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Related article: Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 04:57:34 +0000 From: ~*Stace The Mental Case*~ Subject: ACDR-1 (Fantasy-b/b through B/B)This story contains sexual content that occurs between two underage boys. In other words it is GAY. If you are offended by this or if you are under 18 please go somewhere else to get your kicks.This is a work of fiction, nothing in it is based on real life or real events if anything is like similar it's purely coincidence. Please do not copy or distribute this without written permission from myself. All comments and questions are welcome at nonkimono69hotmail.com or visit my website at http://www.geocities.com/satans_lil_minion/acdr/warning.htmlEnjoy! ^_^~*~*~*~Wide green eyes stared at the silver blade that lightly punctured the skin of his forehead. The small boy trembled with fear; tears mixed with blood streamed down his face."What's your name, boy?" The tall dark man wielding the spear asked him apathetically."..." The boy opened his mouth but the words would not come forth."Answer me!""Zaa-zaa-Zll... Zyllexis actually." The boy finally stuttered."What were you doing stealing from our village? Hmm?" The man still glowered down at him. In the pitch black of night all that Zll could see of the man was his piercing blue eyes. Eyes that never betrayed his stiff, unemotional air. He was going to kill him, the young boy was sure of it."I-I'm sorry. I was hungry..." Zll said, his stomach growled as if to confirm that his testimony was truthful."Why didn't you eat at your own village?""...I don't have one... I live alone." The boy finally pried his eyes away from the blade to look at the ground with shame. It was a sin to be a bastard, and even more sinful to be a clan-less bastard. He understood this and knew that he was already a disgrace, despite his lack of years.His eyes were drawn back up with shock as he felt the spear being pulled from his head, causing more blood to flow from the cut. "How old are you, Zll?""Eleven... ten... Okay I'm nine."The man laughed slightly to himself, not enough for the boy to notice. "All right then young man. Stand up." Although he was afraid that his trembling legs might not hold him, he was able to rise. "Until I can figure out what to do with you, you can come with me." The young Zll was very surprised to feel the tall man's fingers wrap around his own and lead him off in an unknown direction."Where are we going?" Zll asked, practically running to keep up with the tall man's stride."You can stay with me until the morning when I'll consult the chief as to what we should do about you... I have a son your age.""Oh.""My name's Zene. I am the captain of the guard here in the Cascata village;" the man spoke softly, all previous roughness fading, as was Zll's fear of him.Finally they arrived at a large hut built from reeds and the like. Zene lead the young boy inside. Within the walls of the hut it was well lit thanks to light orbs, a superfluous necessity that Zll had never needed. He could find his way in the dark well enough without light."Have a seat;" Zene said gesturing towards a maple trunk at the foot of his bed. Zll did as he was told. The boy was now able to observe Zene. He was a tall, slender man. His skin was a soft blue, emphasized well by shoulder length azure hair. Zene had very handsome features, which were soft despite what Zll had presumed the soldier would look like.The Cascata captain walked across the room and pulled a medical kit off of a shelf. He came back with the kit as well as a wet rag; he knelt down by Zll. "Let me take care of that..." He said, dressing the wound between his eyes. "This is gonna sting a little..."Zll made a silent scream as his winced at the burning sensation. The hiss of the disinfectant paralleled by his own snake call."Sorry I didn't really mean to hurt you back there, just doing my job. You understand?""Yes sir." Zll said with a nod."Well I'm glad that I found you, I'm sure that your parents are worried," Zene said as he applied to criss-cross bandages over the small wound. "Where are they?""I told you I live alone.""A runaway?""No," Zll distained. "My mother is dead and my father's Preteen Bbs List clan won't take a half-breed."Half-breed? Zene pulled away for a moment to study the boy. He hadn't noticed his mixed heritage until now. The boy had light brown skin. His hair was a flaming red, bringing out his cat-like green eyes with their slit pupils. Zll was gaunt from malnutrition, bones jutting out everywhere. Despite his neglected appearance, Zene could tell that with a little grooming and some food he'd be a handsome boy."What kind of half-breed?" The man inquired."Tiger and snake," the boy replied."Hn..." Zene then stood up and walked over to the room where there was another bed, Zll had been too nervous to notice before. The Captain lightly shook the occupant of the bed until he woke up. He spoke inaudibly to the waken boy and then without another word Zene was gone, leaving Zll with the other person."Hey, I'm Kaelin" the other boy yawned. Zll studied him for a moment. The boy had fair blue skin like the other Cascata. He was about the same height as Zll but much more filled out. His warm eyes were a soft blue, welcoming. His hair was a wild jungle of blue, green, and a little purple framing his cute, little boy features."I'm Zll.""Well Zll, it's nice to meet you but it's late and I wanna go back to bed. C'mon," the Cascata said lazily, pulling the mutt down upon his own bed. Zll reluctantly lay down. "What are you doing?" The boy named Kaelin asked."What you told me to.""Silly, you can't sleep in your clothes!" Kaelin said tugging at his shirt. Zll only now noticed Kaelin's attire, or lack there of."Fine, but don't look," Zll said standing up and taking his clothes off."Why?""Why what?" Zll said as he folded his shirt."Not look. It's nothing I haven't seen before;" Kaelin said with his back respectively turned."Just don't."After a few moments Zll was undressed and crawled beneath the covers on the bed, lying as close to the edge as possible. Kaelin put out the light of the orb so that the hut was illuminated only by the soft glow of the moon that streamed through the window."Dude, what's your problem?" Zll heard Kaelin say with a drowsy laugh as he pulled the mutt up against himself in the middle of the bed."Nothing!" Zll protested verbally, but not physically however he still kept his back facing towards the other boy."Hahaa, you're weird," Kaelin snickered snuggling up next to him like a spoon. He put a soft, but constricting grip around his waist. "Dad told me to make sure you didn't leave, and that's exactly what I'm gonna do... Goodnight Zll.""Hn."Zll somewhat relaxed into the warm body against him. It felt nice to be near someone. Preteen Bbs List He hadn't slept in a bed since... He could never remember sleeping in a bed, much less cuddled against someone. He liked the feeling, a lot. He turned over, careful not to break the embrace, and leaned against Kaelin's warm chest, within a few minutes they had fallen asleep that way.***Later that night, well early morning, Zene returned home after consulting the chief. He stepped into the dark hut and summoned up another light orb. He smiled at the sight he saw: his son and the new mutt-boy nestled together sleeping peacefully. It would do his son good to have a 'brother'. Ever since his wife, Kaelin's mother, had passed away he knew that the boy had been lonely. Because of his job he was often gone away fighting, leaving his young son to fend for himself. It would also be beneficial for the young Zll as well. He needed a family.Zene walked over and stroked his son's hair lightly before settling down for the remainder of Preteen Bbs List the darkness before dawn.***Zll awoke the next morning with Kaelin's smiling face staring over him. "Rise `n shine!" The young Cascata chirped almost as brightly as the sun glared through the window. "Get dressed," he spoke quickly throwing the covers off of Zll, leaving him exposed to the world.The young mutt gasped drawing his knees up to cover himself. He reached for his pants to find that they were not where he left them last night. "Where are my clothes?...""Come and get `em, prude!" The young Cascata said holding up his trousers."Give those to me!" Zll snarled, still keeping himself covered."Just stop acting like a girl and I will," Kaelin smirked."Very well." Zll stood up. "Will you please give me the pants?""Fine," He sighed as he tossed the balled up pants at his new friend. "I don't know what you're embarrassed about... You're bigger than I am there."Zll did not dignify his comment with an answer but merely finished getting dressed. "So what am I supposed to do now?""Oh yeah!" Kaelin beamed, his cheerfulness returning to him. "I forgot. You're going to live with us now!""I'm what?!""My father said that you're going to meet the chief and if it's okay with him you're gonna live with us. It'll be cool; I've never had a brother before!""I am not your brother," Zll protested."Fine, just my friend then. But wouldn't that be great? We'd go to school together and stuff;" Kaelin pondered as he spoke."I can't stay with you though. You're water elves I'm a mutt...""So?""So?! So I can't!" Zll yelled."Please, just for a little while? Like a guest or something! And if you don't like it you can leave," the young Cascata coaxed. He was tired of always being alone. It must be fate that had brought him this good fortune and he wasn't about to let it slip through his fingers like tiny grains of sand."All right," Zll surrendered, "but just for a while.""Yay!" The young Cascata exclaimed joyfully as he squeezed the mutt in a death-grip of a hug.***The Chief met with Zll and agreed for him to stay with Zene and his young son under the conditions that he would go to school, do chores, and serve the village as would any young Cascata. These terms secretly pleased the young mutt very much, he had never felt included before, never felt like he belonged, but these people were going to treat him like one of their own. -- He quickly and vigorously nodded his head in agreement.Age 12"Now, students, in battle you shall be encountered with a wide variety of people. From mere thugs to ominous monsters, and you must be prepared for all types of enemies-- blah, blah, blah..."Had Zll not been standing up he would most likely have fallen asleep. He despised lectures. He did not mind the physical training and conditioning, but oh how he loathed oral instructions. He came out of a sleepy daze as he felt a small rock graze his leg. He looked across the small hut to see Kaelin. The young Cascata smiled at him. He then jerked his thumb towards the instructor and made a "bitch, bitch, bitch" motion with his hands as he mouthed the words. Zll giggled to himself and nodded in agreement."Is something humorous about being killed in battle Zyllexis?" The instructor said leaning over him as he glowered icily at the young mutt.Before Zll could reply Kaelin answered for him. "Only when someone who's never left the shelter of the village talks about it like they've actually experienced it," the Cascata boy scoffed. This caused a few laughs from around the room as well as a few gasps of shock. Although why anyone would be shocked by anything that Kaelin did Zll did not know. In the three years that he had known him the young Kaelin had never once hesitated to speak his mind- to anyone."Well if you're sooo experienced in the ways of war, then perhaps YOU should teach the class," the teacher proposed."Hell no!""Hell yes. I think a demonstration is in order... Zll, you and Kaelin will put on a mock battle for the class. If you fight perfectly than I won't lecture you anymore. But if you screw up, it is bookwork for you two... For the remainder of the season.""DSYG?!?!" The two boys demanded, appalled."That's right. Come a long class, outside," the instructor shoed the class outside to the small arena. Zll elbowed Kaelin in the ribs as Preteen Bbs List they left the class."Nice going," the boy muttered."Hey, it's better than class right?" The Cascata smiled sheepishly.The "arena" was a small circle outside the classroom often used for demonstrations from older soldiers. And although the small class of novice-mages/soldiers had learned many techniques they had never used them on each other. The sky was a dim pinkish violet as the sun set. The blood sucking insects of the night already buzzing about."All right," the instructor said ushering them into the ring. "Impress us."Kaelin stood across the ring from Zll for a few moments, the two just staring at each other expectantly. Finally Zll broke the silence with a small magic attack to his young friend. He, for one, would not be stuck inside for the rest of the year."Liohim wyjg!" He shouted as a purple and onyx orb hit his unprepared friend in the arm. It had been a warning shot."Hey!" Kaelin said clutching at his numb shoulder. He was weak to poisonous elements! How could Zll actually fight him? Oh well, I'll just fight back! "Widmliej!" A heavy stream of water burst from Kaelin's hands towards his companion. Zll cast reflect and sent the boy falling backwards onto his behind.Zll then lunged towards his companion, pinning him to the ground as he decked him across the face. "Zpuuw yg na geixs," He whispered the oath bleed at my touch. Just as the magic had commanded the skin split where he hit the boy, causing warm crimson blood to flow down the outline of Kaelin's cheek.Why are you doing this? The young Cascata thought looking at the glazed look in his friend's eye. Zll repeated this move, leaving an identical mark upon his other cheek. "Fight..." Lex whispered his command. "...Fight!" He stood, picking the boy up with him and threw him back down to the floor brutally.Kaelin stood up on shaking arms and lunged at his best friend. As his fist approached Zll's cheek the young half-breed caught it and twisted his arm behind him. He grimaced with the pain of being twisted in such an unnatural fashion. Zyxqpyhs!" The Cascata proclaimed, causing his friend to fly backward. The mutt landed on his feet, unfazed by the attack.Kaelin lunged towards him once again only to be thrown back by the slashing of Zll's long talons at his chest. Four rips through his shirt were soon coated with crimson blood. Zll delivered a roundhouse kick to his face, knocking him to the ground. The young Cascata looked up at his adolescent friend towering over him, remorse showing in his cat like eyes."I think the battle is over," the young mutt spoke softly."But a real battle would not end so soon. The battle would not be over until one of the opponents could no longer fight. Continue," The instructor directed, nodding towards the fallen boy.Zll looked at his friend before saying more loudly. "I can't.""So you forfeit? --""Finish it," Kaelin said looking up at his friend."Kaelin...""Finish it!" The Cascata commanded standing once again."This is ridiculous Kaelin!" Zll said backing away."Just give me some goddamn dignity and beat me!" Kaelin yelled with his brows drawn as he punched Zll across the jaw.Zll complied with Kaelin's request. It only took a few stun spores and physical attacks before Kaelin could no longer rise."It's over;" Zll turned to the instructor, his eyes squinted as he glowered furiously at the man. "Was that good enough for you?!""Plenty. Class dismissed." Zll looked around, he had not been aware of all the looks of horror and fascination transfixed upon their little battle. Many people glowered ruefully at Zll. Kaelin was a very popular, respected boy among his peers. They had all been secretly crushed upon seeing someone they looked up to be vanquished so disgracefully.The students all filed out, leaving the two combatants and the instructor alone."Zll, young man, I wasn't aware that you had such skill! I commend you. If it weren't for your less than moral heritage you would go far in the world of warfare. I suggest you do not get mixed up with little troublemakers like your friend over there. Do you understand what I`m saying?""Acknowledged, but disagreed with!" The young mutt spat before walking over to his injured friend."Your loss. Kaelin, I hope that you have learned your lesson. I've been told that children's friends have the greatest impact upon them, I did not think it was such a literal term. I shall see you boys in class tomorrow." With that last word the instructor walked off. A malicious smile formed by Preteen Bbs List his thin lips.Zll cursed him silently as he kneeled down alongside his fallen comrade. "I'm so sorry Kaelin," he said almost inaudibly. The shame of humiliating his friend so was almost as much of a beating as Kaelin had gone through. He placed a warm hand upon the boy's shoulder.The young Cascata knocked it aside and attempted to stand on trembling knees. Zll placed an arm around his waist to brace him. They then began to walk slowly towards their hut; Kaelin needed to be cleaned up before the evening meal."Please talk to me Kaelin. You know I didn't want to outdo you like that...""If I had my sword you wouldn't have!" The Cascata spat out, some blood drizzling from the corners of his split lips. He was probably right. None of the other village youths was near par to the Captain's son when it came to swordplay."I know, I know. Please just don't be angry with me..." Zll said staring at his one and only friend."I'm not angry with you. I'm angry with that bastard, and I'm just... Don't even talk to me; I just wanna go home Zll.""All right," the mutt complied.***Kaelin lay down on his bed as Zll prepared a bath for him. In the past three years that the boys had lived together the house had changed. Another room had been added on so that the boys could have one and Zene the other, when he was home. A small bathroom conjoined the two rooms.Zll soon returned to inform him that it was ready. Kaelin, having regained some of his strength was able to walk in by himself. He undressed and got into the smooth wooden tub. He leaned back letting the steaming water ease the tension in his muscles as Zll washed away the dry clots of blood that were strewn over his chest, neck and face."Kaelin please talk to me," Zll Preteen Bbs List implored as he wiped the young Cascata's back to rinse away dirt and streaks of blood. He had hurt the boy more badly than he had first presumed and he was ashamed of himself for doing so. He had never known that he possessed such strength. The young mutt had been thin and sickly when he had originally came to live with the Cascatas but now he had filled out quite nicely with sleek, but well-defined muscles. Zll's height was also greater than that of most twelve-year-olds. Kaelin was also tall but much more slender."What do you want me to say?""I don't know. That you forgive me. You're my best friend; I'd never hurt you on purpose!""I know. I'm angry at me not you... I looked like a weakling out there, like a damn fool! My dad will be so ashamed!" Kaelin shot his eyes down ward."No he won't! Kay, he won't be mad! You didn't cry or scream once. You went out with dignity, which's all that he can ask for. You did your best and you lost-""Yeah," He cut Zll off, "TO YOU! A goddamn half-breed! A bastard!... Oh God, I... Zll I didn't mean it.""It's the truth; why take it back?" Zll said with suppressed-rage. Had he not Preteen Bbs List so single-handedly defeated his best friend earlier he would have most certainly beaten the living daylight out of him now.Kaelin reached out of the tub and hugged his friend. " I'm sorry. It's just not the right day. Not the right day at all!" Kaelin remained with his face pressed against Zll's neck so that his companion could not see the tears that streamed down his cheeks. He was unaware that Zll held onto him for the same reason.***Zene was anxious to know why his boys had not been at dinner that evening so he headed home quickly."Boys?..." He said as he stepped into the hut, warm with the steam that came from the bathroom. He knocked on the door as he stepped in. He was surprised at what he found both of his sons in an embrace with tears streaming down their faces. He then saw the bath water, tainted red with blood."My God what happened?!" He said kneeling down by his son. Zll backed off convinced that when Zene learned that he inflicted the wounds something awful would happen."Yeah dad, I'm okay," Kaelin said wiping tears away roughly with the back of his hand."Who did this to you?" Zene demanded as he looked at the twin gashes upon his face and the claw marks along his torso."Zll did dad. The damned instructor made him do it;" Kaelin sniffed averting his father's gaze."He what?!" Zene insisted just this once letting Kaelin's curse slide. He glanced quickly at Zll who was looking away shamefully, his light brown skin flushed crimson.Kaelin then commenced to tell the story of how their small battle had come about and of how the teacher had forced it to continue till the end.Zene listened silently with a stern look on his face. When Kaelin had finished he nodded solemnly. He kissed his son's forehead swiftly then stood. "I'm going to have a talk with this man...""Zene," Zll said, still not comfortable with calling the man father. "I didn't mean to, I'm sorry..."The captain placed a firm hand on the mutt's shoulder; "this was in no way your fault son. You make sure Kaelin gets to bed." With that the man departed."I'm glad that he wasn't angry," Zll said as he reached for a towel and handed it to his friend.After drying the two boys departed to the bedroom. It was earlier than when they usually went to bed but sleep was a needed solace for they were worn both physically and Preteen Bbs List mentally. Zll began to disrobe when he heard Kaelin's voice say something inaudibly."What?""I asked if you'd sleep with me tonight, if you don't mind?...""No, not at all." Zll finished undressing and crawled in alongside Kaelin. Due to the undersized bed they were crowded together, but neither minded the cozy fit. They had not slept in the same bed since the first year that Zll had come to be with them. Neither of the two boys had noticed that they missed it until now. It added an unspoken intimacy to their already strong friendship.A cool breeze swept through the room chilling their skin. Kaelin snuggled up closer to Zll, throwing his arm lazily over his friend's waist. Zll indolently pulled him into a comfortable hug. Kaelin liked the feel of Zll's naked skin against his own, so soft. Each inch of their bodies connecting and entwining.Up-oh. Kaelin frowned in the darkness. He could feel his body react to the embrace. Why, oh why now? He was stuck between a rock and a hard place or, technically speaking, there was a hard place stuck between him and his companion. He began to breathe heavily, pretending to be asleep.Why would it do that? Why now? It's just Zll! It must be the stress. Dad said that being stressed or nervous can make you feel that way. It is not Zll!He was quite relieved when Zll said nothing, although he knew that Zll could tell. It was painfully obvious.Zll looked down at his sleeping friend. Why was he aroused? That only happened around girls. He must be sleeping and having one of those dreams or something. Zll concluded. But what if he is having one of those dreams? He knew what happened at the end of those dreams.The young mutt was soon brought out from his thoughts as he felt his own body react. WHAT?!?! Why is my body doing this? I am awake! Good thing Kaelin is asleep or else this would be very embarrassing.As Kaelin drifted off he could have sworn that he felt something against him. But that was absurd! Zll wasn't weird like him. Zll wasn't turned on by his best friend.After a while of pondering and cramping in the pelvic region the two boys fell asleep. Exhausted and in pain as well as curious and unsatisfied.***The next morning Kaelin woke to the feeling of Zll's body leaving his. He sat up but quickly regretted doing so as overbearing waves of pain washed over him. He groaned slightly."No don't get up!" Zll said pushing him down. "I just got Preteen Bbs List word that training is cancelled for today. Seems your dad put up quite a fight against the stupid instructor!" Zll said with a smile, standing up."Really?" Kaelin muttered not actually thinking about his response. He was too transfixed with studying Zll; the young mutt never really let anyone see him naked before; if he did it was only briefly. But now Kaelin could see all of him as the boy walked over to a dresser and pulled out some clean clothes.Kaelin smiled as he looked at his friend's body. It was so much nicer than his own was. Zll's face was also quite attractive, with a sharp nose and high cheekbones. But he liked his body better. Soft muscles, handsome curves. His eyes lingered over Zll's pelvic region for a moment. Just above his sex there was a patch of curly hair, the same color red as his hair."What?" Zll's Preteen Bbs List words broke him out of his trance. "Why are you staring?""When did you get hair there?" The young Cascata asked."You mean you don't have any?" The mutt asked in genuine surprise as he pulled on a pair of under shorts and walked back over to the bed."No. Not that much," he said showing his own minimal hair. A few wisps of blue here and there but hardly noticeable."Well have you had the other changes yet?" Zll asked knowing very well that he had. But something about this conversation was very inviting and he wanted to stay on the subject."Well yeah. I'm just not hairy!" Kaelin joked."It's not that ugly is it?" Zll wondered aloud. The hair Preteen Bbs List had never really been bothersome to him before but Kaelin made it sound like a bad thing."No. I was just curious that's all. It means you're like a man now or something.""Well I'm sure you'll get more too when your voice stops sounding like a girl's!" Zll laughed at him."It doesn't sound like a girl's. It's just weird sounding because it's adjusting. I'm sure that I'll be hairier and have a deeper voice than you do when I'm finished blossoming!" Kaelin said with an indignant hmph!"Blossoming? You're not a flower! You can't blossom.""It's just an expression," the Cascata said."Oh..."The two boys were then silent. They both wanted to ask more personal questions but neither really wanted to sound odd."I think another bath'd be nice," Kaelin said."Oh, well you can go first.""What?""I was gonna take a bath too," Zll informed him, "but you can take one first.""Zll it's a really big tub, we can just take one together!" Kaelin said standing up. His muscles ached badly."Oh, I suppose you're right," Zll laughed nervously.The two boys then went into the bathroom. They sat on the side of the tub as it filled up with water."Hey, check this out!" Kaelin said. He slowly worked up a little pink ball in his hands by using magic. Finally, when the ball was great enough in size, he let it go into the tub. Upon hitting the water it formed many bubbles.Zll laughed, "You know if you wanted a bubble bath you could just use soap." He then reached over Kaelin to turn knob that turned the water off. As he leaned over his body brushed up against Kaelin's. He blushed and drew back quickly. Soon they were both seated in opposite sides of the tub. Looks of contentment and relaxation spread over their features."Kay.""Yeah," Kaelin said looking over at him."Do you ever do anything about it?" Zll blushed as he asked him."Do what about what?""You know what happens when you're aroused?""Yeah.""Do you ever do anything to make yourself aroused?" Zll asked looking away. His cheeks now matching the crimson of his hair."Are you asking if I jack off?" Kaelin was astonished that his friend had beaten him to the interrogation."Well... um... kinda."The blue boy laughed, "do you?""I asked you first!" Zll protested."Yes... Not allot or anything. Now you!""Yes, but it never really worked..." Zll said embarrassed that he could not masturbate properly. "It's sort of like how you can't tickle yourself.""Want some help?""DSYG?!?!" Zll drew back."I was just offering to show you how to do it properly. Because you can tickle yourself," Kaelin said swimming closer to his friend."All right. But just as a favor because you're my friend," Zll said more or less to reassure himself."Okay turn around," Kaelin instructed. Zll complied. The Cascata then scooted up closer to him until his torso was against the other boy`s back, one of his long legs out to either side. He put his hands on top of Zll's and led them down to his crotch."Now think of something sexy," Kaelin offered.This is sexy, Zll thought. "Okay..." He concentrated on the boy against him and the feel of his erection against his own the previous night. Within a few minutes he was aroused enough to begin."All right it goes something like this..." Kaelin began to pump Zll's hands over himself. Encircling the length, stroking it, fondling his sac. These motions started out slowly and quickened in pace. Zll moaned and pulled his hands away. He wanted Kaelin to do this, luckily Kaelin didn't protest. The young Cascata continued to fondle him to the best of his inexperienced ability. Zll felt himself grow harder until he ached from being so rigid. He groaned with pleasure that he never knew was possible.Kaelin slowed down at this sound until Zll quickly protested: "don't stop. Please don't stop..."And stop he did not. As he continued the young Cascata could feel himself grow hard, his erection pressing against Zll's rear end. He had never thought that the shy and modest Zll would let him do such things to him. He hoped that this wouldn't be the last time either.Due to his lack-of-practice, Zll had not built up his stamina and quickly came into his friend's hands. He screamed softly with pleasure as he climaxed. He Preteen Bbs List had never come while he was awake before. Smiling dreamily he leaned back into his best friend. Kaelin winced at the pressure to his wounds but did not protest."Thank you," Zll said between gasps."Um, you're welcome," Kaelin said; he couldn't think of any better response.Zll turned around to face Kaelin and took the other boy's adamant erection into his hands and began to mimic the process that the Cascata had just performed upon him. As he did this he looked at Kaelin, who was starring at him intently as well. Their eyes met. Before they had not encountered the problem of eye contact because they were not facing each other.Zll continued to work his hands as the two boys stared at one another. Kaelin's breaths soon came in short pants as he peaked causing warm seed to fill the water. He leaned forward so that his forehead rested upon Zll's. They both brought their arms up to encircle each other in a warm embrace. The young Cascata gave the other boy quick, closed-mouth kiss before standing up Preteen Bbs List and leaving so that he might get dressed. 13 years oldZll and Kaelin sat towards the back of the group of all of the thirteen-year-old boys and girls in the Cascata tribe. It was classification day, a milestone in ones maturity. By having a ring it showed that you were sexually mature as well as what sex you preferred. Everyone, from every tribe on Uyigs had to get one when they turned thirteen. The piercers came once a year and all those who had turned thirteen that year received a pierce."Now," a man with dark hair began speaking to the group of adolescents, "as you all know you are going to get your classification rings today. Now I must tell you of the types of rings there are. The main three classifications are right, left, and both. I strongly urge all of you to get the ring in your left ear. For if you get either of the others it indicates that you are attracted to people of the same gender."He paced, making sure to keep eye contact with all in the group. "These piercings are not permanent but they are quite painful to receive, making it rare for people to change their minds. - But still whether you are unsure or not you should get it in your left ear..."Kaelin and Zll looked over at each other and rolled their eyes simultaneously. But their boredom was soon cut short by the piercer's preaching: "It is wrong to do things of a sexual nature with people of your gender, even if you are just fooling around. It's a SIN!"And thus the man's speech went on. Neither of the boys, nor the rest of the group, really understood that what the man was Preteen Bbs List saying was just a basis of opinion, but they really did not fancy the idea of being damned to Hades either. Zll and Kaelin exchanged a knowingly worried glance. Ever since their encounter in the tub a little less than a year ago they had fooled around a little quite often. Nothing more ever occurred than what had happened in the tub, but still that might be enough!After a while the piercing finally commenced, both boys receiving one in their left ear.***"Dad, can I talk to you?""Sure son, come in." Zene motioned with his hand for his son to come in. Kaelin shut the door behind him. The Captain sat up in his bed, summoning a light orb. "It's late, you know that right?""I'm sorry, I just really need to talk to you," Kaelin said. His heart was beating quickly. He was sure that if his father found out about Zll and his' activities that they would both be dead meat."Have a seat;" Zene offered patting the side of his bed. Kaelin did as he was instructed. "Now what's on your mind?""Dad you know how Zll and I had to get these pierces today?" He gestured towards the marble sized black orb lodged in his pointed ear."Yes.""Well the man giving them said that if you ever did anything with someone the same sex as you that you'd go to hell. Is that true? I've never done anything like that I was just curious that's all..." Kaelin said, hoping that his voice was not too shaky. "I'm asking for my friend, but it isn't Zll. He's never done anything like that either!"Zene laughed silently to himself with a small smile. "I wouldn't worry about it son. I'm sure that God won't damn you to hell for whatever you've done with Zll.""How'd you know... I've never done anything with Zll! You're sick Dad!" He punched his father in the arm. "...Well thanks for the advice. Goodnight!" Kaelin said walking hurriedly back towards his and Zll's room."Goodnight my little queer, " Zene teased with a smile as he put out the orb and went back to sleep. Better with his friend than getting a bunch of girls pregnant. Zene thought to himself.***"Zll?""Yes Kaelin?" The young mutt said sitting up from his mattress."I don't think that we should help each other out anymore," Kaelin remorsefully whispered."Me too. I'm sorry."With that they both went to sleep in their respective beds. Both boys also took to wearing pajamas after that night. Age 14Zll's heart beat rapidly as Pyralis elves descended upon them. In their schooling to become warriors and soldiers the end test was a real battle with the Pyralis students. The Pyralis were fire elves and everyone knows that fire and water do not go well together.Zll knew that he was no in danger of loosing his life, such things were not permitted, but still this battle would be barbaric and many horrendous injuries would be inflicted. He was also unsure of his own strength. The Cascata soldiers had an advantage in this battle; water and fire were weak as well as strong against one another, but what about a tigren-serpentine cross? What advantage did he have?Kaelin could see his shaking and placed his left hand, for his right was wielding a large broadsword, upon Zll's tremulous shoulder. "Reeelax! It'll be fine.""You can say that easily enough, you're water!""Poison is mostly liquid too!" Kaelin assured him and they ran into the battle. Zll prayed to every God that he had ever heard of as he quickly cast water over his own sword. After much clashing of swords and horribly misdirected magic the battle seemed to smooth out a little as each solider sort of found a partner to work on. A great disadvantage to this sort of battle was that you had to be cautious of not killing your enemy, therefore making the defeat of one much more difficult.As Zll exchanged cuts with his sword and shots of magic with a fiery boy he stole a glance over at Kaelin. He was quite shocked at what he saw; Kaelin had already taken out three boys! The young cross was in awe at his companions brutal, beautiful fighting style. Every cut of his sword was quick and precise, smooth like a dance. The young Cascata was most definately a solider at heart. He hoped that perhaps one day he could be like him.Suddenly the young cross was brought up from his deep trance by a wound to his arm. "Aaahhh!" He screamed at the sword struck bone. His eyes began to well up with tears of pain as he sunk to his knees when the sword was withdrawn. No! It was too early to go out like this. No!"I think that you're down, Bastard." The other boy spoke coldly."Then you're... Going with me!" Zll winced before slashing clear through the other boy's leg. The Pyralis let out a blood-curdling scream as he collapsed to the ground. The cross was forced to let go of his sword, seeing as it was still deeply lodged within the other boy's thigh. He the clutched his hand to his wound. The sleeve of his once white shirt was now stained crimson with his own blood. He gritted his teeth and closed his eyes tightly in an attempt to restrain tears, an attempt that was in vain.Suddenly he felt a hand upon his back. He looked up so that his eyes locked with his companion's soft blue ones. "Zll you have to get up.""I don't think I can.... God Kay it hurts!" He spoke with strained words."I know, I know Zll. But if you don't then you will be debarred and have to do this again. Just stand, you don't have to fight, I'll protect you. Kaelin said and he embraced the other boy in an effort to draw him up. Zll's shaking legs thankfully obeyed him as he stood.Kaelin reached down to the Pyralis' leg and drew out Zll's bloody sword. He then delivered a swift kick to the fiery boy's gut. "Here," he handed the sword to Zll. "You don't have to use it, just look like you're battle ready... Follow me."Somehow for the remainder of the battle Zll managed to keep up with Kaelin, whom vigilantly guarded him from the Pyralis soldiers. After two long grueling hours that seemed to be an agonizing eternity the battle came to an end, the Cascata the victors.Zll could hardly celebrate though. He had lost much blood and his head was becoming light, his ears deaf to all that Preteen Bbs List surrounded him. He felt as if his limbs were numb and he could not walk. The cross was short of breath and his insides were knotting up within his throat. Zll found it difficult to focus on anything, all that was around him blurred as if he were looking through murky waters."Hey Zll are you okay?" Was the last audible thing he heard before collapsing into his companions waiting arms.***Kaelin looked down upon the boy resting in his arms as they rode home upon the dragon's back. He held a cloth tightly to Zll's wound to prevent any further bleeding. He was surprised that Zll had been distracted enough for that other boy to get him. What had caused him to loose focus?Oh Zll... Oh beautiful Zll. Do you know how hard it is to concentrate on a battle when you're near me? *Laugh* I love you, you know that right? Of course you do... Kaelin smiled to himself almost loosing his balance atop the animal as he shifted Zll into a more intimate embrace; who really cared what anyone else interpreted the hug as?***When Zll came awake there was a heavy feeling upon his chest. He glanced up to see Kaelin's head resting upon him in sleep. "Kaelin?" He asked with a murmur, God his head hurt!"Whaa?... Oh you're awake! " The young Cascata then tightly embraced his companion. "Welcome back to the world of the living.""I envy the dead... They can't get headaches," Zll sarcastically whined as he wrapped his arms around his friend's back."Sorry about your arm, but it's your own fault. Why weren't you paying attention?" Kaelin scolded looking up into his soft green eyes."I... Uh. I was watching you." Zll looked away sheepishly."Me? Why me?" Kaelin was shocked; he distracted Zll as well. This would prove to be quite a handicap when battling together."I was just watching you and... I admire you Kay. I Preteen Bbs List just thought that someday maybe I'd be like you," Zll's eyes wandered back to Kaelin's soft blue ones. He was expecting to be eating fist any second now..."Aww, Zll why wish to me? You're perfect the way you are," the Cascata snuggled down to lie his head back upon Zll's chest. "Now it's late go back to sleep, maybe your headache will go away.""Goodnight Kaelin... I love you." The last part was whispered almost inaudibly, Zll genuinely thought that the Cascata had already fallen asleep."I love ya too pal," He mumbled against Zll's bare chest.Zll's eyes looked down in shock and embarrassment. "Sorry, I thought you were asleep."Kaelin, however, did not reply for now he was truly asleep.***The boys both graduated from the militant portion of schooling and were advanced to the more scholastic part, which was only lasted for two years, any further education was optional for scholars were uncommon, and for the most part unnecessary on Uyigs. Age 15Five young bodies lay out upon a large, island-like rock in the center of a small lake. It was a cool windy day but that was of little consequence to the four Cascata and one cross. Kaelin looked over at Zll and smiled to himself, for once he had actually managed to coax the mutt into going somewhere with him that involved other people. Not that Kaelin minded his time alone with Zll, all the contrary, he liked it too much... All too much and that thought was bothersome to him. But nevertheless Zll needed to be out with other guys their age anyhow."KAELIN! Truth or dare?" One of the Cascata boys asked him."Hmm," He looked thoughtful for another moment. "TRUTH!""Aww come on man, you can't pick truth!" Another boy protested."Of course I can dumbass, other wise it'd just be called dare," Kaelin said in a knowingly sarcastic voice."Fine," the original truth-or-darer conceded, "but I have to make it REALLY good... Kaelin have you ever... Kissed another guy?!?!" All of the boys long pointed ears perked up to hear his answer. Kaelin could not help but notice that Zll's eyes grew wide with terror."Yeah," he answered with a casual shrug. "Haven't you?"All of the other boys looked bewildered and disgusted and Zll resembled a tomato he was so red through his furious blushing."Kaelin that's sick! That makes you a fag!""Hahahaa," Kaelin began to laugh. "You guys are so gullible. NO, of course I haven't kissed another guy. You're all sick!""Oh. Hahaa, good one..." Was about the basic answer for the other three Cascata's. Zll laughed a little too hard and too forcedly, but no one really noticed."Okay," Kaelin said, "Truth or dare?!" He asked pointing back at the one who had protested in his choice of truth.Due to his previous outburst he was left with no choice but to say, "Dare.""Hrm," Kaelin brought a finger to his lips in a contemplative manner. "I dare you to... To kiss Zll."Poor Zll, he was permanently doomed to look like an ompah loompa due to his bad habit of blushing."Hell no! Why don't you?!" The other boy protested."What'll you give me?" Kaelin asked in a very causal manner.The other boy's face registered shock before answering; "I'll do your class work for a week.""Two and it's a deal...""Fine, two." The boy agreed. The three boys stared at Kaelin and Zll with wide eyes, apprehensive as to whether or not he'd actually do it.Throughout all of this Zll had remained silent. As he still did when Kaelin scooted over towards him. The young cross opened his mouth to protest just as Kaelin brought his down over it. Kaelin seemed to forget himself for a moment as he licked audaciously at the other boy's tongue. Zll rapidly came out of a small daze and roughly pushed Kaelin back with all his strength. He said nothing but gave Kaelin a look that surely meant death before jumping into the water and swimming off speedily.The young Cascata was stunned for a moment before saying with a shrug, "See, no big deal. Now I like my papers written in cursive..."***Much to Kaelin's relief the game was brought to an abrupt halt as rain began to pour from the sky in thin sheets that were quickly augmenting into a downpour. He ran home swiftly, he had a feeling that there would be much discussion, or at least fighting between Zll and himself that night. He was now glad that his father was gone so often, as he was now, for had he been home their situation would only be that much more troublesome."Oh Zlly Willy...." He said peeking his head in through the door."What?" Zll said softly from across the room where he was seated on the floor by his bed. An open book lay in his lap, but unbeknownst to Kaelin not a single word of it had been read since he had opened Preteen Bbs List it a half-hour ago.Kaelin pulled the door shut behind him as he entered the dimly lit room. "Can we talk?" As he inquired that he headed over to the dresser to pull out some dry clothes and change quickly."What's there to talk about?" Zll asked looking back at his companion."You know, what happened back there," Kaelin mumbled taking a seat next to the mutt. "It's really not a big deal; it was just a game...""He said you had to kiss me, he didn't say how. Why like that? Why at all?...What we had between us was private, it's no one else's business.""Zll I'm sorry that I embarrassed you. But I..." Kaelin stared at the ground between his feet as an infinite number of emotions waltzed through him. But I liked it. I liked kissing you that way and I want to do it again. "Zll why did we stop?""Stop what?""You know what! Why don't we do things together like we used to?""Because of... Opinions I suppose. It wasn't right." Zll said softly, averting the Cascata's gaze."We always had so much fun. I always felt so close to you, I still do," He brought a warm hand up to caress Zll's cheek, which was surprisingly cold. Zll was finally forced to look into Kaelin's soft blue eyes. "I never really wanted to... I'm so sick of hiding! Just because of what they think! It doesn't matter... Zll I love you, I always have."With those last words Kaelin brought his mouth down upon the mutt's. It was an intense, warm kiss. His tongue pried open Zll's mouth for further exploration as his tongue lapped at the other boy's passionately. This Kaelin's first real kiss. He had read much about such things, always-finding material in one way or another. As he felt Zll's tries to push away he clutched upon him more tightly, preventing him from moving away.Finally the young cross was forced to deck Kaelin across the face to bring an abrupt end to the rape of his mouth. "Get off of me!" He yelled. The young Cascata clutched at his cheek in astonishment. Zll's features were unreadable as he turned to run once again."Zll wait!" Kaelin said close on his tail as they ran hurriedly through the rain, their bodies becoming soaked.***When Kaelin finally caught up with Zll they were in some woods that surrounded the Cascata village. Both boys knew the paths well for they had explored out here quite often when they were younger. Zll was seated beneath a tree, finally giving in to the fact that he could not run away forever.The young Cascata boy took a seat alongside his companion. "Zll I'm sorry okay, I shouldn't have done that. I just thought... I don't know what I was thinkin'. I'm sorry," Kaelin placed a warm hand upon his friend's trembling shoulder."I hate you..." The mutt whispered coldly."Zll... Why?" Kaelin said, his eyes growing large and hurt filled. How could Zll say such a thing?"Because you make everything so difficult... I hate you because you make me sin, you make me want you. You make me think the most perverted things... I'd rather be with you than with a girl. Boys aren't supposed to like other boys like that; I hate you because you make me like you like that... I love you Kaelin." Zll said looking back at the Cascata with a frown."Zll, I... uh." Kaelin had not expected such an answer. He licked his lips in preparation for speech but he was cut off by a swift kiss from Zll. It was a small closed-mouth kiss so much like those ones they shared as young boys, but it meant a lot to Kaelin in view of the fact that the other boy had done it willingly.The young cross pulled away quickly. "I wish that it didn't have to be this way," he said softly with remorse."I don't understand...""You know that it's impossible for us to be together? You know this can't be, right? " Zll said softly, it sounded doubtful as if hoping for his statement to be contradicted or proven wrong."Yes it can! Zll I love you and when people love each other they stay together. We love each other so we should stay together," Kaelin stated as he pressed his lips to Zll's in another fleeting brush."It would be wrong on two parts," the cross protested, "Interspecies breeding isn't accepted and we`re both guys...""Zll," Kaelin snickered, "We wouldn't be breeding because given our anatomy we can't breed with each other... Besides I'll tell you something, but you have to promise not to laugh at me for trying to be philosophical; `Kay?"Zll nodded."There are lots of lonely people out there, millions of people in the universe. And if you're fortunate enough to find someone that you love Preteen Bbs List who returns your love then I'd say you're pretty damn lucky. So who gives a shit if that person is the same gender as you? Love is love."Zll smiled and shook his head with a soft laugh."What? It wasn't that corny now was it?" Kaelin asked with feigned defensiveness."No, it was almost beautiful... No, it was beautiful;" Zll said embracing his friend. Their clothes were dampened from the rain, which continued to pour, somehow saturating through the thick leaves of the canopy to drench their bodies. The two boys just sat there a moment, listening to the sounds of the shower patter soothingly, as the downpour deceivingly seemed to lighten up."Kaelin?""Hmm?" The Cascata pulled back enough to look his companion in the eye.Zll blushed before inquiring gently, "Will you kiss me again. But this time a real kiss?"In answer Kaelin brought his lips down upon Zll's once more. It began like the others but slowly Kaelin drew his lips apart beginning a soft assault upon his companion's mouth. They kissed passionately awhile before Kaelin nudged the mutt's mouth open further to accommodate his searing tongue. Zll moaned into the kiss as the Cascata's tongue danced with his own. His lips were ravaged, as his companion became more forceful and fervent. It was so much better when it was consensual.Zll could feel his body react to the plundering, something augmenting quickly in his pants as Kaelin suckled upon his lower lip. "Mmnn!" Zll moaned drawing back with surprise as he felt Kaelin's hand upon him."So how was Mr. Modest's first real kiss?" The Cascata asked as he nibbled upon the other boy's neck, however he did not remove his hand from the junction between the cross` legs."I've never been kissed like this before... It's wonderful," Zll smiled then leaned his head to give Kaelin better access to the flesh of his neck. The young Cascata continued to nibble and suckle upon the soft skin, Zll's own unique taste lingering upon his senses.Suddenly their interlude was brought to a halt as the lightning crashed above and the downpour fought even more roughly against them. Zll sighed in disappointment before saying, "I think that we should be heading back.""Yeah," Kaelin nodded as he stood. Zll followed suit and soon the two boys were walking back home in silence.***When they arrived home they were shocked to find that Zene had still not returned. This could only mean one thing: that the soldiers were going to be gone for at least another few days. The two boys smiled knowingly at one another as they walked into the room. Their thoroughly soaked bodies pouring a lake onto the floor."Better get out of these wet clothes," Kaelin smirked suggestively as he peeled off his shirt and tossed it upon the floor like a wet towel."Y-yeah," Zll stuttered nervously as he fumbled with the fastenings of his own shirt. He lost a few buttons before finally just pulling it over his head roughly. He slid out of his soaked pants with some difficulty. He hadn't realized how cold he was until now, his body shivered. The freezing boy walked quickly to the dresser to retrieve some dry clothes but Kaelin swiftly stopped him."Do you really think we'll need those?" Kaelin asked brazenly.Zll looked over his friend's body, which was now nude as his was and quite aroused as well. The Cascata's muscles were small and slender, but well defined. His wet skin looked so kissable, Zll wanted nothing more than to feel it's softness beneath his nimble fingertips. Yes he had a rather nice body, a very nice body indeed... Zll was forced to look away as he blushed profusely. "I'm just cold that's all.""Well we can keep each other warm; Kaelin said placing a peck tenderly upon Zll's cheek as he swiftly embraced the other boy. The young cross moaned as his erection pressed against the Cascata's. Nervous tremors ran through his body, he hadn`t done anything like this in years, and when he had it was different. Back then it had been so innocent, now only the God`s knew what was running through Kaelin`s mind, and that thought was a little unnerving as well as erotic to Zll. "I'm still cold," He managed."Fine, prude," Kaelin muttered promptly pulling a pair of long pajama pants from a drawer and roughly shoved them into Zll`s hands. He then walked off to the opposite side of the room where the cast iron stove was and began to build a fire."You know it's probably not a safe idea to do that while you're naked," Zll cautioned, all the while his eyes were transfixed upon the pale blue body that he hoped he would soon be writhing under."Afraid I'll damage the goods?" The Cascata asked with a naughty smile back at his friend who was just tying the strings on the waist of his trousers. Soon a fire was built and warmth began to spread through the room. Zll stripped a couple of blankets and pillows from his bed and lay them out before the stove. He then lowered himself to the floor, his heart racing rapidly with anticipation."Uh... Care to join me?" The cross requested as he looked across the room to where Kaelin was sitting idly on his bed, staring at the young cross. Zll hoped that he was not too obvious in the way he brought about his request, not that it truly mattered in light of the fact that the young Cascata was making little to no effort whatsoever to conceal his desires.Silently the blue boys walked over to where Zll lay and lowered himself to straddle the cross' slender hips. "Join you for what my love?" He asked in the most innocent of ways."I... Uh... You know Kaelin;" the young cross asked blushing."No, Zll, I honestly have no idea what you mean," Kaelin teased, his naivety feigned in such a manner that even Zll couldn't tell that he was merely taunting him."Kaelin will you... Um... Make love... Sex... You and me... Umm..." Zll's trembling lips stuttered every word.Kaelin laughed sensually as he leaned forward to whisper tauntingly into the other boy's ear, "If you want me to fuck you all you need do is ask...""Please?... I need you." Lex breathed between kisses to the other boy's neck.The Cascata complied without a fight as he brought his lips down upon Zll's once again with a hungering need. Their mouths teared ravenously at one another's. Tongues exploring and pleasuring. The two boys wanted it to last forever, but you can only go for so long without oxygen. They drew apart panting heavily. Zll's lips ached but it was well worth it. The cross licked sensuously up the Cascata's neck to the base of his ear where he nibbled lightly, causing the other boy to moan with pleasure.Though they had done many things together in the years that they had shared they had never done anything like this. Nothing so intimate as the deep passionate kissing. The zeal turning friendship into love, lust, and need. Feelings that they had never known so strongly for one another as they came closer together. It was frightening but well worth it.Kaelin blazed a trail of kisses down Zll's rain damp skin. Suctioning lightly along his neck, down to his collarbone, to soft brown nipples, erect seeking the heat of his mouth. Kaelin complied eagerly fingering one as he bit and sucked upon the other little bud. The young cross gratified his actions with soft moans of pleasure, his fingers lost in the sea of the Cascata's untamable hair. Kaelin continued to trace his mouth along his companion's stomach, licking around the other boy's navel, which resulted in a sensual little giggle.Finally he had reached the point which Zll anticipated so greatly. The cross lifted his hips so that the other boy could remove his pajama pants, which had proved to be rater redundant indeed. Kaelin took the other boy's arousal in his hands lightly and stroked with painful slowness. Just as Zll was about to ask for more he took his hands away from his erection to caress his inner thighs and legs as well as his stomach, everywhere but there."Mmmnnn," the young cross groaned with frustration. He reached his hands down, needing to feel release from the tight aching in his groin, but Kaelin wouldn't let that happen. He slapped his hands away from his own shaft."Nah ah ah, not yet. I want you to beg," the young Cascata spoke softly as he Preteen Bbs List began to stroke his companion's inner thighs with his tongue.Zll's hips bucked upward involuntarily with need. "Kaelin," he moaned reaching out his hands for his friends.Kaelin caught them. "What is it love?" He asked innocently as if he did not know. He had such a talent for tormenting his friend."Touch me, please..." Zll brought the Cascata's warm hands to his manhood. "Please, I want you so much... Mmmnnn."The young cross did not have to wait long for soon after his pleading request the Cascata conceded stroking, fondly, caressing, just touching him everywhere. With swift thrust motions of his hands he brought Zll to the peak of his ecstasy."Oh Kaelin! Kay... Na Tiw, KAY! Mmmnnn..." Zll said as he released his warm juice all over his stomach, chest, and Kaelin's hands."It's been too long since we've done that," Kaelin said lightly pursing his lips to Zll's panting mouth. As much to the cross' surprise he brought one of his stick hands to his mouth and began to lick himself clean. "Mmm, you taste good... Want to try?" He asked extending his other sullied hand to his companion's mouth.Zll somewhat unsurely sat up to perform the task Preteen Bbs List of cleansing the long slender fingers. He began to lick away the cum, surprised at the salty tang. The young cross sucked upon each one of Kaelin's digits until every drop of evidence was gone. "You're right," he agreed softly. "It is good.""Very," Kaelin said as he lapped up the remainder of the seed from Zll's torso. "Mostly because it's from you," the Cascata whispered against the cross' mouth as he kissed him. Zll's hands began to fumble slowly towards Kaelin's neglected arousal but the other boy stopped him. "No," he said then laughed, "I have a better plan."Then without warning the water elve crawled to shift his body so that his erection was directly about the cross' mouth and his mouth was hovering over Zll's quickly resurrected one. "Just do what I do, all right?" Without waiting for an answer Kaelin brought his mouth down to begin a blissful torture. He drew his tongue up and around Zll's shaft; he slowly took one of Zll's balls into his hands and massaged them gently as he filled his mouth with Zll's entire length. All the while the young cross moaned with pleasure.Zll soon remembered that he was to mimic the Cascata's moves so he tentatively brought his own mouth to the arousal that stood mere inches away from his face. He put his best effort into satisfying Preteen Bbs List the water elve as much as he had him but given the angle Zll found his oral assault difficult to perform to the best of his ability. Nevertheless Kaelin appreciated it beyond logical reason and let Zll know his approval through the most gratifying moans.Soon the young cross felt the fluid coming up throughout him again and released himself into Kaelin's awaiting mouth. The Cascata was soon after, but only half of his fluid made it into the other boy's mouth, most was spilled upon the creamy brown skin of his cheeks and lips. With tired effort Kaelin was able to turn around to lay atop of Zll with their faces near one another's. Lazily the Cascata lapped the thick semen from his companion's face."God, Kay, I never knew... I never thought... That it could be so wonderful," Zll finally was able to pant."It can get better;" Kaelin breathed in between kisses to the heated flesh of Zll's jaw and neck."Mmm, how?""Actual sex," Kaelin whispered softly."Oh," Zll frowned with disappointment. "I guess we can never experience that together."Kaelin sat atop of Zll stomach so that he could meet his glowing green gaze. "Why do you say that?" He asked with genuine curiosity."Boys can't have sex with each other; we don't have the right anatomy..." Zll spoke embarrassedly. Kaelin should already know that.Much to the cross' surprise the water elve just laughed. "Yes we can, it's just different from boy girl sex... Different hole.""...Na Tiw! You don't mean?..." Zll bolted up with horror but Kaelin pressed him back down against the floor."I'd only do it if you wanted me to," He asked with a hopeful look in his blue eyes."And it feels like normal sex?""Better, Preteen Bbs List better because it'd be with you. As long as I'm with you I'll always feel good, because I love you," the Cascata stated as he looked longingly into his companion's eyes."You'll stop if it hurts too much, won't you?" Zll looked up pleadingly at Kaelin; the Cascata nodded in reply. "All right," he said leaning forward so that his lips could meet the other boy's."Thank you," he said as he kissed his friend then stood up."Where are you going?" Zll inquired in confusion."I'll be right back," Kaelin answered, "I just need to go get some lotion."Within a few minutes he returned carrying a jar with some soft yellow ointment in it, he also brought a raging hardon with him.He sat kneeling between Zll's knees. The cross watched with wide eyes as Kaelin spread some of the lubricant upon the fingers of his right hand and brought it down past his manhood to his entrance and slowly inserted one of his fingers."Mmmnnn," Zll moaned with neither pleasure nor pain. Just an awkward sensation. Soon Kaelin inserted another finger, which had a third predecessor. Now Zll was beginning to feel it as Kaelin's slender fingers reached a spot within himself that he had never known existed. Tremors of pleasure ran throughout his body as his erection came back slowly."So this is how it goes?" Zll murmured softy to himself."Yup. One finger, two finger, three finger... dick," the Cascata chanted lightly.Zll whimpered in protest when Kaelin removed his fingers, leaving him with an empty feeling. However that was a short-lived sensation for soon the space was filled with Kaelin's shaft. "Aaaah," Zll clenched his teeth, it hurt quite badly."Are you okay?" Kaelin asked. He leaned forward to brush back some of Zll's hair witch was soaked with a mixture of rain and sweat."Yeah, I'm all right;" Zll said which was mostly truth seeing as his body adjusted to the stranger fairly quickly."I'm sorry," Kaelin whispered his soft blue eyes filled with concern. "Just tell me when you're ready."Zll nodded, "I am now."Kaelin proceeded. He pulled back until only the head of his erection was still submerged within the Cross' body and then thrust back in quickly. After a few pull back and thrust motions he fell into a rhythm with the other boy's body. His manhood stimulated blissfully with the mixture of tight warmth and swift friction.He leaned forward to kiss his companion fervently. Their mouths often missing one another's for they were so lost within the heat of passion. Zll moaned and laughed at once as Kaelin's manhood reached that spot in his body once again. It was so blissful. The pleasure, however, was greatly intensified as he felt Kaelin's hands upon his arousal once again, pumping in time with his actions."Aaahh...." Zll whimpered with delight, as he was stimulated in two areas simultaneously. His moan ended as Kaelin finally found his mouth. His swift tongue danced with Zll's. This was just so heavenly. Neither of the boys had dared to dream that things like this could exist between them... They both soon felt Preteen Bbs List that build up and could no longer withstand the torturous pleasure. Kaelin came deep inside of Zll's with a last thrust; the cross was not soon after as Kaelin's hands took him to heaven.Kaelin soon collapsed, letting his full body weight be braced upon Zll's. They both lay there, breathing deeply with pants. Laying peck kisses to one another's faces. When Kaelin finally gained the strength to move he crawled down along side his new lover. He drew the cross into a warm embrace. Zll's arms came to enfold his companion's slender frame."That was wonderful... I love you," Zll whispered drowsily. His body fatigued and drained soon succumbed to sleep, as did Kaelin's young exhausted body.Age 16"Aww don't look so sad, love. It's just a little skirmish with some ogres and shit, I'll be back soon," Kaelin said as he pressed a kiss to Zll's lips."I know... But something just doesn't feel right about it." Zll's stomach was uneasy. Kaelin went to battle more often than he ever did but he always returned in once piece. Zll did not know why he was so worried but he just had a feeling about it."I promise I won't leave you! Now stop acting like some war wife and give me a goodbye fuck," Kaelin laughed as he pulled Zll against him."Don't call it that" Zll said as he lightly kissed the other boy."Why not, that it what we're doing is it not?" Kaelin whispered as he licked and nibbled upon the young cross' neck."No, don't say goodbye," the young stated as he lifted Kaelin's eyes to look into his. "Please promise me you'll come back. Don't say goodbye...""ZLL!" Kaelin practically yelled. "I am NOT going to leave you. I PROMISE that I will NEVER leave you."The young cross could not answer for his mouth was too busy being devoured by Kaelin's. Their mouths fervently tearing at one another's throughout the night. Their bodies melding as one countless times before they were finally worn and collapsed from exhaustion. But even in sleep Zll continued to hold him as if it were the last time.What's wrong with me... People battle all the time. There's nothing different about this...***I'm sorry my love I've broken my promise to you. Forgive me.***"Oh my God... No... NO!" Zll made no effort to contain his ears as Zene held him."I know Zll, I know. He was my son;" Zene's own tears would fall later on. "He was just your friend," the older man said with a little spite. How could his adopted son ever hope to understand what he was going through? He had lost his flesh and blood. He'd lost his only child just as he had lost his wife. He now had no one."No he promised me he'd never leave me... YOU SAID YOU'D NEVER LEAVE ME!" He sobbed as he pulled away from Zene."Zll..."The Cross' eyes met the Captain's soft blue ones, so like Kaelin's. Zll slowly reached up to his ear to dislodge the ball from within his ear, causing a stream of blood to flow down it and along his cheek. "He was not just my friend." He brought the ball to right ear and with a stab of one of his claws and quite a bit of pressure he had a new piercing. He refused to scream in pain but his trembling made it apparent enough.With angry, hurt eyes he looked up at Zene. The Cascata's eyes registered shock as the meaning of Zll's actions dawned upon him. "He was so much more!" He sobbed.***Zll's green eyes looked back upon the Cascata tribe with remorse. Without Kaelin he had no place there. He was clan less once again, but that was all right. He knew all too well what he was going to do. No more tears were needed, no weakness. Kaelin was never weak; he couldn't stand weakness in people. Zll would make him proud. He would make sure that the Cascata lived through him forever. He would be present in all of the Cross' actions, words, and choices. He would never forget his friend. Never. His love was eternal. He'd be with him forever.~*~*~*~I hope you liked it! ^_^
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