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Related article: A Breed Apart The Lolitas Art Pthc story is a work of fiction and is not based upon any known reality I am aware of. If gay male to male sex is not your bag, read something else. The author retains copyright to this story. Reproducing this story for distribution without the author's permission is a violation of that copyright. Welcome to part two of A Breed Apart. I apologize to my fans for how long it took to get this part out the door. I hope it gives you the reader great fantasies. This story contains sex between men and forced servitude. It is BDSM in spirit and Science Fiction in setting. If you have constructive feedback or appreciation you would like to express, feel free to email me at the address at the bottom of this installment. If you feel the need to flame, get a life, they have no impact on me and are ignored. A Breed Apart By Morgan Blackthorne Chapter 4 Cashing Reality Checks Jake pulled himself slowly up off the floor. The pain he felt was quickly becoming a memory. The amazing recovery rate he seemed to now possess did nothing to comfort his raging mind. It seemed only to serve as a quiet reminder to him of the horror his life had become. Slowly Jake paced the room. He was naked, angry and felt completely helpless. His slowed movement further fueled his anger. It was one thing to be locked up and tortured, but somehow, this was worse. Against any will of his own, Jake was now in the same company of a people he hated. He was now a cocksucker. The fact that while it was happening some part of him seemed to enjoy the act was the worst tormentor of all. Time wore on and the continuous light made it impossible to tell day from night. Frustrated and defeated, Jake slumped to the floor. No music to listen to, no reading, no television, nothing to distract him from the horrible thoughts of what he had become and his new life. At some point, Jake fell asleep on the floor. When he awoke Jake began to pace again. His mind tried to focus on escape. If only he could find a way through this nightmare to freedom and sanity. Time measured out slowly, like sand in an hourglass that was sadistically being refilled. Jake's tummy grumbled and hungered for food. The thought of eating made Jake angry and horny. Slowly, Jake became aware of a building ache in his balls and a pressure somewhere deep in his tight muscular ass. The door opened finally and a naked, muscle bound stranger strode into the room. He looked at Jake with complete disdain. "It is time for your first milking. Get up on the table." Jake refused to budge. He stayed seated on the floor and looked at the man with disgust. "Fuck you!" Jake spat out at the man with implied violent intent. The strange man regarded Jake for a brief moment and then spoke. "Yes, I have heard about you and your perchance for violence." With those words, the man walked up to Jake quickly, obviously under normal speed and use of his muscle. He slapped Jake across the face, the blow rang out across the room with a resounding, humiliating echo. Over and over again the slave slapped Jake. The blows themselves were stinging and hard, yet they served to humiliate Jake more than hurt him. Back and forth the naked muscle slave slapped Jake over and over again, like a doctor slapping a hysterical woman in an old black and white movie. Jake's fury had deepened significantly from the first few slaps. Jake had grown more furious Lolitas Art Pthc and tried to muster a defense, to no avail. The punishing slaps continued, maddening, humiliating, shaming, until something in the helpless Marines eyes faded. Some time later, shame and humiliation were the only emotions reflecting in Jake's eyes. There was an almost pleading in them for the humiliation to stop. Throughout the ordeal, Jake had proven helpless to stop this debasement. Like a sack of potato's, the man casually lifted Jake up onto his shoulder and carried him over to the examination table. He lay Jake down on it and then from the glow in the ceiling, tubes and equipment descended to the table. At the same time a console Lolitas Art Pthc emerged from the floor and the man began typing in a few things on the keyboard. Jake tried to get up, but the slowness of his actions telegraphed his intent. Jake was quickly thwarted back into submission with a few of the humiliating bitch slaps from the hulking technician who stood over him. "Settle down LM231. If you do not, I will immobilize you." Jake was not sure what emotions were running around in his head. Never before had the big ass kicking Marine been so helpless, so ineffectual, so, impotent. The technician slapped him a few more times for good measure before inserting Jake's cock into a large clear cylindrical tube. The tube was held in place by some sort of energy field. Once on his cock the field prevented its removal. Jake spat a flurry of curses and obscenities at the man working over him. Every once in a while he was bitch slapped over and over again until he settled down. The next indignation for Jake was a strange bulb about the size of a large marble being shoved up his virgin ass. Jake fought with himself inside. The torment of wanting to stop this invasion and yell at the bastard performing this act fought with the desire to not incur any more of the humiliating bitch slaps across his strong proud jaw and face. The bulb seemed to hold its place with the same energy as the tube over his soft cock. The technician looked down at Jake and smiled. "I will leave you to the machine now LM231. Normally you would be fed, however, I see here you are not to be fed for 5 days." With that the technician turned and left the room. About the time the door was closing, Jake was trying to get up so he could hop off the table. It was at this moment that the machine started up on its programmed mission. At once there was a humming and buzzing in Jake's ass. It was ecstasy unlike any Jake had felt before. Jake shook with a tidal wave of ecstasy and orgasmic joy. The sheer pleasure emanating from his anus wired a vibrating course of electric thrill directly into Jake's balls, brain and being. "Unngh!!!" Jake moaned as the vibration continued, his body went limp, then tense, then limp, then tense, repeating over and over again. The bulb in his ass started to swell against what Jake assumed was his prostate. It was Lolitas Art Pthc pleasure unlike Jake had ever felt before. Slowly, Jake felt something moving around his swollen prostate. Like soft yet firm nimble little microscopic fingers, massaging it and stroking it in a thousand different places and from a thousand different directions. The proud Marine found himself moaning and whimpering in a sea of pleasure as the tiny fingers worked their magic. Slowly, the swollen bulb in his ass started to stroke over his prostate with an in and out fucking motion. "Oh god!" Jake gasped as he shook with pleasure. He was in the middle of the most sensational feeling of his life. Jake looked down and saw white fluid pumping out of his soft cock. Though it was still soft, it was steadily getting harder and larger by the moment. With an orgasmic horror, Jake realized his cum was being milked from him regardless of the state of his own arousal or erection. More of the gentle little tendril fingers stretched and threaded there way through his body, tracing and massaging a path of sheer joy until they reached down into Jake's balls. The little fingers were now performing a sort of massage on his balls as well as his prostate, only from the inside. Jake started to quake and shiver uncontrollably. On and on the machine milked Jake. His prostate and balls were caressed, kneaded and stroked from the inside. It made Jake feel like putty. The rocking, fucking motion made Jake wonder if this is how his wife felt when he fucked her. Somehow, his mind knew however that this was better. Jake was being fucked like no one on earth could fuck him. A craving, a deep seeded need for pleasure washed over Jake's thoughts. The orgasmic Marine found himself begging for more. Harder! Faster! Deeper! More! For the first time in his life, Jake felt like a woman. Like a bitch. He needed the fuck to continue. Thoughts of his cock were erased like chalk on a black board. Jake's universe was now centered in his ass and the need to be fucked. Without Lolitas Art Pthc realizing it was happening, Jake stopped feeling like Jake the Marine and started feeling like LM231. It was a gradual build up of passion, pleasure and emotion. Thoughts of escape and anger were replaced with a sluttish need to be fucked. Harder! Faster! Deeper! LM231 moaned, he whimpered, he was begging the machine to fuck him harder with each ecstatically agonizing fuck stroke. LM231's cock was hard as stone and the tube was constantly filled with a river of his semen. Jake watched it in fascination as his juice was stroked and milked from him with a joy he had never known in his life. There was no woman capable of this joy. No act that could be more fulfilling. LM231 needed to be fucked and milked. It was a simple realization that somehow made the universe click and feel right. LM231 had no idea how long the milking went on. In truth he did not care so long as it didn't stop. Wave after wave of sluttish anal ecstasy washed over and through the whimpering cum factory. The moaning that filled the room came from what could only be described as a horny needy bitch. They came from the man on the table who once called himself Jake, now a willing slave who never wanted it to end. Somewhere, Jake started to emerge again from the euphoria. He felt his cock spasm and for the first time realized that not only was his ass in a cloud of joy, but his cock was spurting with a force and pleasure he had never known. Jake mused that he must have been having an orgasm now for over an hour. Time did not matter though. What mattered was that as more of Jake became aware, it was with that awareness that he realized the fuck he was getting was slowing and coming to an end. Jake couldn't believe himself but he was actually whimpering for more. Without knowing it until it happened, he feverishly panted out the words, "more, please, more." Jake's penis continued to throb and sperm continued to be pulled out of the thick meaty cock. The cum tube on the underside of Jake's cock was visibly bloating with each tremendous wave of sperm that Jake shot into the tube. The fucking had stopped, but Jake's cock was till cumming. It continued to shoot and ejaculate in agonizing fury. As if to defy man, machine and reason. It was orgasmic fascination now filling Jake's mind as he watched vast quantities of cum spurting out of his cock head into the tube. The tube was not really providing any stimulus. With an unseen force, it gently whisked up and away the sticky, milky globs of man seed in an unending cycle. Not sure of the force moving the cum up the tube, Jake was marveling at the continuous orgasm that was spurting out of his cock, unassisted and seemingly without end. The orgasm had moved from Jake's ass, which was still quivering. It was now centered in his cock and balls. Over and over, the hapless Marine Sergeant moaned and groaned in pleasure as the orgasm continued and his cock belched out sperm with unnerving consistency. Slowly, Jake became aware of another presence in the room. The technician had returned and was typing out something on the control console. There was in Jake a brief flash of modesty and shame at another man seeing him cum so hard and so much, but that quickly left all thought as Jake moaned and enjoyed the best fucking orgasm of his life. Bit by bit, moment, by moment, the pleasure was abating. Jake's powerful milky spurts of cum were gradually loosing intensity. Vast quantities were still being lobbed into the cum tube, but the orgasm was ending. To Jake, it felt like he was coming down from a high. Gently, as if floating on a cloud. Not sure where it came from, Jake found himself looking at the technician. "Thank you." Jake said. Scarcely believing the words coming out of his mouth. The mind blowing orgasm had simply wiped away for now, any thought of prejudice and hatred. Jake was softly moaning in grateful joy for the orgasm he was still having and slowly coming down from. The technician looked a little startled by Jake's comment. "You are welcome." The man said. He then continued. "I hope that you will behave in the future when you see me. I will be back to milk you regularly. I am your milking technician until your status is resolved." Jake nodded and softly moaned his assent. He couldn't believe it, but at that moment, he wanted nothing more than to comply and allow himself to be milked and to keep the pleasure moving through his cock and more importantly now, his ass! With fascination, Jake watched his cock soften. His cum was still seeping out of it in a slow trickle. It amazed and astounded him as he watched the tube slurp and whisk away his cum. When at last his cock had softened completely and the cum flow stopped, the tube retraced from his cock. At the same time, the bulb gently slipped from Jake's ass. Jake whimpered softly as his ass involuntarily clamped down and tried to keep the bulb in that was no longer there. Jake's guts felt so empty. His ass was still having phantom waves of fuck pleasure and his balls felt like they had been treated to a world class ball wash. More than that however, Jake felt empty deep inside. Something was wrong and missing. Suddenly, without warning, Jake was in agonizing pain. His stomach knotted and cramped. Jake screamed out in agony. His feet kicked out slowly and methodically. It felt 100 times worse than the time in his life when as a boy, he had eaten a bunch of crab apples from the neighbors tree. It felt as though his stomach was knotting and twisting inside. Then, when he thought he couldn't bare it, new pain erupted inside of him centered in Jake's balls! To Jake it felt like some one was simultaneously stabbing and punching him in the nuts! Over and over again in soul shredding waves of pain. The pain in his balls, blended with the agony of his stomach and Jake found himself in a fit of screaming agonizing pain. The worst pain of all came when Jake felt his prostate burning. It was like a cruel fist was squeezing it and a thousand cigarettes were being put out on it. Jake was now sobbing and wailing, tears flowing freely from his eyes as he begged over and over again for the pain to stop. The technician leaned over to Jake and placed Lolitas Art Pthc his hand on the Marines fevered brow. "I am sorry you must endure this LM231. What you are feeling is food withdrawal exasperated by a milking." Jake tried to listen as the technician explained what it was Jake was going through. Periodically, the conversation would stop as no words could be heard over Jake's screams of agony and pain. What was happening to him seemed to be a combination of not being fed and at the same time being milked. His body was desperately trying to compensate for the lack of nutrition at not being fed. Apparently, if a slave was well fed, there was nothing but bliss and joy after a milking. When there was no sustenance in the body to support the milking however, the pain would continue for hours after the milking. Jake pleaded and begged the technician to make it go away. Anything to end the pain. The technician raised his massive, meaty cock towards Jake's lips. "Beg for it slave!" Jake started to beg for the slaves cock. Begging for the slaves cum! Jake begged and begged for the cure to the pain that was racking his body. The cruel technician shook his head no and explained that Jake was being punished for his bad behavior. The technician explained that he was like Jake, a slave. If he were to break the rules, they would both be punished. More than that, the technician was a trustee. He was allowed the full mobility of his body and freedom of movement because he had shown he could be trusted. Finally, Jake had attacked his friend, a fellow slave and that could not go unpunished. The sadistic slave teased and milked his cock at Jake who desperately tried to capture it with his mouth, unaware of just how far he was humiliating and debasing himself. At some point, Jake stopped hearing what the technician was saying. The pain was intensifying and his ears were ringing. He was convulsing with the dry heaves as he spun in a spiral of sickness that was born from the sheer volume of the pain he was going through. Finally, cock, more cock and cum. Jake's mind could now only process his need to be filled and to guzzle seed that was not forthcoming. Jake's mind was gone by the time the technician stopped taunting him with his cock. He was unaware of the technician leaving the room, a smug smile on his face. Chapter 5 Adjustments Jake hadn't slept. The lack of sleep was maddening. The pain had ebbed but his hunger grew steadily worse. He was in a constant state of need and dire thirst. If he could estimate time, the mind and soul shredding pain following each milking lasted at least 6 hours or more. Two times now since the first, Jake had been milked. If milking was a daily occurrence, three days had passed since the first day when he had attacked Karl. Nothing would give him peace. Jake found himself in a cold sweat. Precious fluids escaped profusely from his pores exasperating further his pain and hunger. The odor was musky and sweet. It was maddening and cruel. The scent of his own sweat reminded Jake of the sperm he so desperately needed and craved. There were no thoughts of aggression, no thoughts of anger or vengeance. Jake simply needed to eat. He craved cum and more than that, he often found himself in fits of delirium where he was sucking and milking away at imaginary cocks from a thousand Kathshari masters. Had anyone been watching, it might have been comic and tragic to watch his lips form an "O" of their own accord and his throat trying to swallow and milk the imaginary cock that was not there. Jake was in a sperm fever now. His rational mind was stripped layer by layer from him. The all encompassing need to suck cock and drink cum was filling the void left behind in the wake of his fleeting thoughts. On day three, Jake no longer even received pleasure from the milkings. Instead, each time the technician came, it was agony from start to finish. Jake was fading and a new identity was forming. LM231 kneeled and greeted the technician day after day with an open mouth, begging for a taste of milky delicious sperm. "Just one drop." He would beg. To Jake's eternal shame, LM231 would beg and whimper as the technician beat his face with his long, thick cock. He needed it in him so badly. Still, relief was not forthcoming. The slave technician would dickwhip LM231 and force him to beg for a good ten or fifteen minutes, then he would pick LM231 up like a child, place him on the table and the horrifying milking would occur once again. On day four, the technician looked on at LM231 with a measure of pity as he went about the work he had to complete. Without Lolitas Art Pthc nourishment, LM231 had become weak and compliant. Lacking even the ability to kneel and beg, LM231 no longer had the strength to get off the table after a milking. All he could do was lay there in excruciating pain Lolitas Art Pthc and ceaseless hunger. Day five was the worst. Jake was gone. LM231 the penitent slave was now firmly in place, taking up residence in his awareness and soul. The pain, the agony, the hunger was beyond endurance. It was pure hellish insanity without end. Unrelenting insanity that left no moment of peace or reason. Pain, layered with a hunger beyond the scope of human comprehension. New awareness crept into LM231's head. He was no longer hungry. His eyes caught a glimpse of the feeding tube that was disappearing into the bright light of the ceiling. He knew that he had sucked and nursed on that tube, taking the nourishment he needed to slake his burning cum hungry thirst. LM231 smiled. He knew he was Jake. Somewhere inside, he knew Jake. Who Jake was, what Jake wanted. Lolitas Art Pthc The experience of the last five days had taught his mind a biological lesson however. He knew that obedience was the best way to go. Something inside his own free will was beating down the Jake persona. It was not that LM231 hated Jake, but more that he needed to do something to ensure that he never go through five days of what he had just endured. LM231 forced acceptance onto the Jake inside himself. He forced the fading person who was Jake to accept the fact that he was no longer a captured Marine sergeant and was now a slave called, LM231. Denial of that fact and continued regression into the Jake persona had no future. LM231 and service to his master was the future, of that he was now certain. Throughout the ordeal, LM231 had not once been spared awareness. He had been wide awake and aware every second of every day. God did not exist for no prayers were answered. Jake did not exist because he got LM231 into trouble. Nothing could exist except service to his masters. That thought had been the only buoy of rationality that LM231 could hang onto to keep his mind from going totally and completely insane from the pain and a hunger unknown to any human prior to encountering the Kathshari. After the euphoria of being fed had worn off, LM231 found himself practicing over and over again ways to defeat and bury the man who had been Jake. In his mind, Jake was now the enemy. Jake had caused him all of this trouble and the Marine training of mind and body he had been given in the past, now was to be employed in the destruction of Jake and anything to do with disobedience. LM231 would never go hungry again. In the days that followed, LM231 knew endless pleasure. When he was fed from the feeding tube, he was euphoric and happy. Endorphins would flood his body and his spirit would soar. Somehow it was not as good as sucking a cock, but it was delicious and thrilling none the less. LM231 greedily gulped and swallowed all the sperm he could from the feed tube. Were it possible, he would drink more and more, but his servings always seemed to be rationed out to give him enough to live on and be happy. Each milking was now a joy for LM231. How could anyone not love what he had become? In sluttish delight he shamelessly fucked himself on the bulb over and over again. His cock seemed to shoot more and more cum each day and it seemed to last longer and longer each time. LM231 was in bliss. Nothing was better than this life. All he had to do was feed and get the sperm fucked and milked out of him. Leceriau was in his spacious quarters, located inside the alien complex on earth. He lay on his back in his bed, watching the latest feeding and milking of slave LM231 on a wall monitor. Slave LM113 was on top of Leceriau, facing away. The slave was happily fucking his ass up and down on the massive Kathshari cock as the master watched the screen. There was no doubt in Leceriau's mind that LM231 was prime farm material. That would in his estimates, reduce his profit, but perhaps be a better option for the troublesome slave. No ordinary Kathshari, Leceriau knew he was a deviant. Unlike most men of his world, he had regular sex with his slaves. Insisting that it made them more loyal and happy, Leceriau engaged in what his people considered to be a deviant behavior. It was a behavior deviant by society standards, but with wide practice and fine appreciation for those who did. Leceriau thought it sad at times. For a Kathshari, having sex with a human was to society, what most humans felt about their people that had sex with animals. Humans were so far below them on the evolutionary scale that animals were the only comparison available. It was disgusting and unpalatable to the majority. Not however to Leceriau. He reveled in the pleasure of male to male contact. The fact that these were slaves, human beasts if you will, made it all the more pleasurable for him. If he could, Leceriau decided he would make the effort to turn LM231 into a pleasure slave. He knew others like him that would pay double for a properly trained human sex pet and with LM231's potency factor, the price might reach the gods themselves. Leceriau grunted and moaned, signaling the onslaught of his own impending orgasm to the anal hungry butt slave feverishly fucking himself on his long fifteen inch cock. The slave riding his cock was a black warrior, taken from the Ethiopian Empire at the height of its power. He had developed muscle upon muscle. The proud black cock, uncut and throbbing, measured at least as long as his own now and probably just as thick. Leceriau looked at it with hunger. The slave had been a prime buck when he was taken, but now, under the genetic modification of Kathshari sperm, he had become easily twice the man he once was. Leceriau turned off the monitor and quickly spun the fuck hungry slave around to face him while keeping the black stud impaled on his fifteen inch phallus. The slave howled in ecstasy as his prostate rotated on the wrist thick meat inside of his steamy cum hungry bowels. LM113 was shaking and bouncing harder than ever now as he squeezed and milked Leceriau's cock with his well trained, vice like anal muscles. The big black muscle slave was lost in the delirium of a hard fevered fuck and he tried desperately to make his masters cock bash and batter every inch of his needy insides. He wanted that cock to touch and pound every part of his being. To that end he slammed himself up and down, side to side, pummeling and pounding every inch possible of his own hot steamy insides. Genetic modification of the slaves insides made it possible to take every inch, but more than that, every inch of the insides were tender and sensitive to touch. The more cock a Master had, the more a slave would feel from the fuck. Bending down, Leceriau engulfed the throbbing black muscle cock in front of him. The big black gonads beneath it were massive, big enough to rival Leceriau's own impressive lemon sized balls. The foreskin slid easily up and down on the massive cock head in his mouth. The taste and flavor of this stud cock was delicious and incredible to the sucking slurping Kathshari Master. The slave bucked again and moaned louder as his Master began to fuck his own face on his own meaty slave cock. "Yes lord! Yes MASTER. Oh MASTER! Fuck all of me!" Both men grunted and moaned loudly. As if on queue, first Leceriau's cock spasmed. Then the first fist sized glob of hot white Kathshari sperm rocked up his thick cum tube and pelted the horny black muscle buck deep in his guts. The force of the ejaculation was a hammer blow to the fuck slaves clutching fuck orifice, but no pain registered. Instead, the sheer force of the pounding cum glob only served to trigger something deep inside the black studs own system and with the intensity of a hose, he began to squirt and fill his masters greedy sucking mouth. Slave and master pumped each other over and over again. The orgasm was thunderous with both men grunting and moaning in pleasure. The squirting Master Lolitas Art Pthc cock was rapidly swelling the cum hungry belly of the needy slave as he bucked, writhed and moaned. Though not of the same quantity, the load Leceriau Lolitas Art Pthc was greedily gulping down was, by human standards, epic. A horse would have trouble competing. When the rut was over, both men disengaged. Leceriau smiled as the tight pink pucker of his beautiful ebony slave closed up fist tight. Medical equipment would have a difficult time opening that pucker once a load had been deposited. The slaves ass would stay tightly closed until all of the cum had been absorbed by the anal tissues. It was to Leceriau another marvel of Kathshari genetic manipulation. LM231 looked up as Leceriau came into the room. A new feeling came over him. It was subservience and repentance. The former Marine found himself at Leceriau's feet, kissing them and begging his master to forgive him. Leceriau looked at his prize and smiled. Telepathically, he had been nudging LM231 to open boxes within the slave mind. The imprint of his number on his psyche was working at replacing his name with the new symbol identifying LM231. One thing Leceriau knew was that he had to be careful in how he nudged the slave psyche. A mindless slave was only fit for the Milk Farm. The more personality a slave retained while at the same time being completely obedient and loyal, the more money he would fetch at private auction. Leceriau had been very careful to only help lead LM231 but not to force programming on him. The abject humiliation and subservience he was witnessing in a slave that had been extremely violent only a week ago told him his ministrations had been correct. LM231 was at his feet, acting of his own accord. Chapter 6 A New Home There was one last thing Leceriau wanted to do to seal the personality of LM231. If he guessed correctly, the sight of a Milk Farm and it's production would forever lock up the violent man and leave only the thinking intelligent pleasure slave that would bring him his greatest price yet. After disengaging his cock from a grateful LM231, Leceriau summoned LM113. The Naked Black slave appeared and listened carefully to Leceriau's instruction. A smile was etched on his face as his hard swollen muscle tummy processed the cum feast that was filling him so nicely and completely. Leceriau left and LM113 looked at his brother slave. LM231, you are to follow me. We are leaving for home world tomorrow and I need to instruct you on proper etiquette, manner and behavior. LM231 listened to what was being said by the big black stud leading him. Strange feelings were swirling through his head. He still felt revulsion for the sexual acts he now wanted to commit, but those feelings seemed more secondary now to the desire he felt to serve and provide pleasure. A day later, LM231, found himself standing at a portal. It was shaped like one of the onion domes on the buildings in Russia, but no building, this was a gateway of swirling color and energy. He stepped through along with LM113 and found himself in another room much like the one he had just left. Slowly he was lead to the far side, out through a passage into a foyer with benches. The foyer was situated next to a translucent tube where transports full of Kathshari whisked by, seemingly floating on air as they did. LM231 was told that only a Master could summon a transport and as he was saying this, Leceriau walked in through the opposite side of the room followed by the slave LM231 had known as Karl. Without spoken word, an empty transport slowed to a halt and the walls of the tube seemed to part like doors on a subway. Master Leceriau stepped in and the three slaves felt a little mental nudge to follow. To doors if you could call them that, seemed to solidify. There were soft white seats on the transport, however, these were not for slaves. They took their place on the floor sitting as close to their masters feet as they could, then the transport was off. No instructions had been issued and no controls set. The transport seemed to operate with a will of it's own until LM231 remembered that the Kathshari had telepathic powers. It made sense to him that this would keep slaves from operating any equipment since only a master with the ability could issue commands. LM231 felt more helpless and found a knot of fear welling up inside of himself though he could not identify where it came from. Perhaps it was the sheer helplessness of his situation coupled with the fact that he was now on another planet, who knows how far from his own. Maybe it was something more. LM231 wasn't sure of anything anymore. They emerged into a clear blue sky crossed with transport tubes and buildings with spires. The city seemed to be almost ethereal with a soft white glow. Many of the buildings were translucent with dark bands where each solid colored floor separated each level from the next like a horizontal zebra. Those of color were opaque and had an almost gem like quality to them. Occasionally a free floating vehicle would zoom by a tube, flying off in one direction or another. LM231 found himself smiling at the splendor. Like a cross between the wizard of OZ and the Jetsons. To say that his breath was taken away would be an understatement. LM231 had never imagined such a place could exist. They traveled on and on, their transport pod transferring from one tube to another until they came to a stop at a platform where a vehicle of some sort was parked and waiting. A naked hulk in a white chauffeurs hat stood by the vehicle patiently. The man was huge. He stood easily 7 feet tall. He had massive muscle ripped and swollen. Even in his relaxed state, he looked like he was posing in competition. LM231 found himself looking at the slave with a sort of wonder and awe. He was obviously human, but seemed almost Kathshari in proportion. The cock and balls that hung between those thighs were so huge, they looked out of place even on the hulking massive frame. LM231 wondered if they would look any more at place on a donkey or a horse and shuddered at the thought. Leceriau looked at his slaves and instructed LM113 and LM147 to take the transport to the house. Leceriau then told the chauffeur to take the slaves home and then meet him at the slave exchange. The hulk nodded and proceeded to get into the car. The fact that every slave was moving in slow motion but the chauffeur was not lost on LM231. The driver must be a trustee of his master. Leceriau and LM231 entered the pod once again and continued on. The path took them out of the sky, closer and closer to the ground until they went underground all together. Even below the surface, everything was lighted with glowing soft white light. Leceriau looked at LM231 and then began to explain where they were going. "I am taking you to a milking facility in the city of Torrin. I want you to see one because in a little while, I am going to give you a chance to influence your fate." LM231 nodded and listened to his master. Wondering if it was like the times he was milked back on earth and fed through a tube. Though he wanted to, he did not dare to speak without permission. His master pulled out a remote device and touched a few buttons on it. He then informed LM231 that he had activated the telepathic interface with the motor control device that was implanted in the slave. This was so that all of LM231's functions could be controlled completely should he choose to, "Act up." As his master put it. Too many thoughts to process, too much fear racing through LM231 as he tried to remain calm inside. "Why didn't the Kathshari keep the link active all the time?" This and a myriad of thoughts bombarded him as the transport came to a halt in front of a big sign that read, "Torrin Milking Facility." Leceriau looked at LM231. "Before we go in, I want you to know that this facility has already given me notice that they wish to purchase you. I am giving you permission to ask questions providing that you make them few and brief. If I tire of hearing you, I will take away that privilege, understood?" LM231 nodded and for the first time in his life, felt his body get up and move of it's own accord. It was like he was a passenger in a car or something like that. He started to panic and his mind was racing. He felt like he was going to explode, but nothing happened. Instead, he found himself walking normally behind his master. "Keep my questions short and relevant." LM231 kept saying to himself. He found that the fear was building more and more however. Then he realized that the building its self was terrifying to him. He could not explain why or how, but something inside LM231 told him that he did not like this place and it filled him with fear and dread like nothing he had felt before. Leceriau explained to LM231 that this was a place where earth slaves were sold for mass general populous consumption. LM231 was informed that he was being given a choice. He could accept his new life and the sexual training that Leceriau had in mind for him, or he could continue to be rebellious and he would be sold here to the production center. Inside, Leceriau was greeted by an 8 foot tall black Kathshari who seemed genuinely happy to see him. "Ah Leceriau! It Lolitas Art Pthc is good to see you my friend. How are things with you?" Leceriau smiled and both men embraced in a warm friendly manner. They talked and exchanged information and small talk for a while and then the conversation turned to LM231. Leceriau indicated that this was the slave he had been talking about, the one that, "might" be for sale. The massive black master LM231 came to know as Veldacious started them on a tour of the facilities. The discussion went on as Leceriau and the slave went from room to room, showing preparation chambers, medical facilities and finally the processing station. Leceriau smiled and asked, "do you have any slaves that are to be processed today?" Veldacious smiled and nodded. "Of course Leceriau. We process at least one slave a day. If not for our own facilities, for our smaller private farms. Follow me." LM231 found his stomach churning. There was a scent here. He knew it almost immediately. The next room was saturated with the smell of cum! Kathshari sperm literally overwhelmed his senses and he found himself almost getting high from the scent and delicious smell of it. The two masters took a seat, but LM231 found he could not sit at his masters feet. In fact he couldn't move and his head, his eyes were focused on a saw horse like contraption in the center of the room. They waited there for a while and then a door opened on the far side. A man, naked and obviously human was lead in on a leash. He looked terrified and scared, the only sounds coming from the room were the soft whimpers of the slave. LM231 looked the man over. He was of an athletic build. Like a swimmer or gymnast. The man was probably 20-24 years old. Blond hair, average genitals. Very handsome to the ladies back home LM231 told himself. The man was placed, face down on the contraption and LM231 saw that if cradled the slave up off the floor in a half fetal position. Each part of the body was supported and the slaves cock was inserted into a small opening in the center of the contraption. Restraining bands came next and they locked tightly about the slaves head, torso, arms, waist legs and feet, effectively immobilizing him. Tubes descended from the white light of the ceiling and they started to insert themselves into the captive slave. The mouth tube went in first, but unlike what LM231 had sucked on, this one had a balloon like contraption on it that swelled up in the slaves mouth until nothing, not even saliva could escape. The next tube was of similar design but it looked more solid. Like a plug almost. It plugged into the slaves anus and instantly ballooned and filled until it too formed an inescapable seal. Veldacious looked over at Leceriau, "why show this to a slave?" Leceriau smiled, "I want to make this one a pleasure slave, but he may yet be sold to you. He is too violent in spirit and if this does not break him completely, I will have no choice but to let you buy him. I cannot risk the damage to my reputation if his violent nature were to emerge again in the future." Veldacious shrugged and made a comment about the waste of pleasure slaves and the deviant nature in keeping them. Leceriau had countered with the fact that he often enjoyed the physical act without the mental coupling that came when he bred with his wife. Veldacious still did not seem to understand and shook his head. At once the room grew quiet and LM231 saw the tubes fill with a river of sperm. The slave had no choice in the matter as Kathshari sperm was deposited directly into his belly and bowels. LM231 looked over at Leceriau. "May I ask, what is happening to him Master?" Leceriau nodded and explained that the slave was being fed an intentional overdose of sperm. It was explained that over the next two hours, 3-7 gallons would be pumped into the slave. The belly and bowels would swell to obscene proportions and the slaves cock would start ejaculating constantly and would never stop from this point on. Leceriau explained to LM231 that another affect of the overdose was that the sheer magnitude of sperm over such a short time would irrevocably wipe and erase the mind of the slave being fed the overload. In effect, he would become a mindless bio filter who's only purpose in existence would be to process Kathshari cum and produce potent human sperm for the Kathshari people. The process went on and at first, LM231 was a little jealous. The slave on the contraption seemed to be enjoying himself tremendously. Orgasm after orgasm wracked his body and the sperm smelled so good, LM231 could almost taste it. Over time, LM231 started getting that horrible feeling again. Gradually he became aware that the moans of pleasure had changed in tone. As he was forced to watch on, he became aware that the man was now groaning in agony. More time passed and LM231 could now see the slave jerking against the restraints helplessly. The force of the muscle against the restraints seemed massive. Like the very body its self was trying to forcibly extricate the man from the machine. Still on and on the cum pumped. LM231 could see rivers of it being ejaculated down a tube from the center of the machine where the slaves cock must be. The volume did not seem to equal that which was being fed into the captive slave. At the next step, the head began to jerk against the restraints. The agony etched on the slaves face was unlike any LM231 had ever seen. There was terror and pleading in his eyes. LM231 knew at that moment, this slave would make any deal, even sell his soul to the devil to stop the pain. Against his own will, LM231 found himself moving over closer to the slave's face. He heard his Master telling him that he wanted LM231 to see the next part and understand. Watching in horror, LM231 saw the tremors start to slow and fade. The desperate look in the slaves face was fading as well. There was a light that LM231 saw in the eyes of the slave. A light of living intelligence. A tear escaped down LM231's face as he saw the light slowly fade from those eyes. Bit by bit, they lost all sense of self and then slowly they faded and dimmed until there was no life left in them. All that LM231 could see was the vacant stare of a soulless husk that had once been human. After a while longer, the machine stopped. The attendant came in and gently tugged on the tubes in the ceiling. A soft airlock sound escaped into the room and the tubes came free of the ceiling. The slave was kept strapped into the contraption. The tubes draped over his back. LM231 could still see the hips convulsing in orgasm. It was like some kind of horrifying comic from hell as LM231 watched the human husk mindlessly fuck into the device. The attendant wheeled the device into the hall and LM231 found himself following. He walked behind the attendant who was pushing the saw horse like contraption down the hall to a door at the far end. The door opened and there before Jake was the horror that no one had ever dreamed of. He watched as the attendant rolled the human husk down row after row of mindless bucking slaves. Each strapped to a contraption like this one. It was a sea of destroyed humanity. Thousands of soulless beings stretched out Lolitas Art Pthc into the vast room that was but one of many farms in this one complex. LM231 was weeping in sorrow, fear and shame. No animal deserved such treatment. Certainly no human being. The new slave was pushed into a vacant slot and LM231 watched as the tubes were attached to connectors in the floor. This is where the husk, the thing that had once been a man, would spend the rest of eternity. Trapped in an immortal body that wouldn't die. To LM231 it was like a living coma as he watched the thousands of human husks mindlessly feed from the tubes that would never leave their body and fuck the contraptions Lolitas Art Pthc that would hold them in place. Leceriau touched LM231 on the shoulder. "Do you understand there is no going back?" LM231 did not understand anything anymore. He simply shook his head numbly and wept in every corner of his soul. Veldacious walked up to a different husk and unhooked the feed tube. He pulled it from the slaves mouth and what LM231 saw destroyed the last morsels of the ego or self that had been Jake. The last hold out in his very soul was broken as he saw the obscene swollen mouth gape like a fish out of water. Soulless eyes without substance followed the face as it instinctively tried to suck from the tube that was no longer there. LM231 lost consciousness. The strain on his mind had been too much. His body did not fall however as it was still under the mental control of Leceriau. There were horrors from murky universes of hell where tentacles and teeth lashed out at and tried to Lolitas Art Pthc gain purchase on LM231. LM231 dreamt he was on an island of sand in the middle of space. Adrift and alone in the vast wide universe. Something inside LM231 told him that as long as he stayed there, the horrors would not get him. When LM231 awoke, he was laying on a soft bed on the floor of a room with several other similar beds. LM231 found himself thinking they were like something you would put down for a dog to sleep on. He counted six others in this room and surmised that there were seven slaves who slept in here counting himself. LM147 walked into the room. LM231 looked up at him and a small part of him wanted to say hello to Karl. Instead he bowed his head and said, "how may I be of service to my Master?" End Part 2 Notes About The Author Thank you to each of you who wrote me about this story. I am enjoying working on it. I have a lot of stories written and am working on edits. Hopefully there will be much more of my work on line for you to read. Currently, I am out of work in Silicon Valley, a bad place to be with no job. A good place to be with no job because now I can work on getting all the stories in my head down on paper for you the reader to enjoy. My website is located at: http://www.goldengodys.com/mblackthorne/ I Would love to have support from my fans and readers, so if you enjoy the story and have a job, maybe you can pitch a few dollars my way to help keep me in curry and not so much in the struggle to exist mode. E-mail responses, suggestions or other constructive' comments or advice may be sent to: -nospam-mblackthornesbcglobal.net. (Remove the -nospam- portionof the address before sending.) This story was written to make you cum. If you got off on it, I would like to know that too. Comments, feedback and constructive criticism are always welcome.
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