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Related article: Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2000 18:12:25 -0700 (PDT) From: Little Paulie Subject: A Boys Transgression pt 1 (TG)`A Boys Transgression' by Little PaulStory OutlinePaul is an unhappy teenager struggling to find friends and acceptance at a new high school in England. Publicly humiliated by a domineering gym teacher, Paul is bewildered by his resulting emotions and desires. Left alone he briefly finds happiness, but facing the anger, or insight, of his older sister, Paul is forced into sharing his secret with others. This makes for an extremely tough time at school, including another particularly nasty encounter in the gym. With a growing realisation of who he is, Paul eventually finds peace and companionship.Chapter One - Humiliation in Gym ClassI really wasn't having a very successful 14th year. My name is Paul, and about 3 months ago we moved countries due to Dad's new job. I found the whole thing really unsettling. The new school was huge compared to what I had been used to, and I found making friends there very difficult. I'm not naturally easy going, and I'm not into sports either; in fact I prefer reading and staying inside. Combined with my short, slim body, I guess it's all too easy for everyone to simply ignore me. I'm starting to really fancy girls, and can't wait to have my first girlfriend, but I'm not sure how I'm going to impress a girl enough for her to fancy me! I think I just need to find something in common with them so they can get to know me better, but right now I just don't understand them at all - they talk and worry about the weirdest things! Without any friends at the moment, however, I guess I'm a pretty lonely kid. At least my skin is clear - no acne yet!Claire, my sister, seems to be handling the shift much easier. She is a year ahead of me, and although I would never tell her, I guess she is quite beautiful. She doesn't attract boys like a cheap date, but as she is very outgoing and kind natured, others seem to come into her life easily. Just a boy's luck too, she is smarter than I am. We get on okay I suppose, but her life is just all excitement as she settles into the new routine. Me, well I find that books and computer games are all I have to look forward to.There are some beautiful girls at school. I watch them carefully during class, or during lunch time. I think they look great in their school uniform, that's the only nice thing I have Little Preteen Nymphets found with this country so far. At the moment they wear a white blouse with a tie, a dark blue cardigan, and a light blue skirt with several pleats. I love looking at their smooth legs, and have been caught steering more than once already. They had only been wearing skirts for a few weeks, for before that they wore their winter pinafore or `tunic style' dresses; also light blue and with a thick but soft cotton. I had liked how the pinafore `bib' sat over their shoulders and breasts, it emphasised all the right places. I've often fantasised about standing behind a girl and slipping my arms between her front bib and her blouse, and feeling her growing hardness. Perhaps I've taken too much notice of their uniforms, but I do find it interesting. The boy's Little Preteen Nymphets uniform is really boring in comparison, we have grey short trousers, grey shirt and tie, and a grey coloured jersey with a light and dark blue band around the v-collar. How dull, but I suppose hard wearing and practical!Anyway, my disastrous year started with the shift, and progressively got worse. There was a particularly strong emphasis at the new school on games and sport. Previously I had tried to avoid these things, but it was not possible now! I have two classes per week, and my slight frame gets a pounding each time! I feel miserable for the whole 50 minutes. When we have a game, I'm of course the last boy picked for any team, and usually for good reason. The guys get mad at me when I make mistakes, and the girls ignore me like they always do. Even the gym teacher hassles me now! I don't know why, but she seems to have it in for me big time. I think she finds that picking on me makes her feel more capable herself. I just hate her, Miss Butcher - what a cow. I find myself trembling when I think of her, even now.She started really going for me when I forgot to take my gym gear to school a few weeks into the new term. Normally other boys are made to read books on working-out or fitness tips; me, I had to mop out both the boy's and girl's locker rooms while my class played football. That made me feel really singled out. There was one small bonus, however, for I got to see all the girls clothes hanging up neatly in their changing area. I Little Preteen Nymphets didn't touch anything, just looked and wondered how the room would be when it is filled with all those lovely girls half naked and laughing and talking about the good looking guys.That punishment paled compared Little Preteen Nymphets to what Miss Butcher made me do a week later. Mum and Dad had been fighting half the night, and I remember feeling scared and lonely while struggling to find some sleep. In the morning I didn't hear my alarm clock, and only after a yell from Claire did I wake. I had to race off to school without breakfast and without my gym gear for the second time in three classes. Miss Butcher was of course furious, in front of the waiting class she yelled "I think you do this on purpose Paul because you don't like games. Is that right?" "No Miss Butcher" I feebly replied."Well, I have thought of a way of fixing boys like you who don't like gym classes. Come with me".She literally dragged me out of the gym and towards her office. I was thinking - Shit, the cane - the first time in my life I'm going to Little Preteen Nymphets get belted at school! I wish I had been so lucky. Miss Butcher looked through the Lost and Found cupboard and produced a hand-full of leotards! I couldn't believe it! She couldn't force me to wear one of those could she? In gym the girls usually wore shorts and tee shirts like the guys, but I guess in the cupboard were things from all the other classes. Miss Butcher looked at me and the leotards, and selected one. "Here - put this on, then get into the gym pronto."I started to refuse, but her anger and directness made me back down. Bloody hell, what sort of nightmare school is this? I slowly went into the boy's locker room and looked at the leotard. I had occasionally seen girls wearing them while doing gymnastics classes after school, and I remember thinking at the time how great that they looked in them. Very little had been left to my imagination as they were so revealing on their lovely teenage bodies. Now it was my turn! Oh God, I though, I'm going to die.I undressed completely and stood in the locker room shivering from both cold and fear. I pulled the material this way and that while trying to work out what to do. Eventually I worked it out and stepped sheepishly into it. I pulled the leotard up Little Preteen Nymphets my thin legs and over my modest dick, feeling the closeness and fit as I went. Somehow I managed to wiggle the rest up my chest and get my hands through the arm-holes. After a few squirms and tugs I was in.Yuck. I couldn't believe it - my initial reaction was one of complete disgust. Forced to wear a girl's leotard!It felt like it was sitting correctly, but then I noticed that it didn't feel quite right around the neck. With one arm first bent double behind itself, and then around and over the opposite shoulder, I figured out there was a small zip at the back of my leotard that ran up to the neck. It seemed about 6 inches long, was very fine, and was half hidden in the way it had been sown into the material. As much as I contorted myself, I couldn't zip the thing up more than an inch or two from the bottom. Too bad, I thought, it will have to do.I stole a look at myself in the mirrors. What a sight! The leotard had no sleeves at all, and was the same light blue as the girls winter pinafores. Well, I thought, that was a small bonus! In addition to the blue it had a white and dark blue raised trim around where my legs and arms came out, and around the neck. The trim really outlined the leotard, and when I looked at it again, I guess the trim made the leotard quite attractive. Well, on a girl's body it might have anyway! On me it just looked strange. The `no sleeve' look Little Preteen Nymphets exposed my upper arms, and had I been a more physical guy, that would have been a great `muscle look'. On my slender frame, however, it certainly made me look more like a teenage girl than anything else!As I re-arranged the leotard the elasticised seams made little "snaps" as they fell back into place. This felt really unusual, and produced a weird feeling all through me. This was heighten as I explored my new look a little more closely. I realised that Miss Butcher had made a careful selection indeed, for I suppose the leotard fit me quite well. It hugged me all over (except for around the unzipped top), but at the same time it didn't feel uncomfortably tight anywhere. The material was soft, but somehow supportive at the same time.I slowly turned around in the mirrors and looked at how my body appeared. It was odd, but I liked the shape where the small of my back run into the top of my bum - I'd never seen that form in my own body before - and outlined my the Little Preteen Nymphets leotard it gave me a little thrill.A yell from the gym bought me back to earth in a flash. "PAUL RICHARDSON, GET OUT HERE NOW!!"Shit, now I realised the sheer helplessness of my situation and the impending disaster in front of me. In the empty locker room dressing up was one thing, but now I had to join the class, clad in this revealing leotard just like a girl! My stomach tightened up and my legs refused to move. I briefly considered hiding somewhere, but then realised this would only make the situation worse. There was nothing for it but face the music. I forced my shaking legs into action, and barefoot I went reluctantly down the empty corridor and towards the gym entrance.Of course I was met with shirks of laughter the moment I stepped through the door and the class saw what I had been forced to wear! I just wanted to die. I immediately sensed tears welling up in my eyes but I fought to control them. My face was burning with embarrassment and I felt two feet tall. I stood motionless and completely at the mercy of the class.The laughter went on for what felt forever. I can still hear it now. The boys and girls were formed up in separate lines ready for a game, and they all had a very clear look at me. I felt exposed, vulnerable, and just completely pathetic. The laughter continued until Miss Butcher blew her bloody whistle."Class, this is the punishment if anyone forgets their gear from now on, boys or girls". Sorry Paul that you were first, but I'm sick of you kids not wanting to join my class. Now I don't want anyone making fun of Paul, otherwise next week they'll get the same treatment. Paul, it's very appropriate you are wearing a leotard, as the girls are one short, so join them for this volleyball class".Oh joy - more embarrassment. Now I have to play as a girl as well! This was just awful, and probably the worst part was that I realised none of the more competitive girls were protesting that having a boy play opposite them would be unfair!!As I started making my way over to the girls something caught Miss Butcher's eye and she marched over to me. "Oh you silly little girl - you aren't even dressed properly."She deftly found the tiny zip in the back of my leotard and as she pulled it up, I felt the top of the leotard fit snugly around chest and shoulders, and the material also pulled a little tighter around my crotch! I realised the leotard was now stretched perfectly all over my small frame, and outlined me completely.As soon as Miss Butcher released me I also realised that I probably couldn't reach around far enough to unzip myself. I would be imprisoned in my leotard until someone helped me out of it! This completed my humiliation, for it now seemed the leotard had power over me! I wanted to run outside and hide in shame, but I knew I couldn't escape this punishment for I would stand out as a freak where-ever I ran.As the game started I was so self conscious and embarrassed I missed even the easy shots that the girls hit towards me. Being short as well I found the game hard, for no matter how high I jumped at the net, I still couldn't block even the weakest shots that the opposition girls hit into our court. Wearing the leotard, however, it did feel like I was jumping a little higher than normal.The girls in the class certainly looked at me in a funny way the whole time, and giggled whenever I had to chase the ball or bend over to pick it up. I think one or two even hit the ball towards me for this very reason. I felt so utterly useless. This was the worst punishment I could imagine. To top it off, every nook and cranny in my body seemed completely exposed, and everyone was having a good stare. I was especially conscious about my little dick, it was pulled in tight and made just a couple of minor bumps in my otherwise smooth crotch area. This was the brunt of several really nasty comments, the worst by far was "Is that a cock or a panty shield?" which made everyone nearly collapse with restrained laughter.I was so consumed by this torment I didn't really notice that in fact the leotard was fairly comfortable to wear. The only exception was that from time to time I had to reposition it around my arse as it rode up my crack whenever I jumped or stretched. I found myself pulling the bottom of the leotard back into place by hooking my index fingers into each side of the material and pulling it back down my arse cheeks. I first did it sub-consciously after a few minutes into the game, and then blushed even more as I realised that this was exactly what girls in leotards or swimsuits do! The second time I re-adjusted my leotard, the girl next to me, Angela, bent over and quietly whispered to me. "Well done Paul, that's how you do it."No one else heard the comment and it made me feel both humiliated and strange. My first thought was that she wanted to help me as if I were a girl! How miserable I must be as a boy. Then a second thought ran through my mind - blimmy, a girl finally talked to me! I felt just the smallest bit of gratitude that such a nice looking girl had noticed me in a way that wasn't making fun of me in front of the others - how odd?Eventually the class ended and I crept into the locker room. I wondered how the guys would treat me away from the moderating influence of Miss Butcher. Thankfully most of them just ignored me like they usually did. One, however, a tall guy called Matt who was quite popular with the girls, was behind me as we filed into the locker room. Before I knew it he was running his hands all around my thin arse and hips, and in a loud voice said "Hey little girl - nice body, but aren't you in the wrong locker room!!"It was awful, he was so confident and familiar with his hands. I felt completely powerless and worst of all so violated - he had just reached out and done exactly what he wanted, even touching my arse!Of course the changing room erupted in fresh laughter. My punishment was total!As the noise subsided and everyone started changing, I took my bag and clothes and went over to one side. I tried in vain to reach the handle of the little zip of my leotard, but just couldn't get my arm around far enough. My leotard had a very close fitting neck, so without opening the zip there was no way out of the thing. I knew I was trapped wearing what I was, but I was determined to escape this cruel punishment.I struggled pathetically for a minute or two, but then my aching arms could take it no more. I thought that possibly I could put my uniform straight on, but what would Miss Butcher say to that when she didn't get the leotard back?! I had no choice, I plucked up the courage and turned to the guy next to me."Can you un-zip me please?" I quietly asked with my back half turned to him.He looked up and simply grunted "What?"I repeated my stupid sounding request. The guy was a fairly tough looking character, and instantly spat out "Piss off, cup-cake".I couldn't take much more of this humiliation and suddenly burst out sobbing. `Hairy-Face' next to me simply ignored my tears and carried on getting changed, as did most of the others. I wanted to curl up and die in frustration and shame.Across the room Matt saw what was happening to me, and either in sympathy or sarcasm called out "Come here Little Paulie, Matt will un-zip you."Matt had the status among the boys for this to be `funny - sarcastic' more than anything else. It therefore caused more laughter and smart comments. As much as I didn't want to, I had to walk over to him in complete submission. Whatever independence or self-will I used to have was now long gone. In my forced role-play, I briefly wondered if this feeling of dependence was how a girl often felt during the course of a day?I approached Matt and stopped a foot or two away with my back turned compliantly to him. I waited patiently. Matt was in no hurry, it fact it felt like he was checking me out! I cringed further and felt so exposed with so many guys looking straight at me. I subtly moved one leg closer to the other, hoping this helped take away any focus on my little dick. After what felt like eternity Matt placed one big hand on top of my left shoulder, and gently ran his right hand over the top of my back until he found the zip handle.This simple action made my legs feel weak, There was absolutely nothing in his act other than looking for the zip, but just the closeness between us, and the warmth from his hands on my back, made me feel completely weird. Strangely the nearest I could think to describing this was that, next to him, I felt a moment of safety. Was he in fact looking after me? He didn't caress me like he did previously, but it felt like he was now showing some compassion for me. With his hands on my shoulders and back I felt almost a second of acceptance.This tiny instant of peace was gone is a flash, however, for once the zipper was fully down he patted me firmly on the butt while saying "There you go sweetie, now run along and get changed like a good little girl!"My moment of gratitude was instantly replaced with fury. How bloody patronising, there was no need for that! I wanted to lash out and punch the arse-hole as hard as I could. I almost turned, but then realised how utterly ineffective that would have been. I was probably 8-10 inches shorter than Matt and probably 40 - 50 pounds lighter! Not exactly David and Goliath, but certainly a one way ticket to the hospital. Bastard!Instead I again did what he told me, and went back to my corner of the room. I carefully pulled the leotard down one shoulder and worked my arms out. With my chest exposed I grabbed my shirt and rapidly put it on. I arranged my shirt so it covered as much of my bottom and front as possible, and then peeled the leotard down my legs and stepped gratefully out of it. As I put on my trousers I finally started to relax. Never have my ugly short school trousers felt so good, although in comparison to what I had been wearing, they seemed Little Preteen Nymphets bulky and heavy. The relief was huge however, at last my ungamely body had somewhere to hide!I picked up the leotard and went with some apprehension to Miss Butchers office. She was filling out some paperwork and looked up as I approached."I hope you have learnt your lesson, Richardson" she rapped out.I silently reached out to return the leotard, and she looked carefully straight into my eyes." No Paul, that's your leotard now. I want you to always have your leotard in your bag to remind you of this day, and to ensure you bring your proper gear to my class. You know what will happen if you ever forget don't you?"This made me completely terrified, for I sensed that Miss Butcher was thinking more than she was making obvious, and that my life was never going to be quite the same again.Chapter Two - Caught in Complete Shame.>From gym class I made my way across the school grounds for the last class of the week. The room was a few minutes walk, and I had to hurry to make up for lost time. I saw Angela, the helpful girl who had spoken to me during the volleyball game, also heading for the same class. I caught up and started to pass her."Hi Paul, are you ok?" she asked in a very gentle voice.I felt tears coming again and just quietly replied "Sure" with my head down.Angela continued - "I heard all the laughter from the locker room, were the guys giving you are hard time? I think that was very cruel of Miss Butcher, but you took it very well."Her kindness cheered me up a little as we entered the maths room. I got a few insinuating comments from the others as I quickly took an empty seat up the front. I remember thinking - what a day, I wish I was dead.The last class passed slowly but uneventfully, and I headed gratefully home for the weekend. Mum and Dad were out for the evening, and Claire had told me she was taking in a movie with some friends. I watched some TV and by eight o'clock I crawled into bed, both mentally and physically exhausted. Even in this state I slept poorly, dreaming of laughter while being overwhelmed with a strong sense of panic. Around nine the next morning Claire knocked quietly on my door and came into my room before I could say anything. She closed the door behind her, and sat on the side of my bed next to my chest."Paul, I heard about yesterday. That must have been awful. Are you ok now?"Her comments brought the hole nightmare back, and before I could say anything I was crying. Claire squeezed my shoulder and comforted me."Don't worry kid, it's all behind you now. By Monday everyone would have forgotten all about it, and those that haven't will be shit scared they might be next. Don't fret. I heard actually that some of the girls thought you had coped very well with the whole thing."I wasn't so convinced but stopped crying and managed a smile."Thanks Claire" was about all I could get out. She half hugged me and as she left the room she turned and looked back "Don't worry , I'm not going to tell Mum or Dad. You'll be ok now."Saturday passed slowly and I was starting to relax a little. I slept much better that night, and struggled out of bed quite late the next morning to find I had the house to myself. I recalled that everyone was out until mid afternoon, so I had a few hours to kill. Great, piece and quiet.In the lounge I started to play a computer game, but after a few moments a curious thought ran through my mind. As much as I had hated that leotard during the Friday humiliation, it did feel kind of exciting to wear! What a weird feeling - weird as in physically comforting, but simultaneously weird as in dangerous and dearing. I wondered about looking at it again and perhaps trying it on in my bedroom.I went upstairs and got my leotard out of my bag. It was a bit creased, and I realised I should have washed it or at least folded it up somewhere. As I pulled the leotard the right way out my mind went all fuzzy, and I again recalled how sexy and desirable girls look dressed only in these. If only I could be that desirable too! Before I knew it I had stripped off, and was quickly repeating the wiggles and squirms to get myself back into it. After a few moments I was once again wearing a tight fitting but comfortable girls leotard.Oh shit, I though, I'd forgotten the zip, and didn't want to wear the leotard incorrectly. After puzzling for a moment I got carefully out of the leotard, and while naked I hunted through my wardrobe. Arrr - perfect - a piece of string about 18 inches long. I managed somehow to get one end through the tiny hole in the zip handle, and then made a sad excuse for a knot. It certainly wasn't a recognised knot, but I gave it a tug and it felt like it would hold. A moment later I was back in my leotard. I was getting the hang of this, as it seemed easier to get in each time! I found the string hanging down the centre of my back, and pulled it up and over my head. It worked a treat, for after a good yank the zip closed to the very top.I felt instantly secure with the lovely material stretching over me as it was supposed to. This time I also appreciated how wonderful the leotard felt around my bum and dick. Each wiggle I had made while pulling the leotard up had sent shock waves through me, especially when I pulled the material tightly up against my little penis. Fully zipped into my leotard, in the privacy of my room, I felt a tremendous surge of comfort and excitement!For the first time I ran my own hands over my arse, hips and stomach, imitating what Matt done to me. What a strange feeling, smooth, tight material hugging me all over. It did actually feel really good. I imagined Angela's hands caressing my leotard instead of me or Matt, and immediately my little dick leapt to attention. Not bad, considering the leotard was trying hard to prevent this arousal! Man alive, was I grateful that didn't happen while in the gym or with Matt! I pulled the bottom of the leotard out to give my dick an easier time and when I released it, the leotard went back into position with the customary `snap'. That gave me another little thrill, so I repeated it around my legs and shoulders. I also used my index fingers to again adjust the leotard around my little arse, and decided I really liked that sensation.I stole out of my bedroom and cautiously walked down the hallway and into the lounge. The house was perfectly empty of course, and my confidence was increasing. I prepared a coffee and polished off a few biscuits. It felt pretty comfortable walking around I have to say. My erection was still as hard as ever, so I must have looked a real sight. During all this time I knew I would be skinned alive if Mum or Dad found out, but this feeling of `doing something wrong' was a big part of the buzz I was feeling. I was feeling guilty as hell, but at the same time I knew I really liked wearing the leotard and the way it felt on me. How weird all right.Heading back to my room I passed the half open door of Claire's room. Normally I would never go in there, but I thought that as I was dressed as I girl and quite enjoying the feeling, then what harm could come from a quick look.I passed through her door and was in another world. The room was clean and tidy, and tastefully decorated. I contrasted it with the mess that was constantly lying all around my room. All her clothes were of course put away, her bed made, cuddly toys in their own little places, and the dresser top all straight and tidy. What a difference - it made me feel physically calm and relaxed just stepping in. I could almost sense how physically dirty I was in comparison, as I hadn't even showered yet. I felt like an intruder and out of place.As I turned to leave, I saw myself in her dresser mirror. This mirror wasn't as good as the large mirrors in the locker room, but I was again surprised how I looked. I hesitated, then stepped closer to see better. I turned this way and that, and arched my back a few times to see again how my little body looked. It would hardly pass as a girl's body, but with only fine small hairs on my arms and legs, and without any obvious muscle definition, I certainly didn't appear a typically boy either. My dick strained even more, and I forgot all about leaving.In the mirror I caught a glimpse of some clothes hanging up in Claire's wardrobe behind me. It was her school uniform, all ready for tomorrow. How typical of Claire, organised and prepared for life! My knees felt a bit weak, and I hesitated as I thought again of my fantasy with the winter pinafores. The desire to touch the soft cotton of the pinafore was too much, and I started to explore the wardrobe contents. Sure enough, towards the end of the rack, put away until the autumn, was Claire's winter uniform. It was fantastic to touch, and again my mind wondered uncontrollably. In my feminised condition, I found myself considering whether to try it on or not!Unbelievable, a few days ago I would have choked on the very thought, but now, already prancing about in a girls leotard and enjoying it, the idea of wearing a girl's winter uniform seemed almost sensible! Why not, I decided.I found a white blouse and clumsily buttoned it with very inexperienced figures - what a job. I then slipped the pinafore over my head and let it fall down around me. What a thrill! I straightened it out, buttoned and zipped up the side of the dress by my left hip, then reached under the dress and pulled the blouse down tight.I was filled with amazing new sensations! I did a little twirl or two, and felt tingles all over me, especially around the legs. Her pinafore wasn't a bad fit, the waist felt like it was too high, but then I remembered that girls did have the waistline in their dresses higher than the equivalent of what a boy would have for the top of his trousers. The pinafore swept over my thighs in a lovely comfortable manner, and finished just below my knees. The soft warm cotton felt beautiful wherever it came into contact with my skin. This was particularly noticeable where it brushed over the very top of my thighs and then around where the leotard tightly defined my dick. These unusual sensations made my little dick throb like it had never done before, but as it was pulled in hard by the leotard, it didn't spoil the way the pinafore hung in front of me.This was heaven! I ran my hand over the top of the pinafore and down and around the small of my back. It was amazing, perfectly smooth, no belt or shirt tucked into where trousers had been ever since I could remember, just a continuation of material down around my bum! What a sensational feeling! No wonder Claire liked wearing her favourite skirts and dresses.A whole new world seemed to be opening up for me. I stepped out of the paradise that Claire's room now represented, and repeated my wandering around the house, purposely swinging my body and hips to accent the way the pinafore swept around my legs. It felt even better than walking around in the leotard, certainly warmer. I practised sitting on the couch, and tried that cool thing I like when girls practically sit on their ankles as they curl up on a sofa. The pinafore sat nicely around my legs and felt instantly very natural on me.All these new feelings were making me feel totally dizzy. I knew it was far from normal for a teenage boy to feel so good in a dress, but I couldn't explain to myself why I felt so at ease. I felt free and unrestrained in this pinafore, and I liked the way the front of it brushed against my knees and all the way up to the start of my leotard as I walked around. I would have been petrified if I had to wear this uniform in front of anyone, whether they were laughing at me or not, but in private I felt very peaceful.I re-assured myself I wasn't gay, I had never thought of guys like that, and I knew I was thinking more and more of girls as the days went by - especially Angela who had been so kind on Friday. As much as I tried, however, I couldn't explain my desire to wear the leotard and the pinafore. I thought of the other clothes my sister would have in her room, but I couldn't imagine anything feeling as good as this combination did. How strange, and how did I end up like this? I was a perfectly normal boy a few days ago!?Suddenly I got the overwhelming urge to masturbate into the toilet. In a zombie-like manner I walked into the bathroom. I found myself in front of the mirror with a hand groping under my dress. I tried to get my fingers around my dick, but it wasn't easy due to the close fitting leotard. My body was so turned on I had no sooner grabbed at my dick once or twice when I uncontrollably exploded into the leotard!It was some explosion too, I had wanked a few times before and knew the routine, but this was completely different. It was so much more physical. At the moment of climax I received a jolt right through my brain, almost as if a mad rush of hormones had actually surged from one side of my head to the other. Holy mother - that was something else!Then reality quickly set in. Shit! It wasn't the plan to come in my leotard! I was supposed to get my dick out in time and relieve myself in the bowl. I panicked! I looked under the pinafore Little Preteen Nymphets and saw semen seeping through the leotard. What a mess. With one hand I carefully held the pinafore and blouse tail away from the growing semen stain, and with the other I struggled to release the pinafore zip and button. What is it with me and zips I thought? After a brief second or two - success, the button was released and with a heave I got the pinafore off without soaking semen all over it. The blouse was next and that wasn't easy either, but with patience it was unbuttoned and my sister's uniform was off and un-soiled.By now I was feeling the semen all around my limp dick and crotch, and could smell it. Oh what a disaster. I tried to think straight. The first priority was to get Claire's things Little Preteen Nymphets back into her wardrobe as carefully as I could. Ok -that achieved, I returned to the bathroom and grabbed for my `safety release' string to unzip myself out of my leotard. I hunted behind my back with both hands but couldn't find it. The panic level raised considerably, and I hunted frantically. Arr - finally I found the string, and in an uncontrolled manner, I started to pull.The zip couldn't have been lined up, for as I increased the pressure it refused to un-zip. I pulled harder and -oh my god - shit shit shit, the bloody string come away in my hand! The stupid knot had come undone, and I was left holding Little Preteen Nymphets a useless piece of string while remaining securely zipped into the leotard!This was panic-mode big time. I knew that I was again helpless, and if I damaged the leotard or `lost it', Miss Butcher would get me for sure. I really tried everything I could to get my fingers around that zip handle, but the more I struggled, the more I knew it was utterly pointless.I tried desperately for about five minutes when out of nowhere I heard the back door close. Oh Christ - how much worse could this get!! I was now feeling real fear. I dashed into my room and just got the door closed before footsteps came up the hall. Was it Mum, Dad or Claire? All were complete nightmares.The footsteps were light and they ran out just before my room - it was Claire. From behind my door I heard her yell out, "Hey lazy brat - are you up yet? "Of course" I replied a little too quickly, and then froze as I heard Claire coming out of her room and towards mine. There was no reason for her to approach my end of the hall unless she wanted to talk with me! My fear heightened, and I almost emptied my bladder right there on the carpet. Before I knew it, she was knocking on my door while at the same time trying to open it. Instinctively I pushed the moving door frantically back, startling Claire completely. "Hey - what are you doing Paul?" "Nothing - go away""Nothing? Then let me in?"She pushed harder on my door, and I pushed harder back. I was losing both the logic of the argument and the battle with the door. With a heave Claire burst in and saw me shivering with fear clad only in my leotard."Oh Paul, what are you doing! She hesitated, taking in what I was wearing, "Is that the leotard from Friday?"My Little Preteen Nymphets eyes filled Little Preteen Nymphets with tears and then they uncontrollably streamed down my face. Claire came over to where I had retreated to, and was staring at me. She then pulled me into her and just hugged me. I couldn't say anything, and the tears continued to flow. Claire held me close for a moment or two, then I squirmed out of her embrace and pulled back. She looked directly at me, then the mess around my dick caught her attention for the first time. Her eyes widened! A second later she thought to look at her own crotch. There were patches of sticky semen on her and she was obviously mortified! I expected her to freak, and I'm sure most sisters would have. Claire groaned out loud, and returned her gaze to me."WHAT have you been up to? NO - don't answer that, just GET into the bathroom and clean yourself up!""I can't" I sobbed."What do you mean `you can't' - get that leotard off right now!""I can't", I stammered, "I can't get out of my leotard" I was shaking and feeling like I was going to throw up. Worst of all I could hardly talk.Claire looked puzzled until she figured out my helpless situation. Unbelievably she simply turned me around and unzipped me. I continued to cry as I went straight into the bathroom and ran the shower.Half an hour later I was cleaned up and back in my room. The shaking had stopped but I still felt weak. Mum and Dad thankfully were still out, so I washed out my leotard and rapped it up in a towel to dry in my room. After a while Claire came in again to see me. I noticed she had of course changed her jeans as well. "Paul - I don't know what you were up to, but you mustn't do it again. I know leotards are nice to wear, but they are for girls, not boys. You aren't my little sister, you're my little brother. Mum and Dad will kill you if they find out""I knew it was wrong" I said, then after pausing for a moment continued - "I just couldn't help it. It did feel nice wearing the leotard and the dr--- , ah, thing - would have been ok if the string hadn't fallen off."Oh my goodness, I had almost blurted out that I had been wearing more than the leotard!I tried to pull myself together as I explained as best I could what had happened with the string. The funny side of the string distracted Claire, for she gave a little laugh and her mood lightened completely."Cheer up Brat" There's no harm done. Just don't go there again. I won't tell Mum this time, but there is a condition. I want you to stay away from my clothes. I don't want you making a mess in my stuff or ruining anything, understand! If you disobey me, I'll tell Mum you are a sissy, and you will be dead meat.""Thanks Claire", I gratefully said, "you're great."I was so relieved with how Claire was reacting, and even more grateful that my secret with her school uniform was safe. It was a very lucky escape indeed, for I don't think she would have been so understanding if she had found semen all through her pinafore! I was still mortified that Claire had caught me and discovered my urge to wear a girl's leotard around home, but I couldn't have asked her to be more understanding. I just hoped like crazy she wouldn't tell anyone - oh shit, what chance was there of that? Nevertheless, I felt like I had been thrown a small life-line, but I knew without a doubt that my fate was now firmly in my sister's hands. Chapter Three - From Compassion to FuryMonday morning came around just to quick for me, and it was back to that frightening and lonely school. As I feared the school week started as it had finished, as I got hassled by almost everyone I came across. Fortunately it got progressively less as the days went on, but the kids who had seen me in my leotard made smart remarks whenever they passed me between classes or during breaks. "Sissy", "Leo", "Lady", "Freak", they just rolled off the guy's tongues. I tried hard not to let it get to me, but it wasn't easy. I wasn't sure what I hated most, being ignored or being the butt of so much teasing.When Tuesdays gym class loomed I really worried about what might happen. I made doubly sure I had my own gym gear, as well as my original leotard in case Miss Butcher checked up on me. In the locker room I changed normally and joined the rest of the kids assembling in the gym for the start of the class. Miss Butcher couldn't resist a comment once we were all ready. "Arrr Paul - so good to see you remembered your own shorts today, did you also bring your leotard too, like I asked?"Everyone suppressed a snigger but at least it wasn't the howls I got on Friday. "Yes Miss Butcher" I mumbled, but she didn't hear me over the good humour rolling through the class."Speak up Paul" she demanded, "Have you got your leotard with you?"My heart skipped a beat - she was starting to get angry and it seemed she might force me into the leotard again if I wasn't careful."Yes I have it Miss Butcher." I couldn't bring myself to say the word `leotard' out aloud, and hoped this confession would appease her.Fortunately it did, "Just as well too - right class, spread out ready for stretching - GO"The class progressed without further incident, and the week plodded on. My freak status was slowly diminishing, and I gradually found myself more and more alone. Occasionally I saw Angela around and she would give me a little knowing smile, or would say `hi'. Each time I hoped for more, but was disappointed.During classes my thoughts returned more and more to the excitement of the leotard and the pinafore, and that fantastic high in the bathroom. I didn't want to disobey Claire, but I decided that if I could do it again when she was out, then what she didn't know wouldn't hurt her. The more I imagined the lovely feelings of the dress flowing around me, combined with the close fitting revealing leotard, the more I couldn't wait to again have the house to myself.I had to struggle through a full 3 weeks until a suitable opportunity arose. It was Saturday morning, and the house was emptying. Claire was off to a swimming competition; she was on the school team for freestyle I think and probably a few other events. Mum and Dad were off for a big shopping trip to a mall a few towns away. I figured I had at least three hours to myself! I could hardly wait, and had wondered all the previous day what I should wear. I really wanted the school leotard with its lovely all-over tightness and pretty blue and white trim, but I didn't trust that zipper at all. I wondered about looking through Claire's things for a better leotard, but her words about staying out of her clothes rung clearly in my head, as did the risk of another uncontrolled ejaculation! As soon as Mum and Dad drove off I got out of bed and went into the bathroom to piss before getting started.As I was drying my hands I saw in the shower stall one of my sisters swimsuits hanging on the rosehead. She had heaps of different swimsuits, and often left one there to dry after a training session. This swimsuit, a one piece black lycra Speedo, made me freeze. It was shiny and inviting, and appealed to me in the same strange way the school leotard did. I reached out and touched it, and instantly it felt fantastic in my fingers! It was a beautiful swimsuit, it kind of kept its shape as I explored it, and it had a soft lining inside the front panel. After turning it over I wondered how it would feel on me, and before I knew it, I was quickly stripping. Claire's warning had disappeared completely from my mind as the temptation and desire of the swimsuit overwhelmed all other thoughts.With growing dexterity I stepped into the swimsuit and pulled it up my legs and waist. Heaven! I had to pause to figure out what went where, but then I managed to get my arms through the right parts, and it was done! I finished adjusting various parts, and then paused to enjoy that electric sensation swept through me again - it was just electric. I felt sexy and desirable, but simultaneously so completely exposed. How do girls wear something so revealing without being so very self conscious? The excitement of the lycra was also sending me wild, man it was great! I was firmly supported within the swimsuit, but it was comfortable and felt so beautiful on me, both by being encased within it, and to my touch. It was a lot smoother than the leotard, and as I rubbed my hands along my upper thighs then up and over my hips, I hardly felt my skin stop and the swimsuit start.I was as hard as a rock during all this and felt real adrenaline as I explored this new experience. The front of the swimsuit came up fairly high on my chest, but not as far up as the close design of my leotard. The back covered my bum, but not much more! It had Little Preteen Nymphets a `cut out' panel from the small of my back to roughly just below my shoulder blades, then a cross-over panel-thing stretched across my shoulders in an "x" shape. The straps were about an inch in width, and sat very flat as they wrapped over me. I liked the firmness that resulted from all this, but at the same time I also loved the way the material stretched with me. The best part was the sensation I felt through the lycra; as I rubbed my dick the sensation made me feel faint - oh it was excellent. I wanted to wear this swimsuit for ever!I wondered around the house and found myself in the kitchen. Nothing but have breakfast I suppose. As I moved around finding something to eat the swimsuit felt sensational against my skin, and I went out of my way to stretch this way and that to feel the lycra expand and contract, massaging parts of me that never experienced these things previously. I have to say it was a very thrilling thing to do, and it was heightened by the feeling of danger from doing something really naughty.I sat in the lounge and watched TV as I ate. After a few minutes the cold plate on my lap made me shiver, and I realised that wearing only this black Speedo was not enough this early in the day. I thought about going out into the back garden and lying in the sun, but the risk of being seen by a neighbour outweighed the lovely idea of walking around in the fresh air in this swimsuit! I wondered how a girl would solve this problem, and pictured girls at the beach or around swimming pools. I suddenly recalled an obvious trick, I could wrap a towel around my waist and wear it as a make-shift skirt. That would do it!I went to the linen cupboard and searched for a suitable towel. It had to be one that matched the swimsuit! The solution was one of Claire's of course, a nice beach towel with pictures of teddy bears with buckets and spades. I first wrapped the towel around the top of my chest like I'd seen woman on the movies do as they came out of the shower, but without breasts to keep the towel in place it felt stupid. I settled for around the waist, and had a couple of attempts to get it fitting right. Each time I re-wrapped it, a little sensation swept through me, it was that feeling of revelation as I took the towel off and stood in all my glory in just the swimsuit. It reminded me of the leotard - vulnerable and precarious, but at the same time all safely tucked in! I took the towel off pretending I was in a group of girls that were about to sunbathe at the beach or something. What a neat feeling that was! To an outsider my little stage play must have looked stupid indeed, but I was in a different world.With the towel on I started to warm up nicely. I returned to the lounge and sat happily in front of the TV. Time passed by and I wished I could wear these lovely new clothes around the house whenever I wanted. What a dream. It filled me with a longing that I found really spooky. I felt so comfortable in this swimsuit. During a ad break I stood up and again took off the towel and felt the cooler air circulate around my bare legs. I felt an erection returning and thought briefly about a visit to the bathroom to release the growing urge! Maybe when the program finishes, I thought, and feeling warmer I left the towel on the floor so I could play with my dick through the swimsuit during the last few minutes of the show.I must have got caught up with the TV for suddenly I heard the back door open and voices. Man, what a fool I had been. As the remote was in my hand I instantly killed the TV, and instinctively dived behind the sofa. From the kitchen the lounge was only just hidden from view, if I hadn't reacted immediately I would have been seen for sure. The three-seater sofa was backed up against a wall, and it might just hide me from a casual observer! I was absolutely terrified of course, and felt the shakes returning. The little erection I had been so proud of a moment ago as it strained valiantly against the lycra had instantly withered, and now my dick was hardly visible at all!! I hoped I was as inconspicuous as I pressed myself closer into the back of the sofa in sheer panic.It was Claire back early from the swim meet with another girl - oh no! The two teenagers were chatting in the kitchen as they fixed something to drink. I heard their voices get louder as they came into the lounge. I panicked even more, hoping like mad I was not going to be discovered in my pathetic state. The voice of the other girl was half familiar, and then it struck me as being Angela! My heart sunk deeper - of all the people to see me now! She was also on the swim team, so I guess Claire and her were becoming friends. Normally I would have been pleased, for I might have another excuse to meet her, but in my very feminine state, I would positively die if she found me out.As the two girls came into the lounge proper, Claire stopped talking for a second, then said " Oh, how odd, what's my beach towel doing here in the lounge?"Oh fuck! I screwed my eyes closed even tighter and waited for my impending death.I heard Claire continue - "Back in a second Angela, make yourself comfortable, I'll just get rid of this", then silence.A moment later the TV Little Preteen Nymphets came on. Relief! That might drown out my frantically beating heart.Claire came back into the room and they started chatting about swimming and school. I kept as still as I could, very aware that the girls were only a few feet away from me. They talked and talked about all sorts of things, practically never even pausing for breath it seemed to me. I lost a bit of interest and started to relax just a little, but it was never far from my mind that at any moment I might be exposed and shamed!!I heard my name mentioned and was jolted back into the conversation."....yes he was really upset that Friday night" said Claire, "I can understand, that would have been so horrible for him to go through.""I think he looked pretty cute, actually" said Angela.My ears burned and I felt shocks run through my whole body Cute? What did she mean by that?Angela continued "I mean, he's no hunk, but he tries hard to be nice, and wearing a leotard I guess there seemed no barriers to him - like - he was hardly going to come over and be `Mr Tough Guy' like boys normally do - that act is so ridiculous - and you can't relax as you never know when they are going to try and grope you! Little Pualie in his leotard seemed like the first boy I'd known who I sensed could be a friend. It was so eerie - do you know what I mean, or am I being stupid?"I couldn't believe what Angela was saying. I would have thought that girls would have dismissed me and my forced feminisation as just a "cup-cake" like Hairy Face had, and would have even despised me as a sissy. If I was trying to approach a girl of course I would have tried to act tough, wasn't that what they liked? I was so confused. I also wondered why she had referred to me using the same name Matt had used in the locker room? No-one else had called me that since Matt had used it?"He is a strange boy" said Claire, and as she paused for thought I groaned quietly to myself - oh no - is she going to mention catching me in the leotard at home, having enjoyed coming in it! Just when it seemed Angela was half interested in me!Claire seemed to change her mind and continued "I wonder where he is, I thought he would be home, for the door was unlocked? To bad, hey, why don't we clean up here and go down to the mall. I'll call Beth, and we can look for some new summer things?"Huge relief ran through my whole pathetic body, I might just get out of this alive after all. The two girls went out of the room and I thought in a few more minutes the perilous situation would be over. Eventually I heard the door close and they were gone.I crawled out, stiff, sore and cold. Suddenly wearing the swimsuit felt really ridiculous. I went up to the bathroom and stripped off. Claire's beach towel was sticking out of the laundry hamper and a disastrous thought struck me. If Claire had been in the bathroom, she might have noticed her swimsuit was not in the shower stall!! Oh no, just when I thought I was safely out of this calamity.I thought carefully what to do, and decided to place the Speedo in among the laundry clothes. Maybe she could be convinced that it had been there all the time? It was probably my best chance. I padded back into my room in the nude and closed the door. What a mess, but now I was safe and hopefully undiscovered. In the familiarity of my room, and with the danger over, I relaxed and realised how much of a high I had had from the whole thing - what an adrenaline rush! This was very bizarre, for I would never want to be back in that delicate situation again, but the thrill of having got away with it was really strong. Strange?!Later that evening Claire came unannounced into my room. I stayed lying on my bed reading, and acted as calmly as possible even though I could sense she had something important on her mind. She stood over me and started straight in. "Paul, someone has taken my black swimsuit that was in the shower - was it you?"My mind raced! Damn, she had noticed after all!I wanted to tell her everything, but I knew it would upset her, and she had been so nice to me too! Double damn, I didn't want to make her mad, so I decided there was no other way out of this.I started to lie - "Me, of course not, why would I have taken your stuff? Go ask mum where it is.""Paul - are you sure?" Claire firmly asked.I cringed, sensing this was not going well at all, but I had to maintain what I had started."Look, it will be where you left it, or in your bag, or in the laundry basket or something,"I said."That's just it Paul, that's where I found it, in the basket, but I didn't put it there as I always rinse my swimsuits instead of washing it, as the powder ruins them. Mum knows that, I know that, Dad doesn't know anything, so that only leaves YOU!! Why did you move my swimsuit - no, let me guess, you little toad, you tried it on, didn't you?"She was becoming really mad, and getting uncomfortably close to the truth!Claire looked straight in my eyes, and then I knew that she had found me out.Before I could say or do anything, Claire grabbed one of my arms and forced it around and up behind by back. I fell instantly forward, face down, onto the bed, and in loads of pain. Claire's surprise attach, coupled with unexpected strength and determination, gave her complete domination over me. What was rapidly becoming a familiar feeling, I knew I was again in a completely powerless situation.Claire continued "You little shit, I gave you a chance to tell the truth and you LIED! I can't trust you any more. I wanted to help you - and you lied to me - that really pisses me off, more than you wanting to wear my clothes! I don't know why I bothered with you. I'm telling Mum and she can deal with you.""DON'T - please -" I pleaded, "I'm really sorry Claire, really - I wanted to tell you the truth, honest, it's just that I couldn't do it. I won't do it again, please, please - give me another chance."There was a long silence, the Claire continued."I'm going to fix you brat, you wait. I feel bloody annoyed with you, and don't trust you any more, but I know exactly how to sort you out, you just see!"She pushed me harder into the bed and the pain level increased. Claire then surprisingly released me, and left my room. I was crying with both pain and dismay. I hadn't ever heard Claire so pissed off, and so determined. I really feared she was going straight to Mum, but I heard she bedroom door bang closed, so I knew I had a reprieve for now. Shit, I felt really bad, my one and only friend I had just lost. I felt sick and alone.Chapter 4 - Claire's RevengeI didn't know what Claire had in store for me, so I lived in constant fear for the next few days. I was sure I was going to be confronted by Mum, or worse Dad, but they made Little Preteen Nymphets no sign that Claire had told them. I briefly considered running away, but with no money, or no where to go, how could Little Preteen Nymphets I live? Over and over again I wished I hadn't put Claire's swimsuit on, but even with the dread I was living with, I remembered that powerful urge at the time, and knew I had been Little Preteen Nymphets helpless to it. Man alive, I was paying for it now, however, with interest!A week went by and still nothing happened. Day and night I lived with the fright of being confronted, but each day it reduced just a little. I preyed Claire had changed her mind, but I would be so lucky, she wasn't that kind of person. When she said she was going to do something, it generally got done.One evening Mum came into my room and I feared this was it. My heart sped up, and I tried to recall the lies and excuses I had been furiously practising over and over since that Sunday."Paul, you and Claire will have to look after yourselves next weekend as I'm going to travel with Dad to his annual conference. I've sure you'll both be ok, Claire said she will look after the meals and it's only for two nights. Is that ok with you?""Sure mum,"I said. We had occasionally had weekends by ourselves before: it was hardly as if we were babies or anything!"Well I just wanted to let you know," Mum said as she left.I was so relieved that Mum hadn't come in to confront me that I didn't think to see the disaster that was looming.The following Friday I went home from school as normal. Around 4 pm Claire stepped in the back door and came into the kitchen. I was fixing a snack there, and she spoke in a cool steady voice."Paul, some of the girls on the swim team are coming here soon for a sleep-over, will you please make sure none of Little Preteen Nymphets your junk is lying around the house.""Ok,"I replied, and we left it at that. It seemed a reasonable request. We were hardly spoken since that awful Sunday, and this hardly seemed the time for a thawing of diplomatic relations.I finished eating and passed through the lounge to make sure it was presentable before retreating to the book in my room. Over the next little while I heard the girls arriving one by one, and briefly wondered if Angela would be coming. As if she would want to talk to me!Around 6 Little Preteen Nymphets pm Claire come unannounced into my room. She normally knocked, so I knew something was up straight away. She closed the door behind her, and looked at me sternly."Right little brother - this is it. I'm ready to get you back for what you did to me."Her manner was like nothing I had seen before, and I knew I was in big trouble. I felt that familiar panic set in and my eyes widened. Before I could say anything, she continued."Three times now you have worn girls clothes, once you had to, and twice you choose to. I'm going to see what you really want. Tonight you are going to join me and my friends for your first girl's `sleep-over' party, and guess what, we are going to dress you as a girl whenever we want to - starting right now. Where's your leotard?"After delivering this thunderbolt she just glared at me. I was stunned. As much as I had liked wearing the leotard a few weeks ago, I would die of shame wearing it now in front of her friends. I could image being the butt of the same humiliation and taunting as I got in the gym. My eyes started to water."No" started Claire, straight in. "Crying like Little Preteen Nymphets a girl won't help you. I've thought about this, and it's what you deserve. Now - is your leotard still in your school bag?"Before I could stop her she had my leotard out and had passed it to me."Get changed right now Paul, and I'll zip you up. If you refuse, I'll call in some of the girls, and we'll change you ourselves."This was no idle threat! I'd seen the swim team around home before, they were all teenage girls around Claire's age, but in numbers, and with their training, I knew I would be overpowered easily! I sensed the same sinking feelings as I had the day outside the Lost and Found cupboard, and in front of Matt: I was being forced into submission without any choice in the matter.I hadn't changed in front of my sister for years, but I knew I had to now for she made no sign of leaving! I was so embarrassed! With my back turned to Claire I timidly stripped out of all my boy clothes, and when completely naked, I stepped into the leotard. I felt so powerless and weak, but I knew I had to do exactly what she commanded.When my leotard was in place Claire expertly zipped me up. I was again fully secured within it, and I felt the material stretch nicely around me! Unfortunately I was this time in no position to enjoy that sensation, in fact quite the reverse, for again the leotard was now my tormentor!Claire grabbed my arm and lead me straight into her room. Without saying anything she sat me down on her dresser chair facing the mirror, and started rearranging my hair."What are you doing,." I squeaked. "Well Paul, I've explained everything to the girls, and one suggested if you are Little Preteen Nymphets to wear girl's clothes all weekend then you should look as much like a girl too, and do girl things. That could involve an awful lot, but will be good for you. I can't be bothered with much tonight, so this will have to do."Before I knew it she had pulled my longish hair back into a small pony tail, and tied it with a little yellow ribbon. The front she teased out, and with the aid of some hairspray, gave me a kind of fringe look. It wasn't the real thing by a long shot, but it did change my features quite a bit. I looked at myself in the mirror, and started to feel the familiar tingles. The yellow matched the blue leotard, and as much as I hated the whole situation, I thought the ribbon was a nice touch."Right, let's go!" she commanded, and again I was led forcefully by the hand, this time out of her room and towards the lounge. The reality of facing the girls while wearing only my leotard was well and truly dawning on me, and at last I tried pathetically to resist my sister. It was wasted effort, she increased her pace and I was dragged reluctantly on.As we entered the lounge I saw around eight girls lying on the carpet or over the sofas. The general clamour of conversation stopped. They all turned and stared directly at me, and took in instantly my little blue leotard, rearranged hair and the yellow ribbon.It was absolutely horrible. My knees trembled and I felt weak all over. Ironically, I was suddenly pleased to be still held by Claire, for without her support my legs would have buckled for sure. Claire was still very much in charge of the situation, if not moreso, now that I had been paraded in front of her assembled friends.Claire addressed the group - "Everyone, this is my pathetic brother I told you about. His punishment is to join us for the weekend as a Girl. Just treat him, ah her, as you think she deserves."There was no uproar of laughter like the boys in the gym had done. Instead, one of the girls called out - "What do we call her?""Good point" said Claire in almost a business-like way. "Angela, you heard that the guys had christened him, `Paulie' wasn't it? Should we call him Paulie?"General discussion followed over what my new name should be. Some of the suggestions were very feminine, and I felt really stupid. Here I was in front of everyone, dressed as a girl and even wearing a ribbon that I actually quite liked, and soon to be given a girl's name! It was bizarre. I started to think about how far away this situation was from the safe, happy feelings I had had while wearing in private Claire's winter pinafore and swimsuit. Thinking of the swimsuit again stirred me, and in absolute horror I sensed a full erection springing up in my leotard. I was only 4 to 5 inches long fully stiff, but with the very revealing leotard, I knew how obvious my dick would stand out.With no where to hide it, my growing erection now felt like an elephant trunk!"Oh look, I think she likes being a girl,"the girl closest to me called out. I was only a few feet away from her, and she was on the carpet looking up. She seemed fascinated by my state; possibly this was the first erect penis she had seen, for it was holding her complete attention!Everyone stopped talking and again focused on me. My face was now doubly burning with embarrassment and humiliation - it was the worst I had ever felt. I turned and tried to get away, but Claire still had my hand and I was unable to break free."Right, it's Pauline then" said Claire, "and if you run away Pauline, it will only be worse for you later. Take your punishment now and you and I will be even. Relax, who knows, perhaps you'll like the rest of the weekend as well!"The `as well' was clearly a reference to my reaction to wearing the leotard, and with a sinking feeling I realised that everyone now knew my growing interest in girls clothes. I would have done anything to turn the clock back, but as the secret was out what could I do now? My situation left me feeling completely powerless and at the full mercy of Claire and her friends. I did like wearing some girl's clothes, especially the school uniform and that swimsuit, but I didn't ever want to acknowledge that in front of anyone, perhaps even fully acknowledge it to myself?I sensed a long miserable weekend in front of me, but as I thought about the situation, other incomplete notion also formed in my brain. These girls seemed to be taking it reasonably well, certainly with more practicality and sensitivity than the boys in the gym class had. They seemed to understand what Claire wanted too achieve, and were playing along with it. I didn't know what I was going to be forced into, but perhaps it wasn't going to be completely bad?I felt so frightened and confused. Just what was in store for me this weekend??--- to be continued ----Thanks for staying with me and making it this far! I hope you enjoyed this fictitious story, I certainly became engrossed (obsessed?) developing it ! I'd love to hear from you with any comments or suggestions, farewell for now - Little Paulie little_paulieyahoo.com
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