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Related article: Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 03:52:13 +0000 From: ~*Stace The Mental Case*~ Subject: ACDR2ACDR-2 (Fantasy- B/M)This story contains sexual content that occurs between an underaged teen and an adult man. In other words it is GAY. If you are offended by this or if you are under 18 please go somewhere else to get your kicks.This is a work of fiction, nothing in it is based on real life or real events if anything is like similar it's purely coincidence. Please do not copy or distribute this without written permission from myself. All comments and questions are welcome at nonkimono69hotmail.com or visit my website at http://www.geocities.com/satans_lil_minion/acdr/warning.htmlEnjoy! ^_^~*~Zyllexis stared down into the golden fizz that filled his mug. The potent scent of the spirits was burning his nose as he inhaled. The rain pounded upon the roof of the seedy tavern; every so often the bright flash of lightning, soon followed by loud, rumbling thunder illuminated the bar. The half-breed shivered as he pulled his loose shirt closer to his body.He had been walking along the road languidly when the drizzle started and augmented quickly into a downpour. The only shelter for miles around that looked affordable to him with the little money he had left the Cascata Village with. Demandingly, the bartender told him that he must buy something if he were to stay so he purchased the cheapest brew.It was times like these that made him think of Kaelin. It had only been weeks since the death of his lover but it felt like an eternity. The storm outside causing his memory to recall his first time with his love, during that storm... The cold, sharp air made him long for the warm body to cling to beneath soft blankets... Any body. He was so lonely ever since he left. And tired, and hungry..."Hello young man." Zyllexis was suddenly drawn from within his trance by hearing a voice behind him. He turned in his stool to see a tall, lean Pyralis man."Suppi," He replied quietly studying the figure before him. He was handsome, probably mid thirties, with warm yellow eyes and fiery red hair."Can I buy you a drink?" The man asked, ignoring the untouched mug before the young Cross."I don't drink," Zyllexis replied.With a low rumbling chuckle the man returned with, "Then why, my dear, are you in a bar?"My dear? Upon closer inspection Zyllexis could see that the man wore his ring within the same ear that he himself did. The right one... A red flush formed over the young Cross' face, he had NEVER been hit on by anyone aside from Kaelin."I don't have anywhere else to go..." The boy said timidly."That's a shame, but I think we can fix that," The Pyralis said rubbing Zyllexis' arm warmly. "I, however, have a room at the inn next door. I think that we could come to an... Agreement of sorts..." The man's hand traveled down his arm until it rested upon his upper thigh. "I bet that you are in need of money as well..." he continued both verbally and physically. Unbeknownst to Zyllexis the man had been watching him and knew that he had no where to go and that he was completely alone."I-I'm not a whore," The young Cross stuttered as the man massaged his groin tenderly. Zyllexis, in spite of himself grew quite an obvious arousal."Oh my love, I never said that you were. But I'm lonely and you need money and a place to stay. Think of it as a business proposition..."***Zyllexis fought tears back. Kaelin never cried. Tiw... He felt so dirty, so used, so vile... His body ached. His throat choked as he struggled to withhold sobs, an attempt that was to no avail. The Pyralis man had not treated him poorly, or purposely hurt him. Under different circumstances most likely would have enjoyed the warm hands caressing his body, the passion of making love... No, he and Kaelin made love. There was no love here. This was just sex, not love. God, Zyllexis mentally cursed, I'm such a whore! I could have slept in the rain. I could have made due, really I could have!... Kaelin I've failed you! Just like you failed me...As soon as the young Cross heard the slow rumble of the Pyralis man's snoring he surrendered to the violent waves of his tears. With a large thrust he propelled himself from the bed and hurriedly ambled to the toilet where he retched the small quantity of food that was left within in his stomach. His shoulders heaved with sobs and the last expulsions of bile from his body. Clumsily wiping his mouth he sat back on his feet and began to cry. How could this happen to him? His life was abso-fucking-lutely miserable! So damned awful!No lover, no home, no life... Nothing! He had nothing; his life was completely empty. "Why not just end it all now..." The Cross whispered as his gaze fluttered over the chair in which the Pyralis man had deposited his sword..."What's wrong?" The young Cross was taken aback by the voice behind him. He had not expected the man to be behind him. Zyllexis opened his mouth in an effort to speak but found that the words would not come. "I didn't hurt you did I?" The man asked crouching down to be at eye level with the boy. He hadn't thought that the boy was a virgin, he certainly didn't act like a virgin..."No, no I'm not hurt;" he finally managed to snuffle out. "It's just that this was my first time with anybody other than Kaelin..." Why he was confessing something so personal to this man he did not know. Perhaps it was the concern that was so apparent in those amber eyes or the caring warmth of the hand upon his shoulder... Whatever it was it was irrelevant. He was surprised, as well as comforted, when he felt the older man's arms pull him into a loving, platonic embrace."Your first love?" The man inquired lovingly stroking the Cross's hair, which was the same shade of flaming red as his own."Yes... He was killed a few weeks ago." Zyllexis' words were muffled with sobs against the other man's neck."Ah... Soldier?""Mmhmm. Me too. I left when he died. I've been wandering around ever since;" the boy managed to put out between hiccups."Here, come back to bed," The Pyralis said as he stood, lifting the slightly shorter boy with him. The young half-breed reached for the other man's crotch, assuming that the man had tired of the Cross's whining and wanted to go at it again. "No, no, no... Not now." The man spoke softly as he drew the boy's hand away. "I just think you'd be more comfortable lying down."The springs of the bed creaked slightly under their combined weight. The Pyralis drew him into a warm embrace atop himself. "I know this won't help you but I understand. I've lost many comrades in war as well.""I know... But it wasn't even a war! It was an insignificant little battle... It was so stupid... So FUCKING stupid!" Zyllexis, unawares as to the volume of his voice, yelled."Shh...." The man soothed. "What's your name?" He asked gently, introductions were a minor detail that they had overlooked earlier that evening."Zyllexis.""I'm Aidan... Zyllexis how about you stay with me for the next week or two. I'm heading to visit my employer, I bet that he could have use for you.""Employer?..." The young Cross feared that this Aidan guy was trying to pimp him out or something to that extent."His name is Asnee... He's the leader... Well kinda the leader... Of the Revolt army. I don't really know you that well but I bet you have a lot of potential. If nothing else I'm sure that he can find some use for you. It'll be a job at least, and you'll have a roof over your head.""Really?" He answered back eagerly."Yeah, why don't you just stick with me," Aidan said rubbing the boy's back soothingly."Thank you so much Aidan!" He said drawing his body closer to the Pyralis... "What do I owe you?" Zyllexis asked somewhat reluctantly."I won't force you to do anything that you don't want to but it would be nice..." Aidan assured him bringing his hands down to the half-breed's soft backside. "Just think about it," he whispered softly as he pursed his lips against the boy's silken mouth."I'm sorry," the young Cross breathed against the moist lips that were only inches apart from his own. "I don't mind... But tonight... Uh, never mind." In his minds eye Zyllexis couldn't see any way to ask to just be held and not sound, as Kaelin would have put it, like a complete pussy.Aidan smiled as rolled on his side, not breaking contact with the boy. "Sure, I'll just hold you," he whispered relaxingly almost as though he could read the Cross' troubled thoughts."Thank you."***Zyllexis was surprised to wake up in the bed alone the next morning. His eyelids fluttered open only to be shut quickly at the unwelcome intrusion of the morning sunlight. "Oh God.... Aidan?" He asked looking around the room. He slowly stood up, stretching his muscles. He had not slept so well in quite some time, despite the physical exertions of the previous evening.Suddenly the Pyralis man entered the room, in his arms carrying a bundle of clothes and some food. "Mind if I pay you in the bear necessities?""Not at all," Zll said, he didn't figure he'd be in need of money if he was to be staying with this man for the next week or however long it took them to reach their destination of Asnee's territory. Besides that in his emotional state when he left the Cascata he had overlooked the need to pack clothes. So, needless to say, the clothes he did have had become quite haggard."Here," Aidan said as he handed him a bundle containing a shirt, pants, and a pair of under shorts. "I didn't know your size so I guessed. I hope they fit."Blushing beneath Preteen Nude Bbs Aidan's approving gaze he pulled on the clothes. The pants were just about right but the shirt was a little snug. "Aww, don't worry about it," the Pyralis commented, "it makes you look sexy... er." Again Zyllexis found himself blushing."So where are we going exactly?" Commented the young half-breed; eager to move the direction in which their conversation was leading."To Asnee's home in Lauchtin.""Where's Lauchtin?" Zyllexis asked with a puzzled look on his face."You're joking right? Lauchtin! Only the biggest city in all of Uyigs?!... Oh sorry," the Pyralis added upon seeing the hurt in the boy's ignorant eyes. "You've never seen much of the world have you?""Not that I remember... Back roads and small cities are all I had seen before going to the Cascata village... After that nothing.""Well that's a damn shame; a man needs to see the world. Explore and discover... Sew his wild oats," Aidan put in with an obvious twinkle in his eye."Yeah... So when do we start?""As soon as you eat up we'll get going." Zyllexis caught a package of dragon jerky when Aidan tossed it to him."What about you?" He asked between gnawing on a strip of the almost impossibly tough meat. His elongated canine teeth made it easier to chew."Don't worry about it, I'm sure I'll find something later.""You sure?" The boy asked, well at least that's what it sounded like; the words were difficult to interpret between noisy, smacking chews."Positive," Aidan assured him, letting the boy have his fill. The poor young half-breed looked famished."Okay then."***It was slightly before noon when they started out. Aidan, having lost his only means of transportation in a ZUG game was forced to walk alongside the slightly shorter Cross. Zyllexis seemed to be fairing well, having been walking everywhere for the past few weeks but poor Aidan had age, twenty years to be exact, against the boy and had grown accustomed to the luxury of having a dragon for riding at all times."Let's stop for a break or something..." The Pyralis managed out as he lead Zyllexis off the path to a grassy clearing a good distance from the main road. There was also a small, tranquil stream running through the peaceful meadow. A beautiful, if not quixotic, setting."Okay," Zyllexis, though not tired, readily agreed."So, before I came about where were you headed?" Aidan finally put in after a few odd moments of silence.The boy shrugged, "I don't know. Anywhere away from there...""Away from the memories?""Yeah..." The response was little more than a whisper but the man heard it clearly enough. "But it doesn't really work... Everything reminds me of him, even you.""I'm sorry... I wish there were more that I could do.""Why do you care? You were just going to have me as a whore and now..." The young Cross shook his head."I don't know why... It's just who I am I guess. I know where you're coming from. My wife died about fifteen years back along with my daughter... It was really hard but I moved on." The Pyralis confided."Wife... But I though?...""Gay? Yeah, I am. But I loved her very much; it was just more... platonic.""I'm sorry..." The half-breed breathed softly, not knowing what would be the proper reaction to a truth so grim."It isn't your fault, why should you be sorry?... Things happen for a reason, Kid, EVERYTHING has a reason. I know that's hard to believe right now but some day you'll understand why. Nothing just happens. Your lover's life had a purpose, and his death had a purpose as well.... Just try to remember than when you're down and out, okay?""I'll try to.. But why? What reason could there possibly be for him to die!" The disturbed young Cross practically yelled in repressed anger and grief. He, however, did not resist when Aidan pulled him into a tender embrace. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry... I just miss him so much;" he spoke with trembling lips as tears rolled down his cheeks.The Pyralis man rubbed the boys heaving shoulders in soothing circles as he placed feather light kisses about his face. He did not say anything; there are no words to heal a broken heart. Only time could alleviate his pain, but it would never leave him entirely if he truly loved his friend, which he undoubtedly did.After a while of crying his ceased and the two just sat in the grassy meadow silently. "I'll be with you again if you'd like," Zyllexis offered softly."Only if you want to as well.""I Preteen Nude Bbs do... I just need to be with someone. I feel so alone... I need to be close to you."Aidan pulled far enough away from the boy's face so that he might look into those warm, unnaturally green eyes. He gently brought his lips down upon the boy's slightly spread ones. A slow, passionate kiss was started, soon to be followed by many more. The kisses were not rushed or fervent, but slow, calm and loving. The Pyralis drew his lips from the boy's succulent mouth to place soft tender kisses to his cheeks, eyelids, and jaw... His lips traveled down farther to the crook of Zyllexis' neck. The Cross merely clung to him, his arms firmly encircling the older man's shoulders.The Pyralis brought his hands up to slowly unbutton the boy's shirt, one by one opening the article till it slid loosely down his arms. Aidan gently lay him down onto the grass and he kissed and suckled his way down Zyllexis' soft young flesh, the boy in turn gratified his actions with the most savory of pleasure-filled moans. He lingered upon erogenous spots, his experienced mouth and tongue knowing all the right things to do in all the right places upon the young Cross' slender form.He lingered upon his twin brown nipples, making them harden at the touch of his mouth and hands. The Cross' hands found their way into Aidan's soft, rich locks. He massaged the Pyralis' scalp approvingly. Taking a few moments to slip off his own shirt and pants the Pyralis undressed quickly before removing the boy's pants as well. He stood back a moment to admire the supple young body beneath him."Your last lover was very lucky, you are incredibly beautiful," The man said as he began to rub up and down the Cross' stiff arousal leisurely.This produced many erotic moans before Zyllexis finally replied, "He was more beautiful that I could ever hope to be.... Mmm, please Aidan..."The man Preteen Nude Bbs knew what he was doing to the boy and what he wanted. More than willing to give it to him the Pyralis man conceded, taking the boys shaft into his mouth. "Aaah!" The Cross exclaimed with pleasure. His hips bucking and thrusting forward. Involuntarily fucking the older man's mouth. "Is Tiw..." He gasped.The man licked around his shaft, lingering on the sensitive parts. At times only taking the ultra sensitive head into his mouth. His hands came up to fondle his sac gently. "Oh God Aidan!" Zyllexis cried, his hands clenched in fists grabbing at the grass of the meadow floor. No matter how much he loved Kaelin he had NEVER managed to make a blow job this wonderful. Experience did count for something and the Pyralis man was very experienced."Oh God... I'm gonna cum!" The young Cross said and with one last thrust of his hips he released his seed into the Pyralis' waiting mouth. Aidan suckled upon him until his engorged cock relaxed and he had released the last of his fluids. Breathing heavily the boy lay there for a few minutes; Aidan laid his head delicately on the boy's stomach and wrapped his arms about his torso in a warm embrace just content to wait until the boy was ready.Zyllexis reached out his hands and Aidan held them, intertwining the Cross's long slender fingers with his own. "Thank you so much," the spent boy said with appreciation."You're welcome," The Pyralis man assured as he climbed back over the boy to kiss him gently.Seeing the man's remaining arousal the young Cross proffered: "If you want you may take me... I'd like it if you did.""All right," the Pyralis smiled thankfully. Putting the boy in position he slid the long, russet legs over his shoulders as he situated himself at the boy's puckered entrance. "I don't have anything to make this easier for you," the man said grimly, "but it should be okay." And with that he entered the boy swiftly. He did, however, maker sure to give Zyllexis time to adjust.The boy grimaced but the pain was not unbearable. "Okay," he conceded. "You can go on now."With those approving words the man began to make deep thrusts into the boy that he was coming to feel great affection for. As he continued the thrusts metamorphosed from deep and slow to shallow and quick, in and out in and out. Each time hitting that spot deep within the Cross' young body making both elves moan and tremble delightfully."Oh God, Zyllexis," The Pyralis moaned as he came. His hands between their connected, sweaty bodies made sure that the boy found the peak of his pleasure once again. Spent, the Pyralis collapsed atop the boy. Although he felt a helluva lot more sated now he was going to be too tired to walk anywhere. Oh well, they had plenty of time to make rest stops on their journey to Lauchtin.***And make rest stops they did. ((*_~, *_~)) In fact it took them two extra days to arrive at their destination, Lauchtin. Young Zyllexis was in awe, rendered speechless due to many factors. He had never been exposed to so many species and races before, all in one area no less! And the buildings, of the buildings towered over the ground like magnificent trees only even higher. The sights, the sounds, the smells! It was all amazing!Aidan observed his overwhelmed companion with a smile. Still young, innocent, and unexposed to the world around him but still with just enough experience to make him interesting. "Welcome to the real world," The Pyralis said, brining the boy out of a trancelike state as he patted his back roughly."I've never seen anything like it," The boy finally stammered out. "Is this where you live?""Naaah, I'll let you in on a secret kid. Most people don't live here. Hell I don't think I've ever known anyone who did. It's all tourism kid, just visitors like us. We're only gonna be here a few days to conference with Asnee then we will be headed back with him to Arlan, a smaller town where our HQ is.""Oh.""Here hold my hand," The Pyralis said taking the boy's into his own. "It's easy to get lost here and there are fuckin' sickos who'd readily jump your bones if they got a chance. Make sure not to lose me."The Cross was unsure what jump your bones meant but he knew that it didn't sound pleasant so he gladly took the man's hand."Damn kid, you're squeezing harder than my wife did when she was in labor! Loosen up, I've gotcha," the Pyralis assured."Sorry," The boy apologized but only released slightly.The two then proceeded to walk through the hustle and bustle of the city.Finally they arrived in front of a small building that was lost in the shadows of two enormous ones to either side of it. "We're here," the Pyralis informed as he led the boy inside.The interior of the building, which turned out to be a smoky restaurant/bar, was much larger than one would judge by its exterior appearance. The man who stood at the inside of the door silently gestured to Aidan that Asnee was at the back of the room. "Follow me," the man said letting go of the boy's hand.Zyllexis felt as small wave of panic at the loss of contact but quickly followed behind the older man. At the back of the tavern there was a small room in which the two elves were ushered into. As the door to the room was shut, the noise was shut out as well.All was silent until a dark figure at one end of a small round table spoke softly, "Welcome Aidan, who may I ask?...""Oh, Asnee, this is Zyllexis. I was hoping' to get him a job with you," The Pyralis informed as he pushed the boy forward."Ah, I see. Well we can get to that later. At the moment we have business to attend to. Have a seat."The Pyralis sat down and Zyllexis followed suit. The half-bred boy listened in silence as the men's conversation covered a large variety of topics, half of which went far above the young boy's head. Damn, I know that I should have paid more attention in school..."Zyllexis?... ZYLLEXIS!""Wuh?.. Oh, um sorry." The young half-breed had unknowingly dosed off. "Did I miss something?" He asked looking innocently up at the amused Pyralis man."We're heading off. We're gonna get a room for the night and start out in the morning. But first to the stables! I can NOT walk that much any more!" Aidan complained as he stood up."It was quite nice to meet you, Zyllexis," the wizard, Asnee said, "I hope to see more of your conscious self in the future." There was a hint of humor in his raspy old voice but it was clear that he meant well.Aidan gently reached for the boy's hand as they headed out of the small room into the dusky bar and out through the main door to the outside hustle and bustle of the large city. Never letting go of the man's hand the two elves walked to the stables, which were located not far from the bar.The young mix was in awe of the stables. Dozens upon dozens of dragons of all breeds were there! Zyllexis may have seen a dragon once or twice in his lifetime, but nothing compared to this!"Hrm... I think that I'll get a Terre ((Note: Earth)) breed this time. Yeah, their good for travel;" Aidan spoke more to himself than to the boy at his side, as he dislodged their hands. "Feel free to look around Zlly, I won't be long.""All right," the boy's response was a little late for the Pyralis man had already left him to talk to the breeder. For a moment he felt panic rush upon him at the thought of being left alone but it was soon overridden by curiosity as he listened to a conversation from across the room."I don't know what the hell we should do with the little bastard!" One man said."Kill it, no ones gonna buy a half-breed, just another mouth to feed."The little bastard in question, Zyllexis observed, was a dragon hatchling. A mix between a Serpentine and an Ari dragon. Most likely the product of poor locks on a dam's cage during heat. Dragons of mutt origins are not only deemed useless at birth but also considered a sign of poverty. ((Note: Much the same goes for half-bred elves, they aren't verra excepting of interspecies marriage and stuff))"All right then, c'mon ya little shit let's get this over with!" The man said dragging the small dragon along by a rope."Waaait!" Zyllexis cried, not really considering his actions. He himself being a half-breed understood all to well what it was like to not be excepted. The two men, as well as the adorable little dragon looked his way."What do you want boy?" One of them said looking at him with an icy glare."If you're just going to kill him I'll take him!" The mix offered hopefully.The men exchanged glances before laughing heartily. "Oh you're serious boy. Well hell if ya really want Preteen Nude Bbs him take `im. But don't bring him back around here, `kay?" The man spoke between chuckles as he handed the end of the rope to the boy."Hell the only thing this little bastard is good for is food, but not even that!" Laughed the other man. It is a well known fact that creatures of Ari origins have hollow bones and little to no meat, making them a poor food source.Zyllexis picked up the small dragon and headed to the front of the stables. As he looked at the small hatchling he wondered: what've I just gotten myself into Preteen Nude Bbs here?...***"Can I keep him?" Two pairs of eyes, one set belonging to a baby dragon, looked pleadingly up at the Pyralis man."Where the hell'd you get him?" Aidan asked eying the young creature as he led his own steed out into the street. A sturdy Terre dam."They were gonna kill him and I kinda rescued him... Is that a problem?"Aidan sighed, as he looked into the young half-breeds deep green eyes. He could not deny the boy the simple pleasure of having a pet. "Fine, fine. Let's get going though."***The sky was just beginning to darken from red to purple and the stars twinkled lightly when they arrived at the hotel after eating dinner. The two dragons were stored in the small stable behind the inn for night while the men slept inside.The room was considerably nicer than the one that they had spent the evening in a few nights before. This was due to the fact that in cities there was nicer everything, but nice came with a price... They would NOT be able to stay here more than one night, at least not legally...In the middle of the room there was a large, feather down bed with red satin sheets on it as well as a large comforter of the same shade. There was a warm hearth for building a fire and from what the boy could see the bathroom was as equally extravagant."Nice..." Aidan speculated redundantly as he pulled his shirt over his head. It was casually tossed to the floor, soon followed by his pants and under shorts. He walked quite naked over to the bed and turned down the covers. The Pyralis man Preteen Nude Bbs then looked back over at the boy, who was still confused as to what he should do.When he and Kaelin had made love it was usually in the heat of passion and instincts overtook knowledge and finesse about bedroom etiquette. But with an older, more experienced man the boy was ignorant. This was a whole other league. Seduction, intentional slothfulness, teasing... It was so new.The man smiled and walked towards the boy. Without saying a word he tugged at the bottom of the boy's shirt. Complying with the man's actions Zyllexis erected his arms so that Aidan could pull off the garment....Soon all of his clothes were tossed nonchalantly upon the floor and the two figures were only clothed by the warm glow of the fire in the hearth ((did I not mention that it was already on?... Details, details. I'm giving you more sex stop complaining!)).Aidan reached out his hand and softly ran it along the Cross' smooth cheek, down his neck to his chest then lower still... "You are absolutely beautiful," the whisper was so hushed that it was practically inaudible. Almost like a spoken thought."So are you," the boy replied mutedly as well, it was almost as though if he spoke more loudly the moment would break like fine glass into thousands of shards.Blazing a trail of moist warmth down the boy's bare chest the Pyralis man worked his way down. Soon he was on his knees before Zyllexis' fully aroused member. "So beautiful," was the last thing that he muttered before slowly going about his work of pleasuring the young half-breed.His tongue traveled up and down along his shaft, covering every inch of him. Taking each ball into his mouth and suckling upon it. He took his mouth away from the task for a moment so that he could wet his fingers with saliva. Slowly he slid one up inside of the boy."Oh God!" Zyllexis cried out at the sensation. His knees trembled and buckled as Aidan inserted another finger. Now was barely able to stand, he firmly placed his hands upon the man's shoulders to steady himself. "Aidan I'm going to cum!" He moaned a warning. He soon regretted it for the man stood up beside him."Not yet," the Pyralis man whispered into his ear, dragging his tongue along the inside of it, kissing behind it. Aidan lowered the half-breed onto the bed and crawled atop of him. He Preteen Nude Bbs kissed the boy softly before he once again set out about his task.This time, however, he went further still, bringing his tongue to the boy's entrance. He licked around Preteen Nude Bbs the small pucker before quickly beginning to fuck the boy with his tongue. Only when the felt the boy tighten, the way he did before orgasm, did he pull away."Here," He said as he guided the boy to his own arousal. "Want to get me ready for you?"The young half-breed did not need to be told twice. Slowly he licked along the man's shaft then he devoured it with his mouth. Making sure to lubricate it adequately. Soon though the Pyralis man pulled him back up. "You're doing a little too well... Turn over...Zyllexis eagerly did as he was instructed, getting on his hands and knees. Spreading the boy's tight cheeks, Aidan positioned himself at Zyllexis' entrance. He then swiftly thrust into him. Soon they picked up a rhythm, their bodies moving in time with one another's. Aidan's hand came around to caress the boy's member, as they loved. Soon they both spilled their seed, collapsing upon the bed in exhaustion.The Pyralis man rolled off of the boy lay down on his side, facing him. "That was wonderful," he said kissing Zyllexis gently."I know... Thank you."***They met up with Asnee the following morning to begin their trek to Arlan. It wasn't a horribly long trip, but it was uphill for the most part and Zyllexis was bearing the pain of carrying the hatchling's weight. After a few uneventful, but stressful days, of walking they arrived there.The town was small but quaint, the majority of the locals consisting of Terre, Serpentine, and Rodentia elves which was not necessarily a good thing seeing as rodents and snakes are enemies by nature but according to Asnee the town managed to keep peace.The wizard's house, a small log cabin that was much larger than it appeared to be was set back deep in the woods along with the Revolt headquarters."Well we are here," the wizard announced redundantly. He waved his arm in a gesture that intended to make it all seem more dramatic, Zyllexis was not really that impressed but kept his mouth shut. "Wait one moment young man and I shall call someone up to give you the grand tour. Ahem ((clearing throat noise)), KIREAAAAA!" The ground seemed to shake with Asnee's deafening voice."You bellowed?" A lovely Serpentine woman said as she ran up to meet them. She appeared to be in her mid to late twenties, her skin a light caramel which contrasted her raspberry hair and icy blue eyes beautifully."Yes I would like you to give our new friend a tour, Kirea this is Zyllexis, Zyllexis this is Kirea."The woman, finally noticing the Cross stared blankly her mouth slightly open. She stood motionless for a moment before dropping a dish that she had been carrying. "Zy-Zyllexis?" She stuttered. "Is that really you?""Huh?""It's me, remember Ki-Ki ((Kai Kai)). Your sister?" She asked, as tears leaked from her eyes."Kirea?!" Zyllexis exclaimed in recognition. He had long ago pushed away the memories of the family that he had once had even if had only been for a while. He threw himself into his older half-sister's arms."Oh Zll, I've missed you so much! I didn't know if you were even still alive!" She said stroking his crimson hair. After a moment they pulled apart and she began to study him. "You've gotten Preteen Nude Bbs so handsome!" She said looking the boy over; she then noticed the ring in his ear. "What a waste," she joked with a laugh."Um... I hate to break up the moment but you two are related?" Aidan intervened with confusion, the wizard, however, just smiled knowingly."He's my little brother!" Kirea said hugging the teen once again. "I'm so happy that you're here, c'mon I'll show you around and we can catch up on old times..."***"So let me get this straight I have two nieces?" Zyllexis asked looking at his sister."Yup, twins, they're both six," Kirea said proudly."Wow..." The Cross smiled happily, the thought of maybe having a family again filled him with joy."I'll introduce you to them tonight at dinner. So what have you been doing with yourself?""Well I... Uh..." Somewhat reluctantly the boy began to relate his story to the Serpentine. About the Cascata village, Kaelin's death, and how he had found Aidan. A single tear rolled down his cheek as he concluded his tale."Aww, sweet heart I'm sorry," Kirea said embracing her younger brother consolingly."Not your fault, besides I can start again here," He said smiling in an assuring manner.*** Soon they found themselves at the dinner hall, crowded with dozens of young soldiers in training. It reminded Zyllexis much of his life back with the Cascata. Kirea's daughters Noelani and Izani were absolutely adorable, both with their identical fanged smiles and bright honey colored eyes. They both took to Zyllexis quickly, sitting upon him asking him question after question... It was really quite sweet.After much walking, exploring, and questioning the tour of the facilities was over and done with. "Well I think that just about wraps it up," Aidan said to his young counterpart."This place is wonderful..." Zyllexis mused to himself as his eyes fluttered over the obstacle course and other such training areas. In the Cascata village they had never has such proficient conveniences."Trust me kiddo you won't be saying that after you've taken that course. It's hell with ropes and tires," the man chuckled slightly to himself."I've already been through hell this should be no different."There was an eerie silence that hung in the air until Aidan spoke uneasily. "Yeah well report to hell at seven sharp tomorrow morning, your torture will begin." ~*~*~*~*~*~The barracks in which Zyllexis were small and housed about ten to each. The one he was placed in only had eight other boys, most close to his age a few older and one or two younger. Three of the boys had the same right pierce that he did...Two of the other gay boys were, though not stated out rightly, quite blatantly a couple. The other, a short and stocky Rodentia took an obvious shine to him."Hey," the boy said to Zyllexis, "I'm Razi.""I'm Zyllexis," The Cross plainly said setting his bag on one of the empty bunks; it was full of clothes and such that Aidan had graciously supplied for him."Cool, this is..." With that he proceeded to Preteen Nude Bbs introduce all of the other boys, none of which seemed particularly interested in socializing, all were very tired from going through hell as many of the soldiers in training referred to the largest obstacle course.Zyllexis nodded politely but did not really pay much attention, he wasn't here to make friends. He was here because there was no where else to go. He mustn't forget that. If he did poorly he might be back where he started from, on the street.After a few minutes of small talk and pleasantries they all turned in for the night. ~*~*~*~*~*~The next day the Cross rose early with the other boys in his group and headed to the courses. Aidan had been very right. They were long, hard, and difficult. By the evening meal Zyllexis was in absolute agony, his body sending jolts up through all of his aching muscles, it was excruciating and unbearable... It was magnificent. To feel anything at all was wonderful, even Preteen Nude Bbs pain.At the evening meal he sat by himself at a table in a corner, away from all the other boys and their cliques. There was a weight upon the bench that startled him out of his day dream."Wah!... Oh Aidan, it's you." He gasped with a blush."So how was your first day kiddo.""Invigorating."The Pyralis chuckled. "Couldn't have come up with a better adjective myself... C'mon kid they don't hell for no reason, it must've hurt.""Very much. But I think that I really like it here," The Cross admitted."That's great. Tomorrow it's mage training. They alternate days between squadrons so that they don't kill people by doing the courses 24-7.""M-magic you say?" The boy asked nervously."Yeah. Didn't you get that training back in the day?" Aidan asked with amusement."Is there anyway I can just go through hell each day and not have mage training?" countered the boy, not answering the man."I suppose but that's suicide... Why don't you wanna do the mage training?""I..I don't want to talk about it.""I can't get you out of it kid without a valid excuse..." Aidan did really wish to press the boy for answers but it was quite necessary."I..." Zyllexis looked around himself before continuing. "Could we go elsewhere to discuss this?""Sure kiddo, but finish up your supper first.""No, that's alright. I'm not hungry." ~*~*~*~*~*~The place they met was in Aidan's quarters, though no castle by any means it was significantly nicer than the barracks."So what's up kiddo?""The reason that I don't want to do magic is that... Well I..." The Cross felt his eyes become warm with tears so he closed them. "It has to do with Kaelin. I just don't want to do magic... I'm sorry to disappoint you.""It's okay. You don't have to tell my any more Preteen Nude Bbs if you don't want to... I think that I can arrange it.""Thank you so much for understanding..." The boy embraced the man without letting go. The two sat there a moment in silence as Aidan rubbed the boy back softly.The Pyralis sighed softly as he felt the boy's lips kissing and suckling upon his neck and his hand sliding up his shirt. "Zyllexis, we can't do this any more since you're my student..."Pulled away dejectedly the boy spoke with soft tears. "But I was your lover.... friend before I was your student, why does it make a difference now?""Because... I'm not really sure... It'd get us both in trouble.""I understand, I don't want you to be punished because of me... Thank you," The Cross turned slowly and began to walk towards the door before Aidan stopped him."Wait... I think that we could do it. Just one last time, you know...."And thus they had one last time. And in the many months to come they had other just this last times. ~*~*~*~*~*~As months passed the Cross grew large, firm muscles from the tireless hours he spent upon perfecting the obstacle coarse. Going through hell was the release from real life. And as his skills developed so did other things, like his ego. Never before in his life had Zyllexis known such attributes as arrogance and outspokenness but he knew them now.There were battles that they went to. Nothing fake and childish like back in school, no this was real. It wasn't points and tallies like it was back then. It was kill or be killed. And Zyllexis killed, mercilessly. He became desensitized and killed without remorse, or at least without showing remorse. This gained him respect in the ranks.Due to this new found respect he began to develop friendships with the other boys in his group, though none too emotionally attached he did acquire some physical attachments to a few of them. Also he came to the realization that the CR's (classification rings) meant diddly-squat. Often half of more of his entire group would go into town upon the weekends and get drunk on booze and other intoxicants. This too became a part of his lifestyle...As his lifestyle changed so did his relationships. He no longer went to Aidan's room at night and he spent very little time with the small blood family that he had. Only six months ago he would have killed to have a sibling and now he had both a sibling, as well as nieces and he passed them off as if they were nothing... It wasn't like him at all.Actually it was as if he developed an entirely new personality. He had changed, opened up to new things and Preteen Nude Bbs new ideas in a way that he never could have when living in the Cascata village. It was as if he had finally found himself... But he wasn't too sure if he was someone that he liked....***Zyllexis' POVTiw... life has been falling apart!... I have only been here for six months and already my life has become chaotic...I remember promising myself that I would be more like Kaelin, and I have tried. He was everything that I wanted to be. But I haven't become that... I have turned myself into something loathsome, I hate myself and Kaelin would hate me too!...I keep sleeping around with all of these soldier boys here, just for the attention... I don't know how it happened, it just did.... I've become a fucking whore but I can't help it... It's like an addiction I don't know how to stop. I have no morals it seems, in battle I actually killed a person! With no remorse... I'm disrespectful, I'm rude and mean... I haven't thought of anyone but myself. These people are trying to help me but I keep disobeying. I say things that I never would have before... All of my inhibitions are gone to me, forever. Nothing matters any more. I care about nothing...Kaelin may not have had a lot of morals but at least he cared! No I haven't become more like him... I've become a complete loser!... I just tried to do what I thought he'd want me to but it didn't work... My life has fallen apart... I bet that Aidan hates me and Kirea and Asnee...I feel tears stream down my face as I sit upon the railing of a bridge, high above a shallow river that is jagged with rocks. How easy it would be to just end it now, the dark water seems so inviting..."Uncle Zlly?"A young voice draws me out of a trance. It is Izani, I can tell her from Noelani by the birthmark on her round little tummy. She walked out onto the bridge alongside her here was Katanna whom had become quite large by now. The two approached me slowly, the girl obviously scared but trying not to show it. This surprised me, for she has always been scared of bridges and high places, unlike Noelani whom is a little dare devil.I swing my legs over the side Preteen Nude Bbs railing and step back onto flat surface; I squat down to be at eye level with my young niece. "What is it sweetie?" I ask. She begins to cry as she clings tightly to me."Don't go! I still love you!" She said clutching me tightly. Her honesty and innocence, things that I once possessed long ago, take me aback. How can she still care, so young so blind to my faults. "Don't do what daddy did!"My eyes fill with tears as I begin to sob along with the young girl. If at least one person still loved me there was still hope. Even if it was just a little girl... "I'll never leave that way, Izzy, never." I said Preteen Nude Bbs rubbing her back tenderly.I don't know how but I will change... I will do better... I can't be what I once was but I refuse to be what I've become... I'll become something entirely different, just as long as I am someone I can respect and love... I will make Kaelin proud.~*~I hoped you liked it. Comments are welcome! nonkimono69hotmail.com
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