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Related article: Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2011 16:16:02 -0700 (PDT) From: Jan None Subject: A Butch World (lesbian/adult youth, oral, anal, F/f)Warning:This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts between women and teenage girls. If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it.Author's Note:This story is the property of the author. It can be downloaded for personal reading, pleasure, or sending to a friend, but if you wish to re-post them on your own site, please contact the author for permission.Copyright 2010 Jan, All rights reservedPlease mail to janmay696yahoo.com if you have any suggestions for future stories. A Butch World 2 Sixtieth Birthday Gift By Jan I called my beloved friend, Patricia or Pat, to make sure she was home, and to tell her I was bringing her a Birthday Gift! "Oh...you didn't have to bother sweetie!" was what she said. "Are you kidding me? It's your 60th Birthday, and its special...a milestone! So, I want to give you a very special gift!" I replied. "Really...That's so kind of you...but you really shouldn't have!" Then she laughed and then added, with a slight tone of anticipation, "So what did you get for me?" "You'll just have to be patient, but I think you'll like it...no you'll LOVE IT... it's just what you would want!" I added. "Hamm...that sounds very interesting...are you on your way over?" she asked. "Yes...I'll be there in about thirty minutes...okay?" "I'm home all evening, so take your time honey." I had known Pat for at least 25 years, and we had shared the favors of many teenage girls before. I knew her taste in sexy teenage girls very well. Between Pat and me, we had seduced and corrupted many sexy teenage girls into becoming active lesbians. We think our mission in life is to educate as many girls and women as we can into membership into our lesbian way of life. I knew she would be thrilled to receive this gift, because this babe would be perfect for her. Pat's special birthday gift from me was a very sexy young 16-year old girl, called Amy, with long brunette hair, pretty blue bedroom eye, and the fullest lips possible. The kind of lips old dikes like us would never want to stop kissing, and the perfect kind of lips that are ideal for sucking tits and eating pussy. I was thinking that Amy would be perfect for Pat. She was just the type of babe Pat would go crazy over, but first I wanted to make sure that Amy was dressed properly to fulfill one of Pat's favorite fantasies. I have to admit my tastes are just like Pat's, that's why I know just what she would like. I bought Amy a sexy little French maid's outfit, complete with sexy black underwear, old fashioned seamed black nylons, garter belt, and stiletto high heels, basically the whole nine yards. Pat loves babes to be dressed for her like a French maid as much as I do. I wanted to present Amy to her like a proper birthday gift. Before we got into my car I had her put on a long 'London Fog' rain coat with a bright red ribbon with a big bow, which practically filled the front of my car. Pat resides in the Bridgeland area of Calgary, and it is an old established area that has beautiful homes hidden behind tree lined streets. The lots were large for the old Victorian homes. The area had recently undergone revitalization. There had been a restoration that had changed rundown homes into suddenly prime investment properties. Old root bound plots had been replaced with professional manicured curb appeal yards. The renewal had sparked new business investments in the area, including restaurants and fashionable coffee shops etc, which attracts the young sexy girls to hang out in the area. Pat could frequent the coffee shops looking for likely young girls to seduce. Living within walking distance of the area was a bonus for her. When I arrived at Pat's, I left Amy sitting in my car, while I knocked on the door. "Hey!" Pat said, with a big beaming smile..."Come on in!" I entered the house, and gave her a big hug and kiss on the cheek, as I said, "I want you to sit down and close your Bbs Lolitas Pics eyes, while I bring in your gift, no peeking OKAY?" "Okay! I can do that, but you know you shouldn't have bought me anything!" I placed my finger on her lips, to shut her up, before I went back to the car to fetch Amy. Before I brought her in I made sure Pat's eyes were closed. I brought Amy in as quietly as possible. I cautioned Pat one more time, "No peeking HUH!" "Nope...I promise I haven't looked at all, what is it?" I wanted to make sure Amy was properly prepared for presentation to Pat. I told Pat that she could stand up, and open her eyes. Pat said, "Okay," and did as instructed. I had Amy standing right in front of Pat as she stood up. When Pat opened her eyes, both of us yelled "HAPPY BIRTHDAY." Pat opened her eyes to the sight of an attractive teenager with a big bow in front of her body. When Pat removed the bow and the rain coat she said, "OH MY GAWD! WOW! She is my present?" "Of course she is, silly, only the best for my friends. What do you give a dyke that already has everything, but a sexy teenage maid for the night?" "OH MICHELLE!! She's beautiful you do know my weakness Bbs Lolitas Pics so well...THANK YOU!" This is Amy, Amy this is Pat" "Hello AMY...WOW you look absolutely delicious. I'm so pleased to meet you." As they shook hands, Pat brought Amy's hand up to her lips and she kissed the back of her hand slowly as she looked up into Amy's eyes. "I'm pleased to meet you too!" responded Amy. 'Turn around baby, and let her take a good look at you!" I said. Pat said, "Yes...please do..I want to take a good look at your goodies baby! OH MY GAWD...WOW!" She looked at her lustfully as she eyed her up and down. "Baby lift up the hem of your uniform, and let me see the tops of your nylons." Pat looked at me and smiled before she returned her attention to Amy. The seams of her nylons were straight up the backs of her legs and the dark tops were attached to the straps of a black garter belt disappearing under tight little black skimpy panties. Much of her round orbs were exposed as the material crept between the cheeks of her ass. "Oh, they show off your buns beautifully!" Pat looked up as if she were looking at heaven and sighed. Then she wobbled her knees as if she was unstable. "I have to sit down. She's making me go all weak in the knees, not to mention how wet my panties are getting. She is so fucking gorgeous Michelle! I can't thank you enough!" as she hugged me one more time. Pat sat down on her couch, and I sat on a chair facing them. Pat said, "Come here darling, and sit on my lap...don't be shy now...come to Momma...I won't bite, well not much...not hard anyway! We can sit here for awhile making out like school girls, then I'll take you to bed!" Amy settled down on her lap, wiggling her ass teasingly, after I told her, "Go on honey...you will be fine." Pat had taken her hand and patted her thigh saying, "Come on baby...that's a good girl!" As Amy settled down Pat had turned her hand over, so that Amy was sitting on her hand, and she put her arm around Pat's shoulders. "That's my sexy girl!" Pat was beaming from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat. "Isn't she gorgeous?" I said, "Mmm...Yes she is stunningly gorgeous, and so your type!" Pat was playing with her long hair. "Mmmm...she smells delicious too. So tell me honey...have you ever been with a woman before?" "No, I haven't," replied Amy. "Oh...that's too bad, so you don't have a girlfriend then, huh?" "No, but I have always been fascinated about it. I just never had the nerve to do anything about it." "Well I'm sure that has been very frustrating for you. That's not good for you darling!" Pat added as she kissed and ran her tongue around Amy's ear and neck, grazing her skin with her teeth. She finally took Amy's face between her hands and turned her face towards hers, saying softly, while looking lovingly into her eyes, "How about giving me some nice birthday kisses...huh baby? You have such pretty eyes and I love your lips, and the color of your lipstick." She gave Amy tender butterfly kisses on those plump lips. I could tell that Pat was tongue kissing Amy. Pat pulled her closely against her body. The kiss became very intense. I could see Pat sucking on Amy's tongue into her mouth, as she slowly rotated her head in small figure eight motion. It was a beautiful sight to watch, this old dyke virtually devouring this young sexy new lover. They made out for at least five minutes barely stopping for breath, then Pat slowly pulled away from their kiss and she panted, "Fuck, I'm so damned wet," as she took Amy's hand and opened her own legs and said, "Touch me there baby, see how wet my panties are...see what you're doing to me!" "Yes, you are wet, aren't you?" Amy said. "I am baby, aren't I...slip your fingers into my panties and feel me!" panted Pat. Amy did as she was told, and her fingers found Pat's slippery pussy. Pat let out a loud moan, and with her eyes closed, she said, "Put your fingers in...put them in me!" Amy pumped her fingers in Pat's cunt until Pat had a mini orgasm as she looked into Amy's eyes, and she looked at the girl with strong lesbian lust in her eyes for the girl. "Let's go upstairs to bed now, we can really make ourselves comfortable up there, okay?" asked Pat. I chipped in, "Why don't you fuck her here on the couch?" "I do like to fuck on the couch, but I usually make out down here first, and then take them upstairs to my bed, anyway that is where my strap- on dildos are. Let's go upstairs, baby?" "Okay," Amy said and pulled her fingers out of Pat's pussy. They stood up, and Pat playfully pinched Amy's bum. I too was getting wet, watching the two lovers, and it was hard for me not to ask if I could join them, but I knew this was going to happen so I had brought along a vibrator, so I could at least satisfy myself while Pat enjoyed her birthday gift on her own. Pat took Amy by the hand as they walked upstairs together, and I followed. I had no intention of not watching them consummate their love. We walked into Pat's bedroom, which was a shrine to the fairer sex. The center piece was a huge king sized bed, where I knew Pat had fucked many a young girl over the years. The beautiful dresser had a huge mirror that pivoted, so she could adjust it, allowing them to watch themselves. I knew that the dresser also contained a wonderful selection of different types and sizes of vibrating toys. It was a stunning collection of toys used to corrupt young girls. The walls had beautifully framed photographs of young girls provocatively posed to show off their best attributes, and even a photograph of Pat lying on her bed with her legs wide open and a sexy young girl going down on her, licking her pussy with her hair spread out all over Pat's stomach. It was obvious that the picture had been taken right when Pat was undergoing a delightful orgasm, her head was back, eyes closed, and mouth wide open. I couldn't pass up the opportunity of making sure Amy didn't miss that picture by saying, "What a beautiful photograph!" as I pointed it out to Amy. Pat's retort was, "What a beautiful fuck she was, and I was coming at that moment." We both laughed, and looked ay Amy. Pat said, "Just like you, my darling, you're going to be a beautiful fuck too, aren't you?" Amy was visibly stimulated by the sight by her slightly red face. "Maybe." Pat led Amy to the side of the bed and said, "Darling I want you to undress me. I will undress you later, after all a maid should be sure her mistress is looked after properly." "Sure," replied Amy, as Pat turned around and said, "Unzip my dress" Amy unzipped Pat's dress, and pulled it down to the floor as Pat stepped out of it. She stood there with just her bra and panties on, as she pulled Amy tightly against her body and kissed her again. As Amy wrapped her arms around Pat, to return the kiss, Pat said, "Unclasp my bra, baby!" Amy undid Pat's bra, and it fell to the floor, thus reveling Pat's huge G-sized breasts with equally large nipples, that sagged down to her waist like all older women's tits do. With that Pat turned and pulled back the sheets, and invited Amy to get in, still dressed in her sexy maids outfit, and Pat joined her, still wearing her panties. Pat pulled Amy close to give her some more deep, long and wet kisses. She demanded, "Play with my tits, baby!" between kisses, as she lifted one of her huge breasts up to Amy's lips, while she fondled one of Amy's breasts through the uniform. As Amy played with Pat's breast it brought moans of pleasure from Pat's lips. Pat pulled away from the kiss, demanding, "Suck my nipples!" as she held up both of her sagging tits in front of Amy's mouth. AAAAHHHH...I LOVE THAT...suck them and bite them" Amy's mouth was busy as could be, as she did as she was told. She was delighting Pat. Bbs Lolitas Pics "Oh yeah...just like that, BABY!" she moaned. Pat said in a softer voice, "Amy darling, I'm so fucking wet for you. I want you to take my panties off, and put your fingers in me, then go down on me, put your mouth on my cunt and tongue my clit!" Amy moved her body around to take Pat's panties off, and Pat lifted her bum off of the bed long enough to facilitate Amy's efforts. Amy pulled the panties free of Pat's legs and threw them onto the floor. Pat opened her legs, saying, "There...now put your fingers in me!" Amy's hand went straight to Pat's cunt, and she slid two fingers right into her gaping cunt. That brought more moans of delight from Pat. Amy's thumb rubbed against Pat's clitoris, which brought even more vocal proclamations from Pat's mouth. But Pat wanted Amy's sweet mouth on her pussy. Pat proclaimed, "I can't wait...go down on me, baby!" as she spread her legs even wide, to accommodate Amy's body. Amy repositioned herself between Pat's legs, as she slowly went down on Pat, as she swept away Pat's thick bush, revealing her cunt lips, making way for her to insert her tongue into her pussy. When Amy lowered her head to inhale the fragrance of her vagina, Pat placed her hands on the sides of Amy's head, and pulled Amy's mouth down onto her pussy. "There's a good girl...go down on it, and suck me, darling!" Pat let out a gasp of pleasure as Amy's tongue began to flick at her swollen clit, as Pat reacted by slowly grinding her hips upwards in circular motions into Amy's mouth. Pat looked over at me and said, "I swear this is the most beautiful sight in the world. Seeing a sexy young girl's head between my legs, huh?" as she winked at me. "Oh, I totally agree! She is such a pretty sight, and one of my all time Bbs Lolitas Pics favorites, too!" I agreed. Pat's head fell back against the pillow with her eyes closed, and obviously she was concentrating on Amy's tongue. She was biting her upper lip, as her breathing began to get ragged and then moaning, "Oh suck it, baby, suck it...suck it!" as her head moved side to side. Her eyes opened and rolled back. Pat was lifting her hips up, grinding her pussy into Amy's mouth. I could tell that Pat's orgasm was building, she was about to cum. Knowing Pat the way I did, I knew she would ride Amy's mouth in such a way Bbs Lolitas Pics as to prolong her climax as long as possible. I was sure Amy's jaw would pay the price of Pat's desires. All the time Amy was lapping at her pussy, Pat was talking. "Oh, that's a good girl...eat me, eat me...eat my pussy, you little slut!" Pat was saying, as she looked over at me through glassy eyes, giving me a quick smile, and a wink. Her mouth opened before she let out an animal like cry. I swear she was about to smother Amy with her cunt. She looked down at her and said, "Stay with me baby...I'm going to cum soon, don't stop eating my nasty old cunt, don't take your mouth away from me! FUCK YEAH...I'M CUMMING!!!!" With that her body plopped back down on the bed. And she started screaming all kinds of things. "I'm CLOSE...I'M ALMOST THERE, ALMOST THERE!!!!" With that she arched her back, forcing Amy's nose hard against her clit. Pat yelled at the top of her voice, "I'M GONNA CUM...I'M GONNA CUM! Then she screamed unbelievably loud, "FUCK I'M CUMMING! KEEP SUCKING MY CUNT! OH I'M CUMMING...FUCK.. I'M COUMMMINNNNGGG!!!" By the time Pat was finished she was sweating profusely and her sheets were soaking wet. I didn't think she was ever going to stop quivering. The sights and smell of her sex was also thrilling me. I was jabbing my battery powered vibrator so deep into my pussy that there was nothing sticking out for me to hang onto. At that point I didn't care if I was ever able to retrieve the vibrator. Pat was saying, "I want it again! Keep sucking my cunt until I cum again! Amy was exhausted by that time, but she continued licking Pat's cunt. The saving grace was that Pat reached her second climax quicker. She let us know when she came again by screaming out. "OH...FUCK...YOUR MOUTH IS GREAT AT SUCKING CUNTS!" By that time I had fished out enough of my vibrator to be shoving it in and out, making slurping noises as I fucked my cunt with my toy. I also had a very satisfying cum too. Pat was lying there in a pool of her own sweat, as Amy continued giving her pussy butterfly kisses, and licking her wet pubic hair as Pat was coming down off of her high. Her eyes opened, and her mouth was open, because she was about to hyperventilate. She was continuing to stoke Amy's hair. Pat said, "Fuck, that was good, but I want more!" Pat said, "Okay, lets' see you undress, nice and slow for me! Leave your nylons, panties and bra on for now! I want to check them out!" Amy stood up at the side of the bed as she pulled down the zipper of her sexy uniform, and slowly wiggled out of the tight fitting uniform, revealing her sexy, ripe body. She looked absolutely delicious, because her creamy white skin contrasted so much against the black bra, panties, and dark nylons. Both Pat and I were studying what she looked like. Pat looked at me and said, "Mmmm...BABY, you look so fucking sexy...huh, Michelle?" as she looked over at me. "Oh yeah...very fucking hot, and I would love to fuck her myself!" I drooled. "You would, huh?" laughed Pat. She added, ""Don't worry dear. I'm going to kiss, lick, suck, and fuck every single inch of her for the two of us!" she panted. "Mmmmm...and I don't blame you at all!" I agreed. Pat addressed Amy, "Now take off your bra, and give us a look at your tits!" Amy unclasped her bra, and threw it to the floor by the bed. Pat and I both gasped together at the sight of her beautiful breasts. Her breasts were not quite a C-cup but they were firm and had that perfect conical shape, and her mauve areolas were like little swollen bulbs perched at the end of the flawless cones. The nipples stood out proudly in front of them. Pat exclaimed, "WOW" I can't wait to get them in my mouth!" I would have loved to suck on one of Amy's tits too, but this was Pat's fuck tonight. Pat couldn't wait any longer she placed the girl on the bed, so that she could lie on top of her head to tail. She sucked Amy's pussy, while she lowered her hairy pussy down to Amy to eat on. It was a very erotic sight to witness. After awhile Pat had to fuck the girl. Pat leaned over and opened the drawer of her nightstand to remove a strap-on dildo. It was an interesting looking toy. As Pat slipped her legs into the harness, and lifted her butt to pull the thing into place and fasten the Velcro straps, Amy and I were staring at the dildo. It was a large phallus, made out of a translucent red acrylic. It was long enough that Amy could hand grip it like a baseball bat with both hands and the knob would still be visible. Pat adjusted it and announced, "There, it is ready for you, Amy!" as she smiled Bbs Lolitas Pics at Amy. "GAWD, it's too large for me!" Amy proclaimed. "I know baby, but you'll be able to take all of it, I'm sure. I just need to get your cunt nice and wet. Is that okay, darling?" Pat pleaded as she moved down over Amy's body to start sucking on Amy's nipples. Pat was moaning while sucking on the nipples. She was obviously in heaven as she did everything to stimulate Amy. Amy was also letting out moans of her own. It was delightful to watch an experienced dyke like Pat hungrily sucking away to her hearts delight. I watched Pat move her hand down to stroke Amy's panties. The delicately patterned matching garter belt and panties looked so erotic on the nice little bottom. Pat playfully pulled on the garter belt, as she asked, "Let me have a feel of your beautiful pussy?" Pat gently pulled the panties down. Amy had to lift her bum up a little to allow Pat to pull the little panties down and free of her legs. The tiny ball of material would have fit in a ball not much larger that a golf ball. Pat held the crotch to her nose, and smelled the fragrance of Amy's panties, before she stuffed the panties in Amy's mouth. Bbs Lolitas Pics Then she placed her hand on Amy's vulva. She proclaimed, "Oh your pubic hair is so soft and your cunt is so tight!" as she slowly pushed one of her fingers into the folds of Amy's labia. Pat kissed Amy again, and used her teeth to pull the little black panties from her mouth. I watched as Pat added a second finger into Amy's tight little cunt. Amy's body stiffened as the second finger invaded her flesh. Pat was finger fucking her furiously, which brought more moans of pleasure from Amy. Pat asked, "There baby, do you like that? Do you want me to lick your cunt now darling?" Amy was breathless as she said, "Okay, do it!" Pat repositioned herself between Amy's legs, and rubbed her cheek against the sexy nylon clad thighs, as she worked her head towards the girl's delicate little cunt. Pat was proclaiming, "So pretty, what a beautiful pussy and you smell so delicious." As she closed her eyes, and stuck out her tongue. She licked the girl's soft pubic hairs covering her vulva. Pat had years and years of pussy sucking experience, and made Amy cum very quickly with her mouth. Amy's reaction was to start moaning, "Ohhhhh," as Pat began sucking on her labia, and probing the depths of her cunt with her tongue. Pat was clinging to Amy's hips while she was lavishing tender oral love to her pussy. Amy reacted by riding the tongue and mouth of the older woman. Pat stayed down there enjoying the smell and heat radiating from Amy's cunt, as Amy had a couple orgasms. The time had come for Pat to fuck her birthday present. Pat Bbs Lolitas Pics sat up, with her face covered with Amy's pussy juices. She licked her lips and said, "Baby, you are good and wet now. You are ready to be fucked now!" She lifted Amy's legs and placed them on her shoulders, and pulled Amy's hips down the bed, and closer to her body. Pat took her cock in hand, as she guided it towards the swollen puffy little pussy lips. Pat thrust her hips forward, driving the dildo into Amy's cunt. Amy took a quick intake of air, as it entered her body. I stood up to get a better view of the sexual activity. Amy was taking it all. It was a beautiful sight. As Pat began to actually fuck the girl, I watched as Amy's flesh clung to the dildo on the out stokes, stretching into a thin clinging sheath, and then reverse on the in stroke. Pat announced, "Hang on baby, because I'm going to push it all the way in!" Amy complained, "You're so big!" "I know honey, I know it's big, but you are going to love it!" There were some additional exchanges until Pat's pelvic bone was pressed tightly against Amy's soft flesh, giving testimony to the fact that the dildo was all the way in the girl's cunt. Pat said, "Put your legs around my body honey! I want to feel your nylons rubbing my hips and your heels digging into my bum." Amy wrapped her legs around Pat's waist, and crossed her ankles behind her back, locking her legs around Pat's body. Pat found a way to rotate her body between the girl's legs to maximize Amy's feelings. Amy rewarded Pat's efforts with moaning provocations of undying love. Amy was proclaiming, "It is so large in my... I can't believe how good it feels in me." Pat said, "I'm going to give you the best fucking of your life. From today on you will be spoiled. You will not be happy Bbs Lolitas Pics with anything but a hard rubber cock. When I'm done I will let you use my strap-on to fuck me too!" Pat slowly began pumping her hips building up a rhythm. When she asked Amy if she liked it, Amy could only respond with a positive, "YES. I do like it!" As Pat increased her speed, Amy was screaming, "I love it...I love it!" Pat said, "Good Girl, I knew you would love it!" While Pat was fucking Amy she leaned over her body, dangling her ponderous breasts over Amy's head. The girl lifted up her head and claimed a big nipple with her mouth. She sucked tit, until she almost passed out when she had the strongest orgasm of her life. Pat even had a climax while Amy was quivering. It was beautiful to witness. When it was over Amy lay in Pat's arms, while Pat played with her hair, and gave her tender little kisses. Pat whispered, "I bet you think that first boy that fucked you didn't know what the hell he was doing! Men and boys don't know how to please a woman better than another woman. They only want you for one thing, and can't appreciate a woman the way another woman can. Love is just a four letter word to them. Now a lesbian knows how to treat a woman properly, how to love her, and take care of her needs. Darling, age is just a number! Don't you think so?" Are you saying that I shouldn't have anything to do with men?" Amy asked. "I personally think so, but you will have to decide for yourself! I would be so good for you. Let me show you what true love is all about! You are too beautiful for the likes of men and boys. Trust me honey, they would not be any good for you!" Pat explained. Amy said, "I'm not sure." "Honey, has any male treated you properly, and has any male fucked you better than I just did?" asked Pat. "No...No male has ever understood my feelings; some have even physically abused me, and cheated on me." Amy admitted. "Well, there you are, darling. Did I fuck you good, honey? Did I make you cum before I stopped?" asked Pat. "Yes, you did." Amy replied. "Listen, honey...you were made for women like me, I would have more of you. Why not forsake others and be my girl?" asked Pat. "The thought of boys or men sticking their dirty cocks in you is gross to me, my love! I will treat you like a princess! Bbs Lolitas Pics I will do everything to please you, and make you feel the joys of womanhood." said Pat, as she winked at me. Amy looked deep into Pat's eyes and asked, "You would treat me as good as all of that, and you'd be faithful to me?" "Of course, but it does depend on you giving me all of your love! I do need lots of love from a young thing like you, darling! Would you be willing to give me all of the love I demand?" asked Pat. Amy thought, before answering, "I would give you all the love you want...if you treat me right!" "So you will forsake all males, and be my girl? Pat asked, hoping for a positive answer. "Yes, I will...I will be your girlfriend and I promise I will love you, and give you all of the pussy you can handle, as long as you treat me right." replied Amy. "Oh honey, don't worry your pretty little head over that! I'll treat you tight, and more," said Pat as she turned Amy's head towards her and gave her a deep tongue kiss that took the breath away from the girl. While I listened to their proclamations, my mind was thinking about my own future. I had my eye on Amy's friend, Megan. She was a hot young girl of 16 as well. I just had to ask Amy, "Honey, would you hook me up with Megan? I have been told that she is a free spirited girl, do you think she could be converted to lesbianism?" "Oh, you like Megan?" Amy asked. "Yes dear, I think she is sexy. I would love to get to know her better! I would drink a gallon of her piss just get my mouth on where it comes from!" I said. Amy laughed, "She might just take you up on that!" I asked, "So do you think you could bring her over to my house soon?" Amy said, "I'll see what I can do for you." The three of us had a good laugh! I asked, "I would like her to spend the afternoon and evening with me, also I would like her to come to me dressed just like you! Do you think she would be willing to make love to me?" Amy said, "Megan is very horny, I have partied with her several times. I will deliver her to you personally! Give me a couple of days." "Sounds like my kind of girl!" I said. We shook hands, as we kissed cheeks. I thanked her. After witnessing what took place between Pat and Amy, I was horny for Megan. This had been the perfect evening, and Amy was the perfect lesbian match for Pat. They had become an item. I am looking forward to the first visit of Megan to my home. As I tell this story I find that my panties are soaking wet, just thinking about doing to Megan what Pat did to Amy.I hope you enjoyed the story, and if you have a story you would like told, please send your mail to janmay696yahoo.com
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