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I welcome comments. Please address them to waynetelfermsn.com. Some of you have expressed your enjoyment of some of my other works, and I appreciate your kind words. I have enjoyed responding to your messages, and will always do so. A CASE OF THE BROKEN FLY by Wayne Telfer I had just gotten a new job and moved to a new state. I thought of looking for a permanent house in the area, but chose to not rush into anything financially significant right away. While I adjusted to Bbs Lolita Pics the new job and surroundings, I chose to live in a rented mobile home. Oh it wasn't much, but it was comfortable and cheap. I was thirty-four and had spent far too much time over the past few years enjoying the life of a couch potato. So, in a bout of inspiration, I decided that since I�d changed my career and my home, I�d also change the way I took care of myself. So, since I�d always wanted to try it, I decided that the time was ripe to take up Karate as part of my shape-up program. And this is where the story begins. The first thing I noted in taking up this new hobby was that the students came in all shapes and sizes. I�d thought I�d be witnessing bodily changes as the weeks and months progressed. I was surprised when, after three months, however, I hadn�t lost a bit of the weight I�d been hoping for. That is not to say that there were no benefits. I was certainly much more limber, and I was much more focused. I could definitely feel that it was not a waste of my time. Deciding that I was, in fact, making some progress, I complimented my Karate with a work out regimen at a local health club. A carefully supervised set of exercises that soon began producing the desired reduction in weight, as well as a new won shape and definition to my body. With all this progress I soon became a very dedicated student of karate. My new feelings of renewed energy and just my generally more positive outlook made me want to really immerse myself in the discipline. One problem I had was Bbs Lolita Pics that the trailer was just too small to be practicing my karate in. Oh, I�d work on the simpler moves most nights, but the ones that required room had to wait until I went for my thrice weekly health club visits, when I�d use the empty aerobics room to practice, after I�d completed my routine. After four months of karate and two months of the health spa, I decided to up my dedication to the karate and begin practicing every day. That necessitated a change. And since I was now experienced enough that I didn�t come off as a klutz and my body was looking much better, I chose to take my practices out into the small backyard. I was a little self conscious at first, working through my paces there for all the world to see, but when no one really seemed to take notice, I stopped worrying about it. My trailer was on the outskirts of the park, so my back yard was against the chain link fence that contained the park. Beyond that was a single family home on a large lot. Most of the attention I got during my practices came from that direction. There were three kids in the house. One teenage girl, and two boys, one a teenager and the other not more than nine or ten. Of them, it was the older boy that would come out to the fence and watch me from time to time. I didn't mind and he never made any comments or anything, but simply sat cross-legged on the ground and watched. It was the beginning of summer, about six months into my new job, when I�d been given an early day because of some accomplishment at work that�d pleased the boss. So I�d decided to put in a little extra time in my karate and had begun my practice early; early enough that I was out practicing when the school bus came by to drop the kids off. "Hi." Well, this was new. There stood the neighbor boy at the fence, school books in hand. He�d never spoken to me before this. I�d assumed he was just shy and hadn�t pushed the issue. But that �hi� had not been in the least bit shy. He�d said it confidently, as if we�d been friends for months. I paused in my routine and walked over. "Hi." "I'm Jamie." "Jamie? Hi. I�m Mark." "Well, actually, my name is James, but everybody calls me Jamie." "Jamie it is, then." �I�ve enjoyed watching you practice this last couple of months, Mark, and I thought I�d finally introduce myself.� �Well, I�m glad you did. And I�m glad you�ve been coming to watch. It�s given me the incentive to make sure I get every move down perfectly. I tend to be a slacker if I�m not showing off. Really pisses of my sensei if my moves aren�t perfect.� We laughed together. �It looks like you really enjoy it.� �What, the karate?� He nodded. �Well, I do. At least now that I�m past the clumsy stage. That first month or so was hell. I kept seeing the kids in class just �get it� and I felt like I was bumbling through.� �Know what you mean. My little brother is great at sports and I�m just average. Must�ve been tough.� �Well, not really. I�m old enough to realize that I�m not as limber as the young monkeys. Besides, my sensei is tough, but he packs that toughness with an awful Bbs Lolita Pics lot of encouragement. It also helped when he assigned me an eleven year old partner. Peter never made me feel old and clumsy, just kept at me until I got it right.� �My brother just brags.� �Well, you�re brothers. Different rules apply.� I laughed and he laughed with me. He unconsciously adjusted what God gave him, and we parted; him for his house and me back to my practice. * * * * * * * * * * Oh, I know, you�re disappointed. I didn�t get into how hot he was, or how I�d ogled his teenage package. Well, sorry to disappoint you, but I didn�t. Besides, Jamie was no hunk. He wasn�t even cute. He had, in fact, a serious acne problem. And as for cute, he was as plain as they come. As for his teenage package (shrug), I was anxious to get back to my practice. Besides, it�d just been a friendly, neighbor across the fence conversation. I don�t spend �every� minute of my day thinking about sex. Just because I�m gay doesn�t mean that sex is the only thing on my mind. Yes, I love looking at the male body. It�s a marvelous form. And it doesn�t even matter the age. Young, middle aged or old. Stand a hundred males, aged 1 to 100, all naked in front of me and I could admire their form without once responding sexually. We�re not all driven by the head between our legs. Okay, okay, there�s obviously a point to this story, so I�ll get back to it. * * * * * * * * * I only remember that is was Wednesday because I�d gotten a reprieve from work on hump day. The rest of the week went normally, although I didn�t see Jamie during my normal practice times. And at the time it didn�t matter. Saturday rolled around and I had some serious practicing to do. My usual night at the dojo was Fridays and this Friday, sensei had decided that I was ready to begin working with my weapon of choice. I�d always been fascinated with the staff. Probably from my love of Robin Hood and the scene of him and Little John going at each other with staves when they first met. The sensei had referred to it as a bo staff, or bo (pronounced bow). He�d loaned me one of the dojo�s bo�s until the two I�d ordered arrived. So anyway, I was really anxious to begin practicing the kata or form for it that he�d taught me the night before. I waited until noon, when it�d warmed up. I preferred to work in the warm weather because it gave me the chance to actually sweat off some pounds while doing something I loved. I hated exercising for the sake of exercising. I started my afternoon practice with my regular routine. Stretches, followed by forms I�d already mastered, beginning with the simplest through the more difficult, and finally to the new one, or ones, I was attempting to master. This always lasted an hour to hour and a half. I was just finishing when Jamie came out of his house, coke in hand, and came and sat at the fence. �Hi, Mark.� �Hey ya, Jamie.� �Ah, you through?� he asked as I headed for the back door. �Just with the normal practice. But if you want a good laugh, stick around. This ought to have you rolling in the Bbs Lolita Pics grass.� I grabbed the bo I�d leaned against the trailer. �Jamie, meet bo. Bo, Jamie.� �Funny. Where�s the arrows?� he asked and then busted up laughing. I could only grin. I�d made the joke a few times myself. �Sorry, couldn�t resist,� he said as he got control of himself. �I�ve got a friend that�s taken karate and he has one.� �Oh good, so now I can expect you to make comments, comparing me to your friend,� I grinned. That set him off again. �Probably not, since he said he wasn�t any good and never showed how it was done,� he said after he�d calmed down. �I�m sure that after watching me bumbling along, you�ll still be no wiser.� I struggled with the thing for half an hour. And I do mean struggled. It was worse than when I�d first started classes. I finally paused and looked at the damn thing trying to figure out why I was having such a time. It hadn�t been that hard last night. �Are you suppose to hold it that tight?� asked Jamie, interrupting my communion with the uncooperative thing. �I was holding it tight?� �Well, your knuckles were white.� I smiled at him. �That would certainly suggest tight, wouldn�t it. And in answer to your question, no, I�m not.� �You afraid of it coming out of your hand?� �You know, that might be it. When sensei was teaching me last night, the dojo was empty.� I looked around the yard. �Well, no one here but us Indians Bbs Lolita Pics and there�s a fence between you and me.� �You got Indian blood?� �Half Apache.� �Well, Sitting Bull, I guess I�ll give it another go and try not to strangle the thing this time.� �Sitting Bull was a Hunkpapa, not Apache.� I glanced over to see if I�d offended him, but he was smiling with humor. �Geronimo, he was Apache. And Cochise.� �Ah, but Geronimo is never known for his sitting,� I said pointing at Jamie�s sitting self, �only his jumping out of planes.� Jamie fell over laughing and managed not to spill any of his coke somehow. I did notice that his fly was open as he rolled around. The only real reason I noticed was because it was glaringly obvious as he was in a pair of black jeans and he was wearing bright white underwear. The contrast was blindingly obvious. �Uh, Jamie, I hesitate to mention it, but your fly is open.� He glanced down, but surprisingly, didn�t blush in embarrassment. �Damn pants. The zipper broke and it won�t stay up. They�re the only pants I had this morning. Noreen hasn�t done the laundry yet. Sorry, didn�t mean Bbs Lolita Pics to embarrass you.� �Jamie, I�m not embarrassed. I only mentioned it because boys your age are usually embarrassed by that.� He simply shrugged. �Got underwear on, so if you�re not embarrassed I�m just not going to worry about it right now.� I shrugged in return. �All right, let me see if I can make some headway with this thing,� I said, lifting the bo into position. Yes, I have to admit in hindsight that it was an unexpected response to being caught with his fly open. But after careful consideration, I realized that I didn�t know the boy at all and it was probably just his normal reaction to such situations. Some kids were just easier about such matters. The rest of my practice progressed companionably. I started having some success with the bo, while Jamie sat and watched, making wise cracks at times and pointed, meaningful comments at others. At one point I happened to notice that he raised his coke a couple of times absently, obviously forgetting that it was empty, because he�d look at it and set it back down without drinking. Well, I�d been at this for over two hours and it was definitely time for a break. �I�m getting a soda, Jamie, you want a refill?� �Yes, sir, that�d be great. Thanks.� �My pleasure. Be right back.� I was in and out in no time and handed his refresher over the six foot high fence. So, what does one do when taking a break with a friend, or at least an acquaintance; you chat and get to know each other. I sat on the grass on my side of the fence and leaned against it with one shoulder, noticing that it was about time to cut the grass again. Fortunately, the yard was small enough that I could do the job with a weed eater, since I didn�t have a mower. �So, Jamie, how�s school this years?� �Pretty good. Just about done for the year. Two weeks and I�ll be done, thank god. Freshman year sucks.� I laughed at that. �Yeh, I remember my freshman year. Nobody gives the new kids a break.� I glanced over at him. �That makes you what, fourteen, fifteen?� "Fifteen." �How�re your grades?� �Not bad. A�s and B�s.� He smiled. �Jeffey may be better at sports, but I get the better grades.� �Jeffey?� �Little brother.� �Ah, the one that brags about being better at sports.� �Yeh. But it�s all fun. I brag about my grades, so I get my licks in.� We laughed. �Sounds like you two get along all right.� �Oh Jeffey�s great, really. He�s Noreen�s son, but we get along real good. He doesn�t much like his mom either.� Oh, oh. Getting a bit too personal here. But Jamie didn�t pursue that line. �How old are you, Mark? What kind of work do you do?� �Twenty-eight. I work for a company that troubleshoots computer problems. Mostly business applications, but we take on the occasional personal job, too.� �That�s cool. Love working in the computer lab at school. Just wish they hadn�t had to cut the computer technology course. I�d have loved to learn about the insides.� �I�ve always loved the hardware side of the job best. Without the bits and pieces of metal working together, the rest is pointless. That�s always the challenge, getting all those things talking to each other the way they should. So, what kind of computer you got?� �Ah, I don�t have a computer. Noreen�s got one, but she won�t let me touch it. I get Jeffey to get me stuff off the internet for my homework. He�s really great about that.� �I hesitate the say it, we don�t really know each other too well, but if your dad will let you, you Bbs Lolita Pics could come over and use my computer for your homework.� I�d chosen the dad connection, because it was obvious that Jamie and this Noreen were at loggerheads. Gees, it was like I�d lit a spot light in the kids eyes. �Really?! Ah man, that�d be awesome.� As providence would have it, his dad stepped out onto the front porch at just that moment. �Hey, dad! Come here a minute!� He Bbs Lolita Pics came over showing every sign of pleasure. �Dad, this is Mark. Mark, this is my dad, Archie.� We reached up and shook hands over the fence. �Nice to meet you, Archie.� �Me too.� He then looked over at his son. �So, what�s up kiddo?� �Dad, Mark just offered to let me use his computer for homework and stuff. But you had to say it was okay.� �That�s awfully nice of you, Mark. You sure it�s not an imposition?� �Not at all. Kids really need to know how to use computers and surf for information. I�ve got two set up in the trailer, so he wouldn�t even be interrupting anything I�m working on.� �Would you mind if I had a look?� �Good for you, Archie!� I thought. �Not at all! Come on over, I need a break anyway. That is, if you have the time right now?� Jamie didn�t even wait, he ran off toward the front of the trailer park. My trailer was only three lots in from the entrance, so it was a short walk around the fence to the entrance. Archie simply smiled. �I guess that answers that. Be right over.� I made Jamie wait until his father had arrived before inviting him inside. The boy was sure excited. He couldn�t hold still, kept bouncing from foot to foot. They were both a bit surprised when they entered. You see, the outside of the trailer was definitely showing signs of wear and tear. But I�d managed to make the inside look pretty sharp. Hey, what can I say, I had good gay decorating genes. I wasn�t at all into the frilly look, but I definitely tried for quiet elegance on a budget. From the looks on their faces, I�d accomplished that. �Gees, Mark, this is really nice,� said Jamie. It was nice that the boy could appreciate my efforts. �I have to agree with my son, Mark. You�ve really got a touch. You�d never expect this from the outside.� I smiled at their appreciation. They were, in fact, my first visitors. �Thank you, both. It may be old, but it doesn�t have to look like it.� �Seems like an awful lot of expense for something this run down,� remarked Archie. �Not at all. I did it all on a WalMart budget, I assure you.� �Very impressive.� �Well, the computers are back this way.� I led them back to the first bedroom, which I�d made into my technology center. I had a long, homemade �desk� with two computer stations on it on one side of the room. On the other side of the room, I had my workbench with scattered bits and pieces of computer components I was slowly assembling into a working tower. �I�ll set up that left one for Jamie�s use.� Jamie immediately made a b-line for the computer in question. �Wow! This looks better than the ones we have at school.� He sat down in front of it and looked back at us. �Go ahead,� I said. I was pleased to see that the first thing he did was pull up all the system stats to see what he�d been given access to. He purred as he read off the list of components and cards. �This is sick!� he said. �Where�d you buy something like this?� �Didn�t buy it. Made it.� Jamie spun around and looked at me. �Made it? From scratch?� I smiled at his obvious awe. �Every little piece. Never could find a store model that had all the features I wanted, so I just make em custom. Besides, if I make it myself, I know exactly how to fix a problem.� �Oh man, that�s the kind of thing I want to do.� When I glanced over at Archie, I could see his pleasure at his son�s enthusiasm. �Tell you what,� I said as I looked at Jamie, �If your dad says it�s okay, we could open up Jamie�s private school of computer construction on the weekends.� Jamie jumped up and ran to his dad. �Oh please, dad?! Please?! You know I�ve always wanted to. Could I please?� The poor boy was almost in tears, he wanted this so bad. �You sure you�re up for this, Mark? This boy of mine will drive you batty until he learns all you know.� I laughed. �I remember I was the same at his age. Couldn�t get enough. But, yes, I�m sure.� �Well, Jamie�s right, he�s always wanted to learn that stuff. It was a shame that the school board had to cut that from the high school curriculum last year.� He smiled at his son. �All right, Jamie.� �Yes!� yelled Jamie as he hugged his dad. Then he raced back to the computer. �No surfing until I can set up parental controls, Jamie,� I said. �Okay, I won�t.� He didn�t complain a bit about that requirement. That told me that he really did want what he said, and not just a way to explore the internet. �I�m going to have a word with Mark, Jamie.� �Okay, dad,� Jamie said without looking around. I led Archie back to the living room and we sat facing one another. �You sure you don�t mind, Mark? Jamie can be a little intense.� �He seems like a fine boy, Archie. We�ll get along fine.� He paused, as if considering his next words carefully. �I really appreciate this, Mark. My poor boy isn�t having it easy at home.� �So I gathered.� Archie looked at me sharply. �Oh don�t worry, he hasn�t said anything specific. But there have been clues. For instance, his stepmother is �Noreen�. His step brother has to download information off the internet for him. His laundry�s not being done yet.� Archie slumped back into the chair. �I didn�t know Jeffey was doing that for him.� He was quiet for a few moments. �My wife has become increasingly difficult over the last year. Unfortunately, Jamie has born the brunt of it. I�m trying to come up with a solution, but it�s taking time. Your offer will get Jamie out of the house more, which will be good for him.� He paused and I could see he was mentally shaking himself. �I really appreciate this, Mark. I haven�t seen Jamie this happy in a while.� �You�re welcome, Archie. I think we�ll have fun. He�s certainly enthusiastic enough.� I decided not to pursue the matter. It was their problem and I certainly didn�t need hassles in my life. But Jamie was turning into a friend and I enjoyed his company. Besides, it�d be fun for me to share my love of computers and computing. I tended to live with my machines and didn�t have much of a social life or many friends. �May I ask a personal question about Jamie?� �Certainly.� �Have you done anything to try and treat his acne?� He looked at me sadly. �I�ve gotten him some stuff that seemed to be doing a good job, but my wife found out and keeps throwing it away. She�s got some religious aversion to drugs and treatments. I haven�t figured out a way to get around it yet.� �Would you mind if Jamie kept his treatment over here? Look, Archie, I grew up with an acne problem, too. Not as severe as his, but it still held me back socially. I�d just like to help your son not have to go through that.� �Mark, that really would be great. I know it bothers him. Neither of us has been able to come up with a solution. I can�t keep her out of his room when he�s at school and I�m at work.� He pulled out his wallet and gave me some money and told me the name of the product that Jamie had been using. �I�m sure Jamie would like to spend some time here today.� �He can spend the entire day if he wants. I haven�t any plans except to pick up some groceries. I can take him with me and we�ll get this acne cream for him, then spend the day seeing what he already knows about computers. Hell, I�ll even feed him. I haven�t had any guests since I moved here. Too busy with the job at first.� �I know he�d like that.� With that, I gave him my phone number and Archie left and I went back to see how Jamie was coming. When I arrived he was looking through the directory of programs. �Find anything you like?� I asked as I pulled the second chair next to him and sat down. �This is just way too rad, Mark. I�ll be able to make some killer reports with these programs.� We spent the next hour setting up his own login, file restrictions and personal folders. Then we got him an email account, MySpace page, and set up the parental controls. He actually had me set the controls a bit more restrictive than I�d planned. This just proved that he was a good kid and wanted to do right by this opportunity. I watched him for a bit as he began customizing his MySpace page and sending out notifications to all his friends. The boy was in heaven. I left him to it and rummaged through the kitchen, making a shopping list. I really was running short. Then I took a shower and dressed. It was getting towards four Bbs Lolita Pics in the afternoon when I finally felt ready to attack my errands. When I entered the computer room, Jamie was engaged in an online chat with several of his friends on MySpace. �Hey, buddy, I�ve gotta go Bbs Lolita Pics do a bit of shopping. Wanna come along? I thought we could stop and do fast food tonight.� �Whoa! Yeh, sure, that�d be great! Let me say goodbye to my friends.� He wrote up a quick farewell to his buds and signed out. �You want the monitor off, or just the screen saver?� he asked. �Screen saver�s fine. I�ll show you a couple of places online where you can get something you might like better than the one I use.� He pulled up the screen saver control properly and quickly scrolled through the options, finally picking one of the standard ones. �Nothing really interesting here,� he said as he got up from his seat. �Well, you can fix that after we get back. I think I know just the site you�d like. Come on, I�m hungry.� �Me too.� He surprised me by giving me a hug before I could turn to leave. �Mark, this is really great. Thanks a lot.� I gave him a squeeze. �You�re quite welcome, Jamie. Now, let�s hit the road.� We ate first, so that the groceries would not have to languish in the warm car. I let him pick up a few snack foods at the store and then led him to the pharmacy section. I stopped before the acne cream section and he looked a bit shocked. �I pried into your personal affairs, Jamie. Your dad told me about the problems you�ve been having with your acne cream. So, you�re going to pick out what you need and leave it at my place. You can come over everyday after I get home from work and have a treatment.� I was afraid the boy was going to cry right there. But he only got a bit of moisture in his eyes. �Thanks, Mark.� �Been there, done that, Jamie. My acne wasn�t as severe as yours, but I had my own problems with it. Just trying to help a dude out.� He grabbed several items from the same product line and we headed for the checkout. �You really shouldn�t have to pay for this, Mark.� �I�m not. Your dad gave a few bucks.� When we got home, Jamie helped cart in the groceries and insisted on helping put them away. But as soon as we�d finished he grabbed his creams and headed for the bathroom. It took the poor boy half and hour. I was beginning to think he�d fallen in the toilet or something. The boy looked comical when he arrived in the computer room, but I didn�t laugh at him. I�d had to wear a cream mask from time to time myself. To give him credit though, he laughed. �Oh you can laugh. It�s pretty funny looking. But I have to start the whole program over again, so I have to wear this three times a day for the next two days. Well, tonight and three treatments tomorrow anyway.� Just then the phone rang. It was Archie. �I just recalled that the program Jamie was on has him wearing a cream mask for a couple of days.� �Yeh, he�s looking pretty comical right now.� Jamie laughed at my comment. He mouthed the word �dad?� and I nodded. �If you�d rather, he could spend the night. I�ve got a spare bedroom he can use. I�m sure it�d reduce the tension this might cause.� �You�re pretty quick, Mark. Yes, I was going to ask if that�d be possible. I really hate asking this sort of thing. We�ve only just met.� �Hey, don�t worry about it. It�ll give me a good chance to really evaluate what Jamie knows about computers. Besides, he�s good company.� �Well, if you�re sure it�s all right, I certainly appreciate it.� �Consider it doneah, what should we do about a change of clothes?� �I�ll stop by in a bit with a change for himif I can find something clean.� �Archie, we�ve gone this far. Just bring it all over and he and I�ll work on it.� I was definitely taking a serious dislike to this woman, and I hadn�t even met her. There was a significant pause and I expected him to refuse. What I got instead was, �Be over in a few.� �What was that all about?� �You�re spending the weekend so you and your dad don�t Bbs Lolita Pics have to deal with Noreen. He�s also bring over your clothes.� �I don�t have anything clean.� �I know. He�s bringing all your stuff over. You and I will get it cleaned and folded up.� �Aah, Mark. You shouldn�t be doing that.� �Come on, buddy, it won�t be a big deal. We�ll get you set for the new school week. It�ll give you a chance to show me what you got on the computer. It�s not a problem, really, Jamie.� �God I hate that bitch,� he said softly. �Tell you what, let�s make a pact. We�ll take care of our business and won�t think about her for the rest of the weekend.� Jamie simply smiled. �Who was that?� �Exactly. Now� I sat him at his computer and hooked him up to the screensaver site that I thought he�d like. Archie arrive shortly after, looking a bit sheepish from embarrassment, with Jamie�s laundry. I refused to let him apologize. Doing the laundry gave me the chance to teach Jamie something other than computers. No one had ever taught him how to do it properly. He was surprisingly grateful for those lessons. While Jamie surfed for a personal saver, I turned on my computer and headed for the shower. When I came back into the room, I nearly died. I wasn�t use to having someone visiting and had completely forgotten my own screensaver. There sat Jamie simply staring at my computer screen, his own forgotten. Of course, what he was watching was my slide show screensaver of naked males. All ages, all sizes, all solos, all soft. �Oh shit, Jamie.� He grabbed my hand before I could cancel the screensaver. �It�s all right. I won�t tell anyone. Please, just let it run.� I plopped down into my chair. �Christ, Jamie. I can�t imagine what you think of me right now.� �I thinkyou have nice tastes. Lot more variety here than in the gym showers.� Okay, that was not precisely the response I was expecting. �So, you�re gay, then?� �Umm, yeh.� �Cool.� Then he rolled his chair over to his computer. �What do you think of these screen savers?� All right, you couldn�t have stunned me more it you�d hit me with a mack truck. But I recovered enough to roll over and have a look at the three screen savers he�d downloaded. One with BMX bikers doing jumps, one with surfers jumping waves, and one with skateboarders jumping everything. Jamie washed off his cream mask shortly after that and two hours later found us sitting on the couch watching one of my favorite science fiction movies. But I wasn't concentrating too much on the movie. You see, Jamie was sitting only a foot away, his fly open and his legs were in such a position that his fly was spread wide. But what I saw this Saturday nearly took my breath away. Jamie had no underwear on. He�d obviously removed it when he�d gone in to clean his face. Nestled inside his jeans was a dark bush to match the black hair on his head. And in that bush was his cock and balls...Duh. I could only see two or three inches of his shaft, but that was enough for me to wonder what the whole thing looked like. I believe I�ve mentioned that I loved to look. Now Jamie was not a gorgeous boy, as I believe I�ve already mentioned. You know; no cherub or anything like that, but he was handsome in his own way. He was friendly and, when not in the company of others, affectionate. He was about five foot six and well proportioned. Not skinny but not chunky either. His skin was a bit on the tanned side, even though it was late spring. It was dark because of the Indian heritage in his family. I was envious of that feature because of the very, very fair skin that I had. I always had to watch out for the sun. So here we are, Jamie watching the movie and me watching Jamie. Everything is just great. Then suddenly out of nowhere, he lays over and places his head in my lap and his right hand on my thigh. I tell you, I popped a woody right Bbs Lolita Pics there. I sat very still for several minutes gathering myself together, calming the urges that were all too strong in my crotch. When I finally had all the control I was going to get, I placed my right hand and arm on his side, my hand coming to rest just below his right ass cheek on this thigh. He was hot, literally. His body radiated more heat than I'd felt from it ever before. It felt good and I couldn�t stop the inevitable hardening of my cock. It took several minutes, but I got back my control and felt like I could get through the rest of the movie without getting a full on erection. And then he goes and does it. It slowly moves his hand up my thigh Bbs Lolita Pics until it is a mere inch from my crotch. I take this moment and look at where my hand was and noticed that his pants are bulging just below where my hand is laying. �Uh, Jamie, I don�t think we should be going there.� He wilted right there in my lap. �Oh, I guess my looks� and I felt him start to get up. But I held him down. �Whoa, there buddy. Your acne is not an issue. I am not a sucker for a pretty face. I�m much more interested in what�s on the inside. The issue is that I�m twenty-eight and you�re all of fifteen. That makes what you want illegal for me.� He relaxed and remained silent for a few moments. �I wasn�t planning on telling anyone, were you?� �Very funny, Jamie. But there�s also the issue of you really understanding what you�re asking of me.� He chuckled. �Mark, I�m not a virgin. I�ve had sex with several of my buddies. Of course, that was just exploration for them, and it was all sort of awkward. But I�ve also done this with other adults. That�s always been the best, because I didn�t have to teach them.� �All right. It�s not what I expected to hear, but, all right. But why me?� �Because you�re the only adult I�ve ever wantedreally wanted. The rest were just guys wanting a blow job from a teenagerany teenager. You�re the only man I�ve met that cared about ME, other than my dad. Mark, please, I know what I�m doing, and I really, really want you.� And just at that moment he chose to move his hand the final inch. He began to rub my cock gently. He did that for a couple of moments, then let go and reached back and took a hold of my hand on his thigh and placed it on his bulge, then returned his hand to my lap. So, I�m only human. I took the invitation and began rubbing the front of his jeans. It was clear that his cock Bbs Lolita Pics was really straining to get out, so I went ahead and undid the button and folded back the flap so that his boyhood could be released. It was quite a handsome penis. It was seven or seven and a half inches long and a nice average diameter, and it was circumcised. He moaned as the pressure was eased. Since that was clearly an indication that I was willing, he stopped what he was doing in my lap and rolled onto his back and pushed his pants completely off. Then he got onto his knees, facing me, and pulled my t-shirt off, while I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. He was the one that pulled them off. But instead of getting back onto the couch, he spread my legs and moved in between them. �That�s really nice,� he said softly. I wasn�t as big as he was, but it was still a well proportioned piece of manhood. Six and three quarters of an inch, and as average in diameter as his was. I did have him beat a bit in the ball department, however. I�d always been told mine were big. He surprised me by simply kneeling there for several moments without doing a thing. �Second thoughts?� I asked softly. �Huh?...Oh, no! I�ve just never done this completely naked before, or in a place where we could take our time. I�m sorry.� He reached quickly to grab my cock. But I was slightly faster in stopping him. �Jamie, slow down. You want to take your time? Then, by all means take your time. I�m in no hurry. I�ve always preferred the slow approach.� I reached up and caressed his face. That got a look of surprise from him. �I told you, I�m not Bbs Lolita Pics offended by your acne. Now, you�ve made it quite clear what you want, so I�m going to be a willing, if somewhat reluctant, participant. I can�t help the reservations I feel. But, since I do like you, I�ll just set that all aside and enjoy.� He smiled. When I released his hand he continued his approach, but it was much slower and extremely gentle. Now, I say he moved slowly, but he certainly knew what he was about, because his grasp was sure. There was no inexperienced fumbling. He stroked me with confidence, his thumb playing gently with my glans and slit. He had me fully roused in mere seconds. Then his second hand cupped my balls and began rolling and massaging them. �Ooh,� was all I could say. He was easily as good as anyone else I�d been with. �Oh, god, Jamie.� My eyes were closed by this time, but I felt him lean forward, so I was not the least surprised when I felt him slowly take my cock into his mouth. His tongue danced over and around my head, as his free hand now caressed its way up my stomach to my right nipple. He squeezed it rather hard. Without looking, I reached up and held that hand still. �Gently, please.� The boy didn�t need to be told twice. He immediately shifted his technique so that he was just barely grazing my rock hard little nub. Well, since this was precisely the thing that I loved, my cock got even harder immediately. I could feel him smile as my appendage expanded in his mouth. He took it as a sign that things were really heating up and began bobbing more rapidly, squeezing my balls just a little tighter and rubbing my nub faster. It was so perfectly coordinated that I couldn�t hold out. Of course, it didn�t help that I hadn�t had a partner in the all the time I�d lived here. So I was more than just a little undersexed and was eager for this. �Oh no, Jamie, I can�t stop� He never wavered. I erupted into his hot mouth and he took me in. He pulled up so that he could take my offering on his tongue instead of directly down his throat. He even hummed, if you could believe it, as I came inside him. The hum was only interrupted each time he had to swallow, but it resumed immediately and sent me into even more complicated waves of excitement. I couldn�t believe how much I was shooting. I couldn�t remember an orgasm that lasted as long. When I collapsed, Jamie continued to gently and slowly milk my cock, being careful not to rub my oversensitive head. It was a marvelous experience going slowly soft inside his warm mouth. He continued like that until I was completely soft. Then he released me, gently kissed the tip of my cock and finally sat back onto his legs and smiled up at me. �ThatwasfantasticJamie.� His smile got bigger. �This is sooo much better than doing it in a bathroom stall or against a tree.� Just then we heard the front door to Jamie�s house slam open and we both jumped up and looked through the venetian blinds. His stepmother and sister were rushing out toward the car. �What about dinner?� called Archie. �Manage for yourself! This is much more important. The woman wants salvation tonight!� With that the two car doors slammed shut and the car raced from the yard, turning sharply. The damn woman was going to get them both killed if she kept driving like that. But then the oddest thing of all happened. Archie smiled. And I�d have sworn that it was a wicked, knowing smile. Then he turned back to the house. �Hey Jeffey, how bout we order in a pizza?� And then he closed the door behind him. �Pizza? Dad never orders pizza. Noreen would smell Bbs Lolita Pics it when she got home and there�d be hell to pay.� I just kept remembering that smile of Archie�s. But I put it out of my mind and released the blind and reached down and gently wrapped my hand around Jamie�s softening boyhood. �Let�s not worry about pizza and your dad. I really want to return the favor you just did me.� I looked at him most wickedly. �Unless you�d rather go join them?� His answer was swift and heartfelt. He wrapped his arms around my neck and kissed me hard, pushing past any defense I might have had and began waging war with my tongue. It didn�t last long, but it was certainly intense. We didn�t return to the couch, because I pushed him into the nearest chair and dropped to my knees between his legs, pulling him slightly toward me so that his ass was just barely on the cushion. �My young buddy deserves some special attention.� �Oh, please, Mark.� I decided to give him a taste of what he�d given me. Exactly as he�d given it to me. So I repeated all the movements, being as gentle with him as he�d been with me. The only difference being that he preferred at harder touch on his nipples. It really didn�t take any time to take him over the edge. �Oh shit! Mark!!!� His pent up juices were copious. He came and came and came. It was the largest load I think I�ve ever taken. And it was so sweet. I could definitely become addicted to him. When he collapsed I allowed him to soften in my mouth, something I�d never done with another guy. When I released his cock from my mouth, I leaned over and placed my head on his stomach and simply enjoyed the rapid rise and fall as he gasped for breath. I could even hear his heart beating from there. He ran his fingers through my hair as he recovered. �Wowwowand wow!� he finally said. �I�ve never cum that hard before.� �It�s always better when you can relax and give over to it. Doing it in public can have a certain thrill, but there�s always a bit of tension from the fear of getting caught.� I lifted myself up and leaned up over him and gave him a gentle kiss. �That was marvelous, Jamie. Now, how bout a shower to clean up?" "I'd like that," he replied. There was no hesitation from him. He climbed right in behind me. �I've wanted to for longer than I can remember. Since I was ten, I think." �So,� I began as I lathered up my hands. �Was this just a spur of the moment decision, or have you been planning my seduction all along?� I offered my lathered hands to him and he moved right into them and I began washing his chest and shoulders. �I�ve been wishing, but never seriously, until I saw your screen saver. The pictures were nice, but it was the thought that I might have a chance with you that got my dick hard. I bet you noticed.� �Actually, no. I was so shocked by my stupidity and then your response that I never even looked to see.� I laughed. I was enjoying the feel of him. His body was smooth and surprisingly hairless, except for the bush at the base of his gorgeous rod. I washed him front and back, without touching his cock. He even let me wash his crack completely. He really enjoyed that, though I didn�t do more than wash the surface. I wasn�t going to press that issue, so to speak. When I moved back to the front, it was obvious just how much he�d enjoyed it. He was hard as ever, and it was jumping to the beat of his heart. I lathered real good and slipped my well lubricated hand over the head and down the shaft of his throbbing organ. He�d been even more turned on by my ass washing than I�d though. His cock stiffened and grew and began spurting into the tub. �Uh!...Uh!...Uh!� he said each time his cock let fly another ribbon. It wasn�t as much as that first orgasm, but it was still a respectable quantity, considering that it�d only been half and hour. He leaned back against me when he�d spent his last. He rubbed my arms that I had wrapped around his chest Bbs Lolita Pics to keep him from falling. When he�d recovered, he immediately sought out the bar of soap and began to wash me. He started at my shoulders and worked his way slowly down to my crotch. Then he turned me around having avoided washing my cock and began at my shoulders again and washed me from there to my toes. Finally, he reached up and turned me back and gently took my rock hard member into his soapy hands and began to slowly jack me off. What a gentle touch. I nearly died at that touch. I noticed also that he was watching my crotch very closely. I closed my eyes and leaned back against the shower wall and gave myself up to this boy. He jacked my cock Bbs Lolita Pics and began to gently kneed my balls with his other hand. "Oh, Jamie." "Is this good?" "Oh, yes," I sighed. I surprised myself at how quickly I came for him. But I was not the least bit sorry for it. It took a few minutes to recover. �I want to feel your finger inside me, Mark. That felt so awesome when you rubbed me there.� �Ah, Jamie, my boy. We don�t have to experience all there is to being lovers in one night. I think we should take it slow and experience all this a little at a time.� �You mean we can do this again sometime?� �Yes, Jamie, I give in. But you have to be real careful about letting anyone get any idea of what we�re doing. No suggestive comments. No actions in public that aren�t strictly friendly.� �I promise. I�ll be real careful.� Then he simply hugged me. We hugged each other like that for several minutes. He breathed slowly in satisfaction. I relished the feel of his body against mine. His cock was soft and hung down between his legs. Mine was taking its time losing its stiffness. After nearly five minutes like this, Jamie looked slowly up into my eyes. The love I saw there was gratifying. Because I saw in those deep blue eyes the feelings that I also felt inside me. I loved this child. Oh, not as an adult lover. But certainly as an affectionate, loving child that was experiencing something new in life and allowing me to be a part of it. "Thank you," he whispered. I leaned down and pressed my lips firmly against his. He quickly began returning the kiss. It was a long, deep kiss. It was also the most treasured because I could feel that Jamie was putting his whole heart and being into that kiss. Every ounce of love this boy had in him was transmitted through that kiss and embrace that I nearly started to cry from the intensity of it. I knew he was feeling more than I was, but it still touched me deeply. We finally broke apart, reluctantly. I turned and shut off the shower and we stepped out. We dried each other off completely and then I took his hand and led him to the bedroom. He looked at me in puzzlement. �I thought we were going to wait?� I hugged him to me gently. �Sometimes, Jamie, a bed is just a bed. Someplace where two people can sleep.� �I can sleep with you?� �If you�d like.� Well, his answer to that was simple enough. He lifted the sheet and blanket and crawled inside and held them up for me to do the same. �Now that we�re here, I should probably ask if you have some of your medicine you should be putting on before bed?� �Oh, damn, I forgot.� He crawled over me and headed for the bathroom as I laughed. We slept the sleep of satisfaction. We cuddled and then we spooned and then we fell fast asleep. The morning was bright through the drapes, which was a nice sign. I was certainly feeling refreshed and satisfied and very, very sunny. I crawled out of bed without waking Jamie and got dressed simply in cutoffs and a t-shirt. I got a shock when I got to the living room and opened the venetian blinds. �Jamie!� I yelled. �Get up and get dressed fast! There�s a police car over at your house!� I heard scrambling from the bedroom as I found my tennis shoes and slipped them onto my bare feet. Jamie came running out and glanced out the window as I opened the door and we ran out and around the front of the park and into his yard. We reached the porch just as Archie and a police officer were exiting the house. �This your son?� asked the officer. �Yes, sir. This is James. And this is our neighbor, Mark. He was watching Jamie because of some of those issues I mentioned.� The officer then turned to Archie and held out his hand. �Well, I�ll leave. You have my card, so if you can think of anything else that might help or you need anything, don�t hesitate to call.� �Thank you officer, I�ll remember.� Archie motioned Jamie and me into the house while he remained outside and watched the officer drive away. We found Jeffey in the living room looking downcast and very sad. Until he saw it was us, at least. Then he was all smiles. �She�s gone, Jamie, she�s gone for good.� He ran over and hugged Jamie. �They both are!� I was surprised, to say the least, that the boy was this happy if he meant what I thought he meant. Just then, Archie entered the house. �Seems my wife was driving recklessly last night on her way to some woman�s house. She and her daughter careened off a cliff and killed themselves. It�s a tragedy.� But the slight smile said he wasn�t feeling anything like remorse. And I remembered that smile from last night. No, I didn�t want to know. It was enough to know that Jamie wouldn�t have to endure her hateful nature anymore. �Well, boys, it looks like it�s just the three of us. What should we do first?� The boys said in unison, �Redecorate!� I glanced around and saw an overabundance of religious art and crucifixes all over the place. And the house was as dark as a tomb. �Well, now boys, I think that�s a might fine idea.� Archie then looked at me. �How about it, Mark, you up to the task?� �The task?� �Helping us redecorate, of course. You�ve got the flair for it. Your place is a splendid example. We wouldn�t know where to begin.� I looked slowly around the living room, and with a bit of daring asked, �Wanna start with all the religious stuff?� �Hmm, I don�t know. What d�ya think, boys? Can we do without some of this?� Their answer was very direct. They ran in different directions and began pulling every bit of that stuff off the walls and tossing it into the large trash bin outside. Within an hour there wasn�t one piece of religious paraphernalia in the house. While they were busy with that, I went around and opened the curtains on every window and opened the lower sashes of all the windows. By the end of the day, the house looked nothing like it had. I�d directed the removal of much of the stuffy, austere furniture and rearranged the remaining into much more friendly seating areas. We were munching on take out Chinese around the dining room table discussing paint colors and some repurposing of rooms, by the time the sun set. It took three months to completely transform their house into the new home they wanted. I spent a lot of time there, and the boys, in turn, spent many hours at my place, learning all they could about computers. Jeffey got his mother�s old computer, after I�d deleted all her crap and upgraded it a bit. Jamie built his own, under my tutelage. Their computer room was the room that had been their sister�s bedroom and it sat between the two boys� rooms. We spent most of the money renovating Archie�s master bedroom. We had to replace everything. He absolutely refused to have anything to do with the things he�d shared with that woman. Once every two weeks, or month at the most, Jamie would spend a weekend with me and we�d continue our explorations. The boys also started bringing friends to their home for fun and sleepovers. That inspired me to get on with my life and begin seeking out adult friends. By the time the new school year began, Jamie had a regular boyfriend his own age and I�d found a couple of possible roommates in my new circle of adult friends. Jamie and I never shared our beds again, but we�ve remained the best of friends. That was four years ago and I couldn�t be happierfor all of us. And to think it all began with a case of the broken fly. Oh, that�s right, I never mentioned that, did I? It seems Jamie�s fly was never broken. He just kept displaying himself, hoping I�d get the message. What a wonderful boy he was. Tomato Template for Easy Text To HTML Converter
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