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Dark Lolita Bbs

(2011-11-22 16:24:38)






Related article: Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 09:54:56 EDT From: Excaliber1021439aol.com Subject: A Busy Week, Part 6 (Gay Relationships)A Busy Week, Part 6Young bar boy Kevin always wakes me up after a few hours of sleep. He climbs over me and he makes his way to the bathroom. He has a piss and a shit and I always hear him fart. And then I hear him use the French bidet that I had installed so that my guests can clean up their ass holes.Twenty-year-old Tom is asleep and breathing heavily as eighteen-year-old Kevin gets in bed alongside me. I spoon up to him and he raises a leg so that my stiff cock can find his pucker and one long push takes my ramrod deep inside him. I begin to fuck his ass off and Tom wakes up with all the commotion.Tom sticks a few fingers in my rectum as I fuck young Kevin furiously. My ass hole is on fire as he twirls his fingers inside it. Then I cock a leg so that Tom's cock can enter my ass hole. Can you imagine the feeling of being fucked by a young stud as you are fucking a barely legal boy?I come first and Kevin cries out as he feels my warm love juice spurt deep inside him. I kiss the back of his neck and I jack his hot cock off until it shoots its load of pent up cum all over the bed. Tom fucks on until I feel the throb of his cock in my love tube and the warmth of the bucketful of cum that his dick deposits deep inside me.We're all joined up in a blissful love fest and we fall asleep again for a while with my cock inside Kevin and Tom's cock in me. Then, at ten o'clock sharp, my alarm clock rings and I jump out of bed. I take a shower and shave and then I return to my bedroom to get dressed for church. I choose a fresh pair of socks and I sit on the bed to put them on and Tom's lips find my cock that quickly swells in his mouth. Oh how I love him sucking my cock off as I stroke his short dark hair. I feel his overnight stubble scrape against my aching balls and within a few minutes my tingling cock creams his throat.I slip into a pair of smooth silk boxers and my head gets down on Tom's hard boner and I return his favor. He soon moans as his cock begins to Dark Lolita Bbs send jets of his cum into my mouth and I swallow it with relish. Then I put a Dark Lolita Bbs shirt and tie on and dark slacks and shoes and I am ready for the eleven o'clock service.The bell stops tolling precisely on the hour and the organist plays Dark Lolita Bbs the processional music. The Reverend Brown and the choir take their places dressed in purple cassocks and white surplices. The choirboys wear pleated ruffs around their necks. I always think that they look so cute and angelic.Reverend Brown is only twenty-six and he's an extremely handsome guy. All the women in the congregation love to look at his manly face. He's got short blond hair and a square-cut jaw and full wide red lips. His eyes are the deepest shade of blue and he has a double set of long lashes.If the girls only knew what I know about the rest of his body under his cassock; he wears no underwear and his body is as smooth as silk and, boy oh boy, his cock and balls are hung like a horse.I got to know this for the first time a few weeks ago when he invited me back to the vicarage after the service to discuss the supply of flowers for the church. Normally, I would have arranged for my manager, Ms Davis, to take that up with him but there was something about his invitation that seemed so very personal that I readily accepted the chore.I knew that he was a bachelor and that he had a live-out cook to prepare his meals. That Sunday she had cooked for two and I shared a meal with him. After lunch we talked about the flowers and I made some notes about the dates of the important church festivals when special flowers would be needed. He loved to hear him talk in his sexy New England accent.After the meal was over, he took me into his private study and poured both of us a brandy and soda and we sat down together on a very comfortable chesterfield. We talked about each other for a while and we found out we had a lot in common. Both of us had graduated from the best of universities and we shared a love of the cinema and the theatre.And then I broached the subject of marriage and kids. He paused a little when I asked him if he planned to marry and start a family. He told me that he would love to have kids but that he was not the marrying kind. When I looked into his eyes, I realized that he was gay like me and I grasped his hand with affection. He responded by gently kissing me on my lips and that's how our lovemaking began.At the end of the service I wait for him as he says goodbye to the rest of the growing congregation and we lunch together at his vicarage. Later, in his study we kiss each other quite passionately with our tongues in each other's mouths. Deftly, I unbutton his cassock and push it off his broad shoulders until it hits the floor.I admire his smooth body that is naked except for the gold crucifix hanging from the chain around his neck. I just love to look at his cut ten-inch cock that is hardening with love for me. Then I squeeze his shaved ball bag that swings between his legs. He sighs as I kneel down and take his cock deep down my throat.He opens his legs as a signal that his ass hole is ready for me to finger fuck it and I stick four fingers through his pucker. Then I suck his cock quite furiously as my fingers wiggle inside his rectum. He moans and groans with pleasure and my cock dribbles pre-cum in my silk shorts. I'm ready to fuck my horny vicar's ass.I get up and he instinctively bends over with his hands on his knees and I drop my pants and shorts and kick them into a corner of the room. I point my dick at his pink rosebud and I pull back my foreskin. Then one long push and all ten-inches of my manhood slide smoothly inside his love tube. He whimpers as he feels the heat of my cock inside him.I clutch his hips and I start slowly fucking his tight ass hole with long loving strokes and I feel him squeeze down on my cock to add to my thrills. Soon my balls are swollen and aching with cum and I begin to fuck him faster and faster with our smooth balls clashing together at the end of each inward stroke.I let out a cry of sheer joy as my cock begins to throb and tingle deep inside him. Then both of us feel my cock explode its love juice in spurt after spurt. He cries out for more and I fuck him on and on until my dick is completely spent. I pull out of him and take his cock in my mouth and I just get to suck it a couple of times before he shoots his love juice deep down my throat. We are both in an ecstasy of pure man loving sex.We go to bed together for an hour so and cuddle up together and talk to each other about the important things in life. I tell him how much I need loving sex every day. He laughs when I tell him about all the guys I get together with during my busy week.Then he tells me how much I mean to him. His job puts a heavy strain on his emotions. Every day he is involved in comforting the bereaved, helping the poor and visiting the sick. Before I came into his life he had felt unsure if he could carry on but now our intense lovemaking recharges his batteries enough for him to get through the week.Then we take a shower together and afterwards Dark Lolita Bbs we shave each other's ball bags with fresh disposable razors and loads of shaving foam. God how good it is to feel a ball bag as smooth as a baby's skin. And then we shave each other's ass holes and, after drying them off, we takes turns at tongue fucking our rosebuds.Our cocks stiffen and Reverend Brown whispers to me that his cock is aching to fuck my ass hole. I take him to his bedroom and I lie on my back at the edge of the bed with two pillows under my head. I get a thrill when I see him lube up his massive cock. When his cock is as hard as a poker, he pulls my legs up over his shoulders and leans over me with his hands on the bed.My hand finds his wagging dick and I guide it to my pucker. One little push and it pops easily inside my Dark Lolita Bbs rectum and I sigh at the heat of his cock head inside me at last. He kisses me lovingly with his tongue in my mouth and I feel my hard cock rub against his smooth abdomen.Then, still kissing me passionately he starts shoving his hot meat in and out of my love tube and I moan and groan as his smooth ball bag slaps against my horny butt. I squeeze down on his meat and he quickens the pace and he gets up off my face and I see him close his eyes as he nears his climax. The mattress begins to bounce as his cock pumps my tight ass hole.My hands caress his chest as he fucks me harder and harder. Quite soon his cock fills my bowel with blob after blob of his creamy cum and he screams with pleasure. I put my hands on his buttocks to help him fuck on until my own cock shoots its load off cum all over his chest. My cock and ass hole are in heaven at the same time.We get into bed together and doze off for a while with both our bodies quite exhausted with our lovemaking. Then, regrettably, the time comes for Reverend Brown to go over his Evensong sermon and I take my leave of this sweet holy guy. Before he sees me out, he tells me how much he'll miss me. I kiss him deeply and I assure him that I'll be there for him the following Sunday.On my way home I stop off at a roadside diner for a doughnut and a coffee. I sit alone and I review my busy week. Hells bells, how many millions of guys would jump to change places with me I think to myself. Then my thoughts turn to cute Tom who'll be waiting to enjoy me again before driving back to college later that night.My cock stiffens as I complete my journey home as I think what would have gone on between Tom and young Kevin that afternoon. But Kevin would have taken a cab home by now and Tom would be waiting for me all alone.I find Kevin watching TV in my lounge. He's been back home for a change of clothing and he looks simply gorgeous. He has a heavy gold chain around his neck and his chest is only partly covered by a yellow wife beater undershirt. His yellow shorts are oversized and baggy and he is wearing long yellow cotton socks.I say hello to him as I go to my bar and fix ourselves two stiff drinks and we sit together sipping them and chatting. He tells me of his horny afternoon with Kevin. I laugh when he tells me how shagged out the kid was before he left. I rub the black hair that covers Tom's thighs and he begins to kiss my ear with his wet tongue.My hand slips up his shorts and I find his cock stiff with desire for me. Then he unzips my pants and his hand pulls out my own stiff ramrod and he begins to stroke it up and down. I pull off his vest and I suck his huge nipples in turn until they're rock hard. He loves me doing that to him and he kisses me with his dribbling smooth tongue deep down my throat.I pull his shorts off and he's completely naked except for his long socks and trainers. He undoes my tie and unbuttons my shirt and licks and sucks my nipples hard. Then he pulls my shirt and pants off until I'm only in my silk boxers with my cock sticking out of their fly. I pull them down and he gasps at the sight of my freshly shaven balls.He takes each or them in his mouth in turn and sucks at them and then his mouth gives its attention to my hard cock. He sucks me as if this would be our last time together and I feel my balls begin to ache with a fresh load of cum.I get down on the floor with him in the sixty-nine position and our mouths worship each other's cocks. Just before either of us reaches the point of no return, I get up and fuck his horny ass doggy style. Within a minute or so the tightness of his love tube overcomes me and my head begins to swoon. My cock tingles as my cock pumps cup after cup of warm love juice deep inside him.I get up and he sits on a chair holding his stiff cock upright. I stand with my legs astride his own and I slowly sit on his cock until my balls rest on his thighs. He kisses me over and over again as he grunts and groans. Then I begin humping my body up and down on his love pole until I feel his body shudder in ecstasy as his hot cock shoots inside me. I hump on and on until I feel his cum dribble out of my ass hole.We whisper words of love to each other before we take a much-needed shower. Afterwards we cook and eat a meal together before he has to leave me for his drive back to college. When he's gone, all I can do is to climb the stairs and get into bed completely exhausted. Sunday night is my earliest bedtime of my busy week.Before I close my eyes, I say a little prayer. I ask God to look after Uncle Harry and all my lover boys. I have complete trust in the Old Man up in the sky. After all He has been so kind to me so far...The EndRichard AllenDid this series of stories entertain your private parts and/or stimulate your imagination. Let me know at excaliber1021439aol.com.
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