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Related article: A Brady Bunch 10 A Brady Bunch By: 70's Child DISCLAIMER: Well I have give the obligatory disclaimer so here it is: 1. The Brady Bunch and its characters are trademarks of and copyright Sherwood Schwartz, Redwood Productions, and Paramount Television. 2. If you are not gay, underage, or find homosexual stories distasteful, then leave. 3. This Preteen Little Nymphets is my first foray into writing. If you wish to comment, good or bad, please send them to esookikianyahoo.com.Also see my other stories:Night of the Strippers (Beginnings) First Christmas From Home (Military) Air Force Fun (Military) Brother v. Brother (Historical, Incest, Interracial)As we saw in the last chapter: Saturday came with most of the family shopping. Peter and Bobby were in the family room playing checkers when they heard a knock on the back door. It was Sam the butcher. The boys liked Sam and he liked them.Chapter 10: More Meat Than in the Butcher Shop Sam was Alice's boyfriend who seemed to be part of the Brady family. Sam was an imposing man, as most butchers are. He was 6'2" and 225 pounds, but not fat. Though Sam had a slight paunch, he was still very well built. Sam had blond hair that was thinning and had the greenest eyes. One would swear his eyes were like two pieces of imperial jade.Sam was also a man who liked Alice as a friend and enjoyed taking her out. Sam was so friendly with the Bradys he even hired Greg over the summers to help him in the meat market. The other Brady boys would visit Sam, because the butcher would tell them tales of his war experiences. But Sam had one deep, dark secret. He loved the Brady boys. He would fantasize at night in his apartment fucking the hot asses of the three Brady boys, and now Oliver. Sam would slowly stroke his 11" thick tube steak picturing his dick sliding in and out.One day, as everyone was out shopping or at friends, except Peter and Bobby, Sam knocked on the patio door. Peter and Bobby were playing checkers, wearing nothing but shorts and t-shirts. Peter answered the door and saw Sam."Hi Sam." the middle boy said. "Alice isn't here.""I just came to drop off these steaks." Sam replied. "What are you guys up to?""Just playing checkers." Bobby said.Sam saw the boys in the state of dress and instantly got hard, which did not escape Peter and Bobby's notice. They liked Sam and wondered what he had packing. Peter took the meat and put it in the freezer. The teen boy began to hatch an idea. As he went back into the family room, he winked at Bobby."Sam, I have some homework in history." Peter began. "It deals with the Korean Conflict. Can I ask you some questions about it?"Sam looked at him and agreed. Peter explained he wanted to tape the conversation and if Sam would come to his room so he did not have to bring the recorder up and down the stairs."Sure." Sam said. "Anything for education."As the three ascended the stairs, the boys preceded Sam, slightly wiggling their asses at him. He thought he was imagining it, but his dick strained in his pants. They got to the boys room and Peter fumbled around, trying to find his tape player."Oh damn." he said. "I left it in Greg's room. Well let's head upstairs."The three went up the stairs with Bobby leading the way, followed by Preteen Little Nymphets Sam, then Peter, who locked the door silently. As they got up to the top, Peter pulled out the tape player and, blocking Sam's view, pretended to put a tape in the machine. He pressed the record button and sat next to Sam."So Sam, you were in Army Intelligence?" Peter asked."Yeah, I was." Sam said nervously, worried his tall stories would be found out."Did you capture any spies?" Bobby asked, with boyish enthusiasm."Sure did." the man replied with pride."How did you get them to talk?" Peter asked, glancing at the hard truncheon in Sam's pants. "Did you beat them with this?"Peter then grabbed the man's dick through his pants. The two boys caught Sam off-guard and pushed him back on Greg's bed. Before he could realize what was happening, his pants, boxers, and shoes were off and his 11" thick uncut cock slapped his stomach. The two Brady boys then removed their clothing and exposed their hot bodies to Sam. The butcher removed his shirt and revealed his huge barrel chest covered in soft blond fur.Peter and Bobby climbed on the bed and they began to kiss Sam all over. Each in turn rammed their tongues deep in his mouth, tasting his scent. They then licked down and each attacked a nipple, causing great suctioning. Sam moaned loudly as the brothers worked on him. After 15 minutes of tit play, they then moved down to the furry stomach, each teasing the navel. They continued down one on each leg, avoiding the massive cock and huge hairy ball sac. The Brady boys worked on Sam's tree trunk legs and feet for what seemed as an eternity. They worked back up and looked at the dick that was oozing precum like a volcano that was ready Preteen Little Nymphets to erupt.Peter went up one side and Bobby the other. They reached the top and both savored the wonderful clear liquid. They seemed to relish it forever. After this massage of Sam's piston, Peter swallowed the dick and Bobby attacked the balls. Peter took almost 7" on the initial dive and proceeded to move up and down on the man's dick. Sam was in heaven, feeling the oral maneuvering on his cock. Bobby took the jumbo egg-sized balls in his mouth one-at-a-time. Sam could not believe his luck. The three then heard a noise."So what the fuck is going on here?" Greg asked, standing at the top of the stairs.Sam panicked and tried to get his clothes, but the three Brady boys were even to much for him. The pushed him back on the bed and the two younger boys continued to work on Sam. After Greg removed the last of his clothes, Sam saw the wonderful 11" that the oldest Brady boy sported. Peter then looked at Greg and issued his order."Lick Bobby's ass so Sam can fuck him." Peter told his older brother.Greg spread Bobby's cheeks and shoved his long tongue deep in the young boy's hole. Sam was amazed that Greg obeyed Peter so Preteen Little Nymphets readily. He was happy that Bobby's hole would be filled with his man cock. While Peter got Sam's cock ready, the middle boy moved so Bobby could moisten his dick. The oral stimulations continued for almost half-an-hour until Peter removed himself from Sam's massive member."Okay Sam." Peter said. "You can interrogate your prisoner."Bobby pulled his legs back so far, his knees were against his ears. Sam saw the sweet pink pucker and positioned his cock head at the hole. As he pushed into Bobby, it seemed his dick was swallowed whole. Bobby's rosebud opened and took almost all of Sam's 11" deep in him. Sam began slowly fucking the preteen boy while holding the legs open. After just a couple of pistoned strokes, Bobby had the entire dick in his boy cunt. Peter got behind Sam and cleaved the furry buns and exposed the brown pucker covered in blond hair. Peter slid his tongue into the hole, which mad the butcher jerk. Peter decided to let Sam be tongue fucked by his own momentum. So as Sam withdrew from Bobby's hole, Peter's taste buds entered Sam and visa versa. Greg was getting Peter's 7" teen cock ready by slathering it with spit. After 20 minutes, Peter removed his cock dripping with spit and precum from Greg's lips. He placed his dick at Sam's hole and shoved it in completely. Since Sam had never been fucked, the pain was intense. His ass muscles automatically clamped shut."OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH FFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!" the man exclaimed.After a few minutes Sam began to relax and Peter began fucking him. This pushed Sam further into Bobby, who felt he was being double fucked. Greg stood in front of Sam and put his dick at the mouth of the butcher. Sam opened his mouth and Greg forced over half of his own 11" into Sam. Here was a large and powerfully built man being fucked from both ends and he began to really enjoy it. He swallowed Greg's huge dick almost to the base and he kept pushing back on Peter's dick.Bobby was enjoying the super fucking he was receiving. Sam's dick kept hitting his prostate over and over. The youngest Brady boy knew he was ready to shoot. Peter slammed hard Preteen Little Nymphets into Sam, who was in turn slammed equally hard into Bobby. The preteen was pushed to the point of no return as his 6" dick erupted all over his body. The first shot hit his head right at the hairline. Each following volley hit his face, chest, stomach, and groin. Some also hit the man fucking him. Once Bobby started and his ass clamped hard, Sam began emptying into the hot ass of the boy. The intensity was something the butcher had never experienced. He seemed to unload continually and never stop. This brought Peter to releasing the hot seed into the fuzzy ass he was plowing. And when Sam began unloading his juice, his mouth pulled a suction that forced Greg to unburden his balls' contents into Sam's waiting mouth. Sam tried to drink it down, but the load was more than he realized as it oozed out of the sides of his mouth. The four finally finished and fell on each other. Bobby and Peter licked the remains off of Sam's cheeks and chin. Sam returned the favor by licking the sweet boy juice off Bobby's body. The three Brady boys began kissing the man, who returned the favor. After a while, they laid on the bed."How did you guys know about me?" Sam asked them."Well every time we came in the shop." Peter began. "We would notice how you looked at Greg. You would throw a woodie so fast. And you look like you're as big as dad. We had to see."Sam stared in disbelief. These boys set him up to have sex with them. And now he knew he had to continue the fun."You mean your dad and you three?" the man said in a bemused state. The three smiled and nodded. They knew they had Sam hooked and they liked the man."So Sam, you think that you can handle us?" Peter said. "Just so you know, I'm in charge here.""I wanted to ask how that is." Sam said. "Greg's the oldest, so he should be.""I'll show you." the middle boy said, upon which the two other Brady brothers pushed Sam on his back and his mammoth dick sticking up.Peter put spit on his hands and worked his right on Sam's dick and the left on his own ass. Peter fingered his hole for a few minutes, putting three in the hole without pain. He then placed the man's dick at his hole and slid down all the way to the base. Sam's eyes widened in total awe to see someone take his dick in one move. Peter began slowly riding the 11" of steaming meat, bringing Sam to the brink of pure bliss and then stopped. The middle Brady boy did this several times, noticing Sam's breathing and facial expressions. Sam thought that Peter was a control freak and realized that this boy could control anyone with his ass. Sam was ready to do anything the boy said just to release his seed."Please Peter." he said, close to tears. "Let me release in you. I need to cum. I beg of you. I'll do anything you say.""Now you see how I can control." Peter said to Sam. "Open your mouth to receive a double load."Peter noticed Greg and Bobby stroking their dicks and were close to shooting their loads. Sam opened his mouth and was greeted with both dicks pushed in his oral opening. No sooner did the two Brady boys put their dicks in Sam's mouth than they flooded his throat with sweet boy cum. Peter then sat down on the hard cock, moved a couple of muscles, and Sam began shooting his load. Sam felt as if his heart would explode in his chest. He was being drown in cum and he was unloading more seed than before. Peter's ass seemed to be drinking the man juice. After Bobby and Greg finished unloading into Sam's mouth, Peter pulled his 7" a few times and shot a copious load all over Sam. The butcher was covered in cum from head to stomach. Peter lifted himself off the semi-hard dick and leaned over Sam, looking straight into his eyes."Now you are my slave." he said to Sam. "You will want this ass and now you will have to do my bidding."Sam was now hooked. He would want the ass that drove him into sexual overload and Peter was the one who give it to him or withhold it."Yes, I will." Sam said, knowing what that might entail. "I am your slave...sir.""Now you may go." Peter said to him. "But you must wear my cum on your body for the rest of the day. Let people smell the sex on you."Sam rose and dressed in silence. He descended the stairs and left the Brady home, hoping he would be able to feel the velvety softness on his dick again. The boys laughed, but they also knew they had a wonderful dick to enjoy along with their father's.Monday arrived and the Bradys went to school on a wonderful sunny day. Peter arrived at Westdale, where he was a freshman. He ran into some friends and they were joking around by the lockers before class started. As the first bell rang, Peter said his good-byes, turned and before he got two steps, he ran into someone. He fell on his ass and was ready to say something until he looked at the person and he was stunned.TBC...Who caused Peter too look stunned?NOTE: I hope that you enjoyed this story line. I am sorry that it has been a while since updating the last time. The job's been a bear and I have do deal with lazy assholes. Oh well what can one do?...LOL. If you have any comments please send them to esookikianyahoo.com. I do not care if they are good or bad, it is the only way we can learn.SPECIAL NOTE: Please keep Andrew Alexander in your thoughts and prayers. He is my muse on Night of the Strippers and he is going through several medical problems, but is doing as well as possible. He is a wonderful person and I know my readers are kind and caring people.
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