actually," I smiled, probably a little too widely. I couldn't help myself. This guy had one of those magnetic personalities that just seemed to pull you in. I knew instantly I wanted to know him better, to be his friend if he'd let me. "Really?" he asked, "Me, too. I live just down Maple Avenue." "No way, I live on Maple! I live at Three Fifteen. I think maybe I have seen you around actually. My name is Drew." It was his turn to cry out in surprise! "Dude, this is way too unreal. I live on the corner at Four-O-One! I just moved back in with my grandmother!" He extended his hand for me to shake, a huge shit-eating grin on his face as he said "I'm Drew!" His eyes sparkled in amusement. I stared at him in disbelief. My eyes widened, not sure if he was putting me on or not. "Your name is Drew?" "I swear man!" He must have felt the need to validate this unusual fact and he reached into his back pocket and withdrew his wallet. Before I could bat an eye, I was holding his drivers license, peering at a goofy picture of him at sixteen. "Drew Chance," I said out loud as I read his name off the document. Quickly glancing at some of the other details provided on his license, I instantly learned my handsome young stranger was 6 feet tall and weighed 150 pounds. Well, probably more like 165 pounds now, I thought, as I verified from his birth date that he was now twenty years old and a quick check of his physique suggested that he was probably a little more buff now than he had been four years ago. I handed Drew his driver's license, "Cool name!" I smiled brightly and his face lit up as he returned the smile. Who would have thought we both wore the same name and lived on the same street? `It's a small world after all,' a song remembered from a trip to Disney World, ran through my head and I chuckled to myself. "So when did you move into your Grandmother's?" I asked and he filled me in on his story. He had been living with his parents but then when they had discovered he was gay, his Dad had kicked him out of the house. This had occurred only a couple of months ago and he had so far been keeping close to his grandmother's house. As it turned out she was seventy years old and had trouble keeping up with the house. She was glad to have Drew around to help take care of things and to provide her with companionship. "Well that's cool," I replied as he paused in his story, "I'm sure your Grandma enjoys having you there. Welcome to the neighborhood." Drew continued, filling me in on his life. He was an only child and had spent many summers with his grandmother. While he was disappointed in his parent's reaction when he had finally come out to them, he had not been surprised. He had never really gotten along with his Dad and his Mother had always allowed his Father to bully him. He had told his grandmother he was gay several years earlier and she had accepted him unconditionally. "So what about you? When did you realize you were gay?" The question caught me totally off guard and I felt my face redden. "I never said I was gay!" I looked away quickly, embarrassed. How could he have known? "Oh," Drew said, "Sorry dude, I just thought that, well... I mean this place, at night, is where guys come to meet other guys. And you didn't even bat an eye earlier when I told you I was gay, so I just figured, you know?" "It's okay." I said and turned back toward the levee, suddenly watching the river intently to avoid further eye contact with Drew. My head was reeling. I was definitely attracted to this guy but he lived practically next door. If I admitted to him I was gay and anything went wrong, he would hold the advantage over me. I wasn't ready to come out to the world yet and I sure didn't want to be outed by some stranger! The silence between us grew until it was thick like fog. Drew stood next to me but shuffled back and forth on his feet. I could sense that he, too, was anxious. I wanted to reach out to him, to say something to take away this awkwardness so we could feel the comfort we had been feeling between one another only moments before. I felt Drew's hand on my shoulder but it didn't freak me out. I sighed as he spoke barely above a whisper, "Look, dude, I didn't mean anything by what I said earlier. Please don't take it the wrong way. It's not like I think you look gay or anything. I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions. I'm sorry." I instantly felt guilty and without another thought, turned my head towards Drew. His face was right there, next to mine. I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out. Our eyes bore into one another's souls as precious seconds passed by and the sounds of our hearts beating could surely be heard throughout the park! "What would you do if I kissed you right now?" Somehow finding my voice, I stared at him and answered honestly, "I don't know." Drew's eyes never looked away as he leaned in and parted his lips. The touch of his flesh on mine was electric and I closed my eyes and melted into him. It was the sweetest kiss I had ever experienced in my life. I had never actually kissed another man before this point in my life and I marveled at how different it was from kissing girls. His lips were strong, yet soft and Drew pressed them harder against my own and parted my lips with his tongue. I felt my dick Preteen Porn Pedo jump in my pants and I know I gasped as his tongue explored the caverns of my mouth! I opened my eyes and his were smiling back at me. I felt his hand leave my shoulder and gently caress my cheek. After what felt like an eternity, Drew pulled back and grinned at me. "Wow, dude! That was amazing. You are so sexy!" I felt myself blush yet again, never having received such a flattering review from another guy. Especially from a guy who was as hot as Drew was! As I looked at this gorgeous guy who had just kissed me, his face silhouetted in the moonlight, I was overcome with joy and found myself pulling his face toward me as I returned the kiss. I took my time and enjoyed tasting him as I slid my own tongue deep into Drew's mouth. This time his eyes had closed and I shut mine as well, savoring this beautiful moment with my newfound friend. The wind off the river twirled around our bodies like a tornado and I shivered. I wish I had thought to wear a jacket but I had darted from the house without thinking about the chilly night air. It was late November and winter was trying it's best to arrive here in the Midwest. My body again trembled from the cold, and I ended the kiss. Drew noticed that I was shaking that time. "Well that's the first time my kissing has ever had that kind of reaction," laughed Drew. He continued to stand right beside me as he noticed I couldn't stop shivering from the cold. Or maybe it was from his kiss! He felt my arm, "You're freezing!" I explained that I really hated to wear a coat and always put it off as long as possible. "I should have at least worn a sweatshirt! These short sleeves are not keeping me warm now that it's getting late." That's when Drew suggested we go someplace warmer. I said that it was kind of late for me to have a friend come over and Drew frowned, saying that his grandmother would be asleep as well and he didn't want to disturb her. Suddenly his face brightened up and he said, "Follow me!" as he turned away from the river and started walking. I was right on his heels. We didn't talk at all as we walked side by side out of the park and along the side of the Catholic Church that had been built over a hundred years ago. The church was a magnificent structure that stretched up to the sky and stood guard at the entrance of the park. Drew suddenly turned and went through a courtyard and out to the opposite side of the church. He led me to a short brick wall that served as a railing around a staircase that descended down into the ground. We both heard a noise in the distance and saw the headlights of an approaching vehicle. "Hurry!" ordered Drew Preteen Porn Pedo as he quickly rounded the wall and disappeared below ground. I followed his lead and found that the staircase actually turned two corners on its way down until finally coming to a halt in front of a steel door. The door obviously led to the basement of the church. Drew turned so that he was standing under the stairs and waited for me to catch up with him. "How's this?" he asked, "You can't even feel the wind blowing down here." I shook my head in agreement. It definitely felt warmer. "And," Drew continued as he leaned in to me, "It's pretty private down here!" His lips covered mine for the third time that night and I wrapped my arms around his body, pulling him closer as I gave in to his delicious kissing. Drew leaned back against the wall and I pushed up against him as we continued to lock lips. I don't know how long we embraced like that but it seemed like hours. When we finally came up for air, I was warmed to the bone. I sighed contentedly as Drew pierced my soul with those beautiful brown eyes. When he leaned in and began nibbling on my ear, I moaned out loud and Drew chuckled. He continued his assault on my ear lobes and then down to my neck. It tingled and I shuddered in excitement. I almost jumped out of my pants when I felt Drew's hand rub against the front of my jeans. My dick was as hard as I ever remembered it being and after one last tongue-flicking of my ear, Drew looked at me smiling, "Well, what do we have here? Somebody seems happy to see me!" I couldn't help it and laughed again. Drew had this way of sounding both corny as hell and super sexy at the same time. My swollen member strained against my jeans as Drew quite deliberately squeezed it over and over. I was in heaven, lost in the moment and purring like a cat! I didn't even notice Drew had unzipped his own jeans and had pulled out his own semi-hard rod. But he was quick to take my hand and place it on his bare cock and I opened my eyes to see that cocky, smirk of a grin of his. "Like that?" he asked simply as I Preteen Porn Pedo wrapped my fingers around his ample shaft and slowly stroked it to a full erection. Without looking, I already knew his dick was thick and as it grew in my hand, I guessed it was at least seven inches long! Before I could take a good look at his imploring manhood, he pulled me roughly to him and forced his mouth over mine, kissing me passionately. When he finally broke the kiss, I stared into his hungry eyes. Without a word his eyes begged me to satisfy his lust. He placed both hands on my shoulders, slightly pressing downward, and I allowed him to push me to my knees. I was suddenly face-to-face with the object of my affection. I saw him now in all his glory. His cock was standing proud. I could already feel its power and now longed to know this part of Drew as well. I looked up to see him watching me intently, his breath caught in his chest in eager anticipation. I brought my face to the head of his cock and let my tongue wash over it, tasting eager drops of his pre-cum. Drew shivered and I repeated this action a couple more times. Reaching up to his belt, I unbuckled it and quickly unsnapped this stud's jeans. I opened his pants to reveal he had gone commando. No underwear. I groaned my appreciation as I pushed my face into his groin and inhaled his musky scent. He had a thick bush of hair surrounding his magnificent cock and I ran my tongue along the bottom side of his dick. As I leaned into his body, Drew's cock slowly slid into my mouth. He groaned loudly as I tightened my lips around him and bobbed up and down. I increased the suction and speed of my sucking and Drew continued to moan, lost in the pleasure of the blow job he was receiving. He grew harder and I struggled to take all of him. After a few attempts I relaxed my throat enough that his dick pushed its way inside. "Oh Fuck Yea!" Drew exclaimed as his cock probed deeper into my throat. I forced myself to breath through my nose and massaged his entire cock with my throat muscles. Drew began to pump slowly until I felt his balls resting on my chin. I looked up to see him wide-eyed and smiling mischeviously like the cat that swallowed the canary. Only I was the cat and I had swallowed his canary! As he increased the speed of his humping my mouth, I felt his balls pull tight and knew he would soon pass the point of no return. I wanted this to be an experience he would remember for a long time, so I quickly pulled off his dick, gently yanked down on his balls and held them while I slowly kissed and licked his nutsack. Drew moaned uncontrollably but managed to ask me why I had stopped when he had been so close. "You in a hurry to get off dude?" I grinned up at him as I continued to bathe his heavy balls with my tongue. He just grinned at me. "By all means, take your time!" Drew spread his legs a little wider, his stance giving me greater access to his body. Once I was satisfied his impending orgasm had passed, I again took his knob into my mouth and allowed my tongue to swirl around it over and over. That drove Drew wild and he grabbed my head and held tightly as he slowly pushed his dick into my mouth and once again started fucking my face. His movements were more calculated this time. He took his time and enjoyed the sensations he was feeling. He alternated between rapidly pumping into my mouth in short, fast strokes and slowly pushing his cock all the way down my throat until it wouldn't go any further, holding it there long enough to enjoy the spasms in my throat that gave him added stimulation. He was breathing heavy and I could feel his heart beating all the way in his dick. I let up enough that his dick had almost no pressure from my mouth. He enjoyed the feeling of just sliding his dick back and forth across my lips. I took this moment to once more pull off of Drew's cock and attend to his balls once more. "Ahhh, dude, you're wicked!" he groaned as I happily made love to his balls. They were very full now and I knew when the time came, he would blow quite a big load. I was ready to taste his essence and I knew that Drew was ready to cum. I went back down on his cock with renewed vigor. From tip to base, I impaled myself on this fleshy work of art. Drew continued to moan louder in appreciation as I slid up and down his shaft, sucking him for all I was worth. My tongue circled his cock head each time I came up and slid back down his pole as I increased my speed and suction. Drew was loving every minute of this and his hands were against the wall, holding himself rigid as I sucked his big cock. He began thrusting his hips upwards every time I slid down on him, his cock swelling larger than it had been before. I could taste a steady stream of his jizz as it leaked into my mouth, lubing my throat as he fucked it harder than ever. "Oh man! I can't hold it any longer dude! I gotta cum! I'm almost there!" I sucked harder and he took that as his cue that I wanted his cum. Drew grabbed both sides of my head in his hands and thrust deeply into my throat, grunting wildly as he unloaded his balls straight into my stomach. It was a struggle to break his grip but I wanted to taste my reward and finally Preteen Porn Pedo after four squirts, was able to pull back so that Drew's cock head was at the opening of my mouth. He continued to pump his sweet load onto my tongue, filling my mouth. He tasted so good I wanted him to keep cumming forever. I swallowed his offering and gently cleaned his softening cock until it grew too sensitive and he had to withdraw it. His chest still heaving, Drew looked down at me. "That was fucking unbelievable! I don't think I've ever cum so hard in my life! Oh man, you sure know how to suck cock!" I raised myself off my knees and leaned into Drew, giving him a long Preteen Porn Pedo tongue-twirling kiss. I knew that he could probably taste himself in my mouth but he didn't seem to mind. He didn't try to pull away and we were again lost in the passion of our kissing. I couldn't ever remember enjoying kissing someone so much as I did Drew. As we embraced Drew started to rub my cock again through my jeans. I was still hard as granite and ready for some attention of my own. Drew looked me in the eyes, breaking our kiss, "Your turn!" I smiled as Drew slid down to his knees. With all that I was feeling right now, my emotions had gone into overdrive. I couldn't help thinking what a wonderful night this had turned out to be. I had set out on an evening stroll, yet a chance encounter was about to change my life forever! ---End of Chapter One---
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